Ressourzen delivers a comprehensive multi-educational Resource and product solutions platform

Ressourzen delivers a comprehensive multi-educational Resource and product solutions platform

Integrates advanced ERPA play aggregators

Visionary entrepreneur Mr. V Balasubramanian laid the foundation stone of a new journey and incorporated Ressourzen Solutions and ServicesPrivate Limitedin 2012at Chennaiwith a vision to come-up with authentic and credible education based solution throughout India. Ressourzen, the leader in educational based enterprise firm is involved in providing needs & solutions to its Partner Educational Institutions.The Private Limited Company;Ressourzen delivers a comprehensive multi-educational needs and solutions platform that integrates advanced ERPA play aggregatorwherein it offers the requirements of various materials to educational institutions

Ressourzen seeks to serves the needs of its partner educational institutions ranging from Schools to colleges to Universities – Including private deemed universities to Central Government funded universities. Ressoruzen today provides tangible products &resources that schools use for its own consumption as well as all the resources its gives to its students for their daily, monthly or yearly use – to government aided schools, private ownership / trust ownership schools under state board, to CBSE Schools, Global and International Schools under various Boards and Curriculum

Since 2012, Ressourzen has a proven record of reaching out to over 230+ educational institutions. While it has served the needs of over 4.83 lakh students across Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Mumbai and Delhi anchoring the largest community based procurement initiative for education sector across the globe.Ressourzen has also emerged as the largest aggregator of products for educational institutions – collaborating with them to help them save cost

Ressourzen’s ERPA (Educational Resource Procurement Association) is a pure play aggregator. It aggregates the requirements of various materials educational institutions buy on their own – for their own consumption as well as what it buys to give to its students for their use. Ressoruzen aggregates the quantities required by its partner educational institutions and buy’s from Manufacturers across the world today – “the best quality for the best price”, Says Mr Balasubramanian

In the coming years at Ressourzen, it has set it eyes in hiring out or leasing the manufacturing facilities across the globe to manufacture all the products that its partner educational institution community members need, and pass on the entire savings arising out of “power of collective buying” to its partner educational institutions, manufacturing the products, under its own community owned brand, taking savings & earnings to next level for its partner educational institution community members

Ressourzen today providesend-to-end – integrated solutions in 17 product categories. A few of the products categories are:

  • Fabric from mills to cut fabric for parents to complete stitched uniforms from export units to parents, only through the educational institutions
  • A complete range of T Shirts, Track Suits, Hoodies, Sweat Shirts, Specialized sports uniforms for different sports and any other customized requirements that educational institutions may have
  • Summer and Winter Uniforms
  • An entire range of Note Books – class note books, record note books, graph sheets, diaries, answer sheets, note book cover, name tag and an entire range of print & digital solutions
  • School bags, Teachers Bags, Ladies Bags, Lap Top Bags, Corporate Bags, Strollies, Overnighters, Suitcases, Back Packs, travel gears etc. all made to order
  • Shoes – Canvas shoes, Sports shoes, Leather Shoes, Specialized sports shoes & gear etc.
  • Complete accessories – like belts, socks, head scarves, head band, batch & ties
  • Complete end to end stationery requirements
  • Furniture’s and Fixtures
  • Consumer Durables
  • Cycles
  • IT equipment’s, computers, lap tops, tablets
  • Sports equipment’s & Kit for cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis racquet, Lawn Tennis Racquet, GYM equipment’s, fitness equipment’s and many more such products for educational institutions own use &for its students

Business of Ressourzen is Aggregation. The company today endeavor to bring over 150 + global manufacturers and Global Brands to its partner educational institutions door steps. It negotiates on behalf of its partner educational institutions and pass on an entire range of savings – that today runs into several crores of rupees ( and it’s just the beginning ) to its partner educational institutions that trust on the company to do the job of getting the “Best Quality – for the Best Price” for them, day-to-day, year- after -year

Ressourzen’s uniqueness:

Today the company is positioned as the most innovative companies in education product / resource procurement sector and it has 7“world’s first” trade mark concepts filed for registration, to its name – the only company to do so across the world in a short span of 4+ years of existence

The company anchors the world’s first and largest community based resource and product procurement initiative for education sector. This is highly successful hence, Ressourzen also launched – corporate, parents and students resource procurement association.

Ressourzen also anchor the world’s first community owned brand eGearz / Geared For Life – under which it manufactures an entire range of uniforms, sportswear, socks, belts, ties, note books and an entire range of products that school use to give to its student.

The company also anchor the world’s first dedicated education hypermarket set up inside IIT Madras campus – called IIT Madras / Scholarshoppe store.

Differentiating Factors

What makes Ressourzendifferent from many others in the field is that it is acutely conscious of its social footprints. The company believes that everyone is a global citizen and part of “one global system”, so it commits to recognize the value of partnerships and this approach drives everything that the company set out to achieve. Collaborating with many reputed clients, it has been successful in making long-term business relationships with its clients& customers.

Know more about its differentiating factors, in their own words:

We share with each member of our community – our partner educational institutions the Following

“What we BUY, Where we BUY, What RATE we BUY, What Tech Specs we BUY, From Whom we BUY, What Quality we BUY, What rate contract we have with our manufacturers and what are the terms and conditions of our Contract with all our partner educational Institutions”. Needless to say we anchor today the world’s most TRANSPARENT resource procurement initiative for the entire education sector today, Says Balasubramanian

“It’s on this principle I founded the World’s First “Education Resource Procurement Association” creating a platform for educational institutions to come together to BUY together to save cost”. Ressourzen’s ERPA aspires to go global and serve the needs of its partner educational institutions across 5 continents, Says Founder / President of ERPA, Mr. V.Balasubramanian

Mr Balasubramanian, further articulated the vision of Ressourzen’s ERPA as “In India – we aspire to reach out and serve 100 million students thru 2000+ Scholarshoppe stores across India and going global we will like to serve 150 million students thru 3000+ Scholarshoppe stores across the Globe”. By 2032 Mr Balasubramanian added “We will like to be present across 5 continents, in almost all the countries, reaching out and serving over 50,000 partner educational institutions in India and over quarter a million partner educational institutions, worldwide thru these Scholarshoppe Stores, serving 250 million students, worldwide, helping them save cost as well”.

Major Mile Stones in the short history of Ressourzen ERPA.     

2012 – Founded Ressourzen Solutions and Services Private Limited

2013 – Founded and Launched ERPA – World’s first education resource procurement association. Anchoring the world’s first community based procurement initiative anywhere in the world, dedicatedexclusively for education sector

2014 – Launch of world’s first community owned brand eGearz / Geared for Life. The brand was conceptualized to deliver and entire new level of innovative solution and value engineering to its partner educational institutions to help them to take their savings to an entirely new level, which was not thought possible of earlier. This brand operates under a ZERO advertising, marketing and promotion budget and promoted by its actual users, free of cost. This entire savings are passed to its partner educational institutions under this path breaking initiative.

2015 – Launch of other community based procurement initiative – CRPA for corporate companies and SRPA and PRPA for students and parents – RPA stands for Resource procurement association. Making Ressourzen – The world’s largest anchorer of community based procurement initiative worldwide

2016 – Launch of world’s first dedicated education hyper market under our “Scholarshoppe” Brand. The first store is coming up inside IIT Madras campus and is named as “IIT Madras / Scholarshoppe”.

The company thru its world’s first community based procurement initiative ERPA, world’s first Community owned brand “eGearz / Geared For Life” and world’s first dedicated education hypermarket “Scholarshoppe” aims to serve the needs of 250 million students worldwide including 100 million students in India

Worldwide – Over the next 2 decades – Ressourzen ERPA will set up Co-Branded Scholarshoppe store inside school, college and university campus. 500+ Scholarshoppe stores in India and balance 1500+ Scholarshoppe store inside educational institutions across the world

For the open market too, across each and every district Of India Ressourzen plans to set up minimum one Scholarshoppe store in each district of our country. Over all Ressourzen plans to open up 1500+ Scholarshoppe stores in India and another 1500+ Scholarshoppe stores Overseas across the world. Setting up over 5000+ Scholarshoppe stores, worldwide, reaching out to 250,000 educational institutions and serving over 250 million students to give them access to world class quality at local prices, only thru our registered partner educational institution community members, at their very doorsteps

At Ressourzen, all the achievements aredone through a team effort. Ressourzen’s expertise has been emerging day-to-day with the help of a team where people are skilled, zealous and well educated. The team utilize their complete potential to fulfill the needs of its partner educational institution customers. The entire product development is anchored by specialist engineers who have domain expertise to develop customised products in their respective field

The team being execution specialist, largely has not only been able to meet its customer expectations, but has been able to exceed expectations and deliver unmatched cost savings, world class quality at local pricing. The satisfaction of the customers reflects in the company not only being able to retain its community members year after year, for product and resource sourcing but also these satisfied customers have recommended the company to other educational institutions to help them save cost as well

Awards and Recognition

  • Ressoruzen ERPA was recognized by Consultants Review Magazine as “Consultants of the Year 2015”
  • Consultants review’s Annual Consultant of the Year – Roll of Honor for its path breaking initiative in education resource procurement sector – anchoring the world’s first community based procurement initiative under ERPA

Key Officials

V Balasubramanian

(Founder President – ERPA& Managing Director,Ressoruzen Solutions & Services Private Limited)

Balu as he is known- is a visionary, strategist and an execution specialist. Baluhas been working on anchoring and creating world’s first community based procurement initiative for education sector since September 2012.Balu has worked for some of the finest companies like ITC, Perffetti, Beauty Cosmetic Pvt. Ltd. / Cavinkare, Srinivas Fine Arts / Nightingale International, Subhiksha and Everonn Education Limited, In India & Overseas over past 29 years.

Balu has Launched Brands like Nightingale, B Natural, Vedic Cosmos, V3 and Miruna globally and has helped Indian companies to Set up Global Subsidiaries in Middle East, Africa, Europe and the USA

Balu is a skilled and well-educated entrepreneur. He has earned B.Com from Delhi University, Master in Marketing Management from University of Pondicherry and several postgraduate specialization programmers in Strategy, Pricing, Competition and Growing Family run Business in global environment from IIM A, IIM B and ISB Hyderabad

Today Balu is busy working on scaling up eGearz / Geared for Life community brand, eERO – ERPA and Scholarshoppe – ERPA initiative globally. Ressourzen seeks educational institutions across the world and in India to “Come together to BUY together” to experience and unleash the power and savings of collective buying

Ressourzen ERPA also seeks people associated with education institutions, education line and world class quality manufacturers to collaborate with Ressourzen ERPA to co-create and be a part of the most ethical revenue share modal in the world that Ressourzen is Pioneering in India and across the world. Ressourzen invites interested educational institutions, manufacturers and channel partners to get it touch with Ressourzen to explore business opportunities.

Mr. Antony Arockiadoss T

Secretary ERPA, President & Business Head – eERO / ERPA

Antony heads the B2B business of schools, colleges and universities. Antony launched this division in 2013 / 2014 and he has been growing this vertical ever since. Today he oversees as the business head, entire operations of this subsidiary and he is looking forward to take this initiative global. eERO / ERPA division reaches out to over 230 + educational institutions and providesend-to-end integrated resource procurement solutions to his partner educational institutions. Antony is also actively involved in helping the other initiatives of the company evolve.

Antony is a Commerce Graduate with an MBA in Finance from Loyola, Chennai.  Mr. Antony has worked with Viveks Electronics, Lifestyle and Everonn Education before he started his own business Veritas after leaving Everonn. Mr. Antony Joined Ressourzen in 2013 and has been heading Ressourzen ERPA initiative ever since. Both Balu and Antony used to work together at Everonn / EDURES.

Mr. PrakashPradhan

Treasurer – ERPA, Chief Technology Officer – Ressoruzen&President and Business Head – Scholarshoppe / ERPA

Mr.Prakash heads Ressourzen’sScholarshoppe Initiative. Under this business initiative, Mr.Prakash seeks to set up 1500 + Scholarshoppe store across each and every district of India, thereby enabling educational institutions located in each and every district to “unleash and experience the power and savings of collective buying” and getting access to “best quality for the best price” in the city where they are located. This is the objective, in mind with which Mr.Prakash is scaling up his business today. ThroughScholarshoppe initiative, they also intend to take global manufacturers, brand marketers, product suppliers to our partner educational institution doorsteps

As this initiative demands the expertise of a top notch IT professional and is highly technology enabled and technology platform driven.Mr. Prakash also heads Ressourzen ERPA’s IT initiative as its CTO

Scholar Shoppe also runs its online store, where many schools, colleges, educational institutions are buying educational needs from its online store

Mr Prakash Pradhan is a qualified Software engineer, M.Sc. in Information Technology & MBA in Systems. Mr Prakash has worked with Cavinkare, Srinivas Fine Arts, and Nightingale International. Prakash was with Wilmar International – Europe as its Director IT for over 5 years before he decided to come back to India to set up his own business in Odisha. Mr Prakash Joined Ressourzen as it’s IT Head in 2014 and subsequently set up – Scholarshoppe / ERPA in 2015. Mr Prakash heads this business initiative now and plans to take it global, setting up Scholarshoppe stores across the globe. Ressourzen is working on its plan to open up over 5000+ Scholarshoppe stores across 5 continents. Both Prakash and Balu used to work together in Cavinkare & SFA

Future Plans

Ressourzen has today successfully redefined the very way education community buys resources and products it requires for itself and for its students. Based on the learnings the company has and its success with World’s first Education Resource Procurement Association, anchoring world’s first community based procurement initiative – company wants to redefine the very way corporates, parents and students community also buys products and resources, worldwide. To this effect Ressourzen has set up other community association as well.

Ressourzen today is seeking funds from private equity players to help it scale up its business globally. They are looking at Fund Managers who have the intention to serve Ressourzen’s registered community members across the globe. Present requirement is of 7 million USD, going up to 27 Billion USD business expansion plan globally over next 2 decades for all its various initiatives.

Balu invites “Schools, colleges, universities, parents, students, corporate companies and employees Interested in saving their hard earned money – to come and be a part of this global revolution in the making that not only brings global manufacturers to your very door steps, but also helps you save cost, always delivering world class quality at your very own local prices”.

Ressourzen is today pioneering the biggest self-employed business initiative in education sector and invites all educated professionals working in various companies – who aspire to set up their own business to collaborate with Ressourzen ERPA to set up their own business serving educational institutions, corporate companies, parents and students. Ressourzen does not directly reach the market as it’s a specialised back end resources and product development and procurement company – developing and creating customised products and solutions for education and corporate sector. This gives an opportunity for professional to set up their own business and aspire for a decent lifestyle in one of the biggest business opportunity sectors today – “Education – ERPA” – all Pioneered by Ressourzen.


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