Karsun India: Engineering the future of IT Managed Services to elevate businesses

Karsun India: Engineering the future of IT Managed Services to elevate businesses

Crescent to its growth, managed-services market is projected to taste growth by as much as $193 billion. What is so exclusive about this thriving business pattern that it stands wildly successful? Why are a large piece of businesses very much in love with managed services? Scratching below the belt, there are a number of good reasons why. From overburdened IT staff, lack of employees, sound financial effectiveness or to have a proactive approach to IT management, Managed Services Providers (MSP) Pandora box confines a wide gamut of benefits for the organizations. Principally, the drive to improve and enhance the capabilities of the in-house IT team is what leads a majority of businesses to partner with managed-services providers.

Picture this: the more complexity that your organization has in connectivity, the more time and resources the in-house UT firm needs to appoint. Under the circumstances, the end result will be less profit. Fundamentally, every company needs IT, but it’s not necessary that every organization will nestle in-house IT ninjas. And that’s where Karsun India fits in as the last piece of the puzzle by delivering a valuable service: streamlining businesses’ IT requirements and keep it running with a combination of focus and expertise.

A Confluence of trust, flexibility and scalability, Karsun India has always been at the heart of IT managed services segment as an undisputed and unequivocal leader in providing a wide range of solutions to varied industry leaders. Karsun India’s provenance as a premier service provider branched out from Karsun Solutions LLC, Herndon, Va, USA back in the year 2015 to address the complexities by streamlining business processes and modernizing IT through technology innovations while simultaneously facilitating the adoption of change for enterprises. Karsun India leverages its homegrown Innovation Center and the expertise of the parent company, Co-founded and owned by Kartik Mecheri (Anand’s Brother), which has established itself as one of the top US Federal Government IT suppliers. It’s proven ability to manage and execute multiple high-value contracts (in excess of USD 100 Million) makes it a formidable mentor to the Indian subsidiary, which is well headed on a similar path. Employing years of institutional knowledge with a deep commitment to customer relationships, on every project with a strong culture of innovation, Karsun India has anchored its position as an established Enterprise IT Modernization and Management player on the Indian Landscape. Karsun India enjoys an impressive clientele and caters to the needs of a majority of big brands like DXC technologies, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, GE Capital and Allahabad Bank. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for a brand that has grown manifolds YoY both, in turnover and employee strength.

Emerging as a differentiator

  • Nestling its own Continuous Governance Process in GoLean.io, which enables high predictability through automation with a proven past performance of less than 0.2% errors in the first release
  • Counted among a few small businesses executing $100 million+ program as a prime to a US Government agency
  • Crowned as an Innovative Winner, the organization has been selected as one among the top 11 out of 100+ participants from Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) $1.5B Flexible Agile Support program named FLASH. This program involves delivering services and innovation to DHS in the areas of user-centred design, agile dev-ops, and automated testing
  • Karsun has well established mature processes as evidenced by its Capability Maturity Model Integration® Maturity Level 3 – Software Development, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 IT Service Management, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems certifications
  • Karsun has proven management experience, technical competencies, and thought leadership to focus on “risk preemption” strategies that make us the perfect partner for any organization, be it a government agency or a private enterprise
  • KarsunIndia leverages a well-established Innovation Culture derived from the Karsun Innovation Center in its HQ in USA.

Synchronizing technology with innovation: The offerings

Structured to help organizations reduce IT costs, improve quality of software, and increase the efficiency of applications and resources, Karsun’s solution competencies enable organizations to take action on the derived business insights delivered through visualization and dashboards to finally translate them into informed action

  • Modern Software Development

Develop/modernize portfolio of IT applications using Karsun Solutions’ Scalable Agile Framework “GoLean” to reduce cost, improves quality, and increase efficiency. The organization’s agile and DevOps practices have been refined and proven through the application of Lean, Kanban and DevOps principles and best practices to large-scale modernization projects.

  • Cloud Solutions

Karsun India’s cloud practice provides a standardized approach for optimal cloud configuration, migration, inter-cloud integration, and standardization services.

  • Advanced Analytics

The organization’s advanced analytics practice focuses on data operations, data visualization, and data analytics that provide valuable business intelligence to customers.

  • IT Outsourcing

ITO practices are among the most trusted traditional IT Management practices. It serves both the Data Center Management and the End User Services. Standards and Scheduled as well as Automated IT Management Techniques with solid Intelligence has already shown outstanding results and a 100% renewal rate is a testimony to this.

Chronoscope of the leader


  • Several IPs achieved by establishing full-time Karsun Innovation Centre committed to most novel and continuous Inventions
  • CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, DCAA Systems Solutions
  • High-cost savings for the clients
  • Implemented contracts over USD 110 Million successfully
  • Incremental double-digit YoY CAGR on Revenues and Reserves
  • 100% Renewal Rate on all contracts
  • Best in class HR and Fiscal practices – about 10% Annualized HR Attrition rate and double-digit (CAGR) Reserve growth

Awards & Accolades

  • Listed among 20 most promising BI providers of India – CIOReview, Feb ’17
  • Got recognition among 30 Fastest Growing IT Companies in India – by The CEO Magazine
  • Kartik Mecheri’s accomplishments include,
  • Fed 100: Kartik Mecheri – FCW

Future 50 – SmartCEO

Best-Run – SmartCEO

  • Listed among Fastest Growing US Companies – Inc. 5000 (Rank 2521)
  • Recognized as Most Promising Government Consulting Solution Providers – CIO Review
  • The firm has received numerous awards and recognition from leading business magazines and publications.

Walking towards the future

Holostik is marking its footprints deeper on the landscape. Growing forward, Karsun India is looking ahead for a step-by-step expansion and envisions channelizing the most advanced technology modernization techniques to the Indian Marketplace at an affordable price and compliment the larger schemes of Growth and Gainful Employment within the country. The firm aspires to achieve this without digressing from the fundamental principles of Karsun’s Founders – Innovation, Modernization, Investing in Human Capital and Transparent Trade Practices. Using the state-of-the-art-technologies and leading edge from Karsun Innovation Centre, the firm is looking ahead to introduce more offerings for the Indian horizon.

Champion behind the brand

Anand Mecheri

Managing Director & Country Manager

Running a company is one of the complex jobs in the world and the captain of the ship is the one who bears the responsibilities of taking the organization to new heights. Similarly, the helm of Karsun India’s endeavor rests in the hands of Anand Mecheri, a hands-on business leader armed with the standards of excellence. Known among his clients for solving “Wicked Problems” using innovation and a home to result-oriented, enthusiastic and decisive management persona, Anand is accountable for the profitability of the firm’s Indian operations as well as the enrichment of the Human Assets of the company in India.

In his professional stint of over 25 years, Anand has employed his expertise to large, Multi-Billion Dollar Engagements with corporations like the Tata Group, American Express, Hewlett Packard, etc. Anand has also contributed to several inventions in the area of IT Services and has earned several IPs too. He is known among his clients for solving “Wicked Problems” using innovation.

Anand has been widely acclaimed for his Executive Management Abilities. He has attended numerous forums like CII Events, IWIN Events, High Schools, etc. as a motivational speaker.  Driven by a strong philosophy of giving back to the society in every way possible and participates in many philanthropic initiatives, he spends most of his personal time with his family or by playing Golf.


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