Steadily turning into a significant part of the industry, the food processing, and canned products market has turned into an integral part of the global economy. The scope of investment in the coming years is set to skyrocket with more than USD30 billion expected to free flow.

With this booming track of profitability and growth, the big brands of the market in India are assured of the rising trajectory in terms of the production of food commodities and trading. And further sustaining the growth big brands like Holyland Group today are enhancing the supply chain capacity with ideal ways of manufacturing, production, infrastructure, skilled force and more.

Holyland marketing is India’s largest and fastest-growing canned and processed food company; it is the largest brand by market share in canned fruits and vegetables and food additives/seasonings. Presently under the committed leadership of Vijay Kumar Budhraja, Chairman and Managing Director, Holyland Marketing (P) Ltd, the company distributes its wide product range across India through over 1350 + dealers and distributors reaching them through company’s Distribution centers at Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Zirakpur.


The man Sh. Vijay Kumar Budhraja, Masters in commerce from the illustrious St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies (F.M.S.) Delhi, with rich professional experience, opted to follow this dream of the Holyland Group. And under his well-guided supervision, these dreams in the following days brought many firsts to his name and practically reinvent the industry.

The company has over 150 + products in over 300+ SKUs catering to every taste and cuisine for the Indian pallet from – Indian to Chinese to Thai to Italian to Mexican ingredients and ready to eat products.


Holyland has been able to invert the industries existing model of production, aggregation, and supplies – one where the farm produce travelled to reach factories, to where factories have been set up near the farms. This has brought great efficiency within the manufacturing process and handling of perishables, the factory which is now situated at the source produces better quality products more efficiently.

This product focus has brought in a sea change in the industry – mechanization – allowing for automation in pineapple peeling and slicing; to largely automated blanchers; graders for mushroom; to automated de-stemming and pitting of cherries. An Industry that was predominantly labour-intensive has started on its journey to becoming machine intensive and volume-oriented. This has led to per-unit price efficiencies and market growth for these products.


Holyland is also unique in its distribution arrangement where it sources products from across India and the world for every possible cuisine with greater depth than anyone can imagine per product.

“We have cherries – without stems with seeds; with seed -with stem, without seed, and without the stem. All for different use cases – from garnish on a cake to layering within the cake – from a premium customer wanting the large size to a medium baker that wants higher cherry count per can! This understanding of what the market needs is what makes us leaders” further adds Vijay.


Their primary customer segment is HoReCa as most products are aligned for usage in commercial kitchens. Holyland is one of the leading processed food suppliers across India and has been appreciated and patronized by the best of professionals. They are a customer-centric company, their products and business initiatives are focused on making life easier and delightful for the clients. They not only act as a pre-processing kitchen for customers by providing standardized quality but also ensure that the procurement is easy and hassle-free. The company’s present product basket spans over 120 products in over 300+ SKUs that are all available under one umbrella.

Vijay stresses, “We realized that every commercial kitchen needs over 500 products which are sourced from various vendors which are painstaking and time-consuming. We have successfully addressed that by having a relevant basket of products which covers the majority of the commercial kitchen specialized purchases.”


Vijay believes that by its very nature food is just like fashion – which by definition keeps revolving both new and old trends and choices vary from region to region wit time and to manage this Holyland has its ears to the ground with over 1350+ distribution partners across India listening to what the consumer wants and adding to the product range. Their clients are not only buyers but also their partners in product research and development. They work closely with their clients to understand their kitchen needs – whether it is to develop a new recipe or to develop a new product to make kitchen/factory operations more efficient.

“We are happy that many of our clients look at us as trouble-shooters for their commercial kitchens – customer centricity which is one of the key values of the company and helps us stay ahead of the market and focused on customer needs” avows Vijay. 


“It is a great time to be in this business, there is a huge demographic dividend that we have received, with the economy growing and the ability to spend increasing, the millennials are open to consumption. Our business is thus driven by the explosive growth of both organized and standalone chains serving this demand. Canned foods provide the standard needed for all the foodservice operators to maintain menu fulfilments and recipe standardizations.”

As the Market grows there is a need for more companies to provide for the growing market, more products delivered right to the doorstep promising better quality each day. The growth of competition is good for this industry. The market has grown equally or more allowing room for everyone. The more organized, the better service providers, the better companies, will grow and gain larger share and be the leaders, and leaders will invest more in food safety, innovations, systems – making for a better food ecosystem for all.


Food safety is a growing concern among consumers; it is a factor that is natural to gain prominence over some time, it is also a factor that has witnessed a secular change happening across industries. Over the last decade, there is a constant movement by the consumer from open loose products to package products- from package products to branded products & from branded products to premium brands – nobody wants to compromise on food- it offers a great opportunity for everyone in the organized processing and brands.

Vijay wraps by saying, “As a conscious company we follow all Food Safety Norms, we are ISO and HACCP Certified, with in house labs and R&D for food safety and shelf-life studies. We are proud vendors to the Indian Army only because we take all the care needed for food processing and are leaders in our categories that most others benchmark against.”

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