The advancement of the telecom revolution of mobile networks has changed the world and there are still more technologies to come that will completely change the game of the telecom industry. There is need for modern technology for the current generation.

9G TELESOULUTIONS is a modern-day telecom company that offers an entire range of Expert Telecom solutions and services. They chiefly have aced end-to-end consultation to use, integrate, and maintain telecom networks. It started as a partnership company in Bangalore and turned into a private limited company to increase the business sense.It provides the services to all the Mobile Service Operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Visionary of 9G

B Bhanu Prakash, Director, 9G Telesolutions Pvt. Ltd, is a visionary who gives the right direction to executive management in this dynamic environment of business. He is an expert in installation, maintenance and training activities of Mobile communications. As a veteran of the industry, he works on bringing a standard approach by mobile network operators towards service providing vendors.

Present Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The vision of helping and improving the lives of common people with a telecom company in India leads to 9G Telesolutions. Information Communications Technology (ICT) had helped in revolutionizing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India to evolve because of the vast technical talents, investments, infrastructure, and services pool. For the continuous growth of an organization, 9G teamsneed to face many challenges and overcome them.

9G Telesolutions offers a distinctive service proposition and experience that allows developing an end-to-end service across different mobile network access technologies. These services are made possible with the help of highly trained and experienced professionals who use the best practice processes in project management, health, and safety of the environment with the training of new technologies introduced in the market.

Current Challenges

Rules and regulations of the telecom industry are not exact across all regions which allow service engineers to learn and train on every apparatus deployed by major network operators. As a service provider, 9G leads to bringing an unbiased approach to every service player in the industry hence, no client can behave unjustly to any service provider. Along with industry experts, 9G is working to bring a balance between quality and efficiency to obtain at the given price.

Current business model of 9G Telesolutions is producing experts’ service engineers in core technologies of Various Mobile Equipment Manufacturers so that they can be available to install the latest mobile Technologies on short notice. Work is done in a quality and efficient way to minimize operational and maintenance costs for the mobile network operator. All Original Equipment Manufacturer like Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei are their clients. Top Mobile Network Operators like Airtel, Vodafone Idea, BSNL, and Jio are also their major clients.

Upcoming Developments

A few years back, the world was astonished by the introduction of 3G, they were calling it a game-changer and so it was, as it brings the access of ‘high-speed internet’ to our mobile devices and provides the platform to connect. It made our regular phones Smartphones.
And as the world started to recognize that 3G had great speed, 4G was introduced in the market. It was an improved version of 3G and made surfing the internet much faster. The next big thing will be 5G which will be a completely new mobile network paradigm, which allows new opportunities to do and manage businesses.This will be a new challenge as well as a new opportunity for every service provider for new business models. 9G is working with an oversees based company to enter into providing efficient power management solution for BTS and MSC’s

Advice for Entrepreneurs

There should be a fast adaption and learning of new technologies like 5G, such as ubiquity in data management and power management solutions that allows mobile network operators to provide quality service to their customers without any network issues and at the same time operation and maintenance cost is minimal.

Educating and training employees with the latest trends in mobile network operations is the key. Allow the R&D department to innovate ways of delivering the services and even producing the tools. This enables them to remotely monitor the operations of 5G that require multiple skill sets to sustain in this fast-growing age of technology allowing seniors members of the team to work on their instincts and skills by believing and trusting them.

Biggest Dream and Learning

Growth for business requires patience and continues a sense of purpose. A vision with a positive attitude goes a long way. To achieve our goals, our approach should be aggressive towards them, set realistic goals and accomplish them with a transformable attitude.

To fail is a part of success, you learn, you improve with it. Overcome failure by ensuring the following thumb rules of project execution guide and training in every horizon of the business and implementing a feedback system that will help you to know your faults and not to repeat them.

Most of the lessons will come from failures, setbacks, and defeats. Although painful, they will develop the self-awareness to grow. Fear will force you to spend time mastering the thoughts and emotions.

9G Telesolutions was started as a small group that provides services in electrical and telecom infra projects. Today 9G occupies preferred vendor category with sheer quality, cost-efficient services. They would like to produce at-least 5000 efficient service engineers in the field of Mobile Network Operations in the coming 5-years’ time

Corporate Ethos,the know-how!

9G Telesolutions were created for telecom companies as their backbone which is holding a strong foothold in India exploring to start expanding services globally in the coming years and diversification into new era of 5G technological telecom activities. Providing the correct blend of products and services with every evolving telecom technology and provide consultancy as well on how best mobile network providers can support their clients.

Tradition, loyalty, and reliability were the competitive edges in earlier days which are replaced with innovation, technology, and creativity with a fast decision-making process to deliver services in the telecom domain. And comprehending the same, 9G Telesolutions are always there to help people in natural disasters across India to restore their networks and services as quick as possible. Awarded for commitments to honour the ‘SPIRIT-Solution provider, Professional, Innovative, Reliable, with Integrity and True-customer-interest’ by all operators the company is also a certified service provider in handling core types of equipment of Nokia, Ericsson, and Huawei persistently for 15 years.

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