One Degree Coworking is exploring the new horizons of coworking spaces and creating a personal collaborative work environment with comfort and satisfaction. 

In this ultra-modern age when most of the companies have adapted to open desks and communal spaces, Saurabh Doshi has taken the foundation of ‘One Degree Coworking’ with a unique approach to outfitting all the space autonomies that a business owner requires to maintain certain amount of privacy that boosts productivity in employees. This Coworking space presents an ideal environment for each individual- where everyone feels welcome, motivated, creative, productive and at the same time relaxed.

One Degree Coworking is located in a family-owned compound and thus the coworking members can reap the advantages of the companies in the entire compound. One Degree is derived from the concept of 6 degrees of separation which states that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other, which simply means that if you want to know Barack Obama, you are 6 people away from having a chat with him. Their compound also comprise of giant companies like Amazon, UBS, Vivo, Samsung, SBI Bank, Union Bank, Canara Bank, etc.

One Degree is on its way to serve more companies; it aims to create the entire One Degree brand and try to connect as many people as they can through the work they do in the next five years.

The ultimate focus of One Degree Coworking is to let entrepreneurs focus on what they do best without taking any stress about managing their office space.


Saurabh Doshi, a man with a vision, currently chairs as the founder of the co-working player- One Degree Coworking. He is acquiescent in his approach and is always willing to go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of clients. He started his entrepreneurial career with a catering company in 2017.  In 2018, he initiated a T-shirt company called One Degree and in the following year, he started the coworking space called One Degree Coworking.

Saurabh earned his Masters in digital marketing. He is an ardent dreamer who isnt afraid to strike out on his own and an enthusiastic traveller, who refused to let the worlds best spots just sit on a hypothetical bucket list.  Instead, Saurabh decided to travel and create a strong network all across the world.


“I first started One Degree in 2018; it was an online platform offering customised t-shirts all over the world. I tried working on this from home but got really distracted. This is when I first got the idea of working from a coworking space. I joined Ministry of New, Fort and worked from there for 3 months and I must say it was the most productive time of my life. It made me fall in love with the coworking ideologies, and I decided to start a venture in this domain. Finally, the idea of ‘One Degree Coworking’ was conceptualised in early 2019; with this idea I was also looking for a distinct way to connect people.

Further Saurabh shares, We dream to connect people on the first degree, which means directly; thus the name One Degree. We want to have One Degree of separation, or rather, connection to each other to decrease the distance among people.


People have a standard opinion on what coworking means. According to people, it means communal desks and a lot of conversations happening with lots of activities planned by the management.  Several reports state that members of a coworking space have lowered productivity in their work because of so many distractions.

That’s where ‘One Degree Coworking’ is an unparalleled concept. It provides dedicated desks with partitions and with a pedestal for minimum distractions so while working, people can concentrate 100%. Moreover, there are breakout rooms, event spaces, smoking zones, where people can have great conversations and make strong connections; basically the best of both worlds.

“We had FN Design Studio design our space. It’s like they knew what I wanted and designed it exactly how I had imagined it to be, or lets say, even better than what I had imagined. 3 words to describe them? Smooth, efficient and prompt. Definitely a company you should call for your next space.” says Saurabh.


“Various co-working spaces don’t allow the IT sector or non-creative fields to join the community. Our ideas are a little different. We have all kinds of companies and entrepreneurs who are in different fields like real estate, brokerage, digital marketing, renting, designers, accounts team of mid-sized companies, international digital companies, etc. As our name suggests, we want to create a unified world that leaves no one behind and which discriminates with no one,” asserts Saurabh.


The One Degree Coworking team follows an array of marketing strategies for branding. Before they even started creating their space, at the ideation level, they created professional 3D models of the entire space and how it is going to look with the detailed colours, etc. These 3D models were given to local brokers who were then asked to show these to prospective clients.

“Selling seats before opening gave us the confidence we needed and added to our capital investment. Having done my master’s program in digital marketing, we are now using a detailed digital strategy to attract new clients and spread the word; we create customized advertisements for a personalized experience,” Saurabh states.


Saurabh explains, “Every once in a while, something really big and new comes along and people think that it’s going to take over the world or change the entire industry. This rarely happens. When airplanes were introduced decades ago, people thought that by 2020 everyone would be flying and that there would be no cars around. But guess what, we still drive cars because they’re more cost-effective and convenient for the infrastructure that we have! What the coworking age has done is unique. It has taken advantage of the same infrastructure that we have and made them cheaper for the emerging entrepreneurs to have a better workspace.”


A lot of coworking spaces have come up in the market, offering offices at a cheaper rate but also compromising the quality of service that they provide. In this market, people often prefer choosing the cheaper option but end up leaving the space in a few months. Rates at One Degree Coworking are slightly higher than the market but it is vital to match the high service standards of the company that is best in the long run.


Saurabh believes, “Focus on the ‘community’ should change. Coworking is not only about the community but it is also about enhancing productivity at work and giving full focus to your work while we handle the rest. Focusing too much on the community would cause a lot of distractions and would beat the purpose of having a coworking space.”

“The work structure of ‘One Degree Coworking’ is designed in a way that our members don’t need to concentrate on the overheads and the working of an office; besides, they can also take advantage of the other members and their unique skills. Making power teams is what a coworking space provider should aim at, for their clients,” affirms Saurabh.


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