VARUTRA CONSULTING – dealing with the security needs comprehensively!

VARUTRA CONSULTING – dealing with the security needs comprehensively!

Security has always been of great concern for institution no matter how big or small, be it a real world or the digital world. Such concerns led to rising of a plethora of organizations, but no one could come close to the mark. The idea of establishing a competent security services firm came to Kishor Sonawane, then an InfoSec professional in early 2013 in Mumbai, Maharashtra when Cyber Security was sprouting in India, and there was a dire need for skillful and passionate resources. Kishor always had a desire to work on certain areas the way he wished to serve the Industry in organization’s best interest, this desire motivated him to establish a firm, VARUTRA which could provide Information Security Consulting, Solutions and Training services, specialized and highly customized services consisting Managed Security Services and Security Operations, Compliance & Process Consulting and Auditing, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability & Threat Management and many others. The firm’s area of expertise covers a wide domain like specialized and top-notch security services for Software, Network Infrastructure, Cloud Security Testing, IT Security Training, and many other security services. The firm has been a successful start-up catering to client’s needs across the globe and providing job opportunities, training and nurturing the freshers.

To know more about this complicated digital process, our editorial team spoke to the representative of VARUTRA, Kishor Sonawane, Founder and CEO. He is solely responsible for defining the strategy, leading crucial business operations, business execution, decision making, team building and providing guidance to the overall operations. Here are the edited excerpts from the conversation.

What problems does VARUTRA solve and how are you different from others in the field?

There is a lack of customized services that aptly fits into the client’s environment. The key differentiator is we always work as an extended team with a vendor-neutral approach and provide our clients the required roadmap through our services. We are sufficiently equipped to oblige the dynamic and complex security necessities by meeting uncommon quality and industry principles put forward through our security benchmarks. It is also the firm’s USP. In firm’s Managed Security Services offerings, we have developed a Security Dashboard application for real-time Threat and Alert Management and also a Ticketing System that allows real-time tracking of the tickets status and improvement on the security program with 24X7 monitoring and tracking.

What are the challenges that your company currently faces?

The biggest challenge we face is the unavailability of skilled resources with exceptional problem-solving, troubleshooting and analytical skills. The greatest test we confront is the inaccessibility of talented resources with excellent critical thinking, investigating and logical aptitudes.

Varutra takes pride in creating the best talents in the industry.

Who are the clients?

We work with clients from various domains like Engineering, Software Development Firms, BFSI, Telecom, FMCG, Automotive industries, Pharmaceuticals, and many others. On top of it, being a CERT-In empaneled auditor, we work with various Government of India projects.

What next for the company? What do you see happening in the industry in 2018-19?

After making our impression in the domestic world with impressive serving to the international client, we are planning for a significant global presence keeping a fact in the mind that InfoSec is an evolving domain, and innovative technologies are rolling out in the market every now and then with a new avenue of threats. We understand this new threat landscape and provide measures against it. According to our initial analysis, IoT, the blockchain, drones, and smart cars will be on the rise and attract security threats. Also, Threat Intelligence, Red Team Attack, DevOps Security, Ransomware Protection and Prevention services will be the talk of the town. On the compliance side, we are providing compliance services on ISO 27001, PCI DSS, COBIT, HIPPA, GDPR.

How do you burst the Myth of Sisyphus?

The business nature of the firm requires flexibility without compromising on quality. We avoid the mundanity by encouraging the teams with awards, incentives, appraisals, work from home options, flexible hours, and healthy competitions. We promote a research craving environment, allow teams to play bug bounties, blog writing, white papers, and write research papers. For end-to-end execution and coordination with the client and Varutra team, project leads are assigned before initiating the project.

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

Like others, we too gain from our inadequacies. A definitive key is to consider over the issue, working out an answer and advance quietly. Seeing Varutra to be recorded as the worldwide best security services provider is my greatest dream. Expansion to the above mentioned I dreamed of a successful Varutra team both professionally and personally.

Tell us about your failures and how did you overcome?

We changed a few existing techniques alongside some new ones to fix the disappointment gaps. The intersection of undertaking due dates gives a red alarm as client’s GO-LIVE may get influenced. We get the arrangement anchored and solidified, however such cases are rarely seen because of the stringent strategies and due dates of expectations are defined beforehand.

How was your hitherto journey?

My adventure as of recently has been energizing and challenging however enjoyable. It was my dream to fabricate my own firm and drive the business my way. I delighted in the difficulties, experiences, and risks alongside the gratefulness from clients and partners. Dealing with the work-life balance and painstakingly watching the signs every now and then is basic to appreciate the ride of Entrepreneurship.

The recognition

The firm’s achievements are creating a patent filed enterprise-level product, MASTS (Mobile Application Security Testing Suite) showcased in NASSCOM Product Conclave in Pune 2016. We additionally got perceived by Gartner in the year 2017 for the same. We got recognized as Top 10 Best Start-up Consultant Companies in India – 2016 along with “The 30 Innovators who Changed the Start-up World” in 2017.

The Road Ahead

For the future, we intend to have a couple of our services on the cloud to offer SaaS-based services with affordable cost and expanded adaptability. We were in talks with few international firms for possible merger and acquisition of Varutra. We are getting acquired by the Infoshare Systems Inc., an industry leader in custom software services, IT consulting and performance-driven ERP implementations. The acquisition of Varutra provides Infoshare with a valuable suite of additional services to offer its new and existing customers and clients and bolsters its existing capabilities as a renowned provider of information security compliance and auditing, managed security services (MSS), network infrastructure and software security (including both web and mobile applications and IoT) services. With this acquisition, we are having the direct reach to the US market now.

A piece of advice for the entrepreneurs

Enthusiasm, dedication, genuineness, understanding the client needs with domain expertise, humble, polite and pleasant state of mind towards the industry as well as to our competitors is the key to progress, thus we pass by our slogan – Leading Information Security Passionately!

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