“Companies don’t do business with companies; people do business with people” says KishorGorasia

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Ni-Ki Delivers a comprehensive data storage services

“Companies don’t do business with companies; people do business with people” says Kishor Gorasia 

Over the years technology has evolved at an exponential rate. Data recovery services have improved tremendously and have become more efficient, reliable & affordable. Withan unflinching commitment to solve weaknesses in data recovery services, providing innovative, effective and efficient solution, Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services has emerged as a noticeable name among the data services provider companies throughout the country. Laid the foundation stone of a new journey in the year 2000, Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services has been a global leader since its inception in providing Data Recovery Solutions internationally to a wide variety of consumers. Ni-Ki was awarded 2nd rank among top 5 data recovery companies of India by one of the leading magazines for its remarkable contribution in the field.

The company’s customer base consists of end users, its Data Recovery Partners, systems resellers & service providers, distributors, schools, Corporates and government agencies. With over many years of experience, its team has the technical expertise needed for all storage applications, including desktops, laptops, servers, and all types of storage devices.

Having proven record of accomplishments of providing 100% data recovery results for many companies, Ni-Ki is the pioneer in the field by continuously evolving new methods of retrieving data from a wide list of data loss cases. It has also observed and classified data loss based on broader categories like causes, corruption, etc. and strategic categories like environmental cases, virus behaviors, statistics and patterns, etc. This helps Ni-Ki to analyze data recovery cases quicker and provide appropriate solutions in time. The company aims to ensure that its clients get the best results out of the recovery process through its tools and software functions. Ni-Ki carries a wide variety of hard drive inventory that consists of all interfaces, capacities, and conditions.

Ni-Ki has state of the art labs and personnel having expertise in head replacements and media transplant techniques. Its lab also has a large stock of old and rare hard disks and spares. In case of head replacement and media transplant techniques, it has well equipped facilities to handle such cases. Ni-Ki is committed to provide better services than whatever its clients expect. The people of Ni-Ki are skilled, zealous and well-qualified and they are utilizing their potential massively to maintain the standard of the company. Ni-Kimatches your data loss problem to the right specialist and it provides you with ongoing updates and access to your own assigned service representative so you always know what is going on. Simply put, its data recovery expertise at competitive rates provides its clients with the cost effective solution they need.

There are many other companies offering the services but Ni-Ki set an effective parameter to server one of the best possible solutions available in the market. Here what differentiate Ni-Ki from many other in the field is that it is acutely conscious of its social footprints. The company believed passionately about R & D work wherein the associated people studied each and every aspects of knows related to data recovery.

Ni-Ki is one of the industry’s leading professional data recovery services provided. Through continued investment in research and development it is able to provide one of the highest success rates than its competitors. The company’s support team with their decade long experience in data recovery and has recovered data from almost every situation imaginable for individuals, businesses, and government departments from failed hard drives, computers, RAIDs, flash drives, and all other digital storage devices. A major advantage of the company is that it is authorized to work on all makes and models of hard drives, so that your warranty drive won’t get void.

How does the company build a successful customer base?

We believe in “Companies don’t do business with companies; people do business with people”. We pay close attention to the kind of ties that can quickly develop between our data recovery partners.  We use social media not only to make connections to new prospects, but to create “our voice” within our customer base. Whatever it may be, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., we post messages that are of value to our customer and prospect base.

Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations. 

With data recovering being the company’s core focus Ni-Ki ensures recover data back even complex situation. A prime focus would be to offer data loss prevention solution to the companies and providing data quickly after any disaster without any data loss is our first priority. It would be having class 100 clean room facilities even at Ahmedabad office and in latter stage would be expanding their wings in neighboring states as well.

Data protection is often a headache for Data Recovery professionals and to protect that Ni-Ki also provides cloud solutions in the form of online backup. Unlike tape, data that is backed up to the cloud stays online and is available for immediate recall, means a restore process can be started immediately and data can be retrieved instantly.

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

Our goal is to offer the fastest and most reliable Data Recovery and Data Protection Solutions to restore for any data loss that you’ve back up and running in no time as if nothing had ever happened.

The Man behind the Success

Founder & Head Operations

Mr. Kishor Gorasia

Kishor Gorasia leads the Organisation’s  technical team, who specializes in all aspects of data recovery.

He has done Engineering in Industrial Electronics. Further, specialized in the field of data recovery and forensics Science.  With around 13 years of experience the company now has an endless list of successful recoveries for domestic, commercial and government customers to its credit. Since the company’s establishment, under his guidance, company has tried it very best to fulfill the gap in the rapidly growing data industry. He is responsible for advancing the strategic vision of Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services and growing the company’s business lines through continued investments in technology innovation and service enhancement.Ni-Ki, with its efficient solutions, has now become one of the leading providers of cutting edge data solutions to a wide range of industry sectors.

Head Finance & Channel

Mr. NiteshGorasia

NiteshGorasia leads the organization’s Finance & Channel. He is responsible for advancing the strategic vision of Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services and growing the company’s business lines through continued investments in technology innovation and service enhancement. Nitesh brings deep proficiency to Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services in organizational strategic planning and implementation, process improvements, accounting, auditing and financial management, among others. Nitesh holds extensive executive  experience with more than 13 years in the  IT industry, leading teams across all functional disciplines


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