Fervent Communication: infusing life into events

Fervent Communication: infusing life into events

“What you need, is an Experience, to remember for a lifetime.”

Differentiating brands in today’s cluttered environment has become one of the greatest challenges facing marketers, who need to find a space where their brand can not only be seen and heard, but also where consumers will find relevance and value. In this landscape, events provide a means to engage with jaded consumers overwhelmed with too much information from too many brands clamouring for their attention. Events provide marketers with a number of opportunities to engage with their audiences, at the same time creating increased brand awareness. Consumers today value experiences as much as they value the brand itself and events are the ideal platform to create a memorable brand experience. Events that provide meaningful experiences allow brands to forge emotional connections, create opportunities for personal engagement or provide relevant tools or information that will in some way enhance the lives of their audiences. An event is a way for brands to answer the “what’s in it for me?” outlook of today’s consumer. Competitions, giveaways and opportunities to share great content and experiences will appeal to consumers who feel the need to receive something in return for their brand loyalty.

A glimpse at the organization

Founded on 27th December, 2010, Fervent Communication is a 360-degree integrated experiential services company. It creates brand experiences at the intersection of innovation, data, strategy and digital to transform and grow their client’s business. Fervent is an agency that thrives to deliver best-in-class experiences, but is nimble, authentic and accessible to their clients. Fervent Communication is a young team of event professionals with over 40 years of cumulative industry experience. A firm believer in the power of partnerships, Fervent continuously attempts to cultivate mutually beneficial and successful relationships.

‘FERVEKNIGHTS’, as they like to call themselves, strive to deliver the brand power through the enchanting realms of creativity and that’s why Fervent indulges in unconventional concepts of delivering effective brand communication. The team at Fervent takes pride in providing end-to-end Event Management and Marketing Services & Solutions. Some of their multi-disciplinary services include Events, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Seminars, Industry Body Conferences, Destination Management, Internal & External Audience, Customer Contact Programs, Audience Acquisition and Database Management. Today, people adore and endorse companies with the customer experiences that best meet their needs and preferences. At Fervent, they transform brands by creating these experiences. Fervent does this by developing strategically-lead, expertly produced, creative experiences that move the needle on business results. Fervent Communication is headquartered in New Delhi, with branch offices in Mumbai and Bangalore.


  • Events
  • MICE
  • Creative
  • Content
  • Digital

Differentiating Factors

Fervent Communication follows a 24X7 approach with a ‘Never Say No’ attitude and the ethics to provide ‘Service With A Smile’. Some of the other factors that set them apart are:

  • Telling it like it is – being confident, speaking their mind as strong teams rely on different perspectives
  • Being a good human. – great people make great team mates, showing empathy and practicing emotional intelligence
  • Absolutely no egos – owning mistakes and failure honestly, enjoying successes and never pointing fingers
  • Loving their craft – always going down one more road with the zeal to try one more thing and taking pride in what they create
  • Never Say No – 24X7 approach with easy accessibility to deal with escalations


Since their Inception, Fervent has worked with more than 300 clients. DellEMC, Forcepoint, Broadcom, Honda, India Today, Nikon, Samsung, Skoda, etc. are some of their clients.

Thoughts on competition

Fervent sincerely believes that there is nothing called competition. Harinder Rana, Founder and Chief Curator of Fervent Communication never believed it in school/college or at work, as per Harinder “Fervent is good at what we do and nobody can do it better than us. Everyone has their own space in the universe to do some good work and make a name for themselves.”

Major Milestones

Fervent Communication was born, quite literally, in a bedroom with just 2 ‘employees’, and today they have journeyed a long way. As of this moment, they are a team of 50+ employees with presence in 3 cities in India, and executing events internationally as well. Everyone, from middle to top management has been with Fervent for over 5 years.

Brains behind the brand

Harinder Rana
Founder and Chief Curator

Since launching Fervent in 2010, Harinder has made massive strides for the brand, making Fervent a force of its own in the industry. Harinder possess an overall experience of 15+ years. As the Chief Curator, he provides leadership, management, and vision for the company as it continues to make its clients happy. Before starting Fervent, Harinder has worked in companies like Shobiz, Shaadi.com and End to End Marketing

Rajeev Gupta


RG – as people address him lovingly; although Rajeev formally joined Fervent in 2014, he has been working with Fervent since its formative years, helping the organization reach newer heights. Rajeev possesses more than 15 years of experience ranging from media organizations to events to what not. Diversifying the portfolio from radio to print to outdoor to events and all, hardcore thinker & strategist and Never say No is what describes him perfectly

Our editorial team had a chat with Harinder Rana, Founder and Chief Curator of Fervent Communication, here are the edited excerpts.

What has been your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

I dropped out of college in my 2nd year to start earning for my family. I started out with a college degree and yes, it was difficult in the beginning; people expected to hear “industry jargon” and “big words” which I was not familiar with, but with the passing of time, hard-work and unlimited hours of research and reading I was successful in gaining some big clients – most of whom are still working with Fervent over these years. I have learnt everything with experience be it managing people, making and delivering presentation proposals to clients and destroying or exploring the gadget in my hand. I overcame all these with learning and eagerness to discover everything I was involved in. This business was not passed as a family business to me but I left a good package to start something and earn decent without spending too much time at office.

I would also like to mention a challenge which we faced in 2013. We were a small team then and a big instalment of payment got stuck at clients’ end for 6 months. We were depending on the payment heavily as whatever we have earned was invested in the projects. During that time, we had only Rs. 1500/- in the company account and had no money to pay salary to team for 6 months. This was the time when the team stood by the company and not a single member left the organization because of this. During Diwali 2013 we were handing out salaries for 7 months to the staff. The credit for this goes to the kind of name we were building in the industry wherein vendors supported and extended credits to us and the team stood firmly and executed the projects. The entire team during this time in 2013 is still working with the organization.

What are your long-term goals, did you achieve them, and how?

My long-term goal is to live happily and create value to the people who I work with be it my organization Fervent or the clients or my friends. I have never believed in monetary goals as money can come and go but the value which I create for myself, my loved ones, Fervent and my society will always be there. I started Fervent with a goal of opening an event company for myself so that I don’t work for long hours and when I reach the later stage of my life, I should have no regrets that I could have worked for myself but I didn’t opt to. But I never knew that we will become a good agency with 50 plus people today and doing the revenues of nine figures.

What are your values as a company leader?

I have always believed that pillar to success or being a leader are:

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Ownership
  • Do good and good will come back to you
  • Accept your mistakes

This is what I have blindly followed throughout my life and I try my best to infuse this in my team mates as well.

What are the secrets to making a brand?

Good work and acknowledgements make a brand. Your work makes a brand, since me and the organization belong to the service industry, the kind of experience you create for your clients make a brand.  Being Honest in whatever you do makes you a brand. Acknowledge your mistakes and improving them over time makes a brand. Never say NO makes a brand.

How do you measure success?

Success comes and go…I can say that I am a successful entrepreneur but in events it is always measured by the impact you have on your client. There have been scenarios wherein I have been Standing behind the client after the event just to take feedback on the entire event and gauge the success of the event. To me the kick I get with client being happy post event is more than the monetary profits of the event. We are a word of mouth promoted organisation; we have no Business Development team in place…. Whenever a client changes his organization, we start getting work from there…See this is what success is…Your work takes you places.

What’s the future of Event industry?

Events will always be there…Between 2006 to 2008 there was a consolidation phase where in lot of big agencies were bought by multinational players…The same will happen again…but yes, the future of event management organization lies on how many of the event agencies help clients in improving their ROI’s with events. Digital is booming and but yes it will always be influential to spread the brand over digital medium but events with concrete ROI will define the future. It’s a very competitive business and it requires consolidation again.

What is the roadmap and future plans for the organization?

We plan to be the most trusted and professional service organization by 2023. As far as future plans are concerned- the sky is the limit. We will keep working hard and make a name for ourselves in this world.


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