Creative Synergies Group focuses on digital product engineering in Automotive, Heavy, Aerospace and Energy sectors, employing over 700 experts

Driving Digital Product Engineering Worldwide
Creative Synergies Group focuses on digital product engineering in Automotive, Heavy, Aerospace and Energy sectors, employing over 700 experts

Creative Synergies Group (CSG) is a Global Engineering Services Company with sales and delivery offices in US, Germany, UK, Japan and India. Dr. Mukesh Gandhi, a serial entrepreneur and former professor and pioneering researcher at Michigan State University, founded CSG. The company is exclusively focused on digital product engineering and boasts 700 designers, engineers and technical specialists in US, Europe, Japan and India.

CSG provides multi-shore product development solutions to its Fortune 500 customers resulting in 50-70% cost savings and 40-60% time saving by leveraging its 4 low cost delivery centers in India (3 in Bangalore and 1 in Pune).  CSG’s world-class delivery centers feature state of the art multi-million dollar hardware and software assets in addition to best of the breed custom built number crunching facilities to simulate real life events including multi-vehicle crash, high speed turbines/compressors and real time operation of automotive full vehicle assembly systems and semiconductor plants.

CSG provides high-end engineering services focused on Digital Product Design, Digital Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Aided Engineering, Digital Plant Engineering, Value Engineering, Engineering Software Development and Technical Publications to its global customers. CSG has unparalleled domain expertise in Automotive, Truck & Bus, Heavy Engineering, Aerospace and Energy industries.

CSG’s customer base includes several blue-chip companies including General Motors, Nissan, Fiat Group, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Magna, Terex, Comau, Thyssenkrupp and Kubota.  CSG helps these companies in bringing their products to market in a much faster time, reduce field failures and warranty costs and digitally validate complex product design and manufacturing plants in a virtual environment.

CSG is a unique company that was founded by a university professor and researcher and has a management team with technological strengths underlined by entrepreneurial savvy.  In a very short time the company has established a dominant and recognized brand with a proven track record of providing high-end engineering services to global Fortune 500 companies. The CSG team has been able to accomplish this due to its thorough understanding of the engineering services market globally with deep customer penetration and mindshare. The talented leadership team has US engineering consulting roots and significant experience in low cost India based delivery and local delivery experience in US, Europe, Japan and APAC.

CSG has been consistently rated 4.75/5 by over 95% of its customers and its delivery teams have routinely been rated at the top in competitive benchmark studies undertaken by customers. CSG was rated number 1 out of 7 India based competitors and 10 other LCC competitors by one of the largest global automotive OEMs (4.75/5), while the closest competitor was rated at 3.5/5. CSG has innovation built into its DNA and the company prides itself with over 35 IP assets developed in automotive, heavy and energy verticals.

CSG has been amazingly successful and poised for explosive growth because of its significant understanding of global requirements and experience in delivering projects across the globe – US, Europe, Japan, Australia, Africa and South America. The company has a global mindset with technical staff to communicate in different languages across the globe and a proven track record in delivering on large volume relationships with major companies worldwide. The entire leadership team is personally committed to long term dedication and commitment to customer relationships.

CSG’s experience in Digital Product Design, Digital Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Aided Engineering, Digital Plant Engineering, Value Engineering, Engineering Software Development and Technical Publications translates into a differentiated value proposition and significantly reduces time-to-market for clients. CSG’s transparent, efficient and flexible world class processes eliminate risks of project failures and create powerful solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

CSG’s Key Differentiators

  • Management Team With Technological Strengths Underlined by Entrepreneurial Savvy
  • Dominant and Recognized Brand With A Proven Track Record Of Providing High-end Engineering Services to Global Fortune 500 Companies
  • Thorough Understanding of Engineering Services Market Globally With Deep Customer Penetration and Mindshare.
  • Talented Leadership Team With
    • US Engineering Consulting Roots
    • Over 17 Years Experience in India Based Delivery
    • Local Delivery Experience in US, Europe, Japan and APAC
    • Rated 4.75/5 by Over 95% of its Customers

 Roadmap and Future Plan

CSG’s vision is to become a global brand and an Indisputable Leader in Engineering Services Worldwide By Building a Business with Intrinsic Value and a Long Term Sustainable Business Model.  CSG plans to realize this vision by developing:

  • Fully Integrated Global Engineering Services Partnerships with Major OEMs and Tier One Suppliers
  • Innovative Technologies, Design Methodologies, Optimization Strategies
  • Enhanced Productivity Tools and Innovative IP
  • Innovative Business Models

Dr. Mukesh Gandhi, CEO of CSG, brings rich experience of many years in managing change, driving innovation and improving efficiency. His passion for providing solutions to complex problems across multiple geographies has given birth to a very unique model of multi-shore delivery.  He has nurtured an exemplary work culture that focuses on the company’s mission and vision, which ultimately adds significant values to the lives of people worldwide.

Dr. Gandhi chats in brief with Abhishek Dubey, Editor Associate at The CEO Magazine

Abhishek: How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

Dr. Gandhi: Lot of my learning in life has come through role models – the biggest growth in my life has been through real experience (both good and bad).  My biggest dream is to contribute to society in a very significant manner by following my professional path and grooming successful and ethical professionals along the way.

Abhishek: Kindly tell me how you’ve approached change.

Dr. Gandhi: I have always loved change – I embrace change.  I was a researcher and a University professor – always looking for new ideas and challenging old concepts. I absolutely love change and thrive on change.

Abhishek: Favorite aspects of being an entrepreneur, what three pieces of advice would you give to youths, who want to become entrepreneurs?

Dr. Gandhi: My favorite part of being an entrepreneur is providing high end and high value services to global customers, creating job opportunities worldwide, mentoring ambitious and passionate team members and seeing them grow and realize their dreams.  The best three pieces of advice that I can pass on to the next generation of passionate entrepreneurs are

  1. Dream big and follow your dream – Creatively carve out your own path
  2. Passion and hard work will take you places – you will come across hurdles, Never, Never, Never give up.
  3. Be totally committed to team spirit, loyalty and humanity – the power of synergy can conquer heights that the human mind cannot imagine

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