QRC Consulting & Solutions: making the online world safer, assessing risk with quality and compliance

QRC Consulting & Solutions: making the online world safer, assessing risk with quality and compliance

Nowadays, Internet security becomes a grave concern irrespective of the profile of consumers. Be it a state or private corporate player or individual consumer. All of them require security from malware threats, data breach, trojan horses and such other cyber threats. This concern for security raised during mid-eighties when two brothers wrote a code ‘Brain’ that slowed down the operations while infecting the operating machines. With the due course in time cybersecurity challenges too changed and became complex. Such complex issues require a professional, personalized and specialized remedy. Thus, came the advent of professional cyber-security firms that could provide the services to counter and control evolving cyber threats.

QRC Consulting and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (QRC), a PCI SSC accredited PCI DSS QSA Company, came into existence in 2015 to provide cybersecurity solutions. The foundation of the firm was laid by Vamsikrishna Maramganti Founder and CEO of the firm. Vamsikrishna, a multilingual speaker is a double graduate from Sikkim Manipal University and Madurai Kamaraj University in Information Technology. Before founding QRC, Vamsikrishna worked for different firms in Information Security domain in different roles. In his 17+ years of experience, he gauged one thing that security is a priority and not only for big corporations but also for the small and mid-scale establishments. QRC not only specializes in internet security but it also aligned itself with the financial industry. It renders various ranging from globally recognised management standards like PCI DSS Certifications, ISO 27001 (ISMS), ISO 9001(QMS) consultancy services  to RBI, IRDA and TRAI mandated compliance services and risk management services to their respective customers.

As SMEs cannot afford to approach big firms for consultation and solutions, firms such as QRC playing a pivotal role by providing trustworthy and reliable support to enterprises of all categories. Over the last three years QRC earned it name as a company providing world-class services with premium quality in reasonable pricing. According to Vamsikrishna’s astute observation, there is a difference between the profession and practice of some companies. Such firms in the absence of sufficient resources outsource their work to freelancers that result in quality getting reduced. The amount of outsourcing is so much that most of the times even clients don’t get to know about it and the resultant work does not meet the quality expectations. Hence, for Vamsikrishna, the quality service and reasonable pricing are the two most pertinent factors for sustenance.

Factors that set QRC apart from others

There are many service providers in the market, but only the quality of the job and a different approach imprints the mark. The firm takes a different approach for different parts of the process. The firm not only provides complementary services regarding the information security but when in contact with the organization, they try to set off their day to day requirements. In a conversation with Vamsikrishna, he elaborated that “QRC is just not a security services company, but also supporting organisations in meeting in Payment Card Industry Security Standards. QRC as global services company having clients in USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia, and Asia-Pacific. We ensured reachability and development of competency within our firm because we don’t outsource our work to freelancers. The quality of the job is another major factor that has kept us floating and made us stand apart from others in the market place”.

Following is the comprehensive list of the services that QRC provides: –

Management System Services:- Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, OHSAS.

Risk Management Services:- Enterprise Risk Management, Business Impact Analysis, Network Security Review, Systems/Server Security Review, VAPT & Application Security Assessments

Compliance Services: – PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, PA DSS, IS Audits, GDPR, ISO 22301, HIPAA, Cyber Security, MPAA, HITRUST, FedRAMP, SOC, CMMI

Training: – PCI DSS, ISMS, QMS

Modus Vivendi and Modus Operandi of the Firm

There are different challenges in the currently depressed market. The market has yet to come out from the slumber of 2008 financial crisis. According to Vamsi, the challenges that they face are no different from the other companies of the same domain. Maintaining the quality of work and retention of competent resources are the major challenges for the firm. Currently, QRC primarily focusing on two specific areas viz., compliance and security while extending support on various risk management frame-works as per Industry specific requirements. Another area where QRC giving an equal amount of energy and focus is continued customer engagement, as it is the foundation value of our firm. QRC team continuously guide there clients in getting to the most secure portion of the organization for security purposes and check for security gaps. QRC driving its efforts to focus on their core areas so that the foundation of the firm remains concrete, as due to the unbundling trend going in the industry, it is expected that fewer clients will be able to employ in-house experts to resolve all of the security issues identified during security compliance. And these security concerns are rising in our neighbourhood, Bangladesh too. They require security, but they do not have the country level expertise and are heavily dependent on foreign firms. So, QRC is looking to establish themselves and put up their footprint in those markets, where information security services are required, and there are not sufficient resources.

When asked about failures, Vamsikrishna gave an alternate view of looking at failures, according to him not getting sufficient orders is one, though one can do without it. For him, much important concern is a failure in delivering promised services and compromise in quality. He considers himself and the firm to be fortunate enough that the latter never happened with them. He added that sometimes challenges often come in the form of 15 years old firm competing with a start-up firm. So, it often becomes a problem to compete with the firms that have a proven track record. The firm’s senior management has considered this problem and is working on specific solutions for addressing the issue. After looking at the competition, they are focusing on building their brand image in the market and planning to expand their global presence.

Vamsikrishna attributes the firm’s success in maintaining a commitment to the internal development of employees, professional integrity as they are dealing with the information business, delivering the services in time, willingness to learn, and less hierarchy across the organization. The firm started unofficially in 2015, but the registration process took a year to complete. Initially, the firm started with a handful of employees and clients but garnered the strength of 20+ clients in a year. At the end of 2017, the firm reached 50+ clients and strong 28+ members team. The major achievement for the firm according to its founder is getting accreditation of PCI Security Standards Council, USA as a PCI DSS QSA Company for all major geographies of globe and supporting more than a dozen clients out of Indian boundaries. He also shared the company’s core values as Transparency, Trustworthiness, to be a Knowledge Collaborator to the client, to become a single window solution provider for Information Security Assurance and Compliance, and to be the preferred employer with global outreach. His message for the entrepreneurs is that in the entrepreneurial world, the responsibility of the leader is much greater than his employees, as he or she are not only responsible for themselves but also for the customers and employees of the firm. He also cautioned about fulfilling the commitment made to, be it to an employee or to a client, which be must fulfilled it any cost.

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