Kreate Energy (I) Pvt Ltd: promising a futuristic clean energy revolution

Kreate Energy (I) Pvt Ltd: promising a futuristic clean energy revolution

Solar panels and wind turbines are becoming an increasingly common sight. Ever wondered why?

Our constant reliance on fossil fuels has resulted into suppression of earth’s atmosphere with global warming emissions. The average temperature of our planet earth has risen 2 degrees during the 20th century, which has resulted in climate change. The alarming situation is upon us today, with severe threats pertaining to human beings and wildlife. According to the report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “the published evidence indicates that the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time.” Keeping this in mind, one can say that we are advancing towards an energy deficit world.

The concern has shifted gears towards the twin pillars of sustainable energy-energy efficiency and renewable energy. We are now harnessing the good from energetic winds, the sun and the amount of water that is available to us in abundance. Entrepreneurs are now cultivating a new crop of business’ attitude to planet and profit. While planet earth is still waiting for the dust to settle, a smart bunch of social entrepreneurs are pitching the issue of energy poverty by creating luminous green energy solutions.

Renewable Energy in India is viewed as a thin iced business, due to high input cost andis therefore perceived as an unsteady market. In the times when even the big names in the industry were reluctant to enter the Indian renewable energy market,as they considered it shooting in the dark. At this point, an astute brain conceived a vision, nurtured it and gave it a reality in 2009. A well-cushioned opportunity awaited Kulbhushan Mittal to move forward from the family-run textile business and set up his own empire.He started young and established Kreate Energy (I) Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Mittal Processors Private Limited (MPPL)) in the year 1997.

His young mind, however, was cultivating a bigger dream. An enthusiast for mechanizing systems and processes, the concepts of new ideas and innovative solutions always intrigued Mittal and he further aligned them with his vision for the growth of the company. In the early 2000s, Power was a deficit commodity and the government was implanting efforts to uplift the industry in a big way. He further saw the Power Sector flooded with opportunities and brewed up the idea of capitalizing a good business opportunity and founded the company.

Founder and Managing Director of Kreate Energy, Kulbhushan Mittal further established other divisions under the Kreate umbrella like LED, Commodity Trading and Renewable Energy as he travelled varied geographies and unfolded himself to the global industries. His indigenous efforts in innovating the industry have paid off as Kreate Energy reached great pinnacles of successas an unequivocal provider of clean and efficient energy services, ranging from advisory, project development and support.Today, Kreate Energy’s broad portfolio covers areas like power trading, green energy solutions, manufacturing of lighting solutions, commodity trading and energy consultancy.

Area of Expertise

Kreate Energy stands among few players within the Power Industry who are integrating into data analytics and AI-based tools for optimizing power trade. In an intimate interview with our team, Mittal stated, “We expect the industry volumes to continue to grow, but the focus here is on the change that it brings in Power Management. We are constantly innovating for building smart grids for micro and medium quantum setups.” Power Industry has been witnessing a significant growth, yet there areserious margin pressures on the industry. Spearheading its adroitness in technology and newly developed software, Kreate Energy gets highly reliable forecasting of demand and supply, especially from renewable sources.

Big names from the business world avail the prowess of Kreate Energy. The organization houses a mixed bag of clients ranging from buyers to sellers, discoms and utilities. Some of the notable names include Tata Mills, JK Tyres, Godfrey Phillips India, Essar Oil, Tata Power, BSES Rajdhani Power, Calcutta Electricity Supply, Philips Carbon Black Limited, Essar Steel, Jindal Power, UP Power Corporation, Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board, Rajasthan Discom Power Procurement Centre and Goa Electricity Department.


Kreate Energy’s workplace is dynamic in nature and is constantly evolving. The organization believes in a certain set of values that define it, one of them being meaningful relationships with something bigger. The organization fosters and expects its employees to find something other than just work that drives them. Something that they are passionate about! The management urges them to bring that perspective into every aspect of their life.

Another core value of Kreate Energy is openness and innovation. While openness emphasizes the free-spoken and unfenced communication internally and externally, innovation is based on the belief that new ideas are dependent on courage and fearlessness.

Going by the words of Kulbhushan Mittal, “It requires us to step out of our comfort zone and think out of the box. My approach is to motivate people to unlock their minds completely, for inspiration can be found anywhere. In addition to this, having a holistic approach is one quality that all our employees comprehend strongly. The idea is to think universally, as a whole. To look at the bigger picture! At Kreate, we believe that this is an ideal way of growth for the organization. The aim here is to get better, together.”

Creating Landmarks and Road Ahead         

Kreate Energy has consistently positioned itself among top two Power Trading Companies, as per CERC’s Market Monitoring Report. After getting certified with Inter-State Trading License from the CERC, the organization has traded in over 34 utilities and 829 open access clients to present day.

Adding more stars, Kreate Green Energy has achieved an installed capacity of around 1000 KW under Solar Rooftop Installations and another 1000 KW is in progress. Talking about the utility department, the organization has expanded its trading footprint across the southern region, fuelled by its association with major corporations. In addition to this, Kreate Energy has entered into Cross-Border Trading by Category 2 trader. The firm is currently cherishing its trading association with Gridco.

The future indeed, shines bright for Kreate Energy, which is spearheading ahead on its roadmap to become a prominent player in the Power Industry, by bringing all energy solutions to one platform and to be at par with international standards.

Dynamic Leadership

Kulbhushan Mittal

Managing Director

“I am constantly looking for new opportunities to innovate. It was what keeps me going.”

Kulbhushan Mittal has to his credit over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing, Textiles and Energy. He strongly believes that the quality of work is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skilled execution. To conclude his revolutionary contributions in a few words, one can say that he has been able to successfully bestow the organization with the capacity to translate vision into success.

Wise Words

One advice I would like to give the new entrepreneurs wanting to enter the Power Industry is that they must adopt newer ways and tools and integrate the same into their operations. The future is all about innovative solutions!


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