Skill, Cost and Outcome- Key Drivers to Help Organizations Grow, says CEO of Ta3s

Skill, Cost and Outcome- Key Drivers to Help Organizations Grow, says CEO of Ta3s

Bangalore based Test Automation As A Service – Ta3s offers an array of integrated services in and around the Software Testing domain that combine top-of-the-range technology with deep sector expertise. Ta3s in addition to delivering quality services to customers, has also been building next generation tools for Accessibility Testing, API Testing, Performance Engineering, Functional Testing and Compliance Validation using cognitive learning and AI to support customers in their digital transformation efforts with major focus on cloud, big data, IoT and Mobility. Since its inception in 2013 the company realizes that businesses have divergent needs and budgets and want flexibility with payments and service contracts. They are supporting clients in different industries Healthcare, Financial Services, Pharma, Retail, Ecommerce, Telecom and others for test automation of their web, windows, mobile, API and performance engineering efforts. Owing to its growth in recent times, the company now considers biggies like Cigniti, Capgemini, Wipro, Infosys as their competitor. Within a year, Ta3s will create its footmarks in South Africa and US.

From utilizing their expertise on an as-needed basis, to having a team of their professionals onsite for a long term contract, Ta3s has a model that will meet nearly all client demands. As the company stated, a key differentiating factor is their outcome based, solution centric, coupled with consultative approach to solve customer challenges. The tools and solutions they develop and deploy as a part of the services gives them the flexibility to arrive at optimum revenue models. Their employees work hard to devise clear processes for managing testing efforts of any kind. Years of experience have helped them to create efficient and effective testing methodologies for all testing types.

While commenting on funding and future plans, Sumukha Rao, CEO of this debt free bootstrapped company revealed, “Ta3s has generated funds out of project deliveries, minimized expenses and has always believed in each person being productive for the organization. While the growth maybe slow as it is organic, Ta3s took conscious decision to ensure the foundation is strong and firm before embarking on high growth trajectory. As a next step in our growth, we look forward to work with investors who not only fund but also help in expanding and extending market with focus on test automation.”

“With focus on our vision of delivering productivity in quality, apart from adding 8-10 future 500 customer each year, we are working towards building next generation testing tools based on CL and AI to help us deliver quality, cost effective services to our customers. These tools fueled by our services is expected to be released to the market in next 12-18 months time which we believe will be the game changer,” he added.

Prior to expanding operations of Ta3s, Sumukha Rao, CEO of the company has spent over twenty three years in testing market place. Rao sets the ethical tone in providing ethical leadership and creating an ethical environment. He also oversees business policies and all administrative functions, ensuring smooth daily operations. Beside he leads a pool of talents they company recruits. The employees are well equipped to handle next generation test automation challenges as Ta3s aids them in focusing on learning new technologies, tools and about industry advancements in the test automation space.

Three seasoned professionals- Vidya Rao, Director HR and Admin, Amitav Bhattacharjee, SVP Delivery and CP Gangadharaiah, President Special Operations teamed up with Sumukha Rao to help in recognizing and hiring the right talent, running day to day operations and building the right services, products and solutions strategy.

Being asked to share his personal experience Sumukha Rao said, “Coming from a middle class family in Mysore and starting work at age of seventeen, having one time food for two years and sleeping for few nights in a Bangalore Bus Stop way back in 1994-1995, its been a real good journey filled with lot of real life experiences. Working hard and working to learn rather than just for money have helped me grow the organizations.”

“Being a first time entrepreneur is not easy until you have the ecosystem that supports and I have been fortunate to have family that has supported me to follow my passion and thankful for all who have helped me get to where I am today,” he concluded.

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