With its obsession for delivering innovative Customer Experiences, Club Concierge stands ahead of the curve in delivering exceptional value to its clients.

With its obsession for delivering innovative Customer Experiences, Club Concierge stands ahead of the curve in delivering exceptional value to its clients.

Customer Engagement is an art which can be transformed into a masterpiece if nurtured with passion, patience, creativity, innovation, quality, skills and most importantly, a commitment to ensure an exquisite customer journey experience. 

The complexities of an intricately- woven and increasingly crowded digital world has  radically changed the depth and speed with which information is available to consumers; changing the way consumers relate to the companies and brands, or affinities, they do business with. The incredible growth of the high net worth segment has required companies, including luxury brands, to shift towards a more scalable engagement and loyalty building models to effectively engage and maintain the interest of their customers.

The advent of the internet and wealth generation have, thus, resulted in raising the bar significantly in terms of customer satisfaction and service level requirements, as brands are expected to perform as well as, or even better than, customers could do on their own and required brands to “reinvent” the ways they have traditionally communicated with and related to their best customers. As a result companies have found their own customer servicing and communications structures and assets to be lacking in relation to these new challenges, and have instead looked to outside companies, providing what has traditionally been perceived as “high touch” or “concierge level” service, to service their customers.

Club Concierge recognized this trend and the competition companies were facing in retaining their most valuable customers and moved directly to address this lacuna. Club Concierge was launched in 2013 and is headquartered out of Bangalore. The company has also received prestigious Asia’s greatest brands in 2016 as recognition of its disruptive and innovative work in the arena of customer engagement. In the past companies helped brands to address the challenges of higher customer expectations and brand reinvention or re-positioning through outsourcing of customer service functions.

However, at Club Concierge, what brands immediately get are the advantages the background of the company possesses. Historically the team behind Club Concierge includes  top of the line engagement professionals with a solid background as  concierge , a profession that are known to provide a service at a much higher quality level / standard than the typical customer service delivery.  Club Concierge has scaled the entire proposition and caters a remarkable high touch platform in place. Added to this is the fact that Club Concierge can relate immediately to its clients and their end users alike especially in the area of lifestyle products and services, the major component where a shift in brand strategy is happening worldwide.

As the founder, Dipali says, “You cannot continue to apply old-fashioned models in today’s hyperlinked and hyper-aggressive environment. Using a canned customer service programme today has inherent dangers.  In that era, customers had few options and they had to be happy with what they got. Companies looked inward at what worked for them and became self-focused and not customer focused. We recognized the crucial urge of developing a service delivery model that would reflect a new paradigm of service structure and would help companies relate better to their customers at a holistic lifestyle contextual level rather than the more traditional transactional level.”

Carving out a niche

Dipali Sikand, the founder of Club Concierge, runs the ever sprightly and very successful global work-life balance concierge company: Les Concierges, as well. Club Concierge seeks to addresses several gaps in the delivery service model which provide it a significant competitive advantage the larger general loyalty marketing services spaces by

Geographical continuity and integrated global service delivery

Club Concierge has successfully established a global footprint and seamlessly integrates its various entities into a single servicing structure, giving customers a greater “in-depth” local services created by the integrated mindshare from around the world, resulting in higher quality fulfillment and access for clients.

Servicing customers from a contextual, as opposed to a product-based or transactional, perspective

Historically, loyalty companies have approached customer engagement from the standpoint of product categorization based on the specific type of service the customer has asked for, as opposed to the customer’s need within the larger context of their life which resulted in a fragmented service approach, difficult to communicate with. Adoption of the service and repeat usage – the main criteria which clients use to evaluate the value of a loyalty program – both suffer under this model. On the other hand, Club Concierge service delivery approach is structured around the concept of the contextual; a much more powerful service and one which syncs with the engagement strategy around the lifestyle that most brands have shifted to. It is more relevant to the affluent customer, indeed more effective overall, and is likely to provide more value in terms of building the brand-customer relationship.

Catching the eye: Service, Way and Beyond

Club Concierge’s Barometer

Club Concierge’s Barometer

These criteria have helped Club Concierge to curate really true, differentiated experience that everyone in the company lives and breathes by, driving tremendous tangible value.

Club Concierge manages some of the most extraordinary loyalty programmes across the globe. At the outset, the basis was a deep-rooted passion for service and hospitality; with a vision to enhance the lives of members by delivering the most trusted service on earth. From planning and strategizing to implementing and optimizing fruitful measures for the current and future marketing investments of its clients, Club Concierge is the one-stop destination for numerous corporations. The Company has a deep experience in working as a strategic customer loyalty building partner to the world’s best-known brands – luxury, consumer, telecom, automotive, private residences, destination clubs, and more. They help structure uniquely differentiated services and products and in turn help them create passionate loyalty, engage their customers, and drive real profits.

People and Culture

Club Concierge is, first and foremost, a customer-driven company whose prime directive is to create customer delight by consistently anticipating and exceeding expectations. Catering service-focused, customer-driven culture, Club Concierge’s professionals are either intimately familiar with the affluent customer lifestyle through life experience, or share a passion for specific elements of that lifestyle, whether it be travel, entertainment, or fine dining. Club Concierge has taken a long-term investment approach in terms of hiring and retaining best-in-class professionals. The internal culture is grounded in transparent communication – the foundation for a trusting, team-based, high-performing company, Club Concierge prizes and supports volunteer service, and the employees at Club Concierge have contributed in providing drinking water in villages in the country to participating in events to sponsor facilities for the deserving, while passionately upholding a Pets at Work policy, friendly green parks for those that cycle to work and an Everyday’s a Friday programme with upbeat activities that pep up the workplace.  The company stress over providing a tangible impact on the quality of the customer experience, and by extension on the affluent customer’s brand loyalty. With deep experience in working as a strategic partner to many brands across the globe, Club Concierge values partnership to help our client’s structure uniquely differentiated products in their industries.

Serving the clients with excellence

A bank for its highest level Credit Card customers

The bank wanted to increase the number of its credit card customers using the concierge service. Their research concluded that customers who regularly used the concierge service were spending more and making more card referrals than those who weren’t using the concierge service. Club Concierge infused offers like Regular, highly targeted set offers and last minute-table availability, ticket alerts for upcoming gigs, sports events and theatre openings, exclusive cinema events and VIP red carpet experiences and travel offers and inspiration for the cardholders.

Result: In less than a year, the bank witnessed the numbers doubling among service users and a growing penetration of cardholders who were using the service from 12 percent to 26 percent of the total portfolio. As a result, the total number of concierge requests per month increased by 50 percent, therefore meeting and exceed the clients brief. Following the success, the bank extended their concierge contract for another three years.

A leading women’s maternity hospital wanted to create a larger connect with expectant mothers 

Result: Introduced ‘Genie Service’.

Club Concierge knows how important it is for the expecting mothers to cherish that motherhood period. The organization strived hard, taking care of all the tedious jobs that just have to get done. With this in mind, ‘Genie’ was launched to make life quite magical! Expectant mums are offered this service as part of their birthing bookings with the hospital and enjoy some amazing perks right till the little one turns 18 months. The enrolment for the birthing package with the concierge service went up 35 %.  Following the success in one city, it was launched in 6 cities in less than 9 months!

Telecom Major: Drive dealer loyalty

Result: Cultivating dealers loyalty to the brand by keeping them, fully engaged by catering specially pasturing benefits and privileges.

The client saw a quantum increase in the dealer’s participation in the brand and sales trebled for the year. The programme is now considered the Mecca of the telecom business and undoubtedly the best loyalty programme in terms of offers, usage, and feedback, in the entire country. Club Concierge continues to innovate and manage this programme for the 3rd successive year

Leading Accessories Company: Soul of customer

Result: Here Club Concierge deployed its proprietary Soul of the Customer programme to cover the most preferred 15000 members of the client

Club Concierge worked to discover the members’ deep profile; what they loved and what they disliked. Club Concierge’s team, using its proprietary processes and methodology, employed a conjoint survey technique to reveal insights that can be honed to improve precision. Through this Club, Concierge helped this client find the often hidden sources of value that drove exceptional, differentiated customer experiences.

Club Concierge is now working with the client to use the information to build a programme that creates value and thereby bolster top-line growth and bottom-line results.

Club Concierge’s Techno- Innovation

Club Concierge’s technology and on-demand services platform also give it a cutting-edge advantage in a marketplace filled with up-market suppliers. The avant-garde technology and unparalleled access to the finest suppliers in the world allows an unprecedented level of flexibility in product development for Club Concierge’s clients. The access and value propositions put together by Club Concierge staff augment its’ clients premium products and services.  Net Value Strata Score, Club Concierge’s proprietary helps the organization to collaborate, connect, commemorate, and communicate all to create emotional, intelligent and most importantly memorable experiences through the customer’s journey to deliver exceptional value & most importantly relevant customer experiences.

The Footprints

Headquartered out of Bangalore, Club Concierge’s operational footprint constitutes a large network of directly owned and partnership driven engagement operational entities. Its office’s house regional management, call center service delivery teams, and technological infrastructure. Club Concierge has the ability to closely monitor and manage the customer experience standards on a global basis and the highest potential for local servicing wherever required. Club Concierge has; in addition, a virtual network of independent partners who function as fulfillment agents the virtual network of agents has the potential to be used as a virtual call center, and to select best-in-class concierges in many markets around the world.

The winner of some of the world’s most prestigious loyalty, travel and concierge awards Club Concierge is no stranger to the so-called cream of the crop. The company’s client list is vast and filled with notable client across numerous fields including Tanishq. Samsung, Godrej, Vodafone, Tata Housing, Ireo etc. Its utter commitment to delivering true value to its clients is a hallmark of the service that’s allowed the company to expand its global footprint immensely in the past decade or so.

The foundational mission at Club Concierge has always been one that’s focused on both value and quality in their delivery, over quantity. They know that their clients’ customers expect the best of the best, and Club Concierge has proved its expertise by not only ensure those demands are met, but also that they far exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients. Like other top concierge companies, Club Concierge has spent years and years developing close personal and business relationships, and vetting companies and brands from around the world to ensure that they deliver the utmost value to their astute membership base. Client retention has been 100% which stands as a hugely impressive mark in an industry marked by turnover.

 In 2016, Club Concierge won several awards including some of the industry’s most prized accolades: designation as Asia’s Greatest Brand, surpassing agencies with far greater reach and revenues. Club Concierge has cemented its reputation as one of the most successful, visible and admired engagement agencies. Club Concierge revenues have grown 286% in the past year which itself stands as an extraordinary success unsurpassed in the industry.

From the founder’s pen

The entrepreneurial mindset is about seeing the world as a set of opportunities – not obstacles. It’s about seeing problems to be solved, not barriers that limit. It’s about being driven to create value for a broad set of stakeholders and lifting human condition. The greatest lessons we have learned is how to accept that making mistakes is part of the process. It is easier to fail, to make mistakes, and to recover from them. Making mistakes can be a positive step forward in applying your mind to opportunity and use them to better inform your next set of actions.

The most difficult lesson I have learned during this entire journey is to keep applying a filter to the myriad of thoughts and solutions and seeing which one to scale, expand and enhance and which one to let go. As an entrepreneur, you are an innovator, developing new unheard of solutions and your mind keeps thinking and creating. However, the most difficult challenge for any entrepreneur as for me is to be continuously reflecting, “I have a lot of great ideas, but which is the best opportunity?”

Dipali Sikand


Dipali Sikand is among the most visible and influential women entrepreneurs in the country and has won several awards including Asia’s Greatest Leaders 2016. Dipali is currently cruising smoothly on her entrepreneurial with clarity, passion & confidence. Her excellence has been rewarded with prestigious awards including India’s Most Enterprising Women 2017 and has been recognized among 50 Most Promising Entrepreneurs in India 2017 by a leading business magazine.

 Club Concierge has deeply progressed on a revolutionary customer engagement measurement meter they have called Happiness-Works, that uses live customer feedback onto an artificial intelligence platform to reveal a tone analysis of the customers’ sentiment and an endpoint engagement score. Always ahead of the curve and confident of its exceptional deliverables, Club Concierge always ensures that its award-winning personalized services and innovative experiences are transparently and instantly displayed. Brewed up with a vision to delight every single member beyond their expectations through the focus on service innovation, service quality and to effectively garner our endeavors to enhance their Quality of Life, Club Concierge is constantly planting the seeds, observing and looking for the growth opportunities and pockets of passion.


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