Shiv Marwah: Meet the young gun who is firing cannon balls for International Mobility Solutions with Access Financial

Shiv Marwah: Meet the young gun who is firing cannon balls for International Mobility Solutions with Access Financial

 “At Access Financial we don’t just look for a sale; we take pride in earning a customer. We have a one-track uncompromised obsession towards putting the client’s interest above everything else. This culture is well reflected in the solutions we offer.”

Running a company is one of the complex jobs in the world and the captain of the ship is a CEO who bears the responsibilities of taking an organization to new heights. How did they do it? To know more, we spoke to Shiv Kumar Marwah, the CEO of Access Financial on a Sunday Afternoon to have a taste of the secret ingredient behind Access Financial’s success in South East Asia.

Edited Excerpts

How Access Financial is defining ‘Trust’ in the market?

Trust generally hangs at a very delicate thread which erodes in a matter of minutes especially in the business environment. Most part of this word is out of control in many levels and verticals. But what we can control is the effort to evolve the culture we embrace workflows we master on and processes that we streamline in such a manner that we have become an inherently trustworthy brand. Trust is a systematic approach towards putting in collective efforts to deliver new and unique value propositions (UVP) for clients. These key solutions and value add-ons to the clients’ needs helped Access evolve as a competitively trustworthy brand in a market where ‘Data is the new oil.’ We are proud of our competitive and transparent Management fees with zero hidden charges, start-up fees or penalties for termination of contracts. We make sure that our contractors are fully compliant in the country they chose to work. The firm is bound by the Swiss Confidentiality laws, and the secure multi-level protected servers are placed in Switzerland.

Why Access Financials competitive advantage can’t be copied?

“It is difficult to share the secret of success and relevancy. As I said earlier trustworthiness is the key and ‘data is the new oil.’ Now, this highly inflammable oil cannot be managed by all. To manage it you require experienced hands and streamlined processes with the trust of meeting the expectations every time. Our solutions are fine-tuned and specially designed taking into consideration contractors needs like cost-effective decisions based on the location of work, Double Tax Treaties, Social Security Treaties, contractor’s nationality, etc. We put great emphasis on the data protection measures giving our Clients and Contractors complete peace of mind.

What makes you feel out of the comfort zone? What are your ways to handle these situations?

Well, the secret is that I am never in my comfort zone, I am not someone who after achieving a goal becomes complacent. I started my career with Siemens back in 1996 with a goal of being financially independent. Later when I moved on to India Today Group in 2004, my goals were entirely different and more meaningful. This attitude helped me in broadening my perspective. Challenges not only rejuvenate my brain but make me more adaptable, stronger and creative and provide vantage point in taking crucial decisions to counter the difficult situations.

Bitter sweet Experience as CEO

The most beautiful thing about the job is the opportunity of creating things which were never created and maybe never existed. I acquainted with people from different backgrounds with unique talents. It is immensely satisfying to see that I am helping them realize & achieve their dreams in the best possible way. It gives me a good full night sleep to see the executives groomed by me become successful managers in their area of expertize both within and outside the company.

Not everything is hunky dory with the job. My journey as CEO is indeed like a bittersweet symphony. It is a thankless job which includes decision fatigue, and convincing everybody involved when you are not convinced. We do not have a definite script to refer to, so when the going gets tough or not as planned, it brings in a lot of frustration and disappointment. As a CEO, most of the time I am involved in multitasking, but knowing exactly which one deserves my time is a tough decision. Emotional aspects are another part of the job, as the staff becomes an extended family. The decisions related to them may have dual effects on the work environment. Building a company is easy but building an institution where people love to come to work is not as easy as said.

Describe Shiv Marwah in one word

That one word would be ‘Water.’ I am just like water. You put me in any vessel, and I will take the shape of it. This attitude helped me in gaining experience and excelling in my career while working in 3 different industries but in other aspects as well.

Social, economic, environmental, technological, legal and political environments impact on global mobility

As a result of the EU referendum, the UK government invoking Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union to leave the EU will bring in full measure issues ranging from changes to regulations on funding of migration and its adverse impact on public services.

  • Firstly, Britain leaving European Union (EU) will make trade and free movement of UK nationals within EU more difficult and costlier. It will certainly bring changes in the UK’s as well as EU migration policies.
  • Most employers in EU that have UK nationals as their staff and vice versa will now are stranded due to this restriction.

Politicians and Government advisors across the globe are moving towards protectionism to look ways to restrain free movement of labor to protect local employment opportunities. This line of thought is a welcome step to a certain level, every government should have protective laws to safeguard the employment opportunities for its citizens. However, in reality, all this is being done to gain political mileage and not the actual welfare of the local people. To keep the momentum of development going with scattered and scarce resources, countries will have to import better technological inventions and knowledge among themselves. Having said all these I must conclude, the future of global mobility right now seems very confusing and uncertain. But there is a ray of hope that Governments and Political leaders will work towards formulating policies and norms which will balance out the adverse effects of the issues I discussed above.

How Access Financial is aligning the global mobility objectives for businesses?

For balanced growth and development of the human race with scarce and scattered resources, the ideas must be communicated and exchanged defying the national boundaries. Access Financial provides global coverage to over 60 countries, which means one can allocate and relocate its employees to any part of the world hassle free. Our services and solutions are tailored perfectly to the needs of the clients. We manage full legal compliance based on the nationality of the talent, location of work, double tax treaty, social security treaty and local laws giving complete peace of mind to our clients. Most companies and recruitments agencies require their best talents to move to different company location for indispensable tasks. Access Financial is on a trajectory to make an important mark on Global Acquisition Industry as we continue to consistently exceed our client’s expectations. We are working continuously towards the vision of expanding our services to South East Asia as contractual employment has gained importance over the past few years in this part of the globe as well.

A day in the life of Shiv Marwah

My day starts with a light morning walk followed by Yoga and breakfast with my Wife. Office starts with meeting and greeting my staff and a walk around the office which keeps me abreast on the official matters and ends at the financial matters and strategies.

Business world demands one’s unlimited time and extensive efforts to build a stronger organization which trims the time one can spend with family. Here, the person may find a spot for advice, help and support from the spouse while journeying on their business path. And Mr. Marwah truly enjoys the peace and harmony coming from living a balanced life, lining his time and energies on the critical things. And the superhuman behind his balanced work-life is none other than his wife – Nidhi Marwah. He gives all the credit to her- “she is the one who helps me to get over the juggling workplace stress with the daily pressures of family, friends, and self.”

Shiv Marwah is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta, a Sigma green belt certified professional and a Delhi University (DU) graduate.


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