Bookmytrainings aspires to expand services, inking Strategic Collaborations

Bookmytrainings aspires to expand services, inking Strategic collaborations

The CEO Correspondent ● New Delhi

Spending 16 years in various well-known corporate companies and in various roles, L.A.Balamurugan decided to do something on his own and started a Management Consulting firm in Jan 2010. But he was not satisfied. His creative instinct was encouraging him to offer something, which would be very productive and unique. He co-founded with an idea to provide a platform that can assist individuals to discover, evaluate and choose right course for improving their knowledge and skills. Since 2011 the portal is serving individuals as well as enterprises and so far has helped more than five thousand learners and two hundred corporate HR/L&D managers. The platform not only keeps visitors updated about training related events, workshops, conferences, seminars happenings across cities in India, one can also find e-learning and online courses that can be taken from the where ever they are. In essence, if someone has a training need, they will get as many choices as possible for fulfilling that need because the marketplace contains programs from as many as 400 top-rated training companies in India.

Bookmytrainings solves the problem, where learners looking for right training or certification program are now able to discover, compare, evaluate and choose the right course among a number of programs. It also makes it easy for corporate L&D managers to nominate employees for public training programs. It is a neutral marketplace for training courses in India which aggregates training schedules across India in a single portal. Bookmytrainings provides its services via two business arms- Individual training and Enterprise business. Under Individual Training, Bookmytrainings offers career and professional training. Individuals get excellent support and can choose a certified programs. Its Managed L&D services ensures companies to focus more on their core competencies. If a training company joins Bookmytrainings, they will get benefit by reaching   larger audience.

Bookmytrainings provides a one stop shop solution to all  L&D and corporate HR managers.

Following are solution suiting Corporate:

Solution 1: Nominate 1 or more of your employees for upcoming public training workshops and professional events
Solution 2: Get a training workshop organized by Bookmytrainings for 1 or more of your employees at an outside location
Solution 3: Plan an in-house training for 1-100 of your employees with 100% customization

Solution 4: Managed Learning & Development – Bookmytrainings will manage the entire training needs of a company.

Bookmytrainings provides a win-win-win solution to corporate, individual and training companies. Availing their services enterprises get a single vendor that can cater to all kinds of training. Being a pioneer of training marketplace in India, Bookmytrainings  competes with  the companies like,, and serve more than hundred SMEs, MNCs, large business houses. Accenture, General Motors, Edelweiss, Reliance, Aditya Birla group, Tata Communications, Novell and Unisys are among their marquee clients. The company’s future plans include strategies that are tailor made to suit the need of the contemporary skilled world. Bookmytrainings aspires to expand its horizons in other parts of the world. It aims to get 1000 training companies in their network by 2017 and improve user experience. 

Key Official

L.A.Balamurugan, Co-founder & CEO

L.A.Balamurugan has 20+ years of IT industry and consulting experience, who was briefly into consulting and training before launching Bala drives the overall business strategy and execution at

Under his stewardship, Bookmytrainings has bagged many prestigious awards like Redherring Asia 100 Award Finalist 2014. In the same year it was awarded NHRDN Promising Start-up Award. Recently the company has received Peoplematters – Best in Talent Management Award Finalist 2015.

Major Milestones for the company since founding:

  • 2011 – company founded in Bangalore
  • 2012 – Angel investment
  • 2013 – 250 branded training partners in network with 500+ catalogue programs, 50+ corporate clients
  • 2014 – Market recognition, more traction from corporate HR, increased web visitors
  • 2015 – Profitability, Launch of Managed L&D Services, 400+ partners, 5000+ individuals trained, 100+ corporate clients, 1200+ unique training programs offered.

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