Mobaccs India: a unique experience of gifting

Mobaccs India: a unique experience of gifting

Mobaccs gift card is an instant and convenient gifting option for the gift giver. It offers the recipient the freedom and flexibility to convert it (in part or full) to gift cards from 100+ brands across leading retail stores and e-commerce portals in India. The gift card can also be used by storing it securely on the Mobaccs app. A perfect gift for everyone, which is why we offer you gift cards from reputed brands for every gifting occasion. Gift your loved ones the freedom of choice to select a product they truly desire.

For your last-minute gifting needs, we have e-gift cards from the leading brands in the country. Gift cards and e-gift cards also give the recipients the freedom to shop at an outlet close to their home or office. Experience new age gifting with Mobaccs – India’s most powerful gifting platform.

Why Gift cards from are the best gifting option for your loved ones

  • Widest choice for the sender (Pick from 100+ brands of gift cards, gift vouchers and e-gift cards)
  • Unlimited choice for the recipient (Gift your loved ones unlimited shopping choices at the store)
  • Fast delivery (E-gift cards are delivered instantly through E-mail)
  • Special templates (A variety of colourful templates to celebrate every occasion in life)

Mobaccs gift card is an instant and convenient gifting option for the gift giver. It offers the recipient the freedom and flexibility to convert it (in part or full) to gift cards from 100+ brands across leading retail stores and e-commerce portals in India. The gift card can also be used by storing it securely on the Mobaccs app.

Chirag Palande, a multilingual speaker, a commerce graduate, and management postgraduate from Mumbai University and ICFAI University. He is the Founder and CEO of Mobaccs India. Chirag is an Industry veteran with cumulative experience over 18 Years. He possesses Strong communication, interpersonal, intuitive and leadership skills along with proven ability to work effectively in both independent and team environments. He had various awards for his excellent performance in sales. To know more about the firm our editorial team spoke to Chirag. Here are the edited excerpts.

How did you generate the idea of Mobaccs?

Our company is into providing end-to-end rewards management solutions to our clients and potential customers. I have been part of this Industry for over a decade now, and I think the Industry still remains an unexplored ocean with the abundant ground to grow. In order to reach those desired heights, we only need to identify the segment where we want to render our services, then build a USP and the work is done. Employee engagement, rest and recreation, channel partner incentives, and customer loyalty have become the most important facet of building a business. We feel very strongly about having a broader horizon. I believe that “to increase your wallet share, you need to have mindshare first.” Those who fail to understand this basic fact, either don’t grow or very soon lose their loyal employees, channel partners, consumers. In other words, those who fail to become amenable will definitely fall.

What problem does Mobaccs solves and how are you different from others in the field?

Most of the companies outsource the majority of their varied projects to independent vendors which generally result in untimely deliveries, and obstacles in collecting rewards. Our firm is a One-Stop-Solution shop for the corporates with multiple vendor coordination and works effortlessly in administrating hassles in managing reward schemes for the various stakeholders and logistic nightmares while fulfilling the reward to the last mile.

What are the challenges that your company currently faces?

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution coming into the picture, more accessible digital technology allowed a numerous number of players to introduce themselves in this segment, and the spectrum of competition is endless. Players from various backgrounds like BTL advertising agencies, PPIs, reward fulfillment cos all compete in this space.

What is your current business model?

We work as a one-stop-solution shop for our various services and products. We aggregate several gifting instruments/services while offering our clients a complete bouquet of options to choose from the wide range of products and services offered by us. Along with the product markup, we also levy charges for the services that we provide or a retainer fee for the services offered by us.

Who are your clients?

We draw clients from almost all the major sectors. The clientele list includes sectors like Insurance, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Paints and such others.

What is in the road ahead for the firm and what do you gauge happening in the coming year?

With the economy growing and developing, new avenues opening up, growing fierce competition, more and more brands are entering the market. Rewards and loyalty solution are poised to see a rising demand for reward management solutions. The demand for the organized and experienced players will be sky-rocketed, and with market attaining maturity, people will realize the dire need for such services.

What are the big milestones you are looking to achieve in 2018 and beyond?

For this coming financial year, our firm expects to realize the top line of Rs 50 Crore. We plan to open offices in almost all the major metros in the country, with a special focus on Bangalore and Delhi. Our calculations project the firm’s turnover to get double in 2019.

Please elaborate on the firm’s future plan?

In order to satiate the varied market requirements, we are constantly innovating and evolving and adding various service solutions. After carefully looking at the purchasing power and Indian tradition of buying on festive occasions inspired us to develop a digital gift wallet (currently under development) to be launched by Diwali. The wallet is app based and will provide the users with various options to redeem a gift voucher over 100+ brands. After this, our further plans are to launch out a loyalty platform for managing employee Rest and Recreation, channel promotion schemes and consumer loyalty. We also plan to integrate consumer privileges and VAS offers within the platform for greater engagement and stickiness of the user.

A piece of advice for the entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same domain in the future

For sustaining in a tough competitive market, any organization would require basic features like maintaining the quality of products at a reasonable price and such others. The competition in rewards Industry is no different from the other ones. It is comparatively simple to enter the playing field but very much difficult sustain on a long run. We are also required to align ourselves with the technological transformations happening all around and adapt to the changing market scenarios.

The hitherto journey

Chirag recalls his career in the gift industry. He claimed to be belonging to the said industry. He had worked for leading firms like HCL, Web18 (Network18 Group), Sodexo for the development of business in the Rest and Recreation space. This experience provided gave him an edge when the entrepreneur bug bit him today Mobaccs is on a springboard to leap higher and achieve great heights.

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