Mechatronics Systems Pvt. Ltd., Delivering Smart Water Resource Management Solutions Powered With Innovative Technology Solutions

Mechatronics Systems Pvt. Ltd., Delivering Smart Water Resource Management Solutions Powered With Innovative Technology Solutions

In 1991, a devastating flood inundation in the Konkan area led Mr Ashok Karva, Chairman to lay down the foundation of Mechatronics Systems Pvt. Ltd, a company providing a comprehensive solution for sustainable water resource management system in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

 A disaster caused by loss of communication, power failure, misregulation of reservoir operation led to the loss of lives and properties as it washed away a complete village. The situation impacted the visionary to start a company that leads to change in the industry, supporting the community by implementing technological innovations. The turnkey solutions providing company ensured management of the resources from “from the first drop of rain to the end water user”.

Mechatronics has achieved the position of an undisputed leader and strong contender commanding market shares in all businesses, it serves today while initially, it replaced the traditional Water Resource Management (WRM), across the world have been undertaken through a prototype and piecemeal approach that was incompetent when it came to achieving goals.

The brand developed various products to overcome the challenges of the previous model with the GIS-based Enterprise Management Information System integrated with real-time Hydro meteorological information system, Flood forecasting and management system, and Smart irrigation network management and control system. It also created a water SCADA softwares, MIS, GIS, e-Governance, water utility management systems, Web and smartphone application for various water resources utilities.

A Certified Brand

Mechatronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a certified brand focused on developing High-Tech solutions. It holds CMMI 3 certification for software, ISO 27001-2013, ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, offering truly Indigenous, 100% made in India, state-of-art, Smart Digital solution for integrated water resource management (IWRM).


Technology has been a crucial factor in ensuring technology based solutions for the company. The advanced technologies like AI, IoT, ICT based GIS and remote sensing integrated technology has led to the creation of farmer-focused, sustainable, smart, digital, indigenous (made in India) water resource management solutions. The company is carrying forward the vision of Hon’ble PM towards water conservation; equitable, judicious water supply and distribution to all stakeholders.

Research and Development: Supporting the Tech

Research and development in the software and IT systems for sustainable water resources management along with products in M2M, Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics areas has played a key role in delivering turnkey solutions.


The company has strong technological and strategic alliances with major companies across the world. Mechatronics’ robust and time tested products and services have earned the brand laurels from customers worldwide. In India, the company has been associated with both government and non-government organizations offering solutions.

The government sector clientele includes water resources departments of Government of India, state water resources departments, municipalities, nagarpalikas along with various private sector clients including brands like Tech Mahindra, Om metals, Meil, Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Top Engineering etc.

Providing solutions for sustainable water resources management outside the Indian borders, the company has been carrying its operations in Kenya, Ghana and middle east.

Awards and Milestones

Being a CMMI-3, ISO 27001-2013, ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, the company has received achievers award 2019 and CBIP (Central Board of Irrigation and Power) – 2018 award for best water resources company in India.

Being a pioneer, Mechatronics has received many awards for being one of the firsts’ including first indigenous Real-time inflow forecasting integrated with flood Routing SCADA system and first in India to implement large scale dam and canal automation system. Success has followed the brand as it has successfully delivered value to the customers; the company would like to achieve its 500 crores annual turnover milestone along with Best Industry Award from the Institution of Engineers (India), NITI AAYOG, and Ministry of Jal Shakti in near future.

Vision and Mission

Achieving efficient reliable water resource management across India is the core vision which the company and the team ensure efforts towards. The brand’s core mission is to ensure timely and adequate clean water to farms, industry along with ‘clean water for every life’ and boosted power generation.

Researching the Future

In the next 5 years, the company is planning to provide research analytics-based solutions and services to the community; collaborating with academia for research and development in terms of technological advancement.

Mechatronics dreams to manage water and environmental resources efficiently across the world. To provide clean water to every life, timely and adequate water supply to farm, industry and maximize power generation.

‘Moving Forward’ Approach

“Life is a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to achieve a vision of the company. The entrepreneurship will not always be smooth; throughout our journey, we will encounter many challenges. However, no matter whatever journey we are on, doing it with all our heart and enjoying the ride!” Samrat Ashok Karva, Managing Director of Mechatronics shares his views on the journey.


The company has a young team of 250 members with an average age of 27 years. The different teams deliver different solutions while the engineering services team consists of engineers from Electronics, Civil, Mechanical and IT discipline who are proficient in leading-edge technologies such as embedded design, micro-controller, SCADA, Software development etc.

Since 1991, the brand has been developing solutions with the help of qualified & experienced technocrats who have continuously put efforts under one roof solutions for Water Resource Optimization & Management. The research and development activities have powered solutions like smart digital integrated water resource management and control system, telemetry SCADA systems for Reservoirs, Canals and Water supply schemes, and real-time water management systems for flood forecasting, flood Management, water distribution management, software development, smartphone application development etc.

Approaching Change

“Staying curious, believing in team members, the value of time, updating team regarding developments in current and future technological innovations” Samrat Karva shared his views on approaching change as a part of the industry.

He further shared the difficult lessons he learned throughout the journey, he said, “We have learned a few of the most difficult lessons including avoiding micro-managing, learning the importance of indicators to signal when the market is changing along with being updated with technological advancements along with a never stop creating thought process.”

For a new entrant in the industry, Samrat Karva shares his piece of advice, “Being a company delivering solutions in the industry, one should emphasise on providing to the Farmer’s (end-user) need related to water, technological needs in water-energy-food nexus sector, understanding the water sector opportunities along with the needs of the stakeholders.”


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