“More than profit making, we would like to be known as an organization that caused disruptive and cataclysmic changes in the way we now live, think and do business”- R K Thomas, Founder TechnoPilot®

“More than profit making, we would like to be known as an organization that caused disruptive and cataclysmic changes in the way we now live, think and do business”- R K Thomas, Founder TechnoPilot®

After being engaged in military service for 20 years in aviation, he ventured out on his corporate voyage to nurture all essentials for business growth, to make societal transformation and for brand-building on a canopy; TechnoPilot® in 2013. Dr. RK Thomas is a highly commended former Naval Commander who has spent his lifetime in the pursuit of frontier technology. His corporate endeavor, TechnoPilot® is specialized in providing top notch network security, Business success coaching as well as Energy healing services in organizations and for individuals backboned on the trademarked Divine Grid Healing®. This to harness the best of frontier technology, to give organizations a secure operating environment and blue-chip Network Security, by not just strategic fire fighting, but using advanced techniques like Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nanotechnology, Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction.

TechnoPilot® at a glance

TechnoPilot® has its core frontier research team that works 24X7, to herald the technology of the future into present day workable solutions, to ensure the best possible cyber security services on a small budget. As a Business Success Coach, the company ensures clarity in its clients’ business goals and objectives and helps them to develop skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise. Being an organization working hard with the technologies of the future, most of which are not even being researched in any university till date, and using them to herald a new future for societal advancement, improved standard of living, definitely makes TechnoPilot® hit a home run.  The professionals at TechnoPilot® are developing the systems of the future, embedded with multi layered Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nano-technology dovetailed with Laws of Quantum physics and esoteric laws, which are not much in vogue in the present time.

Creating the differentiator: Divine Grid Healing®

“Do you need Technology Enhancement, IT Security, Business Success Coaching or Energy Healing Solutions? We provide solutions fast!!! “

TechnoPilot®’s trademarked modality Divine Grid Healing® blends distance energy balancing services with the real scientific laws, which can bring about a change in the success, physical and psychological health for individuals and business. This flagship service has been incorporated into theory that man and all life forms share a universal floor, in that they are all linked to each other within the electromagnetic field of the cosmos; and that all life forms carry its own electromagnetic field, which when sufficiently distorted will result in disease and sickness.

 TechnoPilot®’s Divine Grid Healing® is concerned with helping society, to access information to create cataclysmic transformations in every aspect of their lives, on every level of the body, mind and spirit. Divine Grid Healing® was evolved by Divine order to swiftly help bring about spiritual transformation as well as freedom from disease and disorder.  Divine Grid Healing® solely originated with one aim and a resolve to help people and organizations to grow, succeed and finally have credibility. With Divine Grid Healing® we can govern to transform oneself, always work for all-embracing harmonious development of all, instantly change composition of food and drinks that we consume (most food is genetically modified today), purify rivers, lakes, springs and the seas with our consciousness, momentarily change all adverse situations – to just name a few of the infinite possibilities.

TechnoPilot® employs the ‘fee-for-service’ and ‘subscription based’ revenue models depending on the nature of service and country of operation.

Product Portfolio

TechnoPilot®’s services are the only one of its kind in the world & provide the world over, with distance not being a barrier to the organization, if one is determined to transform oneself, one’s employees/friends and Business.

The TechnoPilot® team realized the need to embody newer frontier technology and methodology, including usage of quantum waves, towards achieving one-of-a kind enhanced Threat Intelligence and Protection in the Cyber security domain. A project was undertaken by TechnoPilot® to tackle cyber breach challenges and categorized the expectedness of attacker/defender matrix. The company molded its fabric to craft a structure for designing proactive defenses for networks.

Headquartered at Kochi, TechnoPilot® enjoys a clientele of thousands of happy clients from diversified geographies including India, UAE, Kuwait, Mozambique, Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Puerto Rico and Alaska. Brick and Mortar offices are also being setup world over in a phased manner as per company’s synergized expansion plan.

TechnoPilot®’s business journey has been tremendous. A lot more new avant-garde technologies are being phased successfully out of the testing phase into production at the TechnoPilot® Labs. Hardware as well as embedded software inclusive of quantum components are being made to run them. Many of the TechnoPilot®’s range of services have found the way into people’s homes more as a basic necessity, than as a luxury.

Milestones, Awards & Accolades

TechnoPilot®’s milestones are dovetailed as a close fabric-grid with its mission and vision. The company’s fresh projects are being started in major cities in India and a few in the Gulf region and USA.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the setup and TechnoPilot® provides free services in the interior villages, where proper accessibility leave alone medical services, are not available.

TechnoPilot® received the ‘Health Excellence Award’ on 10 Dec 2013 for “exemplifying invaluable leadership in serving the ailing society and the humanity at large” for “pioneering work in the field of Sound Healing” from a Board which has awarded eminent personalities like Noble Laureate Blessed Mother Teresa in 1995, the Dalai Lama, Late Shri Morarji Desai a Former Prime Minister of India, Nobel laureates Charles Townes and Prof. Amartya Sen,  Dr. Robert Muller, Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, for a similar role.

Visionary behind TechnoPilot®

Dr. RK Thomas


An avid aviator, Dr. Thomas was educated from the best of institutions in the world over including Stanford University USA, Kent State University USA & IIT Delhi. He began his stint with the Indian Navy back in 1991 and retired as Commander (Aviation Billet) in 2012 on approval for premature retirement. He has obtained Doctorate, undertaken pioneering research in the niche areas of Computer Science, Network Security and Alternative Medicine with a Fellowship in Corporate Social Responsibility from New York.

Future Ahead

Talking about the future voyage of TechnoPilot®, Cmdr RK mentions, “We see opportunities in both the consumer and enterprise segment. We are focusing on strengthening our channel ecosystem and increasing our presence in India across tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Presently we are working on the frontier technology of the future in the field of quantum physics, a few projects of which are already implemented and in place. These have been hugely successful and looking to disruptively change the face of society to that of success, well being and positive transformation. By 2020 we would like to be present in all channels of distribution in order to reach out to potential customers and provide flexibility in licensing. This by partnering with Managed Service Providers, with a focused approach to impact a worldwide integration of frontier Technology, Security of communication resources, the right coaching and holistic healing for all businesses.


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