Since the beginning of this decade, environmental services have turned into a topic of the debate taking on its due urgency. The environmental problems have bagged serious recognition for their detrimental impact on our surroundings. Being boiled to this situation has given birth to several companies taking interest in the development of the environmental concerns at hand and this is where an environment consultant steals the spotlight.

Ind Tech House Consult, founded in 2007 was carried out with the idea of providing consultancy services for Environmental Impact Assessment, environmental audit, corporate environmental services, water budgeting, waste management, and detailed project reports for common waste management facilities (hazardous waste management facility, bio-medical waste management facility, and municipal solid waste management facility). The brainchild of Suman Banerjee, Founder & Managing Partner also installs and commissions organic waste composters and sewage treatment plants.


Suman Banerjee, Founder & Managing Partner, holds a degree in Engineering (Environmental) from Kolhapur Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering, Maharashtra and for the last thirteen years, he has been instrumental in managing an environmental consulting business through which he has undertaken extensive studies. He has provided consulting work for different Governments and institutions, private companies and international organizations. His work on the environment has included EIA studies, preparation of management plans, implementation of management systems and providing training to company staffs.

Anand Kumar Dubey, Founder, EIA Coordinator & FAE holds Masters in Environmental Science & Ecology. He is responsible for helping its Client to achieve faster than the Market through a methodical way of strategy and performance implementation and improvement. He has directed several projects and handled public/ Government/ client consultations and regulatory issues.


For Suman, it all started when he decided to create a platform where opportunities can be generated to work in a healthy workplace. The core objective was to create sustainable employment opportunities. He managed to keep the system of work within the organization incredibly effortless.

“Every person in this organization works for the organization, which is governed by a ‘Charter’, and bears an oath of accountability towards our nation, society and surrounding” states Suman.  

The company identifies with the issues under technical and legal environment framework for Industries, Projects, and Corporate Houses. It is difficult to differentiate the output of work done by others in the same field. The difference is in the process and how the work is being done. At Ind Tech House Consult, it is ensured by all that the work standards are reserved as simple, target-oriented, and build confidence with on-time delivery of what is required from the clients’ end.


The team of professionals at Ind Tech House Consult is adept at accepting the changes that traverse their way through the market in a way of requirements. They are open to changes and welcome modifications in their delivery and service models to draw parallel with the present system and demand deliverables.

Suman asserts, “We are running a consultancy organization and we also have developed a research & development laboratory for monitoring, testing, development of technology as a sister organization namely ‘Ind Research & Development House Pvt. Ltd’ for a more enhanced approach to analysis.”

They have an assorted basket of clients that they have successfully gained the confidence of and they vary from Government, PSUs, semi-government to private corporate houses. To name a few; American Express (India) Private Limited, Alpha Corp Development Private Limited, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Bharti Realty Limited, Central Public Works Department, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), DLF Limited, GodrejProjects Development Pvt. Ltd., IREO Private Limited, MMTC-Pamp India Pvt. Ltd., Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd., Nestle R&D Centre India Pvt. Ltd., Northern Railway, Ranchi Smart City Corporation Limited, Rites Limited, Shapoorji Housing Pvt. Ltd. etc.


Ind Tech House Consult is looking forward to venturing into manufacturing segments including operation and maintenances. This will act as an additional boost to the organization and major switchover from the service industry to the services cum manufacturing industry.

For budding business heads who believe they can make it big in this business, Suman suggests that they should give their idea a well-deserved gestation period to stabilize the organization and do not fall in the pit of expecting instantaneous returns. If one wants to sustain strongly in the market for a long time, the factors to be kept in mind are perseverance and time.  


There is no corporate culture at the company, but rather, they have simple working concepts. They have absolute faith in their team and provide them with a platform full of opportunities, expect and accept the mistakes from their end and at the same time also make sure that the same mistakes are rectified on time. They don’t waste much of their time and energy into putting the onus of a fault at someone. But they ensure that no recurrence of the same erupts in due course of time.

“The members of the organization are trained and nurtured. We believe that an organization and its employees have a symbiotic relationship and co-existing. The employee attrition rate of our organization is very less. The foundation of any organization is laid through the people working in an organization” emphasizes Suman. 


Suman believes the journey for him so far has been educating in terms of experience and each project that he has undertaken has taught him a new lesson, broadened his mind further, opened new doors to change and helped him stay calm with helping him look at things from different and fresh perspectives.

The company orchestrates on a balanced outlook, they do not believe that there are competitors in the market, the journey for Ind Tech House Consult from the time of inception has been about maintaining the focus on their work and development for them to cherish ahead.

Suman recollects, “The journey of 12 years was filled with innumerable ups and downs. From the very first day, the journey was rough. It took the company three years of gestation time to land to a stable condition and five years to get recognition in the market. Slowly employees started to join. Our policy was to retail our employees, nurture them and have sustainable financial growth.”


The client’s trust within the brand is of utmost importance, it takes a while for one to trust a brand and even more time to retain the same. Ind Tech House Consult has diversification on the cards with their current business operations in the manufacturing segment which would include Operation and Maintenance.

At present they are two Companies under the group and plan to increase their spectrum of activities and therefore, increase the number of companies under the group. Apart from manufacturing, they plan to enter into hospitality segment in due course of time. They intend to expand their presence to the international market, starting with South East Asia.

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