nFaktor – Helping companies create and execute strategies for business growth.

nFaktor – Helping companies create and execute strategies for business growth.

nFaktor Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a business advisory and consulting firm that works with organizations and business units within organizations helping them create or elevate their market impact with their products, solutions and services.

Neel Sinha founded nFaktor to create a distinctive difference in the way marketing in the new age was perceived and executed. It was no longer just about catching eyeballs but about holding them, it was moving beyond building mindshare to creating a direct impact on walletshare.

nFaktor focuses on creating an integrated marketing experience through a content journey that guides buyers andprospects in their decision process of awareness, consideration and a favorable choice. nFaktor’s services include Marketing Strategy, Consulting and Execution through Social Media Marketing, Brand Activation, Research & Analytics and Design.

nFaktor puts a lot of emphasis on employee happiness and culture. Having a great culture that believes in respect for every individual contact, be it internal or external helps us create a delighted base of customers. The very fact that we have almost zero attrition, both in terms of customers and employees to other companies in the last 3 years of our operation speaks for our approach to business.

Neel Sinha, in a conversation with The CEO Magazine

How did your organization get started? What was the underlying bedrock idea behind the incorporation of the company?

Successful brands do things a certain way which the others don’t. Having seen brands bloom globally, I realized that successful brands were very geographically and culturally sensitive. The underlying driver for me was to start a company that would help in identifying these sensitivities, correlatethem with the way marketing content reaches audiences today and help in nurturing brands from ground-up. I saw this as an opportunity which eventually became nfaktor.

Subsequently we formed a team of innovators and creators, ended up creating nfaktor as an advisory company, Norman Liker – a cartoon Publication, ITDMN – a network of IT decision Makers, MyLnk – An amazing marketing platform for marketing success, all within nfaktor.

What stands as the key differentiators of the organization?

In this cluttered world of ‘no USPs’ we differentiate ourselves more on ‘How we do’. Once we engage with our customers we focus on aligning ourselves with the need of our customer’s customers and markets. Once we understand this, both ours and our customers’ objectives become same and it is easier to get a larger picture and deliver.

Another differentiator that helps us stand out, is our focus on acquiring an understanding of specific industries and businesses we operate in giving us a body of bring pre-existing knowledge which is so important in creating market differentiating messages and content.

What are the major milestones for the company since founding? Does the organization have any new projects coming up (or have you just completed a big project ~ reached a milestone, etc.)?

As an organization we have grown through organic methods and our thrills and milestones have been reaching the revenue targets and closing new businesses.

We launched a corporate cartoon strip and named it – Norman Liker ( and it was great to see it go places.  Then we launched a community of IT decision makers ( and we created a community of over 1000 IT thought leaders and it was fun, and recently we launched ‘mylnk’ ( an awesome marketing tool, which is sure to help marketers become super marketers by addressing the need of getting online clicks and measuring impact.

If possible, please mention the following: Favorite aspect of being a CEO and what three pieces of advice would you give to youth in the business environment?

The best part of being a CEO is the promise of giving shape to your idea in a way that nobody else can. The everyday thrill of waking up and making a difference is my reason of being a founder CEO.

Youth of today are extremely driven and with the speed that technology is changing, technology specific work experiences are slowly becoming insignificant. This combined with their passion and energy can make them take on any biggie that they want to. The thought that I would want to leave with the youth is

  1. Having a bigger picture in mind
  2. Being relentless in execution
  3. An attitude of teamwork

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream? Who are your peers?

I read a lot – mostly online content. Though I would like to read a lot of books, but being a new founder my hunger for learning gets satiated by the huge learning that I circumstances around me create.

Few key learnings that resurfaced while creating and running this organization were –a) Humility is the greatest enabler, 2) being aggressive is a state of mind that need not necessarily be brought out in words and actions, 3) compassion and understanding breeds productivity and 4) a good culture rules over everything.

As with all big dreams – my big dream is to be able to significantly give back to the earth and the society, in a way that I am able to see the impact.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year from personal as well as professional point of view?

Personally, it has been fun. I have been enjoying what I do. I do manage to spend some time with my family too. Though, that is never enough. A personal objective that I aspire to and possibly I will make it happen is to spare some time to teach formally or informally to kids who do not have access to good schools and education.

Professionally, with the series of initiatives we have, especially, we hope to bring in exponential growth in the coming year possibly through raising funds. It will be good to see our team grow in terms of experience, knowledge and finances.

What was your journey like to get where you are?

I believe that the key constituent of success is drive and motivation and the acknowledgement that the going would be tough. I was lucky to have a supportive family, set of personal and professional friends who really eased out the ‘tough going part’.

The journey was fun, adventurous so to say. Right from fixing bathroom faucets, laptop keyboards to delivering CXO presentations on the same day to the experience of ramping up a team that can travel overseas to get new business,each day has been new and fresh. While the key sacrifice has been the ‘personal time’ and personal preferences but all of it was worth it, and I wouldn’t trade the experience with anything.

What is the hardest thing about being a CEO?

An organization is its culture. To continuously keep the team motivated and ensure an innovative, motivating and a fun-filled environment while respecting the individuality of every employee is possibly the hardest.

What is the best thing about being a CEO?

Giving shape to my own thoughts, knowing that you are creating a positive difference in the lives of people is the greatest aspect of being a founder and CEO.

Give me one word that describes you the best.

Patience and determination are the two words I know, that my team always says about me.So,I am taking their word on it.


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