RMC India Division: an embodiment of excellence, strength and fidelity

RMC India Division: an embodiment of excellence, strength and fidelity

Proudly wearing a history of more than a hundred and fifty years, Opus caementicium or concrete presents itself as one of the basic ingredients for setting up a strong and healthy infrastructure of anything, from a small building to a mammoth multipurpose project. While the initial bedrock was laid back in 1889, the industry got the organized shape in the early 1900s. Furthermore, the government’s plunge on infrastructure development in the country has sped up the growth of the cement and concrete industry. At present India is the second largest cement producing country in the world, next only to China, both on quality and technology horizon. With the adoption of massive modernisation and assimilation of state-of-the-art technology, Indian cement and concrete plants are today the most energy-efficient and environment-friendly and are comparable to the best in the world in all respects, whether it is the size of the kiln, technology, energy consumption or environment-friendliness. Granting employment to more than a million people, the Indian cement and concrete industry has attracted the huge investors, both from Indian as well as the foreign experts.

With India emerging as one of the top trade and business hubs all over the globe, the sector is poised to play a vital role not only in driving the growth of Indian economy but also as a contributor to the global economic development. Not to mention, the huge potential for growth in this industry itself has been largely supported by investments from global leaders. Encouraged by the initiatives from the Indian government, foreign investments have remarkably redefined the tenets of cement manufacturing in India. RMC (India), a division of Prism Johnson Limited, a name synonymous with fidelity, excellence and innovation is a historical legend within the cement and concrete horizon that has conquered both land and sea. RMC (India) was brewed up in the year 1996 as a division of integrated Building Materials leader, Prism Johnson Limited (A Rajan Raheja Group) which caters a wide range of building materials from cement, aggregates, ready-mixed concrete, tiles and bath products to kitchens.

The intriguing immense popularity and loyal patrons are the torchbearers of how RMC (India) has expanded and explored within the Indian Ready-Mixed concrete market and has contributed to the construction of cardinal structures’ construction. RMC (India) has excelled to success and reached heights on its own in carving itself as one of the most prestigious largest ready-mixed concrete manufacturers in India. Scorned to enter as a differentiator, RMC (India) today houses over 3500 employees and operates a total of 97 ready-mixed concrete and aggregate crushing plants in 47 towns and cities across the nation.

Journey to Brand eminence: RMC India’s Brand Merit

The company has challenged the traditional yardsticks of the building material market. Concrete being the most used construction material and makes the skeleton of any structure; it has to be properly taken care of in terms of both technicality and commercials. Concrete is a material which has a shelf life of around just 4hrs which makes the material very complicated to manufacture, monitor and execute. Prone to variations on account of a number of factors, these properties are dependent upon the properties of different ingredients used in concrete, the process control measures, optimization efforts in mix proportions and the degree of quality control exercised by the producer.

Hence this process of concreting is a tedious task and it needs able resources to monitor and make sure the material is foolproof. The absence of technology in this process makes it more difficult to manage the process and RMC (India) comes here to fill in the gap by ensuring that the product of the right quality is being delivered. Its dynamic capabilities also include a strong network across PAN India that has been successful in extending the brand’s reach to every corner of the country. Set up way back in 1996, RMC India expanded business rapidly and currently operates a total of 97 ready-mixed concrete and aggregate crushing plants in 47 towns and cities across the nation for delivering to a rich clientele encompassing large Corporate(s), Government departments, Infrastructure Companies, Contractors, Institutes, Individuals and Hospitality.

RMC India’s towers of Quality

“Our commitment with quality makes  RMC (India) one of the most trusted concrete manufacturers in India”

RMC (India) attaches immense importance to provide the highest level of quality assurance to its customers based on:

  • Strict control of the quality of all input materials used in production through rigorous in-house or third-party testing
  • Stringent process control measures involving thorough inspection, good upkeep of equipment, monthly scale calibration of weighing devices, etc.
  • Continuous monitoring of the key properties of concrete in the fresh and hardened states, including their statistical analysis
  • Adopting the world-renowned Quality Scheme for Ready-Mixed Concrete (QSRMC) from U.K, for ensuring QA & QC.

Anchoring its product line with:

  • Cusum Technique

Another key feature of the QA system practiced by RMC (India) is the use of Cusum (cumulative summation) technique. This technique is used for monitoring trends in:

  • Mean strength,
  • Standard deviation, and
  • Relationship between early-age and 28-day strengths.
  • Innovative and Cost-effective Design

The Company adopts an innovative approach to designing concrete mixes; this is basically based upon the practices adopted by the erstwhile RMC, UK. The main benefit of adopting the family concept is that changes in quality can be detected rapidly and effective action can be taken to ensure that the production remains in a state of statistical control.

  • Laboratory testing

The Company’s production facilities in different locations are supplemented with a state-of-the-art central laboratory for testing of concrete and its ingredients. All central laboratories are fully equipped with the latest testing equipment conforming to the requirements of relevant codes of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

NABL & QCI CERTIFIED FACILITIES: First of its kind for any RMC manufacturer

With many firsts in its sky, RMC (India) stands as the FIRST Indian company to receive QCI certification at its Kochi RMC unit and has now completed similar audits at many of its other units as well. The Company’s Central Concrete Testing Laboratories in Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram and Mumbai have secured the coveted NABL Accreditation under ISO/IEC: 17025: 2005, in the field of Mechanical Testing of Aggregates & Concrete.

Product Line

Ready-mixed concrete is one of the main businesses of RMC (India). Ahead of its operations, the company has developed an in-depth expertise in the sphere of concrete technology and has pioneered many new products in the country including;

  • Temperature-Controlled Concrete- Thermocrete®
  • Colored Concrete- Dyecrete®
  • Fiber-Reinforced Concrete- FRCcrete®
  • High-Density Concrete- Highdensecrete®
  • High strength concretes – Megacrete®
  • Porous concrete- Perviouscrete™
  • Self-compacting concrete- Easycrete®
  • Aggregate Division

Besides producing ready-mixed concrete, RMC-India also ventured in to Aggregates Quarrying and Processing business which includes;

  • Aggregates for concrete in various sizes
  • Aggregates for wet mix macadam (WMM)
  • Aggregates for GSB

Expansion Binge & Road Ahead

With the implementation of RERA, new estate industry will be stabilized and structured with the long-term beneficiary. Similarly, the government’s thrust on building infrastructures like road, metro, railway, ports and airports will increase the substantial demand of RMC in coming months, fuelled by ‘Housing for all’ by 2022. RMC India has always believed in a high level of transparency with high moral value and a clear vision strategy. What differentiates the firm is that, with innovation being an everyday way of thinking, a significant number of production plans have led to the firm’s revolutionary achievements.

Intrigued by the company’s landmark, we interacted with the dynamic leader behind the brand, Mr Atul Rasiklal Desai. Mr Desai commenced his journey with RMC India in the year 2016 as an Additional Director and Executive Director & CEO (RMC). Goodness and Simplicity! If someone asks to define this interaction with him in one sentence, it has to be, “Initiation of a Conversation”. It is just brilliant how Mr Desai speaks his heart. He is a person who has lived all his life on value and words.  He led the marketing, logistics and sales operations, product management, partnership marketing and customer service and led key roles at notable industry leaders like Star Ferro and Cement Limited, Reliance Cement Company Private Limited, GSFL, Star Cement and Ambuja Cement. Homing an experience of more than three decades, he is a BE in Chemical from Gujarat University and holds an MBA (Mktg.) from South Gujarat University. He has also undergone a Senior Executive Program at London Business School and Senior Leadership Programme at IMD Luccane- Switzerland. Speaking over the future plans of the company, Mr Desai wrapped up his part as, “We are growing at more than 18 per cent in the current year and expect to further accelerate with higher demand. Our vision to make RMC India the most preferable brand for internal and external force in establishing market services by providing the market with complete concrete solutions. We want to expand our presence across all cities having more than 2-million-population and to introduce a new products and new services to create a value for the customer and also to our stakeholders.”

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