Google Ads Certification: A Comprehensive Guidance to be Successful

Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising tools to gain traffic on the website and generate leads. Whether you have just started your career in online advertising, or you are a marketing expert looking to enhance your paid marketing skills, Google Ads Certification is an excellent place to get started. 

But nailing the Google Ads Certification exam is no easy task!

If you are one of them and looking to get a Google Ads certificate, you have landed in the perfect place. Here, we have created a guide on how to get Google AdWords certification, why a Google Ads certification is important and how much does Google AdWords Certification cost? 

What is Google Adwords Certification?

What is google adwords certification

According to Google, the Adwords Certification is a professional accreditation that Google provides to any individual or company that shows proficiency in Adwords. It is like a badge that you can show off on your CV, social platforms, and website.

Now, you have a good understanding of what the AdWords certification is, not how to start? 

How to Get Google AdWords Certificate? 

How to get google adwords certification

First of all, sign up for a Google Partner account.

Now, go to the Google Partner page and click on the “Join Now button” to begin. 

Quickly set up your account, just fill out your Partner page profile. 

In the next step, you need to take some exams. 

These exams are compulsory to get an AdWords certification. There are two kinds of exam:

First, AdWords Fundamentals Exam: This exam covers basic and intermediate concepts like the benefits of online advertising and AdWords and best practices for managing and optimizing AdWords campaigns. 

Second, the Specialty Exam: it covers various specific fields, including:

  • Search Advertising: It covers numerous concepts from basic to advance to create, manage, measure and optimize ad campaigns on the search network. 
  • Mobile Advertising: It covers numerous concepts related to mobile advertising like ad formats, bidding, targeting and campaign measurement and optimization. 
  • Display Advertising: The Display Advertising covers numerous concepts from basic to advance to create, manage, measure and optimize Display campaigns. 
  • Video Advertising: It includes various levels of knowledge about video advertising from basic to advance to create, manage, measure and optimize video advertising campaigns on YouTube and the web. 
  • Shopping Advertising: This advertising exam also covers basic to advanced concepts including how to create a Merchant Center account and product data feed and creating and managing Shopping campaigns. 

Here, you need to select the exam wisely. If your firm is working on any specific advertising area, spend your time on getting that certification. But if your digital agency provides services in all these AdWords Functionalities, you should acquire all of them. 

Once you are ready to start taking the exam, go back to your Partner Profile and click on the Certification section and select the exams you want to appear. 

Keep in mind that the fundamental exam is compulsory, you have to take it to take the rest and get certified on AdWords. 

Quick Info

  • The passing grade is 80% or above. The only exception you get in Google Ads Apps that only need 70% to pass. 
  • You have 75 minutes to complete each exam. 
  • You can answer around 100 questions. 
  • In case, you fail the test, you have to wait a full day before you can take it again. 

How much does Google Adwords certification cost?

How much does google adwords certification

There is no cost for Google Ads Certification, Google provides a certificate without any cost. Earlier, taking each of the exams would cost $50 but now Google stopped taking that fee in September 2013. It allows everything to test their AdWords skills and show to the world at free of cost.

How to Prepare for Google Certification Exam?

How to Prepare

The Google Ads certification test focuses into specific areas of expertise, focusing on your ability to competently serve ads in the Google Merchant Center, Good Search Network, on YouTube and target Display and Mobile ad campaigns.

To clear the exam, you should have basic knowledge of Google Adwords to qualify Fundamental exam and specific field of knowledge to qualify the Specialty Exam, you want. You can prepare for this test through various options like:

Step-1: Through Job Experience

 If you want to pass any of the Google Ads certification exams, you do not only need to understand various theories behind the advertising but also be capable enough to create, serve and do the process practically also. When you get firsthand experience with Google Ads, these take become much easier. Also, because you have already become friendly with the platform, you have a proper idea about your strengths and weaknesses with the tool and know what topics you need to study. 

Step-2: Select the Google Ads Certification Exam 

For those who are not sure about which assessment they should, the Google Ads Search and Display certifications are perfect to start. These tests include various practices for Google Ads, and the skills you learn for them will be applicable across the firm’s types. If you are in retail or eCommerce, the Shopping Ads certification can be useful for you. 

Step-3: Study

Just go to the main Google Ads certification page in Skillshop and select your exam. Here, you see a study guide, this will help in planning and tracking your growth. With links are given on study guide take you to Google course that teaches you about different subjects the exam will include. 

Additionally, you can browse through the Google Ads section in Skillshop to make sure that you are quite familiar with the fundamentals of Google platform and products. Besides, there are multiple courses in the market available providing a complete course or Modules on Digital Marketing. 

Check:10 Best Google Adwords Free & Paid Online Courses

Step-4: Practice

After the learning session, it comes to evaluate your knowledge. Use various kinds of ad formats, new ad extensions, or new bidding techniques. Regular and proper practice will help in making your knowledge stronger and prepare you for the test. Apart from testing your skills, Google also allows you to check your knowledge through the practices tests in Skillshop. 

To ensure your result, check your skills and calibre with the practice assessment. It will also help you to find out week area where you need to work more. 

And, now you are ready to take the test. 

What are the benefits of Google AdWords Certification? 

What are the Benefits

With this Google AdWords Certification, your expertise in digital advertisements is greatly enhanced. It teaches and verifies you for the basics of Adwords and the way you want to use the features and tools it offers.

You might have been involved in PPC marketing for years but there are some advanced features you do not know. The AdWords Certification exam would mean covering various things such as Website Optimizer, the Content Networks, Conversion Optimizer, Google Analytics and more. To qualify this exam, you have to know everything related to AdWords, even those you don’t use regularly. 

Whether you are a service or an employee, this certification is going to be helpful in both ways. The thought of clients changes when they come to know about the Google certification, they will see you as a ‘professional’. As an employee, the addition of a Google AdWords Certificate in your résumé will speak for you.  

Another advantage of Google AdWords certification is that it improves account performance. With free live Webinars, advertisers can gain knowledge and gain extraordinary results from AdWords. 

What do you get with the Google Adword Certificate? 

What do you get with

With this certificate, you can yourself as Qualified in Google Adword and mention the same in your CV and your website also. It helps you to convey credibility with this advertising platform. Moreover, you get an Individual Profile page that you can share with clients. This does not look fancy, but it shows that you are certified.

Who can take Google Adword qualification? 

Who can take google

There is a boundary on who can take Adwords qualification. For this, it is not compulsory that you should have any AdWords experience or even an Adwords account to take the exams or get certified. There is no need for any special degree or anything else.

Anyone willing to take the exams can get certified. So you should have some experience in AdWords to work on it. 

How can you stay certified with Google ad words?

How can you stay

As mentioned above, Google certification is free of cost but it is valid for only one year. You have to renew the AdWords fundamentals test along with the second test of your choice to maintain the certification status.

Last Verdict on Google AdWords Certification 

While you may find a long and tough path to pass the Google Ads test, the certification is worth the effort. 

It validates your expertise and knowledge that you can show to your client, colleagues, and employer. And, most importantly, this test makes you a better marketer. 

You get a comprehensive guide to create successful campaigns and measure their performance. 

Now, we have come to the end. Hope this comprehensive guidance on Google Adwords Certification will be helpful on your path to be a better and more successful marketer. 

Disclaimer: This guide is designed to guide those marketers who want to grow and start their career with Google AdWords. But we do not take guarantee that after this process, you will pass the Google AdWords test or become a successful marketer; this is just for information purpose.

Share your experience with Google AdWords. Do you have any confusion regarding this guidance? Have we missed any important term or questions that you have regarding Google AdWords Certification?

 Just let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear from you. 

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