Create Engaging Social Media Content for E-commerce

Create Engaging Social Media Content for E-commerce

When it comes to e-commerce stores or websites, traffic plays an important role in making huge sales. The biggest and easiest way to earn free traffic is social media as it helps an e-commerce store to engage with its audience.

To reap great conversions you need to sow great content on social media and it is not difficult. All you have to do is to bring out content that will help your audience to interact with your brand on different social platform.

Before you start developing interactive content you need a social media strategy for your e-commerce page. Once you have a strategy, you are all set to drive sales from social media. Now let’s see how to create engaging social media content for your e-commerce website or store.

  1. Invest in Videos

Videos are the most engaging and interactive type of content on any social platform and because of this, video content can drive you a lot of sales through social media. There are few stats which will make your mind clear about videos: –

  • Almost 90% of the users prefer videos before making a purchase.
  • Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion by 80%
  • Almost 80% of the internet users are consuming videos.

This is the reason why YouTube is so popular among youth and even Facebook feed shows videos most of the time. So you have to invest in making creative video content and promote them on social media to drive engagement.

  1. Tell your Story

It is not that creative image or video all the time that will drive you traffic sometimes a good story can also bring engagement to your e-commerce brand. Well, are you wondering what kind of stories will drive traffic to your e-commerce store or website? A story can be anything from which a customer can relate to-

  • Story of your brand
  • Story of any customer
  • How your products are manufactured
  • Inspiring stories
  • Stories with an emotional connect and many more.

When you tell your story in any form of content it will touch people’s heart and that’s what true engagement is.

  1. Develop GIF’s content

After videos, GIF’s are the trends in social media content. GIF is a small 5-second video which has no voice and it works like wonder in bringing engagement to your social media pages. Ecommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart are also using GIFs to increase their engagement with the audience.

  1. Contacting influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the popular ways to drive engagement and sales to your e-commerce store. In this process, a person having huge numbers of followers promotes or gives a shout-out to your product which brings a great amount of traffic, followers and sales. So it is advisable to contact influencers according to your need and ask them to promote your product.

  1. Correct use of Hashtags

Hashtags are very important when it comes to social media as it allows your content to reach a relevant audience. Below are some basic tips which you need to follow while using hashtags:-

  • Only use relevant hashtags.
  • Research which hashtag is trending on that particular day as it will be more relevant.
  • Do not add too many hashtags as it will make you look desperate for followers.
  • Create a hashtag for your brand and use it in every post.


One thing you need to learn about social media is that the engagement will not happen on its own; you need to make it happen. Well, it is not hard to build a good following on social media if you are consistent. Good content will bring you followers, brands and eventually sales.

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