Alfred Jordan Pvt. Ltd: Nestling the dexterity of Tax, Legal, Valuation and Financial Management under its wing

Alfred Jordan Pvt. Ltd: Nestling the dexterity of Tax, Legal, Valuation and Financial Management under its wing

No complication? No product.

It’s true -if your offerings are not an exit to a problem, people don’t actually need your brand.

This is why when Alfred Jordan Pvt. Ltd was incorporated; the first thing the founding team focused on was to make sure they are addressing a problem. Rohit Bajoria was associated with HSBC during that stint, working across verticals and geographies and gaining learning, on a daily basis. He observed the industry carefully and discovered a bottleneck. Advisor (be it a Banker, Accountant, Lawyer or Valuer, Insurance Agent, Architect or any other Advisor) played a significant role in the process of correct decision-making by the Clients. Yet it stood as a piecemeal in India and specific to that particular field where the Advisor operated and the nature of most problems in the practical world was inter-disciplinary. Ergo, clients would end up with sub-optimal decisions and solutions, listening only to a Uni-Domain expert. This was enough to give Rohit’s entrepreneurial instinct a pluck. “This is when the idea, of a multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary organization, providing one desk, Tax, Legal, Valuation & Banking Solutions & Advisory to Clients cropped up. Coming next, we formed a Team of expert Professionals, from Tax, Legal, Valuation and Banking Domains, to provide one-desk and the ‘Home Office’ solution to Clients globally. Since then, we are thriving to provide quality multi-disciplinary solutions to Clients across India and to Indians located globally.” asserts the Co-founder and Senior Advisor at Alfred Jordan.

Alfred’s One Desk Solution: the Local Consultant, to the Global Indian!

The initial steps of the journey are often daunting. The multi-location nature of businesses demands Tax, Legal & Banking advisory on a regular basis. Alfred Jordan spends a lot of time, understanding the explicit and implicit requirements of the Clients and then we work out the solution which is most optimal for the Client- from HNI, to Expat to Globetrotter and multi-country Organization. Once the client is on-boarded at Alfred Jordan, he/she can leave the hassles connected with Tax, Legal, Valuation & Financial decision making, compliance and management behind and take a break. He does not need to run around multiple people getting piecemeal advisory and put the jigsaw puzzle together and then take a decision. The firm’s offerings are very personalized and customized to the Client’s requirements, the quality of Advisors matters and the challenge is to continue maintaining the quality and at the same time peruse double-digit growth.


Rohit throws light on Alfred’s rich clientele, “Just to share a fact, there is an MNC organization, where their Asia Pacific CEO (who is a business Celebrity), as well as the Office Bearer, is our Client. It has happened multiple times where I have had a meeting with the CEO and then a meeting with the Office Bearer. This proves our expertise solution and service offerings, which can fit everyone. In general, our clients span across being Self-employed, Salaried and Corporate Houses and Government Organizations. Our clients largely are HNI’s, CEO’s, Celebrities, International Sportsmen, Doctors, Airline Crew, Consultants, Lawyers, NRI’s, Expats, few Government Organizations, MNC’s, and Cross-Border organizations. Since we also hold specialization in Cross-Border Advisory, hence quite a few Clients are with this requirement and profile.”

Summing it up in one line, any person or organization, which requires honest, transparent and dependable advisory on Tax, Legal, Valuation & Banking domains, is a prospect Client for Alfred Jordan.

Work Culture

Alfred Jordan is blessed to have an expert team that nestles a primary principal- to provide optimal solutions to clients for their benefits, compliance and security. The firm fosters a very transparent organizational structure. Here, other than being a generalist, each employee is required to specialize in one domain and this expertise enables them to have better job satisfaction and provide better solutions to clients as a Team. Moreover, the organization has recognition and awards for the employees not only for their performance, but also for any out of the way contribution done by any team member, either for a Client or for a Colleague or for the Organization.

The Roadmap

Spearheading towards new heights, the management team is envisioning setting up its overseas offices in Washington DC, Singapore and Dubai in the coming year to expand its wings and provide its clients with another touch point.

 “The market is huge and we see a lot of traction in this space, globally, in the coming years.  With the increase in complexity and challenges of work and life, everyone needs an honest, transparent and dependable advisor, who can look after most domains. This is not only restricted to Ultra HNI’s but also applicable to Middle-Level Salaried people. In line with this, we are overhauling our software infrastructure, where we can provide seamless connectivity and solutions to clients located globally.” Rohit [sic]

The organization is on a growth trajectory and looking ahead at increasing its Team, Client and Infrastructure strength.  Furthermore, the firm is planning to raise more capital for the funding of the next level of growth. The organization’s current Investors and Global Partners are been very satisfied with the growth and the organization is looking forward eagerly to take on the next year.

Dynamic Leadership

Rohit Bajoria

Rohit homes more than a decade of experience in International & NRI Taxation, Strategic Consulting, Valuation & Banking services. He has worked across the country in various domains of Cross-Border Tax, Banking & Finance, across Industries in the MNC’s, Government & Non-Government organizations.

He is a Partner in Alfred Jordan and advises Clients located globally, on Cross-Border Taxation, Valuation & Compliance.

His other interests lie in writing articles for International & National Journals on Tax & Banking matters and he is currently authoring a Book which is to be published soon. He spends quality time in Orphanages assisting Under-privileged children.

The Journey

It’s been an absolute roller coaster, but looking back, it’s been really good fun, especially, the adrenaline rush that you get when you are at the ebb and then you start rising out of the ashes. For the Organization, right from getting the First Client to sign in a Cheque of Rs 1,000, from operating in an office with an inverter to now having a Clientele base, located in 40 Countries globally; it has really been a good journey, for the Clients, Employees and the Organization.


I have always been keen on new things and developments and to take things forward. Keeping in mind my occupation, every day is a new day with new learning’s.

A day has only 24 hours, is the most difficult lesson for any entrepreneur. There is so much to do, and the next frontier to conquer, and that one last report to make, it seems 24 hours a day, is a little too less!

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