Progneur Empowers Global Clients through Semiconductor, Embedded and PLM Solutions

Progneur Empowers Global Clients through Semiconductor, Embedded and PLM Solutions

Semiconductors – Microchips based technology is driving the global revolution in modern electronics. Internet of things and Wearable electronics is the next growth engine for the Semiconductor Industry, while traditionally the demand and consumption has been in Consumer electronics, Healthcare, Automotive and Telecommunications market. The rising R&D design costs present a challenge in bringing chips to the market.

Progneur, a global Product Engineering Services company, focuses on Semiconductor, Embedded and PLM systems. They offer world class SoC design services ranging from specification to GDS II, and specialize in delivering complex solutions and implementations in Electronics and PLM. The company has been providing global support to clients for their changing project specification needs.

While speaking with The CEO Magazine, Varun Satija, Director of Progneur Technologies said :

“Time to market is everything in this business. This industry requires flexibility to scale up and down rapidly. To meet diverse project needs and business demands, Progneur can be your extended R&D partner, which is large enough to be scalable, yet small enough to be flexible. With our global delivery model, we are close to our clients and provide local support, across different geographies in Europe, US and Asia Pacific. We understand the requirements of our customers and propose a solution best suited to their specific needs.”

Further he added:

“We already have provided services in niche areas of IC Design spectrum such as –

Verification on latest methodologies like UVM/OVM, Physical implementation in deep submicron technologies such as 22nm and 14nm, Mask Layout, and High Speed Analog Design. The company provides solutions for both Software and Hardware Design”

Most integrated-chip-development projects are late to market and behind their planned delivery date as the companies underestimate the complexity associated with the R&D efforts and end up falling short on staff. Productivity or the output can vary tremendously even within a single R&D Organization and this variability makes it even difficult for the Semiconductor executives to estimate the development effort.

Progneur has experience in creating technical IC design solutions to tackle the challenging projects, as well as setting a team in the shortest possible time in compliance with local laws with strong engineering capabilities to get the job done.

The relationship with our clients extends beyond contracts. Our approach is to develop long-term association with our customers, be an extended team to our clients and provide challenging and exciting work for our employees in a friendly, professional working environment.

Challenges faced by product development teams include globalization, outsourcing, mass customization, fast innovation and product traceability, enhancing the need for collaboration and knowledge management along the product lifecycle stages. Effective PLM implementation is key to innovative product development in the prevalent competitive market. With a focus on meeting customer objectives and delivering value to customer, Progneur provides end-to-end PLM implementation services. Progneur covers the entire gamut of Product development from concept to manufacturing with a zeal to exceed customer expectations.

Strong growth and revenues over the years have enabled Progneur to invest heavily in its sister concern ProgFIN and establish IT business in Banking & Finance domain. ProgFIN is an Oracle Gold Partner and provides reselling, implementation, support & training services on Flexcube suite of products. Early this year it has won projects from Banks in Africa & Asia which have been successfully delivered. It is also developing various innovative, cutting edge technology, futuristic products for banking industry. The CEO Mr Krinal Gupta who has extensive experience of BFSI industry has been instrumental in running the company and under his able leadership ProgFIN is all set to witness phenomenal growth and post good numbers in the coming years.

understands the IT industry very well. He is involved in the overall running and strategy making of the company. He believes in constantly evolving to stay ahead of competition in ever-changing dynamic business environment of today. His bold initiates have led to phenomenal growth of the company and can become major revenue sources for the company in future.


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