Learning Spiral Private Limited (LSPL), More Than A Decade Of Delivering High Stake Results

Learning Spiral Private Limited has crafted a special space for itself among the few End to End Examination solutions and service providers. They cater to all facets of the examination life cycle. They have been managing high stake assessments for nearly a decade or more. The scope covered are logistics, evaluation, and a compilation of results to meet the varied needs of a Recruitment Board, a University or an Independent  Assessment Agency. Learning Spiral which was formed with a vision to provide services and solutions geared towards effective management of applicants and online examination system. It has become one of India’s leading assessment conducting agencies and handles examinations for 35+ Universities & 16 Million Aspirants annually.

Custom products and platforms have been developed by them to help clients meet student/aspirant expectations. Products / Platforms cover all critical areas of the Examination life cycle. Presently, AI-enabled remote proctoring is now their key focus area in the assessments and applicant management industry. They have also implemented AI technology in question creation, evaluation and also checking malpractices in online test conduction.

Learning Spiral is a leading online examination solution provider for online assessments, exams for universities. Learning Spiral Private Limited (LSPL) accounts for more than 10 million assessments a year and has clients spread across 18+ states in India. They provide AI-enabled solutions that cover the entire gamut of services and processes covering all phases of examination management from registration to conduction and evaluation. The ‘Best Company Of The Year 2020’ has been supporting all means of evaluations such as computer-based tests, online tests with AI-enabled remote/live proctoring, on-screen marking based on scanned answer scripts & entry of marks by evaluators. These end-to-end examination services and solutions cater to large scale recruitment, admissions, and also the entire student and examination lifecycle in a University.

The Infancy Stage Challenges

LSPL dealt with the initial challenges in their journey by focusing on developing insight and domain understanding of this challenging field. They have worked closely with some of the best universities like Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Jamia Milia Islamia University (New Delhi), Maulana, Abdul Kalam Azad University (West Bengal), Hemchand Yadav Vishwa Vidyalaya (Chhattisgarh), University of Lucknow (Lucknow), West Bengal Public Service Commission(West Bengal) and Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission ( TNPSC) ( Tamil Nadu) etc. for the development of their product feature set. Wherein their inputs helped them to evolve suitable product life cycle strategies to scale and make progress towards excellence. LSPL adopted new technology, AWS Cloud services for developing truly scalable, high availability and disaster proof application and data deployment strategy.

Orchestrator of Business Symphony

“An aspiring entrepreneur should always be customer-obsessed and strive to deliver stellar products and services. Understand that entrepreneurship requires hard work and perseverance. Ideas are overrated while it is the execution which is often the key,” advised by Director Manish Mohta.

Managing LSPL’s overall operation strategy, product design, service offerings, and business development, Director Manish Mohta, featured amongst India’s youngest entrepreneurs by Business World, is an evangelist of new business ideas focusing on the Indian youth and their interaction with the education systems. An Industrial and Systems Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering, and alumni from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, he has more than 20 years of varied entrepreneurial experience. He had been instrumental in the launch of India’s first student portal www.buckleyourshoe.com which is a single point for applying online using a state-of-the-art online application engine www.ucanapply.com.

Why Choose LSPL As Your Examination Service Provider?

LSPL is currently delivering services and platforms to the exam conducting bodies like Universities, Boards and also Public Service Commissions. They are also looking forward to expand their service offerings beyond the Indian borders to Middle East and Southeast Asia

Their current clientele chooses them for:

  • Their deep domain expertise
  • Their customer obsession
  • Their platforms and products are made with the direct inputs of the University/Recruitment Board clients hence providing unparalleled market and demand fit
  • Their ability to provide service in any corner of the country with active clients in more than 18+ states
  • Recently, they have also achieved a Level 3 rating on the CMMI Level 3 ver1.3 and are very proud & glad to amongst a handful of 1961 CMMI appraised companies in India.

Smooth Infusion of Technology at LSPL

An agile development process is LSPL’s key to unlock the door to deliver the desired features in the shortest possible time. Initially, their product cycle covered registration to conduction and evaluation. Besides this, they developed different evaluations like computer-based tests, online tests with AI-enabled remote/live proctoring, on-screen marking based on scanned answer scripts & entry of marks by evaluators, etc.

The Covid-19 Learning’s

With the entire world, LSPL also learned the lesson of adopting digital-first processes for all facets of the business/client process. While the pandemic was also the reason for the sudden surge in the interest/adoption of a full cloud-hosted examination management solution by universities/recruitment boards alike. The fully online examinations have been adopted with the use of AI-enabled proctoring by a large number of examination bodies. This usage has been done for the first time for High Stake Exams in the country.

Motivation and Breakthroughs

They are on the mission to reduce the time to evaluate results accurately for High Stake assessments by half. This will add more than 20 million man-months of learning for the youth of our country. This is something which motivates and drives the LSPL team and its efforts. In this journey of moving inches towards the ultimate mission, LSPL has reached its share of milestones, while with each breakthrough; the director said “This is a demanding and highly deadline-oriented domain. Each breakthrough prompts questions for us as to how we do it faster and with higher accuracy and ease.”

Achievements and Upcoming Goals

They have worked in this challenging domain for nearly a decade now. Today their solutions power the student and examination life cycle of more than 30% of the Central Universities in our country and they process more than 10 million assessments a year.

Meanwhile, the brand is adopting key strategies to maintain a connection with the target audience today. They are constantly adding features and incorporating technology to help solve real-world problems which Examination conducting bodies face.

Their future plan is to expand their offerings beyond the Indian geography, especially their platform for conducting online examinations with AI-enabled remote proctoring.

Rising Like a Phoenix and Retaining It

The organisation had floated the first student portal and a common admission platform way back in 1999. There was hardly any internet penetration at that time. There was a long period of struggle and hardship for getting the timing so wrong. LSPL survived with pure hard work and perseverance that helped them flip the business model and move forward.

It’s very difficult to remain motivated and relevant in this competitive world but there is one effective solution i.e. customer obsession. There is a common saying that what is worth doing is worth doing well,” avowed Manish Mohta

It is the comprehensive effort of the LSPL team, their entire team always ensures that the clients’ issues and requirements are addressed effectively & efficiently. Thus, the success of the company is the combined effort of the dedicated team of 100+ experienced examination professionals.

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