10 Interesting Facts about the Hindi Language, You should Know

10 Interesting Facts about the Hindi Language, You should Know

14th September is celebrated as Hindi Day in India. It is an important day for India because, on this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly adopted Hindi as the official language of the country. After this decision, from 1953 on September 14, India celebrated as Hindi Day. Many schools, colleges, and offices organize different programs on this day. There are some amazing facts related to the Hindi language that many people are not aware of. On this special occasion, The CEO Magazine has come up with top 10 facts about the Hindi language that you should know:

The first Indian State to adopt Hindi as its official language was Bihar.

The Oxford Dictionary has incorporated the Hindi word “Swadeshi”

The Hindi language is used in more than 20 countries outside India. There are 648,983 in the Hindi-speaking the US, 685,170 in Mauritius

Hindi is among one of the seven languages that are used to make web address. The popularity of Hindi is increasing every year by 94%.

Prem Sagar is considered as the first Hindi book; it was written by Lallu Lal and was published in 1805.

It is possible because of the uniqueness in the pronunciation of the letters in Hindi. English however, needs supplementary symbols like •: ‘` to specify pronunciation.

Unlike English, all Hindi nouns have genders, either masculine or feminine, and adjectives and verbs change as per the gender.

 In English, the pronunciation of words is way different from how it is written. But when it comes to Hindi, its script is purely phonetic

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