UKB Construction Management Pvt. Ltd.:a trademark of trust, commitment and honesty

UKB Construction Management Pvt. Ltd.:a trademark of trust, commitment and honesty

When you try your hand at any role in the construction industry, you have your work cut out for you. Facilitating the growth of the Indian economy, construction Industry is one of the important sectors responsible for improving India’s overall development and enjoys intense spotlight from the government. Ranked the second largest, construction industry accounts for nearly 11 % of India’s GDP and provides employment to a large cross section of people across the nation. On the journey to becoming the world’s largest construction market by 2025, diverse sectors that are the parts of the construction industry have started mushrooming across the country. Observing the mounting demand and complexities involved in execution of various construction projects, the industry demands a system in place adopting techniques of modern management along with a sound understanding of the design and construction process. Hence, the need for skilled construction project managers is vital to optimize the construction process at different stages.

Bound by constraints such as delivery schedule, budget and scale, construction projects need to be managed with care. Project management in the construction industry combines the responsibilities and expertise of a traditional project manager with the dynamics of the construction industry. Building projects can be daunting for a skilled manager, despite having rich industry experience. When multiple factors loom large at the face of different construction players, management companies can be a blessing in disguise. Management companies welcome these complexities at hand and ensure seamless execution and delivery of building projects and rise up to the expectations of all the stakeholders involved. And that is precisely the commitment with which UKB Construction Management delivers its services for every project. Recognized as one of the fastest growing construction project management consultancies on the Indian horizon, UKB’s foundation was laid way back in the year 2009 in Bangalore. Home to diverse, rich and vast experience in consulting for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, retail and public building projects, UKB provides comprehensive guidance right from pre-construction stage through construction stage to the post-construction stage of the project.

Tying up the loose ends in the construction industry

While delivering tailor-made solutions for each client based on their unique requirements, UKB adheres to its vow of infusing quality in every minute service provided. Customer-centricity as a mission defines some of the core principles of the management. The brand’s services are designed in accordance with the international standards to provide maximum value to the client at an affordable cost. In such a highly fragmented industry, what does it take for someone to become a specialist? A brilliant idea? A great team? Money?  Well, all of it!  But more than anything, it is the belief, passion and hard work and the confluence of all these attributes that has steered UKB to what it is today! By deploying state-of-art services within the construction project management niche, having a distinct vision and an unparalleled approach, UKB is in every way a trendsetter. And this seed has been sown by the man behind the brand- industry veteran, Mr U.K. Balachandhar.

Area of expertise: simplifying the Construction Process

Innovation is in the DNA of UKB which has been well crafted in its services. During its 9-year journey, the brand has scaled new pinnacles of success. UKB has re-defined the industry standards in a very short span of time. UKB got recognition globally and regionally as one of the finest Project Management consultants (PMC) in India. The company stands a foot ahead of its competitors with its unmatched capabilities in delivering quality service across all areas of building construction from concept to creation.Construction industry has always been looked upon as an uncomfortable and challenging space. UKB took a step to clean the clutter of the construction industry and there is no looking back now. What started out as a 3-member team is today a brand holding 40+ members in its organization.The team nestles expertise and skills imperative to the routine horizontal and vertical troubleshooting needed throughout the construction process.

An effective timeline is the beating heart of every construction project. In the current scenario, it is not uncommon to experience delays in the construction process, which can adversely affect the final outcome. UKB is quick to assess the root cause of these delays in the construction projects and provides remedial solutions backed by innovation and strategy to efficiently meet the timelines of the project. The brand fights delays in construction constantly and effectively mitigates cost overrun at different stages of construction.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg for the brand whose bedrock is fostered by:

  • Skilled Human Capital
  • Value engineering
  • Quality

Services Offered

From initial steps of planning to completion of a project, the organization covers every corner of the construction project to deliver the best, within the allowed time frame.

  • Quantity Surveying

Cost planning and commercial management throughout the entire life cycle of the project from inception to post-completion.

  • Land Surveying

UKB’s expertise includes deploying technique, practice, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them.

  • Turnkey Construction Management

The organization holds adroitness in taking ownership to coordinate across a variety of building designs.

  • Retail Project Management

UKB has an expert team to handle all type of fit out projects across India.

Renowned Clients

  • Builders

Alpine, Asian Paints, Pragathi, Expat, Chaitanya, Manipal Hospitals, Arvind, Vodafone, Gokaldas Lifestyle, Vidhi Residency, Dr Reddy’s, Arya, Kethana Eternal Projects, L&T Constructions, Punjabi by Nature, Columbia Asia, Nalapad Group, Pride, DayanandaSagar College, Southfield Paints Limited, Trimurti Group, SPML Engineering Life, Vajram Group, Miracle Stonex Pvt Ltd, Archidply Industries Ltd, Nakoda Dairy Pvt. Ltd, Golden shell Properties, Aquarelle India Pvt. Ltd, Brainy star

  • Architects

SRDA, Balan & Nambisan Architects, Praxis Inc, Grey Scale design studio, Creative Carbon, Khosla Associates, The Studio, Fitch, LEAD, Flying Elephants, SDeG, Kintix Engineering, Absolute Architects, Bqube, Meeta Jain

Projects Highlights

  • Asian Paints Colour Idea Store(Pan India – completed 145 stores)
  • Pragathi Amber Apartment, Bangalore
  • Alambanna Apartment, Bangalore
  • Rao’s Farmhouse, Hosur
  • Aquarelle Corporate Office, Banaglore
  • Brainy Star International School, Bangalore
  • Holistic life care Village, Bangalore
  • Bon Vivant Italian Furniture Showroom, Bangalore
  • Alpine Viva Apartment, Bangalore
  • Murl Towers, Bangalore
  • Miracle Stonex Granite Factory, Hosur
  • Pebble Bay Apartment,Bangalore
  • Nakoda Dairy feed Plant,Hosur
  • Trimurti Polychem Pvt Ltd Industry, Bangalore
  • Luxury Residence for Mr. Gnaneshwar , Mr.Ashok, Mr.Raja, Mr. Anand, Mr.Balachandara yadalam , Mr.Binny Bansal , Mr.Shanmugam, Mr.Linu Thomas

The Road Ahead

After 9 glorious years of its journey, UKB has re-affirmed its commitment in charting out its next phase of growth. The team is planning to start a training school for budding civil engineers to expose them to the practical issues of the construction industry. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. U.K. Balachandar, the firm does not want to leave any stone unturned and is presently focusing on branching out to specialized service domains with separate divisions such as UKB Quantity Survey Mangers (UKB QSM), UKB Project Managers (UKB PM), UKB Construction Managers (UKB CM), UKB Turnkey Construction Managers (UKB TCM), UKB Retail Managers(UKB RM) and UKB Topographical Survey Managers (UKB TSM) to help cater to different  facets of the construction industry. Last but not the least, the organization intends to extend its services to other domains of construction and sustain its leadership in the construction fraternity.

Dynamic Leadership

U K Balachandhar

Founder & Principal Consultant

An ocean of expertise and a hands-on business leader armed with the standards of excellence, Mr.Balachandhar has served the industry for almost two decades with his profound skills, execution proficiency and management dexterity. Mr.Balachandhar has infused his expertise in more than 200 projects like Thomson TV, Parryware, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Science, Office/Residential buildings for Murugappa Group, Agarwal Eye Hospital, SugunaRamiah Hospital, Textile buildings, BIA, IIIT-B, French consulate building (Bangalore) and many others.

Mr.Balachandhar holds specializations as a cost expert and as a project management consultant for all kinds of construction & Interior projects.

Advice for budding entrepreneurs

Honesty and hard work are the two drivers of your journey. Without hard work, you cannot move further in any area of your life. Be focused and consistent with your work. Your actions should be applied in the right direction to reach your destination.

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