Finding that great inkling: How a naval officer turned entrepreneur is disrupting business outline with his venture; A walk of words with Dr. R.K. Thomas

Finding that great inkling: How a naval officer turned entrepreneur is disrupting business outline with his venture; A walk of words with Dr. R.K. Thomas

It’s always heartening to read colloquial about all of the astounding work being done by our service men and women to protect our country. However, the stories of nation’s heroes mapping business horizons after they return to the civilian routine are left unheard. They are born leaders, with drive and passion for what they do and getting the job done. Counted among them is Mr. R. K Thomas, a quick and innovative thinker who ventured out his entrepreneurial voyage to dish up all the essentials for any business to grow, to make the profit and for brand-building on a solitary canopy; TechnoPilot® in 2013. All organizations operate to make the profit and TechnoPilot® balm them do that with its core frontier research team that works 24X7 to herald the technology of the future into present-day workable solutions to ensure the best possible cyber security services on a small budget.

In sync with its inception in 2013, TechnoPilot® started with concentrating first on providing top-notch network security to small businesses in India and the Gulf region. TechnoPilot® is the solitary organization catering entire gamut of business essentials. TechnoPilot® specializes in harnessing the best of frontier technology to give its clients a secure operating environment and Top Notch Network Security by not just strategic firefighting but by using advanced techniques like Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nanotechnology, Quantum Physics, Visualization & the Law of Attraction. Being a company working hard with the technologies of the future, some of which are not even being researched in any university till date, and using them to herald a new future for societal advancement, improved living and social conditions, definitely makes TechnoPilot® hit a home run.  The professionals at TechnoPilot® are deploying the security systems of the future, embedded with multi-layered Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nano-technology dovetailed with Laws of Quantum physics and using esoteric laws, which are not much in vogue in the present time. TechnoPilot®’s services are only one of its kinds, catered to every corner of the world with distance not being a barrier.

R.K. Thomas offered some insight into how his navy-experience impacted his transition into a successful business owner

From Naval Commander to entrepreneur: Sharing words with R.K. Thomas

Tell us about your transition from naval life to one as a business owner.

With a military background, entering the corporate area was a big change. But small tenets picked up along the way in life helped shape the organization to where it is now. All along my 20 years of military service in aviation, I realized that society needs a larger social fabric to see the larger picture towards alleviating pain and poverty in humanity. Keeping this in mind, TechnoPilot® originated in 2013 with an aim to provide a large umbrella under which one can provide services of various natures from Network Security and Business Success Coaching to Healing in organizations and for individuals. This can provide any organization – small or big, operating in India or at the International level to be successful. All organizations operate to make profit and we at TechnoPilot® help them do that.

Share with us ‘TechnoPilot®’s Journey’ towards leading others and creating a global overview of trends, innovation, and future business scenarios.

As a Business Success Coach, TechnoPilot® ensures clarity in its clients’ business goals and objectives and helps them to develop skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise.Collaboration, receptivity, empathy, intuition, resilience and sensory awareness are essentials that we activate during “My Leadership, My Brand” to further develop the company leadership and potential.

You took a big risk, incorporated TechnoPilot® which stands as a pioneered organization. What is so unique about your business venture?

We specialize in proactive threat protection and develop software that reacts immediately to new and emerging threats and protects users in real time. Built to run unnoticed in the background, our security solutions deliver ultra-fast scanning with an extremely low system footprint, which means users will never have to compromise fast performance for effective protection.

We realized at our initial stage that we need to embody newer frontier technology and methodology, including usage of Scalar waves, towards achieving one-of-a-kind enhanced Threat Intelligence and Protection in the Cyber security domain. Archaic strategies, such as anti-viruses and firewalls are no match for the black hat hackers these days. A project was undertaken by TechnoPilot® to tackle many of these challenges and the results documented.  We have categorized the expectedness of attacker/defender matrix and have molded our conclusion to craft a structure for designing proactive defenses for enterprise networks.

An economical Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication algorithmic rule appropriate for Wireless Network, Cryptography for Wireless sensing element Networks & use of Scalar Energy implement an immoderate secure networked system as well their operators, are also being developed at our R&D labs.  These make our company a niche operator in the global arena.

Why Divine Grid Healing®?

Contrary to popular understanding, healing is not simply the removal of symptoms. Divine Grid Healing® is concerned with helping all our clients to access information and therapies that will help to create healing in every aspect of their lives on every level of the body, mind, and spirit. Divine Grid Healing® was evolved by Divine order to swiftly help bring about spiritual transformation as well as freedom from disease and disorder.   The aim of our organization is not to make huge profits. It solely originated with one aim and a resolve to help people and organizations to grow, succeed and finally have credibility.

With Divine Grid Healing® we realized that the universe is composed of interconnected structures. With Divine Grid Healing® we can govern to self-heal, be serene and happy, prevent possible global and local catastrophes, govern time and weather conditions, always work for the all-embracing harmonious development of all, momentarily change the composition of food and drinks that we consume, purify rivers, lakes, springs and the seas with our consciousness, momentarily change all adverse situations – to just name a few of the infinite possibilities.

What do you find as the challenging phase of being a founder?

I learned as the Founder that what we think as the worst thing that could ever happen to us in that moment can actually turn out to be the best thing of that time. I can recount fractions of instances when I thought that the world was ending to only laugh on the bygones several years later; thanking my lucky stars for the things that turned out very well. About two years ago, I was running my company smoothly and successfully. Things were going with ease, in fact, I decided I could skip a little time on running my company and infuse more time working on my new venture for which I was really excited. Most of all, it was fun working on my new project. But learned a big lesson that one needs to continually and relentlessly pursue what he has originally started and that no organization runs automatically.

What does the future hold for TechnoPilot®?

“We are an organization working hard with the technologies of the future, some of which are not even being researched in any university till date, and using them to herald a new future for societal advancement, improved living and social conditions. More than profit-making, we would like to be known as a company that caused disruptive and cataclysmic changes in the way we now live, think and do business.”

We see opportunities in both the consumer and enterprise segment. We are focusing on strengthening our channel ecosystem and increasing our presence in India across tier 2 and tier 3 cities. By 2020 we would like to be present in all channels of distribution in order to reach out to potential customers and provide flexibility in licensing by partnering with Managed Service Providers.

We at TechnoPilot® predict that in the next five years there will be no more operating systems to compromise. When I first started in this business, almost all threats were malware programs (viruses, worms, and Trojans) written by adolescent male pranksters. Although some malware programs did real harm, such as formatting disks or erasing data files, most simply annoyed people. Malware has gone from innocuous, funny viruses and worms to identity-stealing programs and ransomware. Anyone with a credit card is accustomed to having their financial identity compromised. When 100 million records are compromised, no one bats an eye anymore. Advanced persistent threats (APTs), officially or unofficially working on the behalf of a foreign government, are the new normals. They will steal private documents and emails, along with patents and contracts, as easily as a child would pluck flowers in a vast field. This has created a new defensive strategic paradigm where we acknowledge that there’s no way we can eliminate persistent threats. Today’s defenders are creating hardened administrative computers and isolated management environments that can be used to manage their networks when a breach is detected. We see that Multifactor authentication has been proliferated. When I first started in computer security, only the government or top secret research facilities forced employees to use smart cards or other multi-factor authentication tools. Now I see this at nearly every company I visit. I don’t think multifactor authentication will solve all our problems, but it makes it harder for cyber thieves to steal and use one’s identity. We can look for phishing emails and websites to disappear completely. Encryption will be the new default. Today, most popular operating systems, computers, and mobile devices come with built-in, default-enabled disk encryption. More and more websites are using SSL (really TLS) encryption by default. Default encryption will mean that when a computing device is stolen, no longer will it turn into a data compromise that must be reported to the authorities (and the media).

With our healing mechanism, we aim to make the people aware of the energy around them, which will help them grow and succeed. With more and more people and organizations getting to know about us and what we do, we strive hard to make the world a better place to reside and grow in, not only for us but for the generations to come.

The image we would like to project is that of being a company working hard with the technologies of the future, some of which are not even being researched in any university till date, and using them to herald a new future for societal advancement, improved living and social conditions. More than profit-making, we would like to be known as a company that caused disruptive and cataclysmic changes in the way we now live, think and do business.

Your words of wisdom for the entrepreneurs would be…

For entrepreneurs to truly be successful, we must identify our end goals, and pursue them without restraint. The most successful and happy people I’ve met built companies that lit them up, not companies that just made them money. They understand the difference between end and means goals.

As an entrepreneur, it’s vitally important that you have a firm knowledge of what drives you, what really motivates you to succeed. It’s like a blueprint to your soul. When you focus on keeping your end goals in mind, rather than means goals, you’ll discover its power in helping you be unstoppable in reaching your dreams. I learned that a successful venture requires 100% attention, focus, and effort.

Taking a look at the failures and tough times of others is one of the best ways to get over your own shortcomings. It’s important to see that failure is a part of the process, and that to be successful you absolutely must learn to make it a tool as opposed to the roadblock. Failure hurts, and that may never change, but it’s how you learn to get better.

One word that describes you the best….


Best lessons of life

“When you give back to others, even in a small way, life gives back to you. Regardless of where you currently are in life, we each need to make a list of how we might want to contribute to the planet in some way. We won’t be able to survive if people don’t trust us.”

“Treat people with respect and they’ll return the favor to your company. It’s important for a company to be a family: that people feel as if they’re a part of the company and the company is like a family to them’. Comfort-ability is the worst friend for a successful business to have, so steer clear of it and try to put some effort into every task we do and every objective we pursue. If are able to make each day of work exciting and thrilling, then there will be no one to hold us back.”

Mapping new heights

A lot more new technologies would have come out of the testing phase of the TechnoPilot® Labs. Many of TechnoPilot®’s products have channelized their way into people’s homes more as a basic necessity than as a luxury. Presently, the organization is working on the frontier technology of the future in the field of quantum physics, a few projects of which are already implemented and in place. These have been hugely successful and looking to disruptively changing the phase of society to that of success, well being and positive transformation.

Corporate Citizenship

TechnoPilot®’s milestones are dovetailed as a close fabric with its mission and vision. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the setup and the organization provides its free services in the interior villages, where proper accessibility leave alone medical services are not available.

Awards & Recognitions

Recognized with ‘Health Excellence Award’ 2013 for “exemplifying invaluable leadership in serving the ailing society and the humanity at large” for pioneering work in the field of Sound Healing from a Board which has awarded eminent personalities.

The outstanding solutions produced by Technopilot® have consistently positioned the company in the spotlight and earned them a coveted spot earlier this year in a leading business magazine under the category of 20 Most Promising Cyber Security Solution Provider Companies -2017.

Founder’s Periscope

Dr. RK Thomas is a highly commended former Naval Commander who has spent his lifetime in the pursuit of frontier technology. An avid aviator, he was educated from the best of institutions in the world over including Stanford University USA, Kent State University USA & IIT Delhi. He has obtained Doctorate  / undertaken pioneering research,  in the niche areas of Computer Science, Network Security and Alternative Medicine with a Fellowship in Corporate Social Responsibility from New York. He has been a Gold Medalist in every course undertaken to date and has obtained certifications in CSR, Computer Science, Aerospace,  Mechanical  & Marine Engineering, Management, HR, IT Security, Resource Management, Project Management, Production & Operations Management, Six Sigma, Cryptography, Cloud Computing, Benchmarking, Business  Success Coaching and more than 15 Healing / Wellness modalities

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