Raman Technologies develops Agile Training modules to help Clients Stay within Budget rolling out a cloud-based, agile project management tool Cognosco

Raman Technologies develops Agile Training modules to help Clients Stay within Budget
rolling out a cloud-based, agile project management tool Cognosco

Formed in 2004, Raman Technologies Inc. has been a leader in the field of international agile and management consulting services provider. The USA born company, Raman Technologies has expertise in working with organizations to improve their products and services delivery model. The company aims to reach by every section of relevant organizations and currently it is working for global, large organizations, government organizations, and accredited startups. The company has proven record of serving its services to the clients in crucial stage wherein many other companies failed to deliver on clients’ expectations. Raman Technologies works with in-depth level of solutions and supports to the clients with newer and innovative peace of solution.

Since its inception, Raman Tech has been working strongly with the mission to empower organizations and people to be more effective, efficient, and successful in delivering their solutions, products, and capabilities to the marketplace. The company believes in providing one of the best possible solutions wherein it always comes with solid and exact ideas in the market. At Raman Technologies Labs, they are also developing a cloud-based, agile project management tool, called Cognosco. This tool is truly collaborative with no hassles, and facilitates Scrum, Scrumban and Kanban. Log in using your social credentials or register an account to create or join a project, you can manage any type of project with its tool – not just software projects. It is intuitive, interactive, offline capable, and easy to use. Your project dashboard will display agile metrics to help monitor the progress, milestones, and interact with other team members that are online, etc. Cognosco will help you to facilitate and record your notes from sprint reviews to retrospectives, and provide a repository of real time agile information to make your project a success.

On the basis of its uniqueness, Raman Tech has positioned itself strongly in the field. But what differentiates it more is that it is acutely conscious of working to be the catalyst and model for setting the standards for product development and creating a transparent and collaborative environment, where people are motivated to take ownership of their work and reach their potential.  At Raman Technologies, Inc., most of its business is through personal referrals. This because the companies and people have referred the company to others based on its past performances. This coupled with its in-house propriety tools differentiates it from the competition. Its tools include Transformation & Maturity assessments, Agile ALM tools, online training videos/LMS System, etc. Raman Tech’s transparent, efficient and flexible world class expertise in working with organizations to improve their products and services zero downs risks of project failures and serves powerful solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

Being asked by TCMabout the major milestones since founding, Raman Tech said, ‘Our major milestone was 2010 when we rebranded the company to focus on Lean|Agile Coaching & Training services and products. Since then, we have an upcoming milestone, where plan to release an Enterprise Lean|Agile framework for innovation that can be adopted by large enterprises to startup companies.

While speaking about their Roadmap and Future Plans of theorganization, a spokesperson of Raman Tech said, “Raman Technologies plans to release an Enterprise Lean|Agile framework for innovation that can be adopted by large enterprises to startup companies in early 2017. We are also focusing a lot on the U.S. Government as we see a big opportunity to help them become more efficient and effective. With that said, we hope to be Hub zone certified by end of the year. This will help us compete better for government contracts.

Dr. Sanjeev Raman, an agile coach and trainer of Raman Technologies chats with The CEO Magazine:-

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

Dr. Raman:Raman Technologies, Inc. is helping companies and teams innovate, become more efficient and effective with their work, deliver more value to their customer, and maintain a sustainable, motivational pace.

TCM: Why would you like to come in this special issue publication “Company of the year”?

Dr. Raman: Our Company is helping other companies innovate and deliver more value in less time to the market place and to their customers. In other words, Raman Technologies, Inc. is having a profound impact in the Global Market place by helping others disrupt the markets with their innovation. This is why we would like to be in this special issue publication.

TCM: How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

Dr. Raman: I take a design thinking approach where I experiment with different ideas with the premise of learning via experience, observation, and feedback. By biggest professional goal is to put out a working model that helps companies innovate faster and better.

TCM: What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Dr. Raman: Being an Entrepreneur is a more than a full time, 40 hour a week job. It requires more hard work, dedication, and you need to be prepared for anything that comes your way.

TCM: Favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur, what three pieces of advice you would like to give to youths, who want to become entrepreneurs?

Dr. Raman: My advice to the youth (Gen Next) is to do a startup that you are 1) Passionate about 2) where the market data shows it’s a viable idea/demand in the market, and 3) have a mentor that understands your industry.

The Man behind the Success

Dr. Sanjeev Raman

Dr. Sanjeev Raman is an agile coach and trainer. He started Raman Technologies, Inc. to help organizations to transform their workplace to be more collaborative, innovative, successful, and ultimately fun.Sanjeev has over 15 years in the high tech space, ranging from technical product development to program and executive management, and now agile coaching and training. Through his coaching and training engagements, Dr. Raman has built a niche for agile transformations in the embedded and firmware product development space.Some of his clients have included Intel, Cisco, Juniper, Calix, SK Hynix, PayPal, JP Morgan Chase, AOL, Bristol Myers Squibb, Biogen Idec, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Hewlett Packard, just to name a few.

Dr. Raman has four academic degrees, two undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Science Research and Laboratory Science and two graduate degrees in Information Technology from University of Maryland, Towson University, and George Mason University respectively. He holds several certifications from Scrum Alliance, Project Management Institute, Scaled Agile, Lean Kanban University, and others in the agile and project management space. He has been on review committees for industry conferences such as Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance. Dr. Raman haspublished articles with the Scrum Alliance, Agile Atlas, and InfoQ. He has also translated the Agile Manifesto to Sanskrit for the Agile Alliance, and published two books: one on Scrum fundamentals, and another on embedded and firmware agile product development.

Dr. Raman also runs two conference series: Lean Kanban Asia Pacific and Agile Asia. Apart from these conferences, he also runs two agile meet up groups: Portland, Oregon and Silicon Valley.

Sanjeev mainly splits his time between Silicon Valley, Portland, and Washington DC when in the Unites Stated, and all over Asia.


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