Medall: Altering India’s Diagnostic Landscape with Preventive Healthcare Services Affordable and Accessible Solutions to the Underserved

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”

–  Steve Jobs

In the modern-day and age, our lives are plagued with lifestyle diseases ranging from diabetes, liver and kidney-related health issues, cardiovascular related illnesses, fertility issues and cancer. In parallel, the access to healthcare in Tier 3 cities and towns and villages is still very limited for the most part.

Medall with its focus not just on large cities but also smaller towns has helped make reliable class-leading diagnostic services that are affordable or easily accessible.

The 2009 endeavour has travelled for more than a decade to reach its peerless position as one of India’s largest integrated diagnostics chains, offering both pathology and radiology services, with over 1600 clinical tests.

Steered by Arjun Ananth, CEO, Medall, the Medall team is the driving force behind the brand’s vision to “build a trusted and dominant brand providing comprehensive diagnostic services in the under-penetrated Indian market “.

About The Leader, Arjun Ananth

Arjun Ananth, Director and CEO, Medall, is an experienced professional with rich experience in areas ranging from finance, business development, marketing, and mergers & acquisitions from a wide spectrum of sectors ranging from consumer goods, automotive industry and technology.

Equipped with an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business and also being a qualified Chartered Accountant, Arjun brings to the table two decades of acquired knowledge, skills, and experience.

In his career, Arjun has navigated through roles of Portfolio Director at Peepul Capital Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd., a member of Nike India’s founding team instrumental in establishing Nike’s operations in India, along with several other leadership positions – Special Director at Ashok Leyland; Chief Executive Officer at Sanmar Foundries Limited; CFO and Tennis Business Head at Nike India. Arjun also worked in the Investment Banking Group of Credit Suisse in New York and Palo Alto.

A Strong Number Game

  • A dedicated, talented, and committed workforce of over 2000
  • A clinical team comprising over 140 qualified radiologists and pathologists
  • A network of over 45,000 doctors
  • Presence in 8 states including all of South India, Jharkhand and Maharashtra
  • 80 labs and 20 Apex labs
  • 25 NABL accredited labs and 100 ISO certified labs.
  • Partnered with 4 State Governments – AP, Telangana, Karnataka and Jharkhand – in executing PPP projects

A Step towards Preventive Healthcare

India’s premier integrated diagnostics chain that serves 9 million customers with 25 million tests, Medall is focused on preventive healthcare. In the past year, Medall has introduced over 25 class-leading packages designed to address age, gender and lifestyle. Further Medall also launched “Blume”, a highly flexible, customized, technology enabled, subscription based program to help people reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes, PCOD, obesity etc without medication.

Leading with Technology

Medall has been at the forefront in embracing technology in its operations and interface with the customers. With a redesigned app, customers today can book appointments, make payments, receive reports, tele consult with doctors and observe trends in their parameters over time.

Medall, a Trusted Partner

Medall has become synonymous as a trusted pathology and radiology diagnostics partner to its patients, hospitals, and the government to access critical clinical lab tests under one umbrella. Driven by passion and high commitment to bringing swift, accurate, and quality diagnostics to millions, one of India’s largest integrated diagnostics chain in merely 10+ years of its lifetime has tapped the underserved segments. In its journey, the trustworthy services provider in India was endowed with due recognition from World Health Congress. Other recognitions as one of the best brands in healthcare acknowledges Medall’s position as India’s foremost diagnostic services provider.

What is the next milestone you plan to achieve in your current position?

Medall is now focused on rapidly expanding its footprint into underserved markets.  The next milestone for Medall will be an IPO in a few years.

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