Eureka Outsourcing Solutions: Delivering Excellence with Business Process Management to Diverse Industry Verticals


Eureka Outsourcing Solutions: Delivering Excellence with Business Process Management to Diverse Industry Verticals

World’s most favored market for BPO companies, India, is the hotbed offering a rich talent pool, enormous technology capabilities, and untapped markets. Initiated in the mid-’90s, Indian BPO has transformed into the fastest-growing segment of Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry. The well-seasoned leader with the experience of more than 22 years, Abhinav Arora envisaged the future’s potential and guided the 1000+ member team, turning the tables for the Eureka Outsourcing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EOS).

With its roots in 2003, started as a Godrej captive BPO setup’s growth has been significantly paced since last 6 years, as it transformed into a formidable outsourcing setup from 2 locations in 2012. The company added multi-channel and back-office support and eventually ventured into KPO services. Eureka Outsourcing Solutions and its highly focused management team aim to become a digital-driven BPO with its Automation and Turnkey Solutions like ERA 24*7 powered by technologies like Artificial Intelligence, E2E Mortgage, and Omni-channel solutions.

“At EOS, We are actively adopting AI & RPA to add value to our customer’s processes, cutting down operational costs, bridging the gap between the digital and the conventional brick-and-mortar model resulting in a large pool of highly up-skilled individuals.” Abhinav Arora, CEO, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EOS).

Outsourcing Solutions

Eureka Outsourcing Solutions (EOS) works with various business models including hybrid and complete-outsourced models, where it delivers operational responsibilities like Hiring, Training, Quality Assurance, KPI/SLA management or the infrastructure and technology setup services to the client. The complete-outsourced business model offers the clients with a state-of-art infrastructure, best-in-class technology services with an extremely talented team of experts. Each of these services is offered with extensive consulting to improve the overall service delivery to clients.

The Unique Selling Proposition

Boosting Sales through Outbound Calling, Reduce Cost through Channel Migrations & Optimization, and Shift to Digital Enablement and providing Customer Insights through Data Analysis create consistent internal controls has been a USP of EOS. EOS as a Service Providers have always considered various Innovations and Tools to retain, acquire and grow with its customers.

Challenges and the Break-Through

Understanding the individual strengths of the corporate family of employees is an essential and easy task but directing these individuals to believe in their potential to be “Leaders for Tomorrow” is a real challenge for an organization. The company is progressing as the early movers in the industry and has adopted a reduced lead time to provide the “Next Generation” solutions. EOS is not too far from introducing the well-known global market phenomenon of “Home-Agents” in the domestic markets.


Serving over 48+ Marquee clients across diverse industry verticals, through 12 major languages, handing ~50+ Million transactions annually, the brand has established and diverse and loyal clientele. The ‘Fortune 500’ and blue-chip companies from industries including Banking & Financial Services, Insurance & Healthcare, Automotive, Utilities, E-Commerce, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Consumer Durables are one of the top clients of EOS.

The Team

With a team of 180 man-years of experience comprising with a healthy mix of professionals across functional and BPO domain, the company is constantly expanding its footprint with its “State-of-art” infrastructure setup, currently servicing from strategically located 09 delivery centres across India and shortly launching in the USA and UK. The company has created a distinct mark for ourselves through its “Digital Service” offerings and committed to constantly work with the right rigor, in this direction.

EOS is an evolving company and competing with large-scale BPO setups having a widespread presence across the globe. Providing the “talent pool” with an opportunity to become leaders in the future is hence imperative for the organization. The brand takes various initiatives enhancing capabilities of individuals with a well-chalked career growth path along with a robust “performance management system” and guidance towards balanced personal and professional life.

Achievements and Milestones

Being the industry leader, the company has been awarded with various facilitations including “Company of the Year for Outsourcing & Service Excellence” by Customer Excellence Summit & Awards 2019, Recognized by Silicon India in the Year 2016 as ,“25 Most Promising Global Outsourcing Companies”, “Fastest Growing Outsourcing Company of The Year” by Asia Outsourcing Congress & Awards 2015-16, and Mr Abhinav Arora, then COO, EOS, was awarded “CEO of the Year” as Super Achievers in the Year 2016 endorsed by Asian Confederation of Businesses & Thought Leaders.

Any corporation achieves success with two essential elements, its clients and its employees. The company has created an ecosystem of “Happy Customer in each of the five identified industry verticals where we significantly contribute to reducing headcount for managing certain customer responses through “Digital Solutions”. The employees in the company are directed in the directed to become “Entrepreneurs for Tomorrow” with flexibility as well as accountability.

The Future

“I feel that it is the responsibility of every Entrepreneur to ensure that there always exists a “Level-Playing” field for nurturing and growing the Entrepreneurial ecosystem. This inevitably requires constant efforts to be undertaken at various forums to bridge the gap between the Private Organizations on one hand and the Statutory Framework / Government Policies on the other hand.” Abhinav Arora, CEO, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EOS).

Overcoming Failure Situation

“In its initial stages, one of the clients entrusted the company with a similar assignment but with a high scale as well as geographical spread high magnitude. The team initiated the project pan spanned across various geographies. The “Toll-Gate” checks existed at all levels to achieve “Go-Live” promptly. The company immediately acted after identifying the problem of significant lagging in specific locations during the transition. The company deployed additional support systems to cover the problem of different leadership styles of the Location Heads. The additional support systems also learned about outstanding initiatives resulting in on-time delivery of the project.”

The Journey and a Difficult Lesson

A journey full of constant “learning”, identifying “failure and capitalizing the situation to change the lives of people around. The company has approached change with a profile where the matured individuals need to be the “Drivers of Change” rather than being driven by others. With an “Early Stage” thought process and necessary investments the paradigm shift in the ecosystem. The difficult lesson learned during the endeavour is to focus on corporate family members, the ultimate aim concentrated towards investors’ interests and uplifting share-holding value can be achieved.

The Visionary’s Advice 

“Follow your “dream” until it becomes reality. Failures are stepping stones to success and an attitude of “Never Say Die” is essential to attain success” Abhinav Arora, Director & CEO, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EOS).

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