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“Today’s Creation is Tomorrow’s Legacy”

Rahul Kapoor

2020 marks the end of a crucial decade for the financial services industry, a decade in which we witnessed a lot of disruption and positive innovation that brought about new opportunities – not to mention, challenges – for financial institutions. The Indian financial services industry has also made great strides in the past decade.

Impressive progress in improving access to formal financial services through bank accounts and an efficient, low-cost digital payments infrastructure has made India a beacon globally for financial inclusion. With the growth of Indian financial industry brands like “Rupee Catalyst” has also emerged. Rupee Catalyst is Mumbai based and one of the leading distributors of various financial products like Loans, Mutual Funds, Insurance and Fixed Deposits. It was formed with the thought to successfully implement its “GIFTS” policy i.e. Growth, Integrity, Fairness, Transparency, Social Responsibility. It was initiated with the aim to understand the consumer’s requirement and help them with the best deals from various Institutions.

In today’s scenario, it’s utmost important to constantly work towards easing the assessment process thereby making the consumer more associated with the brand which has a better recall value. The current ecosystem of our country is very complicated and unorganised which leaves good scope for Institution like Rupee Catalyst who are largely dependent on technology and have a very solid predefined system integrated platform. Our country has witnessed major transformation from manual to automation in the last decade. This has not only brought awareness in the consumer’s mind but also has increased their expectations from the supplier/distributor. At Rupee Catalyst they constantly work towards customer’s delight and set high service standards.


Rahul is the Founder & CEO of Rupee Catalyst. Rahul’s has professional expertise of over 16 years in the field of Credit Underwriting and Risk Management along with various Financial Loan Products. He has previously worked with IIFL where he was heading and leading the western region of India and has prior worked with CITIGroup & GE Country Wide. Rahul specializes in Retail & Corporate Loans along with Investment Banking and Wealth Management.

He followed his calling of entrepreneurship when he founded Rupee Catalyst in 2017. The motivation for founding Rupee Catalyst was to build a platform for like-minded team members who believe in a value-oriented investment philosophy with a focus on long term value creation and raising money for clients.

Rahul is a Six Sigma Black Belt in Quality Management and possesses a Certified Master’s Degree in Balance Sheets along with a Green Dan accreditation from the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). He is also a sports and fitness enthusiast wherein he has participated in more than 20 Marathon events all across India.


Rupee Catalyst was started in October 2017, post the fall out of a few large NBFCs. There has been major liquidity stress in the untapped market which had a substantial contribution in lending to mid-segment in both rural and urban markets. The NBFC’s are like a shadow bank which lends to those clients who probably are not the bank’s target audience. Last one year has changed the entire credit cycle thereby increasing the bad assets in the lender’s book.


“One can change everything about your business other than your core belief. It is not about how much your business is worth but about how the consumer has benefitted from it.” Said by Rahul Kapoor

Rupee Catalyst is an online financial distribution company dealing in products like Loans, Mutual Funds, Insurance, and Fixed Deposits. The Brand has tie-ups with more than 65 Lending institutions, 35 Mutual fund Houses, 5 Insurance Companies and 2 rating agencies. Their loan/Mutual fund distribution is completely online through cloud-based software for instant financial solutions.

India’s consumers are more worldly-wise than ever. They believe that it is not relevant for them to deliberate their brand on the consumer if there are commitments made by them it is only ethical to deliver as committed. The team of Rupee Catalyst does not only work on the transaction, they extensively work towards customers need and ensure complete satisfaction and delight.


Rahul Kapoor launched this brand with high end to end technology support with the best Industry practices followed in the international market. Their Mutual Fund Distribution App not only allows the Investor to invest online but they can also compare/switch/redeem on a real-time basis. This not only gives their client a sense of confidence but also assures them maintaining timely liquidity on online redemption requests.


Rupee Catalyst was started with a clear mandate to improvise their services which are backed by technology and works on a real-time basis. They faced various challenges in the initial stage of the launch, the biggest one was to match the customer’s need versus the Institutional fulfilment during the slowdown in the banking sector which led to serious liquidity crisis across the sectors and industries coupled with critical economic reforms like Demonetization, GST and RERA. Their biggest challenge was to transform from the manual to the tech-based interface during this era.


The technology revolution is bringing a massive change in organisational growth. The organisations are moving from their legacy operating systems to the latest cloud technology, which is more secure and cost-effective. More than having a tech-based platform it is important to upgrade the technology considering the market trends and consumer expectations. Rupee Catalyst loan service standards are designed purely to identify the consumer’s pain point and provide them with the best option and the right solution based on their eligibility on a real-time basis. A brand resides in the consumer’s mind. Every consumer has its perception and opinion. The Brand Rupee Catalyst has risen to prominence on 3 pillars which are:

  1. Brand Creation
  2. Brand Positioning
  3. Brand Acceptance

They are a digitally advanced company as their Hi-tech systems are capable of engaging the client without human intervention. This cutting-edge technology keeps them ahead of curve and also helps them service the client faster through a very standard Robotic Process Automation.


Rupee Catalyst is a start-up India approved company participating in various programs which are organised by DIPP. Considering the fact that this Government has a very strong mandate to implement economic reforms and upscale the nation to a 5 trillion economy by 2024. Well, they do have a lot of expectations from the Government to make the credit more accessible for the medium business class. This will boost consumption thereby reducing the inventory pressure on the manufacture.  

Before the budget 2020, there have been significant steps taken by the government to resolve various issues pertaining to drop in consumer demand and also enhancing credit facilities to MSMEs.

Rahul Kapoor further added, “The budget 2020 to our view is sacrosanct and shall reap positive results in the next 2 quarters.”


  1. DIPP Recognized Start-Up India Company
  2. An ISO 9001:2015 certified Company
  3. Awards from Various Financial Institutions, Banks and Fund Houses.
  4. 10 Most Promising Mumbai Financials Startup by SiliconIndia Startup City Magazine
  5. BS Fastest Growing Companies to Watch In 2019 by Business Sight Magazine


In the coming years, Rupee Catalysts are not only looking to spread their business geographically but also look up to creating one of the most respected brands in the financial space. They are looking towards adding more employees, more locations, better products to make a sustainable business model which has the ability to scale naturally.


Rupee Catalyst believes in a very flat and a lean structure. They not only hire employees but emphasize their personal growth as well. They aim to make this an Institution instead of a company. The right man for the Right Job always keeps the resource motivated and also ensures high enthuse-levels with optimum utilisation of resources.

“We also strongly believe in a work-life balance.” Quoted Rahul Kapoor


One advice that Rahul Kapoor wants to give to all new entrepreneurs is to make a business model which does not only have the acceptability but also have unique services which can resolve a customer’s problem and also work towards a social cause.


Rupee Catalyst strongly believes in contributing towards the social welfare and they have successfully implemented a CSR program named “HEART OF A CHAMPION”.

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VESTIGE: REPRESENTING SUSTAINABLE GROWTH WITH AN UPLIFTING LEADERSHIP TEAM AND FOCUSED DISTRIBUTORS Fri, 22 May 2020 13:35:16 +0000 VESTIGE: REPRESENTING SUSTAINABLE GROWTH WITH AN UPLIFTING LEADERSHIP TEAM AND FOCUSED DISTRIBUTORS “I believe and I reiterate always that it’s important to dare to dream. One who can’t dare to dream can’t achieve anything big in life. It’s the courage to dream that drives us towards realising our goals.” – Gautam Bali, MD, Vestige A […]]]>


“I believe and I reiterate always that it’s important to dare to dream. One who can’t dare to dream can’t achieve anything big in life. It’s the courage to dream that drives us towards realising our goals.” – Gautam Bali, MD, Vestige

A brand led by a visionary thought leader and his core team, Vestige rightfully takes pride in itself as a pathbreaker, an innovator in the market, and a leading Indian-origin direct selling company offering healthcare, personal care, colour cosmetics, agricultural and home hygiene products.

Since its inception in 2004, Vestige has brought a revolutionary change in the business ecosystem of the direct-selling industry, which earlier offered tall promises but under-delivered. Vestige’s pro-distributor stand to ensure that the benefit of the business is passed on to the last mile, to help each distributor achieve success in the business, is one of the key reasons that the brand has experienced exponential growth in the last 16 years.

Starting with a handful of products, two offices in Delhi and Bengaluru, and a few distributors, Vestige, now has a presence in seven countries including Bahrain, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, along with a growing family of millions of distributors selling more than 300 products.

Vestige is the leading Indian-origin direct selling company in the Direct Selling News Global 100 list, ranked 30th in 2019-20.  Each member of the Vestige family brings the right talent for the critical roles that they play. The brand promotes a culture that empowers its members to not just match the pace with the present but also to accelerate to excel in the future, which can be done only with a futuristic vision.

The 300+ SKUs by Vestige includes health supplements, Ayurvedic medicines, personal care products for skin, hair and body, women’s premium skincare products, men’s premium grooming products, colour cosmetic products, home hygiene products, agricultural products, unique purification appliances of Sharp a leading Japanese consumer electronics brand. These products are made available to Vestige distributors through more than 3,000 online and offline centres, covering every nook and corner of India. Vestige is now directed towards new beginnings ensuring a similar service delight to its distributors all over the world.


Gautam shared “Kanwar, Deepak and I founded Vestige with a common vision and mission. All three of us have worked together in different organisations within the industry, so we understood the nitty-gritty of the Indian direct selling industry. Our purpose was to do something to bridge the gap between the aspirations of the people joining the direct selling industry and what was offered by the companies through their plans.”

He further added, “We had a great convergence of ideas and agreed to the fact that all direct selling companies, which at that point were working to enrich themselves at the cost of the people, were not going to serve the distributors’ purpose, and we decided that Vestige should be a brand that will enrich the people and based on their growth the company will grow.”


A brand from the country and for the country, indeed, Vestige is an open organisation and opportunity provider with its roots deeply entrenched in India. Vestige has people from all parts of India of which 30% of the distributors are women. They have walked out of the traditional closet and created their own independent, empowered identity. Vestige also has a large number of young distributors below the age of 30. Such a diverse group forms the key growth engines of the company.


The Vestige’s core management team, consisting of Gautam Bali, founder and MD, Kanwar Bir Singh, director, Deepak Sood, director, is enriched with the experience of many years, they have successfully managed to delegate authority, give people the freedom to operate and ensure that each team member is aligned with the brand’s sole goal, i.e., providing its distributors’ success, growth and delight.Over the years, Vestige has adapted open-door management policy, accepted every innovative idea, appreciates people, enthusiastically encouraged them to innovate more and thereby created more value for the business.


Vestige has created a unique culture of belongingness and transparency, which has aided the distributer’s mindset of feeling valued in the organisation, believe in the organisation’s goals, and share the company’s vision by integrating themselves with it. Vestige has won several accolades for its HR practices and is recognised among India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces consecutively for the past two years.


Vestige has been recognised for its immense contribution to the economy for years and some of its recent achievements include “Best Nutraceutical Company of the Year 2018” at ABP News Healthcare Leadership Awards, “North India Best Employer Brand Award 2018”, “National Best Employer Brand 2018” at World HRD by Congress and featuring in the Direct Selling News’ Global 100 List consecutively since 2017.

Adding to the feathers in the cap are Global HR Excellence Awards 2019 for “Best Workplace Practices”, being certified as “India’s Top 50 Great Mid-Size Workplaces” by Great Place to Work ® Institute (India).

In 2020, the list continues, as it received “National Best Employer Brand” at World HRD Congress, ranked #30 on Direct Selling News’ 2020 Global 100 List, and was certified as a “Great Place to Work” by Great Place to Work ® Institute (India).


The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has negatively impacted several businesses and industries around the world. Vestige is among the few futuristic brands in India, which managed to cope well with the unprecedented pandemic lockdown by aligning its operations with the latest technology supporting the 50% operation capacity of the brand even during the lockdown. From reassuring distributors with optimum services and zero lagging to using the power of digital mediums to communicate effectively with its people regularly has led to strengthening the bonds during the peak hour of crisis.  Such a futuristic and flexible approach helps Vestige to continue to excel.

Being a growth-oriented company, Vestige aims to start operations in 50 countries by the end of 2025 and to become one of the leading direct selling companies of the world while its immediate plans involve being present in 15-20 countries by the end of 2020.


Vestige Heart to Heart Foundation, the CSR arm of the brand, has been meeting Vestige’s aim of giving back to the society by organising blood donation campaigns and tree plantations to flood relief in Chennai (2015). They have also gone a mile ahead and adopted two orphanages in Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and have been providing nutritious food and education to the children. Vestige’s mobile healthcare van ArogyaRath, inaugurated in Dholpur district of Rajasthan has been providing basic healthcare needs of the rural people in several villages. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Vestige collaborated with the Delhi government to provide food and monthly essentials to 25,000 underprivileged families, i.e., around 100,000 people.


“For new entrants,it is important that you know your people first and what they want. If you can add a simple growth target on a month-on-month basis, and strive hard to achieve it each month, then you will be able to grow phenomenally. All you need to do is understand what your customers need and provide them with that before anyone else, it is the key to success,” Gautam shared.

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UNLEASHING A NEW BUSINESS ERA WITH EXCELLENT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS- TEKCOMMANDS, INC. Fri, 20 Mar 2020 13:28:21 +0000 MAHENDRA-KONDLAUNLEASHING A NEW BUSINESS ERA WITH EXCELLENT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS- TEKCOMMANDS, INC. TekCommands’s mission is to provide unique products and services that exceed customer expectations by increasing their productivity, profitability and competitive advantage. In the last few years, the global business corridor has strongly upgraded its capabilities and offerings in line with emerging technologies and exploring […]]]> MAHENDRA-KONDLA


TekCommands’s mission is to provide unique products and services that exceed customer expectations by increasing their productivity, profitability and competitive advantage.

In the last few years, the global business corridor has strongly upgraded its capabilities and offerings in line with emerging technologies and exploring collaborative opportunities. This digital journey has been quite fast and fascinating with a pretty fast-evolving exodus and an emerging and energetic tech firm is creating a disruption by the goodwill that has been garnered with their existing clientele along with validating their track record proven expertise in delivering professional software products and services.

Incepted in 2009, TekCommands, Inc. endeavours to provide professional software products and services to the corporate market as well as smaller businesses, locally and internationally. The team of 35 technical architects and hardcore developers create a wide repository of products that make streamline the task for technology service providers and development houses by possessing extensive domain skills in selected vertical segments. These are based on a simple belief that “A good solution should be technology agnostic, simple, portable and scalable.”

The software products and solutions offered by TekCommands are based on Open Standard Technologies and they use the technology-neutral platform and technology-neutral design, which considerably reduces unnecessary expenditure and speeds up the development life cycle owing to the availability of many ready-to-use components for virtually any system.

TekCommands’ unique software products ENTWIN, SNAPLETTE & Tek-CADRE contribute greatly toward the success of various corporates as well as smaller businesses that operate locally and internationally by enhancing their productivity, profitability and competitive advantage. They attain this by offering clients an end-to-end project development cycle-business analysis, project design, deployment and support, state-of-the-art development process, and comprehensive quality assurance.

TekCommands through continuous efforts and with great focus on customer success constantly evolves to build a portfolio of quality enterprise-level products. They specialise in engineering rapid application prototyping and enterprise application development tools. The company operates from the US, UK, Hong Kong, and India. They have their corporate office in the US and Development Centres in US, UK, Hong Kong, and India


Mahendra Kondla holds Masters Degrees in Computer Applications from Madras University and Business Administration from Sri Krishnadevaraya University. He has an excellent track record of thousands of customer satisfaction in managing and developing IT solutions and has been in the industry for years. As the President of TekCommands, he has been instrumental in the conception and scale-up of the business. Because of his noble principles and unique ideology, Mahendra has gained great reputation among business and social circles.


TekCommands offers a wide range of services encompassing several operational fields. They cater to clients having specific needs, requiring customized solutions that are reliable, match industry standards and yet are cost-effective.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Procurement
  • E-Learning
  • Partner Programs


  • Transparency
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Browser Isolation
  • Dynamic Sparse Matrix handling
  • Multidimensional Conceptual View
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Governance, Compliance Management
  • Unlimited Dimensions and Aggregation Levels
  • Accessibility
  • Consistent Reporting Performance
  • Generic Dimensionality
  • Multi-user Support
  • Unrestricted cross-dimensional Operations
  • Flexible Reporting


A Favour in technology solutions is not always what a client wants. You give your customers honest feedback, so you want a marketing team that listens to your point of view but will also tell it like it is.

At TekCommands, potential marketing indicates its ability to deliver in areas such as SEO, Positioning, Strategy, Public Relations, Social Media, and Campaign Management by managing the company’s digital image.


TekCommands is focused on delivering quality and professional software engineering services from the corporate market to smaller businesses. There are multiple driving forces behind the company’s successful growth.

Apart from the best software development tools and services, TekCommands supports its clients in project rescue and partner programs. The company has years of expertise in saving projects that were considered a complete failure and has top qualified specialists who can tackle a challenge of any complexity. While working on the rescue projects, TekCommands minimizes risks and helps in attaining a client’s business objectives at the lowest costs.

Treating employees respectfully is a key to great workplace culture, and giving them autonomy to do their jobs in one way brings a progressive environment. “They know what decisions they need to be making without asking management.

“By taking good care of employees will naturally take care of our clients. Our Philosophy here is our people come first, our clients come second,” asserts Mahendra Kondla.

As a leader, Mahendra believes that every employee’s participation is a key to the success of a company and promotes open communication with all employees thus making TekCommands a good place to work.


TekCommands has received numerous awards for its sincere efforts towards providing quality services and empowering businesses with advanced technology in this rapidly changing business environment. The firm has been acknowledged as 100 Most Promising Technology Companies by a reputed business magazine. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified company. A reputed media house listed TekCommands as the 10 Most Valuable IT Solution Provider Companies.


TekCommands Team spent a considerable amount of time researching data on critical industry trends/benchmarks and soft leads from prospects to arrive at its own sales estimates.

Software Product companies with dedicated Sales & marketing efforts, in general, are able to capture a 1.5% to 3% market share in the first year post-launch. They are typically able to spur the growth by a consistent 50% rate in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of the post-launch of their products.

Software product companies, in general, are able to convert one (1) out of every ten (10) raw prospects into paying customers. The company demographics (size, market, average sale, and so on) don’t affect the percentage much. The conversion rate, however, quadruples to four (4) out of every ten (10) among qualified leads after reducing some percentage that may be from competition or potential employees.

10-leads to 1-sales ratio, and 1% market share in the 1st Year with 20% growth in the 2nd and 3rd year, and 25% in the 4th year, (possible due to launch of Web version, hosted version, and Apple/Linux versions every year), and a modest 7%-10% growth in the subsequent years.

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SHIP2MYID: THE NEW AGE PLATFORM, INTRODUCING ADVANCED ADDRESSING AND SHIPPING SOLUTIONS Fri, 20 Mar 2020 13:24:34 +0000 SANTOSH-GOPALSHIP2MYID: THE NEW AGE PLATFORM, INTRODUCING ADVANCED ADDRESSING AND SHIPPING SOLUTIONS Disruption begins with questioning the norm. In this brave new world, driven by millennials, a seven-year-old boy’s innocent question and his father’s entrepreneurial abilities  has led to the formation of a unique concept and Ship2MyID initiated its journey a few years ago and the […]]]> SANTOSH-GOPAL


Disruption begins with questioning the norm. In this brave new world, driven by millennials, a seven-year-old boy’s innocent question and his father’s entrepreneurial abilities  has led to the formation of a unique concept and Ship2MyID initiated its journey a few years ago and the possibilities of unleashing new opportunities began in shipping.

Ship2MyID is a patented shipping enablement and identity management platform that allows consumers or businesses ideally “anyone and everyone” to ship products to others without the need for the receiver’s mailing address. As an incredibly powerful and patented platform, it resolves the global problems of addresses & Identities and gives abundant new revenue opportunities for postal communities, logistic companies, ecommerce, and most of all, Consumers.

Today, without mailing addresses, products cannot be shipped. Ship2MyID comes as a shipping solution, where the Sender can provide either a cell phone number, email or any social media ID of the recipient when they don’t have the actual mailing addresses, and Ship2MyID takes care of the rest.


With a profound experience of about three decades, Santosh Gopal, the founder has been leading Ship2MyID and taking it on higher latitude. His expertise envelops an excellent track record in Information Technology including Entrepreneur, Services Company for ISVs, Social Commerce. Prior to establishing Ship2MyID, he serves at key positions in different industries like Technology, Software, Education, and Publishing. Santosh is an innovative executive leader for strategic alliances and always comes up with something out-of-the-box.


The concept of Ship2MyID was born out of the expectations of Santosh Gopal’s son, Kush. It was his seventh birthday and his parents bought a lot of gifts for guests as return gifts. But unfortunately, they left them at home. After the party, the son asked his parents how we would send those gifts as we do not have their addresses.

Once, Kush was waiting for the shipment of his tablet. He received an email about the shipment while he was in Virginia, but the tablet shipped to his home address in California. He pondered: If email can find me in Virginia why can’t my shipment come there too?

Powerful innovation, simple to use and delivers disruptive changes to the way people send and receive gifts — the freedom and flexibility of a virtual world.  Convenience, Accessibility & Privacy are driving the digital world. Ship2MyID aims to bring those benefits to real-world life.

The core concept of ship2myid stems from addressing these two fundamentals;

Can we send packages to any Digital ID instead of mailing addresses?

Can packages follow consumers and not tied to fixed locations?

Today we talk about the digital world. Our phones carry thousands of digital contacts. The traditional approach doesn’t allow us to send packages without addresses. Now with Ship2myiD – you can send packages to every digital contact.  The foundation of Ship2MyID was taken to tackle these issues.


  1. Without the address of the recipient, shipping is not possible.
  2. As per UPU (Universal Postal Union) 50% of the world has improper addresses deny-in them of basic amenities such as water, power, gas and health care
  3. 30% of Millennials change their “home address” every year leading to biggest reason of lost packages
  4. World addresses have no standard structure or language which results in global shipping issues


The Ship2MyID solution is based on these two simple mantras – Addresses need to be portable and packages need to follow people (or businesses) and not be tied down to a physical location.

Today, almost every person has a cell phone or an email id that is unique worldwide. A person can associate his cell phone, Facebook, email or any social or Digital ID to Ship2MyID. Now, these digital ID’s become the handle to reach the person. The user can create multiple delivery locations and each of these delivery locations can be mapped to a street address or an alternative. Consumers or businesses can ship to each other by simply providing the digital ID’s of the recipient. Ship2MyId transfers accountability of address from the sender to the recipient. To ensure privacy, Recipient has 100% control on all the packages which come to their home.


Let’s catch a glimpse of the key factors that bestow a competitive advantage to the company and have enabled it to lead digital shipping across the world:

  • Unique lifetime Digital address mapping any physical location
  • 100% control for each delivery and acceptance depends on sender
  • Data privacy is on top priority
  • Eliminating the need for conventional mailing addresses and solves global shipping problem
  • Manage one-touch hold, schedule or FWD at a transaction level
  • Solving address validation challenges and has 100% visibility of all shipments
  • Cross Border Deliveries become a lot easier; no language or script barriers
  • Seamless Ecommerce Checkout Integration
  • API integrations with existing infrastructure
  • Plug-in for e-commerce, business, Scanners, Sorting Machines, GPI systems
  • Alerts, Notifications, and Delivery Confirmation
  • Alphanumeric or QR code for every transaction

Further Santosh Gopal adds, “Today, everybody is trying to spy data; suppose you click any product on Flipkart, next day, you see the same ad on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Everyone is trying to spoof and spy consumers to understand their buying needs and behaviours. Many large companies have been sued for breaking privacy laws. Instead of collecting data behind consumers back, Ship2MyId likes to bring trust back in the system. Consumers can decide what they want, when they want and where and all this with complete anonymity so that they don’t have to face barrage of sales calls from brands & manufacturers. It’s a game-changing way of direct marketing, and shifts the paradigm from ‘creating demand to leveraging demand’.


  • Empowers National Postal organizations to play a bigger role within community
  • Creates brand new revenue streams powering the business growth
  • Leveraging Consumer Opt-ins provides Deep Insights to every consumer’s digital footprint including purchase behaviour, shipping transaction, demand Generation and digital access to consumer’s network.
  • Enhance Delivery with Higher Accuracy- Address + GIS
  • No Lost packages due to wrong addresses
  • Unique Shipment ID for each package
  • Automation using GIS-based sorting. No handwritten mailings
  • NO Cross border address challenges, multilingual labels can be printed
  • Omnichannel- KYC based customer service

Ship2MyID is the perfect solution for post offices globally to digitize their entire addressing problems in their respective countries. It can be the backbone for ecommerce, shipping, addressing and logistic industries, and enabling consumers to feel more secure as they have an option to control every aspect of their privacy and yet send and receive packages. It would trigger additional orders and shipments and con-tribute to the growth of ecommerce and logistics


Ship2MyId is in discussions with several National Postal organizations including UPU (Universal Postal Union under United Nations) and empower their postal organizations to deliver to a digital ID.  Company has aspirations to provide this platform free of cost to national postal offices and wants to ensure worldwide penetration with NO COST to consumers.

in Addition, they are planning to expand and want to be a standard platform for worldwide shipping needs. They believe that all people should be able to have a digital identity; mapped to their physical identities. The company is also on the way to provide a one unique lifetime identity for every world citizen.

“The most powerful ideas are very simple and the biggest destructions change from a simple idea. As Ola and Uber have given the power to consumers from taxi drivers in the same way we want to take power from shipping and e-commerce companies and give it to the people,” Santosh Gopal wraps up.

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SAMBUQ.COM INC.: AN EXCLUSIVE B2B PLATFORM SUPPORTING COMPANIES TO MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS Fri, 20 Mar 2020 12:59:23 +0000 SambuqSAMBUQ.COM INC.: AN EXCLUSIVE B2B PLATFORM SUPPORTING COMPANIES TO MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS World’s first and only B2B e-Marketplace platform, branded as a business media platform, is empowering businesses to find solutions to fit their needs, based on information supplied by vendors and the experiences of previous explorers. A viable option for businesses big and […]]]> Sambuq


World’s first and only B2B e-Marketplace platform, branded as a business media platform, is empowering businesses to find solutions to fit their needs, based on information supplied by vendors and the experiences of previous explorers.

A viable option for businesses big and small across industries, Sambuq is a novel endeavour in this industry initiated by Ganesh Rajagopal. Since the inception in 2014, Sambuq, in its short yet stellar journey has established a unique mark to help those who want to make educated budgetary decisions with all available information, comparing provider offerings, value, and cost. Named after an early 1900’s trading vessel that transported goods between countries in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean regions, SAMBUQ enables a more efficient solutions B2B marketplace.

The biggest spend for any organization is marketing and outreach. This is the exact problem is solving for all organizations globally. The mission of the platform is to enable inbound and outbound marketing for every organization. This feature is now extremely expensive and provided by social media platforms and other search engine solutions that rank and rate the organizations and predicate their visibility based on the amount they spend. This will be the case till becomes known worldwide.


Ganesh Rajagopal- Founder & CEO

Sambuq is the brainchild of Ganesh Rajagopal. He holds over 22 years of leadership experience and has worked with Deloitte, IBM, Northrop Grumman, and CSC. His experience includes developing and implementing full-spectrum technology solutions, leading and developing creativity, establishing governance, management consulting and business strategies. Ganesh holds a Master’s in Information Systems from George Mason University and a certificate in executive leadership from eCornell.

Satish Mutalik- Co-Founder & CTO

Satish has a strong track record of innovation and deep experience in Cloud computing, enterprise search, and big data analytics. As a technologist, Satish has helped commercial and public sector clients at CSC, Corporate Executive Board, Deloitte, and Infosys.  Some of his professional interests include open source innovation, big data analytics. Satish holds a bachelor’s degree in Computers from Karnataka University India.


Historically, the decision-making process for companies in need of solutions has been arduous and fragmented. Vendors present their solutions/services to a business independently, and then it’s up to the business to run comparison analyses, make reference calls, and conduct research, which is often a dead-end given the paucity of available online information. This process can take weeks, even months to complete.

Sambuq offers an efficient alternative, delivering a comprehensive picture of what a vendor offers and the perceived value derived by explorers. Sambuq is a virtual port where vendors dock and share their wares, allowing explorers to make more informed decisions. Sambuq helps companies bring to market new products & services and facilitates competition among vendors.


The advent of Social Media in the last decade ushered the concept of being connected to information sharing between people, transcending geographies. The need was to have a pure-play business media platform that caters to businesses for information sharing; most of the online business portals are typically e-commerce or e-procurement websites and not an e-marketplace. The business media platform is typically a converse of social media wherein, businesses need both inbound and outbound marketing features that enable them to scale their business while also looking for business enabling information on the platform. This gave birth to, a B2B e-marketplace for information sharing and enabling businesses to perform necessary functions. started with creating an e-marketplace of organizations worldwide and the products/services that they offer. This was then expanded to list solicitations/tenders, news, events, posts, jobs and explorers data. In the next phase, Sambuq Sandbox was developed which enables buyers to test drive a product or solution while they are shopping for it. The next set of features that were developed includes Surveys, Sails CRM, Marketing feature including in-bound/out-bound and bulk emailing, Sites Content Management Services and Vendor Management Services.


  • The US Department of Veteran Affairs, USA
  •, India
  • State of Florida, USA
  • State of New Hampshire, USA

The above customers were looking for e-Marketplace solutions that would solve their business need for market research, employee engagements, marketing, and customer satisfaction. has proved to be a one-stop solution for these customers and continues to deliver strong values while solving complex business challenges.


The prime factor that allows Sambuq to stay competitive on the global platform is that there is no other comparative platform that offers the length and breadth of services and functionality that it offers. The platform doesn’t discriminate between small, midcap or large organizations and is evenly priced for any organization to leverage its features. The pricing is very affordable even for start-ups to promote their organization while they are incubating or in the concept stage.


The platform adapts to the consumer interests and needs as information keeps getting updated on the platform and this ensures that the consumers are able to do market research as well as be constantly informed of the changing trends in the market. The platform drives decision-making capabilities for explorers.

OPEN WORLD CULTURE is an open culture global start-up organization with offices in the US, UK, and India. Expansion plans are to have a global presence in every market. Each of its locations caters to the country’s culture and adapt to the local market demands. Sambuq crew comprises diverse nationals across the different offices with a flat hierarchy. They promote diversity, inclusiveness, gender equality and best practices in employee engagements with work-life balance.


The concept of a business media platform is needed by every organization but the solution could not be conceptualized till now. Social media platforms are not delivering value to businesses and most of the online portals offer very limited functionality, if at all and are either very internally focused or extremely outward-facing offering buy-sell capabilities. Sambuq’s predicament at the point for marketing the platform is the steep cost, which is the same experienced by all companies. They firmly believe that once the platform is adopted globally, this will become the de-facto business-enabling platform that can be leveraged for marketing at very minimal costs by all organizations.


Sambuq takes corporate social responsibilities very seriously. Here, practices for it are as follows:

  • Environmental efforts: Businesses, regardless of size, have large carbon footprints. Sambuq’s offices are energy efficient; they limit the use of paper in all operations, encourage telecommuting and work from home for global employees.
  • Philanthropy: They donate to charities that enable socio-economic programs and enable business development for small and emerging businesses in the US, UK, and India
  • Ethical labour practices: Every employee at Sambuq is treated fairly and ethically.
  • Volunteering: Sambuq volunteers with nonprofits and other organizations that promote B2B enabling efforts.

 “Our mission is to become a Business Enabler platform that provides a dedicated virtual network where vendors can showcase their offerings and public & private sector organizations can explore and discover innovative solutions and services for their mission-critical problems,” Ganesh Rajagopal wrapped up.

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MADHEES, WORKING ALONGSIDE THE BEST BRAINS AND HIGHLY QUALIFIED HEAD-HUNTERS ON THE CONSULTING ARENA Fri, 20 Mar 2020 12:52:28 +0000 KIRAN-SRINIVASMADHEES, WORKING ALONGSIDE THE BEST BRAINS AND HIGHLY QUALIFIED HEAD-HUNTERS ON THE CONSULTING ARENA You have plans. You have goals. You have ideas. Who cares? You have nothing until you do something.- Kiran Srinivas The world we live in is singing different tunes. Global markets are at the doorsteps of drastic amelioration. In the next […]]]> KIRAN-SRINIVAS


You have plans. You have goals. You have ideas. Who cares? You have nothing until you do something.- Kiran Srinivas

The world we live in is singing different tunes. Global markets are at the doorsteps of drastic amelioration. In the next few years, industries will run‐through more transformation than what they practised in the decades before, old prototypes will become terminated and new models will be established, this is because of the development and implementation of sophisticated information system.

With an idea to develop software solutions of the highest quality, the foundation stone of Madhees Techno Consulting was taken in the year 2008 as an HR implementation and services firm. They started their journey at the time of recession when companies were looking to cut their costs by lowering wages or ceasing to hire new workers. They hired teams and incubated offices for gaming companies & eCommerce start-ups to set up in an about 40 + incubation centres all over India, which was a benchmark for the company and had set their brand image in the market by generating huge capitals. After building their client base, they began to scale from local market to new geographical market in the year 2013.

Inclined by clients’ needs and team’s visualization, the goal is always to go beyond expectations and guarantee customer consummation, by creating effective, inventive and cost‐effective solutions. Confidence and building corporation with clientele is the foundation upon which the organization is built, and this boosts the team to work hard by virtue of what they achieve.

About the Visionary

Kiran Srinivas is the Founder & Chief Executive officer at Madhees and has more than two decades of experience in handling all the HR Operations in the IT industry. He leads the business operations and develops strategies that satisfy the long-range strategic goals of the company. Being an optimist and a creative leader, he believes that having a good product and realistic goals will help hold all the pieces together in the business. His curiosity helps him explore new technologies onboard and thrive for continuous innovation.

Expanding its Development Wings

Madhees focuses on providing a one-stop solution for their esteemed clients. They also have a vast experience in helping organisation in human capital for more than a decade in the fields of executive hiring, technology hiring, staffing, and incubating start-ups. This stint has taken Madhees extended its development wings providing solutions for product development, eCommerce platform development, web & mobile application development.

Madhees, Unique Selling Proposition

“When you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, it’s easier to find the perfect candidate for your company. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be easier said than done.” Quoted by Kiran Srinivas

  1. Madhees works to find candidates where others may not be looking

It’s not enough just to look on Job Portals anymore. They know how to lure passive as well as active candidates.

  1. They act as an In-House team

Madhees knows that you are understaffed and overworked with way too much on your plate. There’s just no way you can adequately screen, interview and hire the amount of potential candidates you need to get to your perfect hire. Therefore, Madhees is here for your support.

  1. They don’t increase your workload.

As a recruitment firm, the main aim for Madhees is to lessen your workload, they don’t want to bombard you with dozens of unqualified resumes.

  1. Madhees get candidates to say YES.

It’s great if you can get the right candidate to the table but getting them to accept the role is a different task. Their industry knowledge and decades of experience in placing candidates gives them an upper hand to their competitors.  Following are the services that are offered by Madhees:

  • Consulting
  • Hiring
  • Executive hiring
  • Contractual hiring
  • Lateral hiring
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Staff Augmentation
  • HR consulting
  • Strategy consulting
  • Hr process outsourcing
  • Hr aligning
  • Development
  • Product development
  • Mobile and Web application development
  • E-commerce development
  • Digital marketing

Wide Range of Clients 

They served industries which are into Gaming, Information and Technology, Manufacturing, News and Media, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Entertainment industries. They have a Strong line of customers as we serve more than 100+ clients lining from start-ups to industry giants, small & medium scale industries to booming companies.

Road Map toward the Future Growth

In this modern world, technology is elevating as everyone is getting tech-savvy. The use of smart devices is increasing as the smallest of the activity like keeping a reminder is done by smart assistance now.

Future operating model of Madhees are:

  • Digitization – With the help of technology they are automating time-consuming repetitive tasks.
  • Advanced analytics – It is the autonomous processing of data using sophisticated tools to discover insights and make recommendations to the teams.
  • Intelligent process automation (IPA) – These are the emerging set of new technologies that combines fundamental process redesign with robotic process automation and machine learning. All this will help them to include smart workflow which include tracking the status of end-to-end process in real-time, manage handoffs between different groups, and provide statistical data on bottlenecks.
  • Lean Process Redesign – It helps them in the streamlining process, eliminate waste and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Overcoming Challenges like a Leader

In this era of low unemployment rate, talented candidates are the real kings and the ultimate power rests in their hands. Today, candidates have the upper hand of selecting the organization they want to work for as they have multiple offers in hand. This has led to an atmosphere of intense competition among recruiters as they have to find and pitch those talented candidates for their clients.

Another challenge for a recruitment firm is to maintain the speed with the quality of hiring. Now the firm has to do branding for the company they are hiring, selecting the large pool of applicants or the profiles from the network because now recruiters don’t place a job description on job boards and hope that the vacant position will be filled automatically.

Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs

If you are not sure that you will do well in a career in recruitment, then stop and think about everything you have learned throughout your career. You’ll be surprised to know how many skills you already have that will help you to thrive in a recruitment role. The entrepreneurial journey is exciting which is filled with highs and lows. Your journey to the top of the industry will be extraordinary but it will suck all the energy out of you too.

One lesson that you will learn from every successful entrepreneur is that you have to work long hours for a small amount of success and the threat of instability will always be around. But make sure you are not afraid to make mistakes because initially, you will fail often, learn from your mistakes, and build yourself up again.

“If you want to have it, then you need to see it” Kiran Srinivas

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ENKI INC.: HELPING COMPANIES AROUND THE WORLD SUCCEED WITH INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Fri, 20 Mar 2020 12:47:11 +0000 NEKTAR-BAZIOTISENKI INC.: HELPING COMPANIES AROUND THE WORLD SUCCEED WITH INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS “We innovate and develop new software that serves real needs. We translate abstract ideas into concrete software solutions that assist in increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits.” – Nektar Baziotis In this digital era, we get to see new advancements every now and then. […]]]> NEKTAR-BAZIOTIS


“We innovate and develop new software that serves real needs. We translate abstract ideas into concrete software solutions that assist in increasing efficiency, productivity, and profits.” – Nektar Baziotis

In this digital era, we get to see new advancements every now and then. It was almost impossible two decades back to even imagine any software or application which would make a machine capable of speaking like human beings. For these advancements, we should be grateful to those tech companies which have literally transformed our lives. One such gem, Enki Inc. stands pioneered and the global leader in delivering excellent tech solutions, designed to help you leverage your business.

Enki Inc. is achieving rapid success as a strong tech partner who understands your future needs and helps you in multiple ways, whether you need a website, mobile app or custom software.

An inception that all began in the year 2015, from a small group of tech geeks grew into making its global presence in the software solution company. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, ENKI Technologies holds a strong presence throughout the US and in the global arena too. It aims to express the ideas of companies and professionals around the world to move beyond local and conceptual boundaries, by creating high-quality user-friendly software, delivering unique graphic designs, and defining exact technical communication messages.

The team of ENKI stands unparalleled in experience, and they strive to go one step further and make their work their mission. ENKI Technologies has received the AI & Software Solutions Best of 2019 from the Santa Monica Award Program and several community recognitions.

The company’s philosophy is to capture your mission, vision, and core values to apply their process and get you solid results. They elevate your competitive edge by applying the latest trends and technologies.

“Our core is freedom and evolution. We love what we do, and we love providing tangible solutions to our clients and partners,” shared Nektar Baziotis.


Nektar Baziotis is an expert IT professional and serial Founder with proven entrepreneurial skills. He has over 20 years of broad experience in International Business Development, IT Project Management, IT Business Consulting, and E-Learning.

He has an excellent understanding of the overall operations, and he delivered IT products and services for the UN, European Commission, European Parliament, organizations and privately held companies in several countries. He is a successful versatile leader. In academics, Nektar did an MBA from the University of Sheffield and graduated from Aristoteleion Panepistimion Thessalonikis.


Enki Inc. offers a wide assortment of strategic tech services including;

  • Custom Software: for a wide range of industries to streamline processes and create new business models
  • Custom Website Development: any common CMS and or/custom with our proprietary Custom Web CMS ready for use from small businesses to large corporations, organizations and e-shops
  • Software implementation with Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile apps: iOS & Android.


Enki Inc. goes beyond technology. They are also entrepreneurs and investors striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible. They have experience in several markets since 2005 and they combine solutions to bring their clients or partners on the top.

“Our tech solutions are designed to help our customers leverage their business whether they need a website, mobile app or custom software. In order to grow value, they need a strong tech partner who understands their future needs, stated Nektar Bazioti.

This can range from translating an idea into a product, opening a new sales channel, automating processes with technology, disrupting the entire industry with a tech product or building complex solutions to integrate different platforms clients are using.


Enki Inc. is focused on building long-term trusted relationships with its clients, ensuring quality customer service before and after a project is complete. Here is the list of some renowned brands Enki has worked with;

  • Pacific Park is the most famous landmark in the US
  • Expert DOJO is the largest accelerator in Silicon Beach (Southern California)
  • Santa Monica Mirror is a weekly community paper covering news from Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Venice, and Marina del Rey
  • Lily et Cie a vintage clothing boutique in Beverly Hills Etc.


Enki Inc. is a trusted IT partner providing high-quality, reliable services for its local and international clients. While competition is enormous in this business, the business model of Enki Inc. is based on market vertical solutions with a focus in the future expansion of the company

The major branding strategies of Enki Inc. includes networking, referrals, approached by the sales team, participating in conferences and to public procurements


To stay relevant as per the clients’ needs, the team performs market and user research for any project of any size. Shortly, ENKI Inc. is going to launch proprietary products such as the Icarus AI e-learning platform and the Jobeleno HR matching platform.

“The sixth P of marketing is Philosophy (fifth = People). We come together as a team to help everyone evolve. Our clients evolve in their business, our team members in their career and we as a company”, asserted Nektar while talking about his work culture.


Combining solutions to serve current client needs, but being open to the future expansion of the company is the major challenge in application development. Companies have to be ready that each client will expand and thrive in this market. And this is what Enki Inc. cares for.

Nektar furthered added, “We get to innovate and develop new software and technology that serve real needs. The long-lasting relationships that we forge with our clients and the community’s appreciation are the actual accomplishments for us.”


We are shifting to larger-scale projects and expanding our team. We are concentrating more and more on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as we believe that several life aspects may be improved by the ethical use of AI,” shared Nektar Baziotis.


Excel in what you do, be on top of it. Care and love your products or projects.


  • Nektar Baziotis: President
  • Chris Haberl: CEO
  • Markos Giannopoulos: CTO
  • Brian Mac Mahon: Investors Relationships

“Our creations, solutions, and services are inspired by the trust and love of those involved. We only care for evolution and freedom. This is what makes our planet a better place for future generations.”- Nektar Baziotis

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QABLE: A CHAMPION OF SOFTWARE TESTING & QUALITY ASSURANCE IN INDIA Sat, 14 Mar 2020 14:33:54 +0000 Viral Patel, QAbleQABLE: A CHAMPION OF SOFTWARE TESTING & QUALITY ASSURANCE IN INDIA QAble, a top-notch independent QA & Software Testing Company, is emerging as a global leader in this space for its innovative and exclusive suite of services that are offered with peerless delivery and are equipped with exceptional capabilities in fetching maximum advantages for its […]]]> Viral Patel, QAble


QAble, a top-notch independent QA & Software Testing Company, is emerging as a global leader in this space for its innovative and exclusive suite of services that are offered with peerless delivery and are equipped with exceptional capabilities in fetching maximum advantages for its clients.  The firm operates from its Ahmedabad headquarter and holds expertise in the Test Automation Solution for the Web, Mobile, and API. Supported with robust in-house team members with developing background, the company has been collaborating with clients and design the test automation solution based on their needs.

Since its inception, QAble has quickly cemented its position as a partner of industry leaders across the country. Now it provides unbiased quality assurance services to various brands, ranging from start-ups to giant companies.


Nishil Patel: Co-Founder

Spearheading the company’s rapid growth at the current stage is co-founder of QAble; Nishil is an Automation Test Architect, having 6 years of exposure in the Software Quality and Testing Industry. He is a key person to handling all the Operation matters in organisation and key coordinator to develop “Tesbo” and various Test Automation Frameworks. Nishil is the one who defines the Test strategy and Execution plan for any Software Product.

Viral Patel: Co-Founder

QAble is reaching new heights under the leadership two visionaries one is Nishil and the second one is Viral Patel. Viral is very techie and geek to technology. He is heading all the Technological departments. Viral is also heading the R&D team to align with the new technologies & tools. Viral has 6 Years of Experience as a QA Analyst and Automated tester. Viral is the key Architect of the “Tesbo” product. All project execution happening under the Viral’s observation on QAble Floor.


The firm was established with a prime vision to build up the class Automation Testing Product “Tesbo”, Which is going to limit the overhead of Manual Testing, decrease the release cycle and rapid development of the Automated Test, also this product is so easy which helps Manual Tester to write the Automated scripts.

Over the year based on their expertise, Nishil and Viral have also started serving new verticals of the QA services. Below are the core offerings as part of QA Services.

  • Functional Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Automated Testing for Web/Mobile and API
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Code verification and White box testing
  • Security Testing


Nishil shared, “Our first project was fantastic; it was from a very dynamic domain, “Travel & Leisure” backed by one of the most reputed players in the industries “Marriott Group”.  We have started with a small need for the Function Testing which is expanded to set up the whole QA Infrastructure and Process. We have gradually added Functional Testing, Automated Testing, API Testing, and Load & Performance Testing to the project.”


In today’s agile development environment, everyone wants to release the application faster in a lower period, and this can be achieved only if when testing is performed automatically.

Further Viral explained, “Our each team members have a background in software development which helps us to design the test automation solution for our customer who is more robust, reliable and accurate with less failure ratio. Also, we provide almost all the types of software testing under the one roof; we are the one-stop solution for their every testing need.”

“Our deliverable reports are very detailed including bugs and suggestions help our customers to improve the overall quality of the application,” he further added.


The basic mantra of QAble is flexibility and quick learning.  Here, people are trained in a way they can adapt to the changes and learn new things quickly. There is a dedicated R&D team, whose focus is to explore and design the new test solution. If any new challenge or need comes on the way, the team will be ready to take action and design the solution for that and pass this to the other team to handle such situations flawlessly in the future.


IT industries are growing exponentially in India. Every day new start-ups are formed to solve the real problems. At that point, QA & Testing of the Software Platform (Mobile App/Web App) is a core part to add the value in it to make success. India is also a hot destination for IT & ITes Services Outsourcing. There is also huge potential to catch the Western World (North America, Europe, Aus, etc) client for QA and Testing Services. As per the statistics, the overall Software QA & Testing market size is 40 billion USD.

Further Nishil Patel shared, “Generally, Every Software Product Company could be our potential customer as QA is a must to add the Value in Product.”

 QAble’s Core Focus is in;

  • FinTech
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Banking and Finance
  • Gaming


QAble has tested below software products;

  • com (Freelancing Platform)
  • com (Backed By Marriott Groups)
  • Dollar & Thrifty
  • Zeguro
  • Homecare2Go
  • MyLoft


QAble is a team of 15 expert professionals. They believe in work-based culture and their ultimate goal is to handle client requirements and satisfy their needs. The team has the flexibility to work at any time or any place. In addition, every alternative Saturday, the company has learning and activity day where employees present on various topics, play games, and activities to improve their soft skills.


QAble aims to be a Top Independent Software Company in India within 5 Years. In 5 years, they are aiming to be a team of 100 Employees. Expand presence in the US, UK, and Australia. The team will keep nurturing its Test Automation Product Tesbo, and in the next few years, they are focused on making Tesbo the market leader in Test Automation tools.


Don’t Focus on “Testing”; Focus on “Quality” and “Value Addition”. Testing is just a small part of Quality Assurance.

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CODOID: EXPERTS EMPOWERING BUSINESS THROUGH INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE TESTING AND QA SOLUTIONS Fri, 13 Mar 2020 11:27:27 +0000 CODOIDCODOID: EXPERTS EMPOWERING BUSINESS THROUGH INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE TESTING AND QA SOLUTIONS Offering solutions that leverage brand’s growth with the core focus on QA solutions and other innovative solutions, Codoid, a bootstrapped venture, founded by renowned automation testing experts in the year 2012. Building its name in the technology solutions with the expertise and focused approach […]]]> CODOID


Offering solutions that leverage brand’s growth with the core focus on QA solutions and other innovative solutions, Codoid, a bootstrapped venture, founded by renowned automation testing experts in the year 2012. Building its name in the technology solutions with the expertise and focused approach towards their solutions, Codoid has become one of the top QA companies in India for automation testing, e-learning testing, mobile application testing, ETL & data-centric testing, performance testing, and other QA services.

The leading brand has been synonymous for software quality assurance and testing in the industry with their profound expertise in manual & automation testing and experience of mitigation of several failed automation testing projects. Codoid has become a remarkable name in the business ensuring that when their customers concentrate on their core business, it ensures their products’ quality. The solutions by the brand are responsible for products that have the ability to transform and remodel the markets.

The eight years old endeavour initiated by offering automation testing services using UFT and Selenium, while today it is known to provide a host of software testing services which includes and not limited to – manual testing, performance testing, mobile app testing, Desktop App Automation testing, VR & AR Apps Testing, Data Analytics Testing, Mobile Apps Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Infotainment Automation Testing, E-Learning App Testing and API Testing.


Leading the testing practice at Codoid, Sasikala, in her eventful 7 years journey with Codoid has been instrumental in setting up the process and operations from scratch since the company’s inception till today. She has successfully handled and orchestrated quite a number of turnkey projects at Codoid, has been a part of a few key strategic initiatives and a great pillar of support to the management on several critical junctures.

Joined as a novice fresher way back in 2013, Sasikala, owing to her undying passion towards software testing and indomitable spirit set herself apart from her contemporaries. The quintessential thought leader of Codoid, suits the adage, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” perfectly.


“Our first project was setting up a test framework for leading Supply Chain Software using HP Quick Test Professional. It was an Excel driven hybrid test automation framework. Later, we successfully converted the framework to Selenium. Our solution is still being used by the client that showcases the value addition we created as a brand,” shared the Head of testing practice of Codoid, Sasikala, (Head of testing practice) on her experience of the initial project.


An entrusted brand by many large and reputed enterprises, Codoid has been offering a platform to its clientele globally with a variety of solutions it offers. Nowadays, in India many innovative applications and products are being developed predominantly by start-ups. The Codoid team strongly believes in the conviction that an application without software quality is like a bird without wings. With the emergence of latest technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT, there is invariably more scope for third-party testing.


With the aim to empower and strengthen businesses across industries and anywhere in the world with their QA services, the professionals at Codoid with in-depth domain expertise and superior control of agile engineering processes and their range of services collaborating with the leading companies and leaders who are undoubtedly the most intelligent minds across industries. The team at Codoid has leveraged each association as a learning opportunity to deliver world-class service and solutions within the complex domains of QA.


For the Codoid’s team of passionate software testers, software quality assurance has always been a part of their DNA. A solution offered by the team is a guaranteed value-added result to clients.

Sasikala emphasizes, “If an application is submitted to Codoid for Software Quality, then the client can be rest assured to focus on their mainstream business without worrying about testing activities.”


Codoid team has been laying its foundation as a leader in the industry for years inclusive of experienced testers, engineers, and thought leaders who have been working cohesively to make QA services easy to offer. By rewarding star performers regularly, conducting R&D and training sessions, the company ensures a satisfied team and eventually a satisfied clientele.


“Software testing requires an intelligent effort. Don’t choose software testing as a career without a vision,” shared the leader has who spend years in the industry and crafted solutions for clients, Sasikala, head of testing practice, Codoid


Codoid has been consistently endeavouring to bring and sustain innovation. Being the preferred software and QA services company, the team at Codoid has been serving its esteemed and reputed clients with innovative solutions. The dependable partner associates with enterprises of all sizes and are committed to profitability, growth, and cost reduction.


  • WEB APPLICATION TESTING: The skilled testers at Codoid have brought enormous value to agile teams and automated regression test suite for several web applications using selenium and protractor.
  • AGILE TEST AUTOMATION STRATEGY: Codoid team has successfully established agile test automation strategy and provided automation testing services to 50+ clients.
  • TESTING UTILITIES: Codoid has developed freeware automation testing utilities VisGrid, Fillo and Robotil which are used widely by the test automation community.
  • MOBILE APPLICATION TESTING: The team at Codoid, have successfully tested 300+ mobile applications on real Android and iOS devices.


Offering quality testing solutions for various products, the Codoid team deploys their efforts to ensure assistance to clients in order to complete the projects faster and efficiently, with high quality and speedy delivery of software applications. Following the approaches to stay unique and deliver results that are adhering to the values of the brand, the clients are offered with solutions that are in sync with their commitment. Sasikala, leading the testing practice shared “All our testers have been trained and certified in handling clients’ data. Weekly, Monthly reports and metrics are eventually shared with our clients’ SPOC to ensure transparency in the project status.”


“We are planning and acting on our vision for the company in the future i.e. to ensure that Codoid’s Testing Services offers solutions with major brands applications’ quality. Our every effort is targeted towards the mission of achieving guaranteed overall thoroughness of testing with Codoid” shared the visionary leader Sasikala

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TRIPLEDE TECHNOLOGIES: DECADE OLD ENDEAVOUR AT ENHANCING LOGISTICS OPERATIONS WITH INNOVATIVE TECH BASED SOLUTIONS Thu, 12 Mar 2020 18:30:40 +0000 Sanju-Ariyangatti, TRIPLEDE TECHNOLOGIESTRIPLEDE TECHNOLOGIES: DECADE OLD ENDEAVOUR AT ENHANCING LOGISTICS OPERATIONS WITH INNOVATIVE TECH BASED SOLUTIONS Changing the way the world works with logistics operations by improving their processes, and bringing in new technologies, TripleDe Technologies was founded in December 2009 as a consulting company, specialized in process and application consulting for the logistics domain. The decade-old […]]]> Sanju-Ariyangatti, TRIPLEDE TECHNOLOGIES


Changing the way the world works with logistics operations by improving their processes, and bringing in new technologies, TripleDe Technologies was founded in December 2009 as a consulting company, specialized in process and application consulting for the logistics domain. The decade-old endeavour under the leadership of director Sanju Ariyangattil has successfully worked with global logistics service providers, manufacturing and trading companies helping their logistics operations streamlined and implementing technology solutions.

In the logistics management niche, the company has been helping clients to identify the operational pain-points, their root causes and actionable solutions to solve the problems. The outcomes in terms of improved KPIs, reduced costs, rise in customer satisfaction, and employee acceptance along with satisfied clientele are noticeable in the projects they handled.

In sync with the fast-paced technological shift, the TripleDe has been offering far-reaching disruption fuelled by technologies like digitalization, analytics, cloud, IoT, and automation. Their one-of-its-kind enterprise-level SaaS solution for facilitating optimization and sourcing of transportation needs is gaining attention from a wider audience globally.

The visionary leader shared his views in consideration of the evolution of the brand over years, “Being a consulting led tech company, we have been offering consulting, application and support services and also developed SaaS solutions that can be implemented faster, resulting in quicker ROI and drastic improvements in processes and efficiency. In the future, we are aiming to empower our customers by creating innovative solutions like TranspoEdge. The product is designed to fix the errors in the preliminary stages of transportation, ensuring better operations subsequently.”


Through their consulting services, including the review, assessment and transformation of logistics operations, the TripleDe team work with customers to analyse their processes, evaluate the challenges they face, and recognize opportunities. They approach customers from an unprejudiced viewpoint and recommend best practices in order to streamline and incorporate technological solutions with minimal financial and operational impacts.

They have been successfully identifying and defining requirements for new systems, enhancing existing systems, assessing products and suppliers for technology adoption, developing applications, implementing and integrating systems and assessing business values post-implementation.

TranspoEdge is their SaaS offering for transportation management that can support large and medium-sized distributed organizations to achieve logistics goals by increasing equipment utilization, reducing transportation costs, improving service quality and leaving less carbon footprints. This application helps organizations by bringing transparency to their internal transportation needs and provides control over sourcing at strategic, tactical and operational levels.


“Coming to the Logistics domain, the two words – innovations and impediments – define its current state.“ shared Sanju Ariyangattil.

The scope, scale, and complexity of technological innovations and disruptions are evolving at an exponential rate, and they have also become accessible to businesses of all sizes, across the globe demanding shifts in operating models and working environments. Being agile, new generation businesses are capable of catching up with technological advances, but traditional business is still moving at a linear pace struggling to adapt.

“As they quote ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results are insane’, I believe that businesses need to change the models and implement technology to support their survival and growth. In this ever-changing ecosystem, transformation and investment in technology solutions are the only way to differentiate and endure the business,” Sanju emphasized


  • Technological changes: Rapidly changing technological trends are creating great pressure for a company to move fast and beat their competition. If a startup is not responding to changes quickly the window of opportunity may close even before it is ready for the market.
  • Reaching the goals: Since technology evolves so rapidly, there is a strong possibility that a startup might not be able to complete what they initiated. If they do not accept the reality and change directions, they will stagnate and die in the early days of their operations.
  • Partnership decisions: Most startups operate in a collaborative environment and rely on partners for the technology and business needs. When it comes to choosing partners, not having clear policies in place regarding the partnerships may pose larger risks on the way.
  • Human resources: Getting the right employees and retaining them is another challenge for startups as employees do not value these endeavours. On the other side, startups with large early funding over scale and hire too many employees prematurely and struggle to survive in the long run.
  • Operational risks: Since most of the startups rely on the web and related technologies for their operations, there are significant risks in terms of business continuity, data security, and privacy, technology changes, cyber-attacks, etc.


TripleDe is led by Sanju Ariyangattil who is an accomplished logistics and technology professional with over 18 years of global experience. He is qualified with Masters in International Business, certifications in business and technology areas and is also a member of many professional organizations.

The TripleDe team consists of business and technology experts who work hand in hand for Analysis, decision-making, solution modelling and ensure an appropriate balance between the business and technology. At TripleDe, employees are encouraged to keep a big picture of everything they work on and that not only help the areas they handle but adds value to the projects at large. The company keeps employees engaged and ensures their skills and knowledge are strengthened so that they can evolve to the next level, take up the next challenge and prove their mettle.


Whatever they touch, there is a constant effort by TripleDe to leave them a little better than they were. They walk the talk by initiating CSR activities with support from various stakeholders including customers, partners, and employees.

Their concern for the environment and the society is evidenced through initiatives such as helping to reduce carbon emissions by implementing improved organizational logistics models, minimizing the use of paper through electronic communication, instilling the need for education for underprivileged children and encouraging students through workshops to promote creative thinking and entrepreneurship.


The leader Sanju and the TripleDe team envisage the brand to become one stop solution for any logistics technology needs for any kind of organizations. They have also invested their efforts into developing applications based on the trends they observe, integrating their business and technology expertise and aims to operate a global technology platform for managing logistics functions.


“The world has been subjected to rapid changes over the past years along with the economic ups and downs and disruptive innovations taking place. For any business to survive, it should be compared and contrasted in the market with a clear and unique superiority of its products or services. It is in this scenario, the process of differentiation is relevant and logistics is a key element in keeping pace with customer demands and outperforming competitors.” shared Sanju.

He advises that “For organizations that want to invest in technology to improve their business, I would advise to evaluate your current strengths and challenges with an eye on future opportunities and threats before acquiring any technology solutions. The success of implementing a technology solution can only be achieved if the right technology solution is implemented in the right way and at the right time else it will result in operational disasters, dissatisfaction in the organization, and negative returns.”

He further added “For Technology startups that develop technology solutions and customers who acquire them, consider the following points when investing in a tech product or service:

  • Solve problems innovatively and effectively rather than applying advanced solutions to existing inefficient processes. It will be a struggle for an ineffectual business process to fit in to a high-end solution. If the process needs to be re-defined, transform it and apply technology over it.
  • Consider a technology product that solves the current pain points, yet capable of scaling up to solve future business and technology challenges.”


“Technology can help to improve the agility of logistics operations and enhance customer experience. The key is to adopt the right tools while actively planning the change. Our vision is to inspire and support organisations to realise this.”

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