In talk with Yogesh Shah, the persona bringing cross-sectoral, global perspective to iResearch Services leadership


In talk with Yogesh Shah, the persona bringing cross-sectoral, global perspective to iResearch Services leadership

“We agree that no one understands our clients business better than them, hence we work towards a collective goal of helping them to uncover facts to position their business accurately by providing a holistic solution as compared to a functional solution.”

In 2008, iResearch Services embarked its incorporation as a leading research and data collection firm to work with businesses on the global front across multiple industries. Today, after nine years of its journey, iRS, as they fondly call themselves holds a prominent place across the industry by leveraging unmatched quality research and data collection services in the Indian & global markets. The organization is a right blend of technology which has witnessed an excellent growth over the past few years with new offerings complementing the industry growth and client needs every year. From a mere meeting expectation we have always aimed at exceeding expectations and a result of this is our repeat clients and long-lasting relationships. iRS’s product portfolio envelopes around varied services including  research advisory, survey & analytics, editorial and distribution other executive services to research & consulting firms, media & publishing firms, advertisement & PR firms and Fortune 500 brands

iResearch’s services are aligned to the core business objectives that include ­-

Customer Satisfaction: Attempt to surpass the customer expectations

Integrity & Transparency: Transparent in business, transactions and honest in the research studies

Work Ethics: Goal oriented, fairness to all employees, clients, and vendors

Quality Excellence: Constantly aim to improve ourselves, service levels in order to gain customer trust and confidence

“iResearch services works with its global clientele on thought leadership content, to identify opportunities and build strategies based on a deep understanding of customers and the overall market.”

On asking about what is the uniqueness of iRS, Yogesh adds, “we apply both quantitative and qualitative methodologies across primary and secondary sources to gather market intelligence. Our subject matter experts excel at understanding the over-researched and under-researched topics to generate insights.”

iRS stands distinctively for its exemplary single point service in the related field and the credit goes to a bunch of unique dexterities outlined below:

Applied Intellect: Driven to understand the concept clearly as that allows the organization to grasp what kind of data needs to be collected right from the start.

Data Experts: The expert team understands how to apply the right set of methodologies, including the optimum use of technology, to efficiently collate data.

Subject Matter Experts: iRS’ssubject matter experts ensure that they deep dive to better understand and organize data

Multilingual Capabilities: iRS’steam has the ability to conduct research in over 17 languages

Global Reach: 90+ markets covered across Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

Transparency: the organization offers real-time progress tracker to our clients resulting in a seamless execution

Technology: Being one of the prime adapters of technology in the operational infrastructure, to ensure project execution; quality and management collaborate between international teams seamlessly.

iResearch Services ‘Follow the sun approach’

Today iRS work with leading 50 research and consulting firms globally with its presence in the US, UK and India and its services has reached a varied set of industries today including start-up’s & SME’s, private, public and governments. The organization believes in ‘follow the sun approach’ which keeps iRS on toes with its clients while ensuring them faster communication, better accessibility, quicker turn-around-time and a consistent, to reliable work schedule.

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iResearch Services Capabilities: The team

“Connecting 90+ countries and communicating in more than 17 languages ensures that a personal touch is interwoven by the iRS’s management in every task. iRSdon’t just collect data from the consumers& business experts but connect with them to understand what they think about the company and its products or services. iRS’s expert research analysts are never short of compliments for the way they approach the consumers. They treat every individual equally be it a CEO or a consumer, every opinion is equally important. Round­-the­-clock market research service delivery analysts speak to people across the globe, to collect their opinions on various studies that enable its clients to get valuable market insights and consumer behaviors. iRS is endorsed by entrepreneurs having background covering business units in areas of Information Technology, Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales & Marketing and Trading with a combined annual revenues exceeding USD 200 MN.

“Collecting gigantic data and transforming them into unequivocal insights, is an art we know very well.”- Yogesh Shah in talk with Pooja Kundoo, Editor at The CEO Magazine

What made you choose this line of business?

I have always felt that we’re data rich but insights poor, and that precisely led me to believe that we could play a pivotal role in bringing insights to life. Early on in my career I was intrigued by research and realized the size of prize.

What does it take to be a CEO?

Chief Everything Officer, (pun intended), is all about being big picture-strategist– being able to step back and see the big picture. It requires grit, intuition, empathy, confidence and many more characteristics which they don’t teach you in B Schools. Ability to think strategically and take charge, along with self-reliance and self-awareness, are common hallmarks of being a great CEO.

To what do you attribute your success to?

Show up. Engage. Be present. Be yourself.

I have always believed in ‘what gets measured gets managed’, and for that reason it is important you don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.

What’s the next big thing planned for iRS’sstrategy?

We’re working on an Ad:tech product that will empower marketers to better exploit social media for their marketing campaigns. We believe content is the king, communication the queen and context the little prince. Hence our focus is to deliver that context the wider audience to ensure marketers get actionable results.

Thanks for this lovely session. If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

You can’t turn a no to a yes with a maybe in between.

The inspiration behind iResearch

Drawing on multiple stints at multinationals Yogesh brings a cross-sectoral, global perspective to iResearch’s leadership. As a Director Sales at iRS he looks after international sales, corporate strategy, managing cross-functional teams, consulting and new product development investments. Having an extensive background in market research, data analytics, consulting and business leadership, his skills in innovative research methodologies and managing large research projects are of a great value. He is an active member of CASRO, MRS, ESOMAR, and MRSI. He is also an avid EDMlover, avid reader, loves discussing cars and technology and of course cricket

Awards & Recognitions

  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500 APAC award – 2015 and 2016
  • Deloitte Technology Fast50 Company India – 2015 and 2016
  • Top 10 Market Research Companies of India – by a leading business magazine
  • Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner
  • Most Promising Company of the Year 2014 – World Marketing Congress

A Bright future awaits

Yogesh shares the roadmap for iResearch’s future voyage. He adds, “iRS’s focus is to help build brands their Digital Trust via thought leadership programs. Our plans are to account technology to mark the impact of research insightful and digested in ways not done before. With the operational growth in London and New York, we are laying our eyes on becoming an extended arm of our clients.  We are planning a two-fold roadmap for iRS; one that involves convergence of research to relationships and second to helps clients to generate ROI from their thought leadership investments. We’re closely working towards a CSR initiative called ‘Giving for Good’ which works for underprivileged children from low-income class for their primary and secondary education.”


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