The facilitator embracing business management revolution with its expertise: Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI)

The facilitator embracing business management revolution with its expertise: Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI)

A businessman’s mind runs around in a million different ways which somehow leaves him broke over a couple of issues like time, resources, and budget. Shutting down eyes to them can be appalling; hence to tackle this situation, a business management seems the best investment for every business size. A successful business’ foundation is laid on the pillars of strategy, structure, management and operations and here the role of business management consultants outshines to improve businesses’ performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things.  It’s not just in the private sector either – many firms work with public sector organizations to help develop their services and, where necessary, reduce costs and make savings. Offering the entire gamut across all areas of business – from HR and marketing to IT and finance is Mr. Naresh T Raisinghani’s entrepreneurial venture Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI) as a successful niche player across the Indian as well as international boundaries. A global consulting firm, BMGI has been catering its prowess for the partners’ organizations to transform their business performance with a strong focus on delivering results by diagnosing and treating strategic, organizational and process problems.

In a recent conversation held, Mr. Naresh allotted his thoughts over BMGI’s business voyage.

What sets BMGI ahead of the pack?

We have outshined as a global consulting firm, transforming the business performance of our partners with our focused approach to delivering the best quality. Our rich expertise and turnkey solutions for solutions for solving strategic, organizational and process problems at different stages of business life cycle has made us cherish long-term customer relationships with numerous corporate clients including Hitachi, Siemens, Philips, Unilever, DeBeers, Avis Budget Group, TNT Express, General Dynamics, Asian Paints, Apollo Tyres, Aditya Birla Group, HDFC, Standard Chartered Bank, JP Morgan, Max Newyork Life, ITC, Volkswagen, Aditya Birla Group, Piramal Group, John Deere, Diamler Benz, Vodafone and Reliance Group and leading Fortune 1000 Global companies from varied spectrum of Finance, IT/ITES, airlines, chemicals, FMCG, discrete manufacturing, telecommunications, petrochemical, textiles, healthcare & energy. Speaking of the numbers, we have successfully deployed cumulative benefits to our clients worth several billion dollars with an ROI of 5:1 to 20:1. We believe in delivering results with joint involvement with our clients to ensure that the recommendations are implemented and any challenges of change management or technical nature are addressed during the implementation phase.

And you have lined up the product and services under a four service line….

True. BMGI provides its solutions under 4 service lines, i.e., Innovation, Strategy, Problem Solving and Business Transformation. Under Innovation, we have a structured methodology called D4 – Define, Discover, Develop and Demonstrate.

Under our innovation hat, we have assisted firms across various sectors including oil and gas, electronics, FMCG, auto, Pharma and chemical industries, Banking and Financial services in using innovative techniques to assist them in designing and implementing innovative business ideas, products or processes.

Under the strategy practice, we assist firms by jointly developing their strategy and more importantly “implementing the strategy”. Our recommended approach for strategy implementation is using the Balanced Scorecard model along with the “Hoshin Kanri” method of policy and strategy deployment, based on organizations that prefer the Japanese approach to strategy deployment.

The third major service we offer is that of performance excellence under the problem-solving practice. We usually take on challenging problems which stretch the envelope and apply rigorous problem-solving techniques such as Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

The last service we offer is business transformation. Under this, we offer services to businesses which are longing to get into altogether new business lines or smaller firms/start-ups which are looking at radical business models/ inorganic growth.

After sprouting out as a niche in the US, Europe, and APAC geographies, what current projects is BMGI offering in India?

Here we are assisting two firms; from auto segment and food supplement business, holding hands at every step from implementing their vision to fructify the end results. The food supplement company grew by nearly 80% in 2 years timeframe. The auto firm has grown by nearly 30 % in the first year of the intervention itself and is likely to hit the overall growth of 60% from baseline this year. One of the major healthcare firms approached us to assess one of their verticals’ profitability within 9 months. We diagnosed the bottlenecks and came up with specific recommendations and better concept for change leading to improvement opportunities of nearly 5% of the revenues as bottom line.

What is the employee profile and what is the kind of philosophy that exists at BMGI India?

Today several specialist professionals passionate for consulting and several top school candidates from IITs / IIMs who believe in the BMGI story, have joined us and I am indebted to all who have taken personal challenges ensuring that commitments are delivered, come what may. As a philosophy, all the team members are encouraged to continually learn, handle newer and newer challenges, yet excel.

Where would you like to take BMGI’s journey from its current environment?

We will continue to invest and further strengthen our consulting methodologies to deliver superior and high impact results to the clients by providing a sustainable shift in the clients’ performance levels. Additionally, with robust IT and wifi networks proceeding across the globe and digital transformation waving across India, we can sense a rise in the “tele-consulting” services via varied tools of e-communication( video-conference, telephone, email) and expect that about 5-15% of the services will be e-enabled services in 3-5 years timeframe.

Taking the conversation towards a personal tone, how do learn in your life?

It has been a very enriching journey to learn from other people’s experiences and viewpoints.  I am a voracious learner and try to learn from my surroundings. My number one mentor in the first decade of my career was observation and learning from hands-on working. Learning by research and analysis and “Googleshwar”, the not so new Mecca of knowledge became my additional mentor during the second decade of my professional voyage. Today, I spend about 20 hours per week on research articles/book summaries /educational videos. The third pool of mentors is the people I interact across all facets of life. Finally, one of my most interesting methods is watching and analyzing movies, wherein I attempt to translate each of the key elements of the story into some business principle to learn from!

Tell me about when you failed. How did you overcome?

Failures are steps to decide, how to take the next step better and are one of the best friends for teaching you lessons of life. We had a tough year around 2008 when the revenues shrunk. We got together as a team and stuck to the philosophy “This too shall pass”. Thanks to the faith and the willingness of the team to take a cut in the fixed salary by 25 %, the organization sailed through and never looked back. Last year, BMGI India hit the highest revenue, 14 times up since its inception in 2002.

What was the most important lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

The most important lesson that I learned was the market is never a constraint. If clients don’t accept your services, it is your problem that you have not been able to showcase the value you bring to the table! Thus, work on yourself and sharpen your value proposition. The second most important lesson that I learned was if you want to be the best in your space, hire the best. People will shape the destiny of the organization!

What do you dream of?

I dream of Indian MNCs and disruptive new gen innovations emerging from India and “making a mark in the developed world”. I dream that ‘Make and design in India’, would be the next wave in the world. I dream of India becoming a superpower… my lifetime! In the coming two decades, India has a brilliant opportunity to close the gap of becoming a developed nation through rapidly implementing JVs and Tech Transfer. Telecom, auto, digital products (phones, TVs, laptops), chemical and Pharma, FMCG, IT are well grounded and many of the industry leaders in these sectors are already on the world-class journey path ….we need to strengthen this leveling in other areas such as infrastructure and engineering sectors. However, to start ‘leading’ as a developed nation, it is the time that we start thinking about the “next Indian MNC”, the “World’s first” – Innovations from India…the “Next newgen Technology/product/business innovation”……this requires business leaders to encourage innovation and build an innovative culture.

Awards and Accreditations

  • Consultant of the Year- Business Strategy in 2014
  • Consultant of the Year – Operational Excellence in 2015

While these are formal recognition, the real awards and recognition have been the faith and support provided by clients, associating with BMGI and referring to other clients and the industry bodies such as CII connecting with the organization to be their knowledge partners. Additionally, some of the world’s largest consulting firms have been reaching out to BMGI for building their internal capabilities by imbibing its world-class structured methodologies on Operational Excellence.

Gems from BMGI’s Umbrella

‘The Innovator’s Toolkit’

The Innovator’s Toolkit

‘Lean Six Sigma’

Lean Six Sigma

‘Design for Six Sigma’

Design fot Six Sigma

The visionary leading BMGI

Naresh T Raisinghani

CEO and Executive Director

  • Business Coach for Entrepreneurs
  • Strategy Deployment, Innovation and OPEX Expert
  • 30 Years of Operations & Consulting Experience

An avid leader, Naresh is widely regarded as a leading thinker and an expert on Problem Solving, Innovation and Strategy Deployment. Prior to starting BMGI operations in India, Naresh was working at Infosys on various corporate business excellence initiatives. He was also instrumental in Infosys winning the IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award.  Under his leadership, BMGI is spearheading the spectrum of consulting services. Naresh has been a keynote speaker as well as Judge at several national and international platforms and has spoken alongside some of the global industry practitioners and thought leaders. He has facilitated over 100 senior leadership workshops in many leading organizations. Naresh also serves as a business coach to several entrepreneurs and assists them in their high growth trajectory and in building a world-class organization. Naresh holds Management degree from Harvard Business School in the Owner/President in the Management Program and his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai.


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