Indian Institute of Learning and Development (IILD):Transforming IndianMSMEsthrough coaching and consulting services


Indian Institute of Learning and Development (IILD):Transforming IndianMSMEsthrough coaching and consulting services

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in a developing economy like India. However, they are mired in difficulties that impede their progress. Technological advancements, byzantine regulatory norms, increased competition and disruptive marketplace dynamics stymie their growth. Small business owners must be well informed and advised before taking critical business decisions. They mustequip themselves with knowledgeand plan their strategy execution. They need expert knowledge and strategic guidance to develop a sustainable business.

Mr. Pravin P. Daryani, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur,has been working to help SMEs in areas such as the above. Mr. Daryani’s entrepreneurial desire to help SMEs grow paved way for the incorporation of the country’s first SME training and consulting company – Indian Institute of Learning and Development (IILD) in 2013. The company today thrives as the pioneering leader in this space having delivered business results through its SME-focused products to nearly 17,000 people including 9,000SME entrepreneurs across a broad spectrum of industries including manufacturing, engineering, automobile, healthcare, capital goods, electronics, garments and many more. In its journey spanning five years, IILD has witnessed rapid growth with expansion across eight cities in the Central Business Districts (CBD) of the country, supported by deployment of more than 200 competent professionals dedicated to reach SMEs.

The company has successfully cemented its equity contributing significantly to the growth of SMEs through highly effective and competent training and consulting programmes. IILD’s groundbreakingcapabilities in empowering SMEs havegiven a ray of hope toSME owners. Team IILD has delivered more than 2,000 projects till date as a part of its flagship training programmeSPEED+ and consulting programme SPEED for Business.

More than300 businesses in India have doubled their turnover in just two years. Several government bodies and media houses have duly acknowledged and honoured the company’s remarkable contribution towards SME development. Award for Quality in Education by DNA, EducationLeadership Award by Vijayavani(the largestcirculateddaily in Karnataka), ‘Captain of Industry – 2015’ honoured by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, ‘Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education’ by DNA in 2016, ‘Visionary Leader Award’ presented to PravinDaryani at ABP News’ National Education Awards 2016 ‘Bharat Jyoti Award’ presented by the former Governor of Tamil Nadu and Assam and the Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Excellence Award, 2016, for Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished Services to the Nation are some of the accolades the company is studded with.

The company has been following a strategic roadmap towards establishing hundred more branches across India and spearheading India’s first full-fledged entrepreneur coaching institute in Lonavala, Pune.

Here’s what Mr. Daryani has to say about the company: “Indian Institute of Learning and Development is at the forefront of the learning and development revolution in this country, driven by the passion to lead, grow and excel. We understand that to provide real excellence, quality needs to be as natural to an organization as breathing air is to living beings. IILD’s key strength lies in its ability to effect speedy growth and swift transformation of clients’ businesses. In a learning and development institution that has result orientation as its focal point, our group of leadership experts teach entrepreneurs how to spearhead cross functional transformation across organizational departments. We have dedicated our lives toassisting individuals (business owners) and their organizations to grow. Remaining rooted to this vision gives us the power to impact their business by hand holding the owners and empowering them with the most sought after success principles and primary skills across a gamut of business areas, to perform and achieve what they desire.As a visionary company, we can already foresee the change we want to bring in India Inc.” We want to craft the aspirations of millions of SME owners who want to take their business to the next level.

IILD’s rich portfolio is geared to transform entrepreneurial experience through exclusive consulting and training programmes as well as audiovisual products. The consulting programmeSPEED for Business aims ‘to assist progressive businessmen take their business to the next level’  – next level in revenue, next level in product development, next level of people working for their business, next level of customers they want to serve. The consulting services cover every aspect of a business encompassing Sales, HR, IT, ERP & Software, Finance& Audit, Marcom, Supply Chain Management and more.

Meet the CEO

Pravin Daryani leads IILD as Chairman&Managing Director

Driven by his dynamic leadership, team IILD has been able to create success stories of clients. His overriding passion for entrepreneurship coupled with sharp business acumen makes him a pre-eminent voice in the area of leadership excellence. With more than a decade of experience in entrepreneur coaching, he has helped several enterprises increase their profits by many times. He is a ‘business best practices’ consultant to Small and Medium Enterprises, and has contributed thought papers in multiple trade and business publications. He was featured in ‘Icons of New India’ by CNBC TV 18 and ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ by ET now.

The CEO Magazine interviews Mr. Pravin Daryani

TCM: What are your key responsibilities as the chief driving IILD?

Mr. Daryani: As the head of the team, my entire focus lies on having the right leadership towards driving organizational success. I strongly feel that I can achieve that by providing team members absolute freedom and support in their initiatives for reaching organizational goals. My responsibility also involves building an inclusive company culture. We encourage people to enjoy what they do and bring meaning to their work.I ensure that every employee is aligned with the goals of the company.

TCM: What does it take to assume chief leadership role in an organization?

Mr. Daryani: Being a leader is an effort game. You need to keep making persistent efforts to make things work towards reaching the strategic organizational goals you’ve set. And you need to do that keeping your customers satisfied and employees happy. Most importantly, you need a lot of patience as sometimes you may have to endure failures.

TCM: What was your journey like as an entrepreneur?

Mr. Daryani: I always thought of setting my foot where demand was more than supply. This resolve made me identify certain gaps in a certain industry, and I jumped in. There were several challenges in the journey, but it was an exciting one as I was passionate about succeeding. Not to mention, there was a great team behind me to support my efforts. There were times when things didn’t work out,but we were determined, and our determination finally paid off.

TCM: What is the road ahead for IILD?

Mr.Daryani: Our services have got great response from the SME community in six states spread across different geographies and entrepreneurial traditions. This proves that we are offering something that works with any entrepreneur in India, regardless of location, habits and the general business practices prevalent there. Over the years, there has been a consistent demand from the SME community for more services, and as a result we have more consulting clients than coaching clients.To put it shortly, consulting is the future of IILD.


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