SUSE: Leaders in Linux distribution since 1992


SUSE: Leaders in Linux distribution since 1992

Linux is a preferable operating software used in the computer industry over popular Operating systems present in the market, mainly due to the formidable security features and the low hardware requirement than other operating systems prevalent in the market. SUSE was founded by four Germans in the historic Nuremberg to play a crucial role in the growth of Linux and the open source ecosystem. Being an open source pioneer, the firm has decisively contributed to shaping the Linux market and brought it a long way today. SUSE is committed to delivering the highest quality Linux support and innovative products for enterprises. SUSE continues its unwavering focus on the benefits of Open Source and the needs of its commercial partners and customers. They are one of the eight Platinum Members who contributed a significant portion of the funding to achieve the Foundation’s mission of protecting, empowering and promoting the OpenStack community, and software. SUSE holds a seat on the Board of Directors of OpenStack Foundation. Today, SUSE powers thousands of organizations around the world across physical, virtual and cloud environments. The firm’s management believes that trust in Open Source Software security in general, and the user’s privacy in particular – both indispensable and indefeasible. The firm’s acts promptly towards security incidents and deliver premium quality security updates, continuously improve the security-related functionality in SUSE products, continuously contribute to the rapidly growing maturity of Open Source Software, and Respect the Open Source Software security principles of openness, transparency, and traceability.

Our Editorial team spoke with Rajarshi Bhattacharyya, the Country Head of SUSE to know more about the success mantra behind SUSE India’s prosperous journey.

What problem does your company solve and how are you different from others in the field?

We believe the major challenge that an Open Source organization faces in India is the unavailability of skilled resources. We all know well about the much-talked McKinsey report about the 90% technocrats not fit to work in MNCs. We see a shortage of industry-ready skilled resources in spite of producing thousands of engineers every year. We at SUSE believe that the Industry and academia have to collaborate to bridge the skill gap. Instead of having degree engineers, we need to make engineers who are good at praxis. Open Source Organizations like us have been making huge efforts to popularize the adoption of open source right from the elementary to higher education and invests heavily in developing course content on cutting-edge new technologies. There are a lot of universities, school boards, and technical education centers nowadays that are adopting Open source education as a part of their ICT curriculum. There is a unique program wherein SUSE enables academic institutions to subscribe to all its updated course materials at zero cost. Also, students and individuals can get themselves certified technologies like OpenStack and SDS. On top of these, YouTube releases by experts and individuals to master the available technologies.


We serve almost in every Industry domains. We have maintained a strong presence in Enterprise, BFSI, and Government vertical. Some prestigious names that we serve are Pi Datacentres, Netmagic, CtrlS, Sify, Bombay Stock Exchange, Indian Oil, Mahindra & Mahindra, and BPCL. We also manage solution architects, trainers, and business needs of large SIs like TCS, Wipro, and HCL.

What next for the company? What do you see happening in the company industry in 2018-19?

Unlike earlier, open source is no more an option or alternative to proprietary approaches or solutions. Today, open source ecosystem consisting of technologists and open source industry leaders helps understanding latest open source technologies and how one can gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions. Digital disruption is the norm in today’s tech-centric era, and open source is an enabler of the technology innovations that are reshaping the IT world. Open source will be the driving force behind most of the tech-trends. If I need to list a few trends that will change the way industries operate, it would be:

XaaS will soar in popularity

XaaS is a term used for the increasing number of services delivered over the internet, rather than on premises. We know that we also have cloud-based models which are soaring in popularity like SaaS, NaaS, CaaS, and IaaS. We believe that a world where companies will opt anything and everything “as a service” is not far away.

Containers to accelerate application delivery

OpenStack-based cloud infrastructures are going to be an absolute necessity for enterprises for a successful DevOps journey. The flexibility and interoperability apart, DevOps teams are embracing Linux containers for speeding the delivery of new applications.

AI-define Infrastructure is the future

According to Gartner, the business value derived from AI will be $1.2 Trillion this year. It’s expected to have an impact everywhere from customer support and chatbots to finance, research, machine learning, automating data center operations and security. Going by the data, the need for the right infrastructure will be a priority for enterprises to leveraging the benefits of AI. Thereby, companies implement high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructures and putting parallel processing to work to speed up AI applications as they turn high volumes of data into business value.

Blockchain to go mainstream

Blockchain helps in setting up a digital distributed ledger effectively by maintaining an unchangeable and transparent record for data and transactions. Blockchain distributes digital information, and the fact that it’s not controlled by any single authority and has no single point of failure makes its acceptance more – creating a robust, transparent, and incorruptible database. Companies who are concerned about Smart contracts, identity and fraud management, anti-money laundering, legal and financial transactions, keeping personal records accessible, and secure and security of IoT systems has already started shifting towards open source. Open source delivers some top-notch Blockchain technology options and platforms such as HyperLedger, Openchain, Ethereum, HydraChain, Quorum, and MultiChain.

With such a fast-growing team, how do you make sure everybody stays motivated and how do you support the corporate culture?

“SUSE believes in growing together.”

We have an extraordinary work-place which not only motivates employees but make them work as a family. We follow a culture of recognition and foster collaboration within the team. We ensure to recognize the efforts, whenever somebody contributes towards the company’s success. Apart from that, we do offer opportunities for self-development and make sure that we encourage a place where happy employees work. The most distinctive characteristic is that we don’t believe in micromanaging. Besides, we organize in-house tech-competitions to make our employees creative.


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