Avoid these 5 B2B E-Commerce Mistakes

Avoid these 5 B2B E-Commerce Mistakes

B2B e-commerce is on a rise and this industry is going to make a huge impact. As this form of e-commerce business is still new, there are chances that sellers can make some mistakes that can cost them a huge loss.

It is important to keep up with the digital revolution or we can miss some important points that can be very useful. We must learn from our mistakes, but it is more important to avoid them completely. Here are the mistakes that B2B e-commerce business owner makes and how you can avoid them.

Believing e-commerce is not for B2B

One of the most common mistakes that every wholesaler or B2B business owner makes is that they don’t believe they can sell online. Every industry can be digitized and sellers can earn huge amount of profits.

Reasons why you should sell B2B products online

  • Outperform competition
  • Understand your buyers
  • Boost your brand reputation
  • Increase online sales
  • Keep your business sell for 24x7x365
  • Automate sales workflow
  • Boost your overall sales
  • Grow your business globally
  • Improve an overall ROI

Start without Researching

While launching your B2B business online, it is important to make decisions on proper research and analysis. Like every other business setup, you need to work with a plan and that plan needs to be followed to get success.

Points to research

  • Is your business model available in digital space?
  • What your competition is doing?
  • Technology which suits best to your business workflow
  • What level of integration do you expect?
  • Are your background systems – warehouse management, inventory management, people processes, ERP, etc in place?
  • What type of skills required and how many are missing?
  • Can you go live in phases?
  • How will you market your digital store to reach to the geography where you are not able to reach right now?
  • What is the demand in those targeted geography?
  • Considering these points will help you to make a good plan for your B2B e-commerce business.

Customer experience like B2C

It is important to offer great customer service just like B2C e-commerce platforms are doing. Mindset of a buyer remains same for both B2C and B2B only the pricing, quantity and workflow are different. A good customer experience is the way to win in your respective business.

Following are the features of an e-commerce store that offer a great customer experience.

  • Increase the speed at which your website and mobile store loads
  • Organize your B2B products properly organized and categorized
  • Put high-quality graphics of your products
  • Keep interactive and influencing the content on the homepage and product detail pages
  • Ease out the store navigation
  • Make sure you highlight your customer reviews
  • Include smart search to ensure your customers can easily find your products
  • Put the FAQ section as Google loves it
  • Offers simple and easy checkouts
  • Multi-country and multi-currency website
  • Enable mobile view – AMP or Accelerated mobile pages for wholesale buyers
  • Once you have this B2C kind of customer service. Your B2B business will boost.

Thinking that social media is not for B2B

Most of the B2B businesses ignore social media marketing as they think it is not the correct marketing technique for their industry. Well, if you are one of them then think again as the following stats will prove you wrong.

  • 54 per cent of B2B businesses are generating leads from social media.
  • 80 per cent of the leads are from LinkedIn and almost 40percent of them are relevant.
  • More than 50 per cent of buyers check the seller’s profile on LinkedIn.

Not investing in content marketing and SEO

One of the most ignored forms of marketing by B2B business is not to invest in content marketing and SEO. A Google report says that more than 71 per cent of potential B2B buyers look for their required products online.

  • Having a good content marketing strategy can make you a trusted seller
  • Most of the B2B e-commerce is investing in content marketing as their sales have increased up 55 per cent
  • Many B2B e-commerce businesses main concern is the changing algorithm of Google.

If you want a successful B2B e-commerce business then not investing in content marketing is not a choice.


The only way to stay in this business is to accept our mistakes, but our ego aside and go for new and better ways of marketing. Follow these 5 strategies and it will surely boost your business.

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