“Essentially it’s vital to have a grasp over your roots and ensure keeping intact the passion to establish the business, even while you orchestrate balance in the business”

Shany Jalal.

Negating the aspect of how big or small a company is, manpower is directly proportional to high productivity for all and to ace that it is significant to ensure that the services acquired by any organisation are beneficial and of high quality.

There is no set standard of the nature of operative or accomplishing manpower one would need, it could vary from the need of business to pocket size. But if one seeks solutions for payroll management, janitorial and staffing services, ServicecarePvt. Ltd, one of India’s leading facility management service organisations could solve all the requirements of your integrated services under one umbrella.

Since 2011, under the wise leadership of Shany Jalal, Managing Director, the company has built absolute trust with its customers and this trust has provided leadership within the company which is inclined to providing efficient and cost-effective services to all its clients.

Servicecare operates from two Offices, based out of Chennai and Bangalore with an in-house team of 40 highly motivated staff members who provide out of the world services to their clients and employees pan India.


Shany Jalal, Managing Director, ServicecarePvt. Ltd completed her Bachelor’s in Hotel Management from the prestigious Bangalore University. Detouring from the usual hotel management line, she decided to envisage a corporate structure and the idea of Servicecarehappened right there. With the advent and boom of IT industry in Bangalore, the puzzle pieces for a start-up fitted the scenario perfectly for her and today after 19 years in the industry, Shany’s decision evidently has worked wonders.

Initially, the Company started with exclusively providing Janitorial & Cleaning services, but now, it caters to various related segments in the field that include Office assistance, Pantry services, Carpet cleaning, Catering and Guesthouse management to name a few.

The Company further witnessed a diversification in its services which added to its portfolio HR & Payroll Outsource Management. And thus, the services kept adding on one after the other to the list of offerings with the client demanding and asking for more. 


Being a startup, among a plethora of hiccups, one of the problems that Servicecare faced was to establish the brand name in the market, generate trust among potential clients and deliver with accountability.

“Starting off young as an entrepreneur, often in my initial meetings with clients, I could sense their doubt and hesitancy on whether I, could deliver to their requirements. However, I persevered through tough and trying times until I, earned the trust of one of our oldest clients ‘Analog Devices’ who allowed me to cater to their Company and then there was no turning back” assertedShany.

To Shany, the initial phase seemed like a tough battle to win but once through, everything else seemed smooth sailing. During this period she channelled her entire focus on establishing Client loyalty and Employee retention. The idea of revenue generation came after that. Analysing every problem that the client could possibly face, she directed all her hard work towards providing solutions proactively.


Servicecare believes that their biggest achievements are the clients they have associated with successfully over the years since their establishment. Their association has been with industry giants like National Instruments and Zenith who partnered with them in the initial years and continue to repose faith even now in the quality of services offered by them.

Steady and continued success amplified for the company new partnerships and sustenance of brands. Like one of their clients ‘Omega  Healthcare’ partnered with them when the team was of a mere 4 employees and witnessed it to reach a strength of 100 employee headcount. The current clientele includes various companies like Nestle, Mahindra Aero Space, Birla Carbon, Radio One, Larsen& Turbo, Ashok Leyland and the list goes on.


In today’s competitive environment, Servicecare maintains a high level of ethics without compromising on quality and service. Servicecare upholds and adheres to remain compliant with all the laws of the land in force and endeavours to provide fair wages to all its employees.


The Team of experts in Servicecare with their sound knowledge and dynamism have channelized their approach to introducing new and improved methods of cleaning backed with tested methods. The company has a committed team of professionals devoted to providing the finest quality of services to all.

The Company Policy of Servicecare remains committed to its core values which are Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Respect for the individual and Care for the Environment. Over the years with dedicated efforts, they have grown into one of the most highly functional leading facility management services organizations.


The company is looking forward to mammoth expansion plans. To begin with, Payroll outsourcing and providing allied HR Services is the next big step for the company. Targeting the small and medium-sized companies who do not want to or have the capacity to manage the employees with a separate HR team, Servicecare is aiming to assist these companies with its payroll processing and allied HR services.

“We are looking forward to the company to expand its clientele further to payroll outsourcing and allied HR Services of the business as well. The brand has a client base for Payroll managementPan India and aspires to include FacilityManagement as a whole” added the Managing Director. 


 “Technology holds the power to make things much easier and adds value to the clients by replacing man with machine. However, it is essential to take into consideration people’s acceptance for change and clients willing-ness to share the high costs of investment in order to adapt to new and evolving technologies’’ asserted Shany.

Servicecarein its endeavour to enhancing customer delight is proactively looking forward to incorporating new and evolving technologies in its processes which would be acceptable in the current competition. Having said that, it is alternately also working on understanding its viability.

To wrap up the exhilarating conversation, Shany adds that the entrepreneurial journey comes with its own set of whims and fancies. There are mountains to climb and seas to sail along with understanding all the aspects of a growing business efficiently.

“There are processes to follow that demand time and perseverance like an assortment of challenges in the entrepreneurial journey. Don’t let yourself jumble up, avoid giving time to business aspects that may not require that kind of attention. Stick to the core of your business and business only”

Shany Jalal

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