Terabay aspires to be the Business Catalysts for Teleco-clients

Terabay aspires to be the Business Catalysts for Teleco-clients

Telecommunication has become for this century, what the oil was for the last century. Understanding the huge, potential, diverse and dynamic telecom-market, Anup  Gupta along with passionate team of experts founded Terabay. Terabay delivers comprehensive services to the telecom companies. Based out of New Delhi, Terabay has a services portfolio across service lines of Business Expansion, Business Transformation, Managed Services and Customer Outreach. The company mainly caters to the needs of the large telecommunication and ISP companies from the middle East, Africa and India. Many communication companies too have chosen Terabay as their partner.

Every innovationTerabay envisions, every technology the company createsis informed by their desire to help solve their clients’ toughest challenges so clients can thrive today and into the future.Innovation, along with focus on deep, long-lasting client relationships and expertise in telecom domain, drives every facet of Terabay’s day-to-day operation. For their clients, it translates into strategic business value and for Terabay, into consistent financial performance.

Anup Gupta is quite confident about the trajectory the company will take in the future.Fuelling his vision, he aims to solidify his position by solvingvarious problems of clients. Under his stewardship, Terabay aspires to be the Business Catalysts for the clients.

Excerpts from Gupta’s interview with The CEO Magazine.

The CEO Magazine:What does Terabay actually do? 

Anup Gupta: Our Business Expansion portfolio helps companies to either build new business lines, expand their services to new geographies or to procure new network assets in a very cost effective manner. The Business Transformation Portfolio helps you set up new verticals, look at the current operations and bring efficiency in them or also have new skills established in the business. We also have a customer outreach portfolio where we specialize in marketing and communications for Technology companies in the B2b space.

Thus our services are well rounded and ensure that we meet the end to end requirements of our customers in different operational areas. 

TCM: How did you incorporate this company? 

Gupta: Terabay was formed in 2015. Having been in the Telecoms and Technology space for many years and with exposure to both the Indian and Global markets, We realized that in the complete Ecosystem there we these large companies who were doing business between themselves and also had a lot of vendors supporting them, but there wasn’t any company that helped these companies enhance or improve their business. This was the thought that triggered Terabay and here we are today helping companies in different segments build their business or as we say “we are the business catalysts” 

TCM:What are the Differentiating Factors and Revenue Model of Terabay? 

Gupta: The biggest benefit that we offer to our customers is that we solve the complex problems for them and achieve the desired results for them and not just advise them and leave. We have in the past worked with customers taken their services to new markets and customers that they did not think of earlier and also helped them procure services at optimal cost and helped them through the cycle.

As we mentioned earlier, we get in and help companies through the complete cycle and ensure that we deliver the results for them. A lot of companies will tell what to do but they do not participate in the delivery of the same. For the projects that we pick up we ensure that we are there for the complete cycle and ensure that we show what we sais is achievable.

Also in a lot of cases we have gone in and first done a Gemba study which is basically to figure out the as is situation, so that we know the quantum of the problem and we are offering them the right solution that will give them the desired results.

This approach is what differentiates us and what we believe is our USP.

Our Revenue model is simple, we bring in the change and the results and get a share of the business. There are some fixed cost services also like training and interventions but we rely on the former for large part of our business. 

TCM:  How does the company build a successful customer base?

Gupta: In todays challenging environment companies are busy in day to day operations and often are stuck on how to build their business or improve the operations. As terabay we come in as experts to help businesses meet their key objectives

  1. Increase Revenue
  2. Decrease costs or
  3. Help customer satisfaction

Often a lot of them are clubbed and we help customers in multiple ways, whether it is to expand to multiple geographies, help get to market new products or services or look at their current operations. We also help companies looking for new network assets and services and help them get the right cost for their money

Overall we ensure that the customer objectives are met and we are not just people who advise and leave, We enaure that we work with our clients and work till their defined objectives are achieved.

How do you see the company changing in one year?

Gupta: We will continue to focus on helping our customers and aim to expand our services into the emerging markets and across market segments. With our experience now we have learnt that we keep our future open to the needs of customers and the change we can bring to them and act accordingly . We don’t define our future, we let our customers do it as it is their objectives that we meet. 

TCM: What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

Gupta: Currently we are working on some challenging projects across segments, We have some companies where we are help them expand their presence in the market and get customers. There are also a couple of IT companies outside India that are looking for new technology and we are helping them build that. Also we have some large intervention projects from a manufacturing company where we are helping them build efficiencies by rebuilding their processes and also training their staff on the same. One the plate is also a project through one of our partners for one of the largest companies in the world where they want to gain market feedback and beta test one of their products in the telecom space. Overall a lot of activities that keep us on our toes everyday.

TCM: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

Gupta: Well with every year we are seeing significant growth and currently we have many large telecom and technology companies both in India and the Emerging Markets that trust us. Today our Logo Board has many coveted names and we are currently looking at helping more and more companies and creating “terabay” as a trusted partner. This is our focus and will continue to be for the next one year.


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