PROBESEVEN Reveals the new productivity Solution, Takes the lead in creating incredible user experiences with innovation that reshapes the businesses and industries for measurable growth

PROBESEVEN Reveals the new productivity Solution, Takes the lead in creating incredible user experiences with innovation that reshapes the businesses and industries for measurable growth

Right from its inception, PROBESEVEN has been channelizing in-depth expertise and web technology domain knowledge into the heart of businesses. Incorporated in 2006, PROBESEVEN is at par with others. Very few companies in the Digital spectrum are into full-scale web product development and the Clutter of emerging web marketing organizations leaves businesses in dilemma to go for the best web technology expert to reach out to new frontiers by utilizing the power of World Wide Web. That was the spot where Mr. Muthu Kumar decided to do things divergently; by utilizing the web medium for growth, optimization to build customers. His entrepreneurial venture, PROBESEVEN has become a niche in the web technology market with many businesses deploying its products and solutions. PROBESEVEN has gained prominence across the sphere for IT Consultation, Software Development, Product Delivery, and Services, stands by the enterprise for innovating future with the immense solutions and creation of varied concepts with sustainability, accessibility, cloud, and security. Geared to deliver the web technology-based competitive edge, PROBESEVEN translates into lower cost and enables businesses to reap maximum benefits from their operations.

The journey: Inclined towards the growth of IT sector, passionate to provide digital solutions to every business and help them reach up to their full potential.

The fast-changing technology-based industry demands futuristic thinking while choosing performing technologies that fulfill the delivery of durable technologically- based software and products. Over a decade of experience in serving global clients with a stream of cloud products and customized software solutions, PROBESEVEN offers digital solutions, custom software and products to scale up its client’s business productivity. The organization has served leading names from varied industry, mid-size businesses and large enterprises. PROBESEVEN’s uniqueness lays in that extra layer of simplicity and user-friendliness that increases user’s productivity in his developments. Advancement in cloud application development has accompanied the organization in achieving higher customer satisfaction rate. Serving 1000+ clients and actively taking care of 50+ clients and products currently, the organization receives 80% of today’s customer base through word-of-mouth and strong references.

They think futuristic while choosing performing technologies that fulfils to deliver technically long-lasting software. Thoughtfully adding modern technology and tools every year to meet the changing trends in IT Software.

The Vision

“PROBESEVEN visions to make people’s life easier by producing rich quality and user-centric software and products for common businesses by integrating diversified technology in the cloud.”

PROBESEVEN is potentially and profoundly driving a positive change with its diversified services and solutions including:

  • Enterprise Application Development Services
  • Custom Software Development Services
  • Internet Product Development Services
  • Portal Development Services
  • School Administration & Collaboration
  • Work Management for Modular Teams
  • Supply Chain Inventory Management
  • Device & Mobile Application Services
  • Online E-commerce Services
  • Corporate Responsive Website Design Services
  • Internet Promotional Services

Adding more products to its bouquet, the Technological vision of PROBESEVEN has created a hub of products to serve the people for better and greater results in the business including Rice Worker iPro, Supply Chain iPro, Appliance iPro, Stone XPro, Craft X-Pro, PenPencilEraser, Citrus Tracker, and Mobi Care iPro 


PROBESEVEN’s development office is nestled among a 5000 sq. ft infrastructure space at Coimbatore, Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. The organization keeps fine-tuning the tools and technology to meet the dynamic trends in IT Software. PROBESEVEN employs technologies like In-the-Cloud, Touch Enabled Screens, Enterprise Mobility, Big Data, Voice Inputs, Augmented Reality, etc., in its software to boost up our users’ business productivity. PROBESEVEN’s ever growing team currently totals to 45+ skilled professionals, and digital wizards. The organization enjoys wide space for learning, innovation and being passionate. The management encourages the team to empower knowledge with opportunities to work in accordance with the global standards.

PROBESEVEN’s tag ‘Better Lives’

The Organization is focusing more on their premium tag ‘Better Lives’ which makes their users life easier. Converging to integrate IoT in their solutions to automate certain human tasks of their customers. With this brand tag, they have launched 3 products in the business sector and education sector, currently working on 2+ products. They also take pride in being a part of ‘Make in India’ with their offerings.


“We experience to expertise, get inspired only with highest quality. An entrepreneur’s success is to find and keep a balance with the right people and their skills. We need to be lean and must learn always.”

Muthu Kumar

PROBESEVEN functions under the leadership of Mr. Muthu Kumar, who has strong passion for perfection and believes there is always a perfect blend of design with the code that interests the modern web world. He is a graduate in Technology with the DMP (Multimedia and Web Technology) and has qualified in SAE (affiliation from Australia). His steadfast passion and realistic approach, cumulating with commitment and dedication got him stimulated and hence, in turn the emergence of PROBESEVEN.


A talk with the Director:

What is your biggest dream?

The biggest dream I would say is to provide the luxury of premium digital solutions to each business across the lengths and breaths. As the smiley in our Better Lives tag, we want to see the same on our clients’ and users’ faces while working out for their convenience, growth and their productivity.

What was your journey about to get here?

 It was definitely an exciting journey and I welcomed change keeping the spirits high. We always found a way to capture, explore and adopt to the changing environment. At all scenarios, we prioritized to be customer-friendly. I am here because of the faith of my friends, customers and contacts that referred us and boosted my confidence.” 

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead: A bright future ahead

PROBESEVEN’S recent launch of products in Supply Chain Inventory Control and Value-Added Services Chain has yielded 100% satisfaction with its users. The company has won several awards for its impeccable simple and user interfaces of its apps under the category of Design Nominees, Best CSS, Best Design Firm, Web Guru and CssFox Awards. With this brand tag, the company has launched 3 products in the business sector and education sector with two products currently active. Going forward, Muthu Kumar adds, “We envision boosting our market position expanding to various other sectors and increasing customer base across the globe for our products and shoot out the investment in premium products that help to continue PROBESEVEN’s growth has been multi-fold. We have our widespread presence in the arena of Supply Chain Inventory, Value-added Services Chain, Enterprise Work Plans and Education sectors. We further want to infuse our expertise in three more products in Enterprise and Education sector in the upcoming year. Apart from this, we are working with our customer products which have plenty of promises and rolling them out in the upcoming year.”


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