Indiassetz: reinventing real estate wealth management space in India with a sans pareil approach

Indiassetz: reinventing real estate wealth management space in India with a sans pareil approach

Keeping in view the rampant growth that Indian business environment has been going through over the past few years, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the country has emerged as a hub for investment especially in real estate. Real estate is looked upon as the most profitable investment for its promising capabilities in reaping several benefits such as highest returns, easy liquidity, and several tax benefits. However, managing that investment; specially, if it’s located in a place other than where its owner resides poses a great challenge for the owner.  Purchase and sale of a property entails the need for a focused approach and a local know-how to tackle a horde of complexities in the process that chiefly encompass dealing with the third party, arriving at right price, administrating tenants, complete documentation and identifying a trustworthy advisor. All of these are the key factors responsible for dampening people’s willingness for investment in real estate.

Shivam Sinha, an expert veteran in banking identified the core problem. His profound experience gained over a sixteen years stint with some of the leading International banks has its roots across diverse banking segments covering Secured Lending, Unsecured Lending, Liabilities Sales, Employee Banking and support functions. This expertise enabled him to gauge the extensive impact that this huge gap bears on the development of real estate industry in India. It kindled his entrepreneurial spirit that was deep-seated in him since his childhood and paved way for the foundation of Indiassetz (IA) in 2014 towards fulfilling the needs for property management with trust, responsiveness, excellence and accountability. Led by an ace team of ex-bankers bringing outstanding proficiency in property management, finance, banking, and real estate, Indiassetz has steered its way to stand as the frontrunner in property management services landscape within a short span of time. The firm has successfully carved out a niche pioneering transformation in this space having instilled utmost professionalism with reliability.

During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Shivam Sinha – Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Indiassetz shares about the story behind incorporation of the company, “During our time in banks, we had interacted with many NRIs and Resident Indians and found that they wished to invest in real estate. For the common man, purchasing a property is a large investment, and top on the priority list for all. Typically, they faced the lack of trusted advice and professional service that would advise them on the right choices, based on their risk profile, investment horizon, expected returns, or long and short term view. They tend to rely upon word of mouth from family, friends, relatives or local brokers to manage their properties.” The team took into account the problems plaguing this space and decided to establish an entity that would serve as a family office for Real Estate Wealth offering end to end property management services; an unprecedented service provider that would act as a professional representative of the client for efficient management of his property. “We direct all our energies into being a ‘service’ organization rather than a sales organization. All our staff is chosen around this promise – to provide top class service experience to our clients” adds Mr. Shivam.

In a short span of time, Indiassetz has successfully built a robust service portfolio that is geared to provide end to end management of properties in a specialized way across the life cycle of ownership considering clients’ unique requirements. The peerless portfolio covers tenancy management, government liaison work, property advisory, maintenance and asset management, interiors, finance and purchase & sale of properties. The company holds proficiency in managing all types of properties including residential, commercial and land parcels. The team handholds the clients throughout their journey that stretches from the pre-ownership phase to the re-investment or growth stage of the property. “We provide assessment on market value and risks, due diligence, finance and assist in completing registration formalities. At the ownership stage, we carry out monitoring and maintenance, tenancy, interiors, tax planning and related documentation. And, at the reinvestment phase we re-evaluate the customer’s aspirations for their portfolio and advice”, shares Mr. Shivam elaborating about Indiassetz unparalleled assistance to its clients.

Success Mantra

We deliver excellence through faster response time, trusted advisory and water tight legal processes for end to end management for all property related matters.

The CEO Magazine interviews Shivam Sinha – Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Indiassetz

TCM: Indiassetz thrives on bootstrapped business model. Where did your organization’s capital come from and how did you go about getting it?

Mr. Shivam: Whilst we received and continue to receive many funding offers from a number of investors, we preferred to stay away from it as we were a profitable business right after the first six months of starting our operations. We never felt the need to get funding. We followed a strategic growth plan that enabled us to achieve consistent growth even in the worst period of demonetization or the so called sluggish real estate market. Gradually, we extended our reach across other cities besides Bangalore and started our Hyderabad operations in Feb17. Today, we have a strong presence there as well. We believe in steady growth and wish to change the way real estate wealth is perceived and managed in India. We have been looking forward to begin our operations in other cities, and outside India, wherever there is Indian diaspora.

TCM: Indiassetz’s model, work, and services have received tremendous recognition. What have been the key accomplishments of the company since founding?

Mr. Shivam: Our business model has been very well accepted by the market, and our clients. We have been successful in achieving a 100% client conversion rate till date. We have achieved steady growth within a span of almost three years and have a healthy book of over 3000 registered HNI clients. We have been doubling our growth year on year, right from the date of inception. The transformation that we have brought in this space instilling values of transparency, honesty and client centricity has been instrumental in winning us trust in the market and has played a key role in building a robust client network through word of mouth referrals. We have been recently featured amongst the top 10 property management consultants in India by a globally renowned corporate magazine.

TCM: What was your journey like to get where you are?

Mr. Shivam: The journey until now has been wonderful. Since our inception, we have been very steady in our growth as we have been extremely watchful in our investment into people. We are robust team of highly qualified people who believe in professionalism and are dedicated to perform their best; this has been our strongest point till date. As bankers we believe in People-Process-Profits and we follow this philosophy completely. We hire quality people and really take care of them well. We spend a lot of time in designing processes which well executed gets us Profit.

TCM: What is your favorite aspect of being a CEO?

Mr. Shivam: The buck stops at the CEO when it is your own business. Hence, it is an all round constant learning process that goes hand in hand with consistent leading. One needs to live the values of the company every single minute and they must reflect in every decision he takes. Your business is your baby and the best experience is to nurture its development and see it growing.

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