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Harbour Exports

With people inclining more towards a healthy lifestyle, seafood has switched its place from an occasional dish to more of a staple diet and bagged a permanent space in the freezers.

The frozen fish and seafood market that was earlier more dominant in European and American population has now made its way through the supermarkets of the Middle East and India as well. The infrastructure and processes for distribution are getting streamlined and the market is flourishing across the countries like never before. Changing routines and the disposable income of dominant economies like India and China have played a major role in the growth of the sector.

A growing number of companies today have invested largely in the industry to be a part of this boom and among the popularly known names are the few who have ensured that the end-user receives the best and uncompromised products to suit their tailored needs. Likewise, for more than four decades now, productively bringing the sea fruit to the table is Harbour Exports, the extensively reputed venture of Irfan Khan, Director and a wise leader. Established in 1971 in the Middle East, today the company is a well-known supplier and exporter of seafood’s in the city.

The Director, Irfan khan, with his expertise, years of experience and knowledge has been contributing to industry integrity and loyalty. He looks forward to walking on the path paved towards stewardship with the responsibility to make his products more of paramount quality and services of utmost satisfaction. With the times changing, the future of the seafood industry looks bright with committed and genetically improved brands like Harbour Exports taking over the market.

“We are an orchestrated setup of a well established corporate house with esteemed services as exporters and suppliers of seafood to numerous prestigious hotels and restaurant in Mumbai. Not just locally, we are also involved in supplying kinds of seafood to quite a lot of hotels and restaurant at an international level” further added Irfan.


Harbour exports are well known in the seafood industry for their quality and high standards because of their association with the long list of organizations of international repute. Over the years of service, the company has earned a reputation for itself in the quality market as a premium brand for services. This has not magically happened for them, it has taken years of unsurpassed quality checks and providing to the clients exceptionally good products with prices that cannot be matched by any other competitor in the industry. The guarantee of the best products has made them Harbour Exports one of the most sought after seafood brands among the consumers.

Irfan emphasizes, “We are associated with various highly regarded brands and we ensure that the quality and services provided are of the best international standards. Some of our clients are Grand Hyatt, ITC, Sahara India, Amby Valley Ltd. USA Based HMS Host, Le Royal Meridien, The Leela, Blue Foods, etc and the topmost in the hospitality industry.


Harbour Exports have hooked a complete control over their product food chain with one of the best processing plants which give them a window to take absolute responsibility of their products and with it have the buffer to meet all the customer needs and requirements of customization for every individual product. Daily, the company deals with a massive range of seafood variety like Prawns, Lobsters, Crabs, Mussel Clams, Oysters, Fishes, Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Pomfret, etc. and at the same time, they specialize in a live catch like coral trout, Himalayan trout and also sand lobsters.

Being ISO 9001:2015 certified, the assurance only amplifies that they deliver products that are packed keeping in consideration all the health and hygiene measures with extensive usage of glass freezers and state-of-the-art IQF & treatment plants to clean, devein, filter and cut in a particular size at customers’ desire and will. The company transports products to the client or directly to the consumer in a well equipped refrigerated van, cargo, and airlines. Over the years, Harbour Exports has managed to maintain and achieve a strong bond with their clients across India by serving them exclusive live food of the highest quality.

The quality check in the company is not just restricted to the initial process; it is taken all the way down to the final stage from the procurement point. Each step of the process is well documented and undergoes a stringent quality check, following this process not just helps in keeping a check on producing finest products but also helps in tracing the products transparently and in case the product fails to meet the required standard of quality, it is immediately taken off the shelf.


Harbour exports are looking forward to opening retail outlets on franchisee basis and are looking for a suitable space in Mumbai, for future they are looking at a plan that promises fresh/live and frozen seafood stores to make sure the availability of your favourite seafood brand reaches closer to your doorstep. They would be further partnering with potential seekers who could be interested in incorporating resources and would possess the desire to share their business expertise, motivation, commitment and more.

Today, after years of committed services to their end-user, the company has turned into a powerful force in the seafood industry. They work meticulously towards channelling their focus on ensuring the ease of their customer by arranging product availability at the doorstep.

The well-trained team of professionals at Harbour Exports ensures that all the products are hygienically packed, cleaned, deveined, filleted or cut in a particular size at the desire and will of the customer to meet heir tailored demand. These products are of utmost quality and sanitized, moreover, the pricing of these products are arranged to keep them comparatively cost-effective regarding all the other options available in the market.

Irfan wraps with, “We at Harbour Exports take special care of our products as they undergo multiple stringent quality & hygiene checks by the Ministry of Health. We believe that we exist to deliver efficiently to the ever-existing needs of the consumer be it hygiene, quality, delivery or anything else.”

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