Juego Studios puts to use revolutionary new gaming technologies to deliver innovative solutions for all kinds of businesses

Juego Studios puts to use revolutionary new gaming technologies to deliver innovative solutions for all kinds of businesses

Juego Studios, a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified company, was started in 2011 as software outsourcing company in the sphere of game development. Today, Juego Studios has expanded into a full-fledged technology venture offering services in gaming & entertainment,, augmented/virtual reality applications, gamification, IoT, AI & Machine learning, simulations, visualizations and more. With a team of 150+ people with diverse specialities, the workforce at Juego Studios combines technological know-how with business management skills. The company has successfully delivered 200+ projects for more than eighty clients in throughout the globe to date.

Strategically headquartered in Bangalore, one of the top tech capitals in the world,  with branches in Florida (USA), London, Riyadh and Dubai, Juego Studios functions with an expert team of artists, developers and technology experts who are passionate gamers themselves.

Implementing innovative technology solutions is a challenge due to various factors and requires expertise. The company has successfully achieved this by adopting a customer-centric approach, rather than traditional product-centric approach. Juego Studios delivers tailor-made, cost-competitive, scalable technology products and solutions after thoroughly analyzing individual product & industry requirements.  The company offers game and app development as a service for a variety of industries and develops a range of products.

Juego Studios’ experience across the sectors of real estate, heavy industries, automotives & manufacturing, financial institution, healthcare, pharmaceutical and others translates into a differentiated value proposition and accelerates time-to-market for clients. The company delivers comprehensive services to all kind of businesses including start-ups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Coca Cola, Puma, Emirates NBD, Johnson & Johnson, Lionsgate, IEEE etc to name a few. Juego Studios’ efficient, world-class software outsourcing process brings down the risks of project failures and creates robust software solutions that meet current and future demands.

Awards & Recognition

  • Best gaming software companies 2015 by STPI
  • Kidscreen Awards 2015 for Hopster, an educational app that we contributed to.
  • Featured in Brand of the year 2016, by one of the leading business magazine
  • On the list of 20 most valuable mobile application solutions provider, Insights Success
  • One of the Top Emerging AR Companies of 2017 on APAC Region by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine.

The CEO Magazine loves to share success stories with its readers to keep them updated and thus we decided to have a conversation with Mr. Suman Balakrishna – CEO of Juego Studio.

Mr. Suman Balakrishna, in the longue with Abhishek Dubey – Editor at The CEO Magazine

How does the company build a successful customer base?

We offer a diverse range of services and solutions for companies ranging from early stage start-ups to multinational giants. We also believe in forming lasting client partnerships – we spend time to understand and analyze the problem at hand and then decide on the right technology to build a solution that addresses the specific requirements of the customer.  Our detailed approach has resulted in us having a high percentage of repeat clients.

How do you see the company changing in one year?

In the coming year, we will be focusing on expanding our capabilities in AR & Big Data. We’re looking at providing full-scale development for high-end enterprise applications across various industries.

What kind of culture exists in the company?

Our work culture is very open and collaborative; in fact the friendly and creative atmosphere in our offices is a major contributing factor to our growth over the years. We believe in open communication, constant experimentation and innovation to achieve the best possible results.

What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

We’re currently working on a very exciting real-time data visualization project for which we are building the framework. It has several challenging aspects from the implementation angle.

What are the major milestones for the company since founding?

We’ve crossed some exciting milestones since we started off. We expanded from a single office in Bangalore to 5 locations across the globe.  We’ve transcended from providing traditional gaming services to delivering high-quality solutions for VR, AR, AI, machine learning, simulation, big data, IoT and enterprise gamification, serving major organizations from numerous sectors.

Please tell us about Road Map and Future of your organizations. 

Our future focus is to develop one single, comprehensive platform that combines the potentials of AR/VR, AI, IoT, and Big Data. With our internal framework for visualization and data metrics, we’re looking for a way to deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions that address the problems of customers from any industry.

Tell me about when you failed. How did you overcome?

Experimentation and constant learning is an integral part of being an entrepreneur. We treat every challenge as an opportunity to grow and evolve and this approach has always served us well.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur? 

  • As a start-up, you will always have the hurdles on each and every phase, starting from capital to hiring the right resources,infrastructure – setup, fine tuning the process, deliverables etc . 

Some of the key points, which helped us to grow are:

* We’re adaptive to latest tools & technologies thanks to our strong basic foundations.

* We love to innovate, experiment & execute.

* We believe in having fun at workplace.

* We learn from our mistakes!

* We trust each team-member’s ability to contribute and encourage opinions.


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