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DIGILIVE : Leading Digital Marketing Company With Quality Services

Lately, Digital Marketing has become one of the most dependable mediums to attract probable clients. We see almost every industry find digital platforms fruitful irrespective of their nature of the work. Today we are going to talk about a prominent Digital Marketing Company which has carved a niche in the market.

DIGILIVE is a leading full-service Digital Marketing Company based in Cyber-City, Gurgaon. Nowadays businesses big or small need more than mere marketing. At DIGILIVE, it offers a creative approach crafted by its team of specialists committed to delivering big results for the clients on time.

It has a wide array of services starting from digital marketing consulting and strategy solutions to managing the entire brand presence. It can handle everything from building an SEO-friendly website to creating comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, including SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing, content development, E-commerce development, mobile apps development and social media marketing, graphic & media designing, brand development & Online Education Platforms.

It believes in providing end to end branding solutions, hence offers entire brand development solutions starting from logo designing, brand strategy, communication designs, website development, marketing campaigns (digital, social media & direct mail), video magazines, promotional videos & more.



The CEO Magazine asked MR. Vikash Sorout, Founder/CEO of the company, about the conceptualization of the company. He says, “It all started with exploring my creativity & attempting something new. Designing visual graphics & websites was something that came natural & the idea of having a website to showcase my work always fascinated me since my school days. Gradually I was inspired by the idea of doing my thing with conviction without getting influenced by the external world. I wanted the freedom of running my own business & making my own brand and thus the idea of having a website designing company popped that gradually converted to a full-fledged digital marketing company today.”

At DIGILIVE , it passionately believes in ‘Crafting Brand Stories’ for it believes every brand has a story to tell. It must not be only about marketing instead it is about the whole experience, creativity and engagement with the client and their target audience. It understands businesses need more than an agency or a marketing team so it makes sure to be proactive and consistent with how it interacts with the clients to solve their digital needs.


This was the time when his mentor’s golden words motivated him – “when you do something so deliberately & with conviction, you are bound to achieve it.” Today after 9 years starting from a rented space to now owning his own office space with efficient & dedicated teammates, DIGILIVE  has come a long way marking its presence in the industry.

It utilizes all the services it offers to not only better understand the process but to make sure it’s tried and true. DIGILIVE  is more than a digital marketing agency to its clients seeking for result-oriented online promotions of their businesses. It provides and implements a successful marketing strategy across the web, online ads, and social media.

In less than 4 years, it has worked with clients in varied business categories to produce some insane results, from a 200% increase in traffic (with a reduced bounce rate), a 95% occupancy goal, higher SEO-rankings, generating leads and effective business collaboration for clients. The list of clients varies from different industries right from automation, health care, food, movies to music production & budding names in the fashion industry.

In June 2019, DIGILIVE started their first international office in Singapore to provide the best and on time services to their international clients. Now, Mr. Vikash Sorout (Founder/CEO) is planning to start their business in Dubai as well, as Dubai is growing marketing in the world with the latest technologies.

As a digital marketing agency, it strives to understand the client’s business goals first then all decisions are made with those goals in mind. It fathoms that time is money in business so it sets realistic deadlines (for itself and for the clients) and sticks to them. It communicates constantly with the clients to give updates as it progresses and gets projects launched by the agreed launch date.

Today technology is changing the way we do business and has made its impact on digital marketing as well. Platforms like Google, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook, Twitter are the best channels for social media advertising. DIGILIVE  keeps itself updated with the changing needs.

Based on the client requirements & keeping up with the market’s pace, it offers varied creative solutions like video magazines, brand campaigns, motion posters, launch videos that have proved a great way for customer retention & engagement. It has adapted conversational marketing as a model for engaging customers in real-time capturing their needs, and intuitive connecting them with brands.

Talking about the work environment, in DIGILIVE , work is fun. It values a sense of humor and hangout together with teammates. The idea is to have a positive and supportive environment and take care of its employees.


MR. Vikash Sorout, FounderCEO DIGILIVEMR. Vikash Sorout, Founder & Managing  Director at DIGILIVE  

With over 10 years of experience in designing and marketing, Mr. Vikash is an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for creativity and exploring new arenas. He is the inspiration and driving force behind DIGILIVE. With his unmatched creativity and strong business sense, he has made his presence in the industry. He began his career as a graphic designer which gradually transformed into a website designer and various digital marketing roles.

His passion led him to found DIGILIVE, helping customers get easy and creative solutions for their brands. At DIGILIVE he is responsible for all the creative decisions and oversees all marketing, Public Relations and strategic development initiatives.

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From Safety Footwear Export to India’s Most Promising PPE Brand Wed, 10 Jun 2020 13:20:48 +0000 From Safety Footwear Export to India’s Most Promising PPE Brand Varun Budhiraja’s Next  Plan? Personalising Protection down to its basic elements. Incorporated in 2004, Euro Safety Footwear has for 15 years now; led in the P.P.E. and industrial safety footwear manufacturing vertical. The company has held its position steadily, to-date remaining one of Asia’s largest; […]]]>

From Safety Footwear Export to India’s Most Promising PPE Brand

Varun Budhiraja’s Next  Plan?

Personalising Protection down to its basic elements.

Incorporated in 2004, Euro Safety Footwear has for 15 years now; led in the P.P.E. and industrial safety footwear manufacturing vertical. The company has held its position steadily, to-date remaining one of Asia’s largest; and leading integrated manufacturers of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). 

Under the wise leadership of Varun Budhiraja, Director, Euro Safety Group of Companies, they launched operations across India. He successfully introduced the first brand ‘Euro Security’ to the market; for safety footwear in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Middle East. And subsequently added products for global markets by establishing strategic manufacturing alliances in China, Sri Lanka, & Malaysia. After Varun sensed the potential in SAARC & MENA regions, from 2016; the company steadily started escalating the production competence of their existing footwear manufacturing facility in Agra. In 2019, Euro Safety Equipment (ESE) was established to focus on the manufacture of garments, gloves, and masks. Now they are also eying the hospitality and aviation markets in India.


As the Director of Euro Safety Group of Companies, he started at a young age of 20; after earning a graduation degree from Lancaster University, UK, in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He also has degrees in footwear designing, digital marketing, luxury management; from Milan, Mannheim and Paris respectively. And holds C-level designations in Roger Group’s allied firms and organizations.

On completion of a stupendous 15 years of successful operations, The CEO Magazine, in an enlightening conversation with the visionary-Director, Varun; found a chance to know more about his lesser-known sides. The company, industry, business model, corporate ethos, work culture, plans, technological bends and more;

TCM: What is your role professionally apart from the one at Euro Safety Group?

Varun: Aside from my role in Euro Safety Group, I also oversee Boa Safety Solutions (owned by the Euro Safety Group) for the distribution of PPE in South Africa. I was instrumental in developing the marketing team, channel partners and product line-up as per the requirements of the South African market.

As if to compliment my work in these manufacturing companies, I am also the marketing director of D’Selva Infotech, an IT-based Service Company. Which is into web and app development, they made both for Euro Safety. At D’Selva Infotech, I contribute with strategizing and solutions development. Lastly, I am also the founder and Vice President of Roger Foundation, the CSR arm of Euro Safety Group; so, quite the whole package, between manufacturing, services, and CSR.

TCM: Apart from work where does your interest incline, tell us more about your passion, interests etc?

Varun: Unbeknownst to most people, I am a published CREATOR/Author of the book “VD Artistic Verses”. I am also actively involved in producing copy for company creative and in strategizing for Euro Safety Group. If I was not in the field of PPE Manufacturing; I would most likely have been part of some creative field like; advertising, copywriting or would have pursued becoming a chef. However, since I have to manage the company as well, I have taken a compromise approach, mixing passion and profession. To balance the two, I live out my passion through my business career of directing the marketing, design and branding team at Euro Safety. A person’s passion and profession need not be mutually exclusive.

TCM: What was the rationale behind choosing the path to this business line?

Varun: Right from the outset, I sensed a lacuna in the Indian PPE market – that India does not have an organize; one-stop shop of PPE for all sectors and industry verticals.

Though we started with only footwear manufacture; we have diversified into a variety of safety equipment. And ultimately aspire to be a go-to-supplier for all PPE needs in India and south Asia.

As you and your readers will know, the chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and unless Indian companies have top quality PPE, our manufacturing will never be able to compete with those of the West and China.

My long term vision and future plan is to make Euro Safety Group; the biggest and most reliable supplier of PPE for all sorts of workers. Who will feel secure in the knowledge that though accidents are inevitable in a hazardous work environment. Such as theirs, the top class PPE of Euro Safety will be with them all the way, to mitigate the risks and damages.

In the coming years, I want to ensure that Euro Safety Group keeps doubling in size every 5 years for decades, consequently ensuring that, thanks to our PPE, employees in emerging markets such as India and South Asia work under utmost standards of psychological safety.

Greater psychological safety is proven by management research to improve both; worker-morale (and thus output) inside the company and brand-image outside. By improving the safety standards of workers, I want to make the Euro Safety Group of the future. A multi-million-dollar enterprise, synonymous with world-class PPE at affordable price points. Euro Safety Group is committed to ensuring that Indian and South Asian companies provide their employees with the best standards of safety equipment and consequently high degrees of psychological safety.

TCM: Tell us about your team. With such a fast-growing team; how do you make sure everybody stays motivated and how do you support the corporate culture?

Varun: We at Euro Safety Group have all sorts of people from engineers to technicians, manufacturers and marketers in our team. We have engaged skilled and experienced technicians who are well versed in operating the latest imported machinery and are aware of all the nuances of manufacturing industrial safety footwear.

While selecting my team, I make sure that their capabilities and qualifications are resonant with the long-term vision; I have for the company. The other thing that I stress on is chemistry between the team members; because their collective output needs to reflect our corporate culture. Each party has their jobs cut out, and I make sure that each is provided with the best; in class equipment and facilities and that they all work synergistically. For Euro Safety Group to go from strength to strength; the whole needs to be more than the sum of its parts.

TCM: How do you think you’re different from your peers/competitors, what makes you different from them?

Varun: Euro Safety Group started as the PPE diversification of Roger Group. Unlike most other players in this industry, we brought many decades of manufacturing experience; reputation, established supply lines and distribution channels from the beginning. As an exporter of quality footwear, we also had 1st world standards quality control in place for a long time. Hence, unlike most of our competitors, we made quality products in the PPE space, right from the outset. And since then, we have been extending our product line; and customizing our product offering to suit the specific demands of the industry verticals we supply to.

In future we are also planning to have an investment arm – suppose some bio-tech student in some Indian institute, develops a polymer, that could be used to make better and/or cheaper safety equipment, we will be happy to incubate his or her research.

Just like Indian companies must embrace better safety standards to remain competitive; so must our manufacturers embrace better and newer technology, to truly belong to the 21st century. I want Euro Safety Group to be a pioneer of such in India; and hence see this as an integral element of our broader strategy.

TCM: Elaborate on the challenges of marketing operations in India vs. overseas, after when you started in 2015?

Varun: The Indian market is very different from the export market of the developed countries. We are more price-conscious whereas they are quality conscious. Under my guidance, Euro Safety tried to provide PPE at Indian price points; without compromising one bit on quality, even if it meant having razor-thin margins.

At Eurosafety group we combine top quality raw materials, with international standards of safety and the latest European design elements – all at affordable rates.

On the flip side, it is somewhat easier to establish distribution channels and partnerships with Indian industries, since this market is well known to us.

 We have also smoothly integrated the latest marketing approaches in our mix, using tactics like “social listening”. To find out about the market’s upcoming needs and having regular interactions with our customers on our social media pages. Hence it is no surprise that to this day,

Euro Safety is one of the few companies that consistently provide world-class PPE products to the Indian market, all at affordable rates.

TCM: What nature of customer base do you serve, tell us more about that?

Varun: Euro Safety caters to all industry verticals from pharmaceuticals, construction, Agriculture sector, railways et al. Our diverse range of safety equipment is carefully engineered and designed in our state of the art laboratory. To guarantee utmost safety whilst keeping in mind the performance requirements of hazardous jobs. Our customizations of products as per the needs of various industries include, metal-free shoes for airport ground staff. And extra comfortable shoes for the air hostesses, washable, lightweight shoes with toe caps; for the hotel F&B industry and see-through transparent helmets for construction workers.

Our long-term vision is to have such a big customer base so as to become a household name in PPE in India and Asia.

TCM: Explain, how does Euro Safety create value for users and emerging businesses?

Varun: According to the International Labour Organization, only 20% of the Indian labour force is covered under adequate Health and Safety laws, resulting in over 48000 fatalities yearly. I predict that very soon the Indian government will mandate safety guidelines in other industry verticals as well, more so because India is swiftly integrating with international trade pacts and protocols, which mandate certain minimum safety standards.

Understandably getting industrial and quality management certifications – for which world-class Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a prerequisite, is the new minimum benchmark for Indian companies if they want to remain competitive and obtain export licenses to developed countries.

Adequate safety standards at the workplace, simultaneously improve employee perception inside the company; and brand reputation outside, leading to both increased productivity and better sales. Under my guidance, Euro Safety Group is continuously helping Indian companies achieve these ends, all at Indian price points.

Also, with Prime Minster Modi’s “Make in India” initiative being implemented across many sectors. We foresee a spate of manufacturing activity in the coming 5 years, each requiring  lots of PPE. We at Euro Safety Group are prepared to meet this glut of demand and will support such initiatives throughout India.

TCM: How are you giving back to society, is Euro Group into CSR activities?

Varun: CSR is a relatively unpopular activity among most Indian mid-sized companies, but we choose to be different. The CSR initiatives of Euro Safety Group are undertaken by the Roger Foundation, where I am the founder and VP. It was on the 40th anniversary of Roger Group, that we decided it was the appropriate time to start giving back to society and starting our CSR arm. We believe in inclusive growth and thus try to make sure we do our fair share to help the underprivileged sections of society.

Roger Foundation tries to generate goodwill and growth in rural India. In sectors spanning rural development, women empowerment, healthcare and education.

TCM: What advice would you like to share with aspirants who would want to start their venture in the industry?

Varun: According to the PWC “World in 2050” report, the Indian economy is set to grow 10 times in the coming three decades. This incredible growth will require lots of new infrastructure projects, tons of manufacturing (and mining) and an overall improvement in our living and working standards.

Thus, this vertical of PPE manufacture is absolutely in phase with the changes India will go through; so as to emerge as a superpower economy and is only going to grow henceforth.

Also, I want to emphasize, that in this vertical, quality control is of paramount importance; since we cannot take chances with human life. Indian market holds great potential. With increasing regulations and awareness in India, I think it is only a matter of a time; when safety equipment won’t just be looked at as an unnecessary expense but more like imperative piece of work attire. I wish aspirant entrepreneurs well if they want to enter the PPE vertical and welcome their competition. After all, competition leads to better products at lesser price points, for the customers and I look forward to it.

TCM: Our sources tell us you have added a few new feathers to your cap – you won “India’s Greatest Leader” award and the Stars of the Industry “Best in Class” award, how do you feel about these?

Varun: Yes, I was recently awarded “India’s Greatest Leader” award by the URS Asia One magazine. And only last week,

I was given the Young Achiever award by Stars of the Industry in Mumbai.

I want to thank my whole team at Euro Safety for these achievements. It’s their hard work and dedication which made it possible. And I have reasons to believe that these awards are only the beginning of many. Such other milestones that we at ESFI will achieve collectively in future.

However, as a Director with a long-term vision for one of India’s most promising companies. I feel the biggest award that I and my team at Euro Safety can get; is when we become absolutely synonymous with all types of PPE in India. Thereby also becoming the prime reason for ensuring safety and saving lives of workers all over.

TCM: How many brands of yours are currently operational in India, as earlier you mentioned you started with only Euro Security?

Varun: Indian customers are not so much brand conscious, as they are price conscious – against this gradient, Eurosafety is constantly striving to increase its brand visibility and recall.

We sell our products under a variety of brands and labels – Euro Security is our premium brand offering head to toe safety products. We sell shoes especially customized for the Aviation and Hospitality market under the ‘Avio’ label. ‘Eurock’ is our budget safety footwear product, aimed at the masses. And finally, we sell a range of stylish industrial safety footwear and accessories, under the Canvas Club brand.

Most of the PPE in India is still made by the unorganised sector, who deliver unbranded products – Eurosafety wants to change that

in the next few years.

TCM: What is your vision for the company? And where do you see Euro Safety in the next five years?

Varun: From where I stand, in 5 years, Euro Safety Group is going to be the primary choice; of anyone’s need for protection and safety. Since we started marketing our products domestically, we have had an annual growth rate of over 500%. And we are making all the efforts to keep this figure going.

In 10 years from now, I wish to see Euro Safety Group as India’s leading PPE provider. An Indian MNC synonymous with PPE in the Indian and SE Asian market.

Varun summarises, The Indian economy is set to grow 10 times in the coming 3 decades. This incredible growth will require lots of new infrastructure projects; tons of manufacturing (and mining) and an overall improvement in our living and working standards.

In the coming years Euro Safety Group wants to meet; the demand of PPE in India’s head on and help Indian companies; embrace the future, where our workers will work under high degree of safety standards.”

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Aveya IVF: Pioneering Artificial Intelligence Technology in Infertility Treatments Fri, 29 May 2020 10:42:13 +0000 Aveya IVF: Pioneering Artificial Intelligence Technology in Infertility Treatments Hampering the lives of millions of couples across the globe, infertility has been one of the major concerns, and to treat this problem, Aveya IVF has pioneered through technologically advanced techniques and solutions efficiently. After gaining a national reputation as the fertility centre of last resort […]]]>

Aveya IVF: Pioneering Artificial Intelligence Technology in Infertility Treatments

Hampering the lives of millions of couples across the globe, infertility has been one of the major concerns, and to treat this problem, Aveya IVF has pioneered through technologically advanced techniques and solutions efficiently.

Aveya IVF

After gaining a national reputation as the fertility centre of last resort over the years, Aveya has not merely covered the aspect of physical needs and conditions but also the emotional & spiritual requirements that are required in a fertility journey. Under the capable leadership of Dr Sahil Gupta, Aveya strives to build India’s most technological advance chain of IVF clinics. ‘We are using artificial intelligence and machine learning in addition to traditional methods of IVF to give a superior and predictable form of IVF treatment to our patients’


Dr.Sahil Gupta, Founder, Aveya IVF is a Harvard Business School Alumni, an industry expert and serial entrepreneur. At the age of 28, he started Aveya Fertility, a disruptive network of affordable IVF centres in India, bringing hope to thousands of families. Building on his success, he is on a personal mission to develop high quality, affordable reproductive care in India.

The CEO Magazine, in conversation with the Founder Dr Sahil, got the chance to know more about the infusion of advanced technology and AI in the company, his personal growth, plans, changing trends and more;

How did ‘IVF’ industry happen for you, what was your rationale behind your career move?

IVF is traditionally considered a treatment for the rich. Infertility in the low strata of the society is used a taboo to exploit couples socially. During my days at Safdarjung Hospital, I realised that having a baby should be a right available to everybody, regardless of their financial status. This drove me to do research and find ways to make fertility treatment more available to the masses.

What kind of hurdles did you face while you picked this as a career or later?

Infertility is a booming industry as fertility rates are constantly rising in the country. Adding technology, whether its computer vision or machine learning or robotics, always gets a push back from the industry since infertility treatments haven’t changed since decades. So, driving change and automating parts of the procedure was a significant hurdle in implementation as technology is usually not well accepted by doctors. 

What have you individually added to the organization/industry – of significance?

As the founder CEO of Aveya fertility, I believe we introduced the concept of affordable IVF in India.

On the technology side, At Aveya, we have used data from thousands of patients to develop a unique algorithm for ovarian stimulation protocol. This means that our patients have a scientific and predictable method of taking hormones as against the current hit-and-trial methods used in fertility clinics. At Aveya, our algorithm will tell you statistically accurate odds and save you money by offering alternate forms of treatment like egg donation and surrogacy if your odds are low. This is absolutely unique to the IVF industry in India.

We are investing in developing technology that will put us ahead of the curve in the long term. Our doctors and embryologist have been working tirelessly since the past 4 years to collect every small piece of data available in every cycle of IVF. Live birth rates in IVF process are statistically 35% and there is huge scope of improvement considering variations of success rates in different clinics and labs.

The kind of job you do, do you ever feet the performance pressure in providing client satisfaction? 

I love the challenge of being the CEO of this great organisation. We are at the forefront of innovation in terms of investing in technology and want to be the chain with the highest success rates all across the world.

Of course, a key part of learning is to fail and learn. We have multiple instances where some of our strategies fail but our collective knowledge and experience helps us get out of tough situations.

We are absolutely focused on customer satisfaction, we maybe building a company for profit but due to the nature of the industry, we have to be very empathetic to our clients. We hired psychologists to sit with our clients and provide support.

How is your relationship with your team, if you were your employee, would you be happy working for you?

The core management team at Aveya is like a group of friends. We are never shy of giving positive feedback and push each other to improve. If I were an employee, I would love to be part of such a team where there is so much potential to learn in a competitive yet relaxed environment. Infact, we take pride in leading the technology advancements in infertility in India. We invest in education, engineers and technology and collaborate with top scientists of the world to stay ahead of the curve.

Is there anything innovative that you introduced to the organization during your tenure of service?

Aveya has been a pioneer in using Artificial intelligence for Improving odds of IVF success.In the last couple of years, Artificial intelligence is making baby steps to increase the success rates of IVF treatment.

A majority of the success of an IVF process depends on the role of an embryologist. There has been no technology enhancements for these trained technicians in the past decade which assist them in standardizing the process. Therefore, there is a huge variability that can be seen in different labs. An ideal way to solve this problem would be to completely automate this process and reduce the manual variability that is seen today. That would completely change the game in the IVF industry and make IVF a consistently successful procedure. 

As a fast growing company in fertility space in India and the goal to be India’s biggest fertility chain, we are aware that we need to be front runners in developing and using technology and artificial intelligence tools. We believe we are on the right path and given the huge sets of unique data that are collecting along the way, we may end up with a major breakthrough in the fertility industry that has a global game changing impact.

Do you believe that a major chunk of our population is yet alien to the idea of IVF?

I wouldn’t deny that a vast chunk of the population is alien to the idea of IVF but it is rapidy changing because of the internet, social media and some popular Bollywood movie. It is so rapid, I would except the landscape to change within the next couple of years.

What core values have you maintained over your time of work that has kept you strong?

I think being honest with your team and the customer has been the core value at Aveya specially in the industry where there is so much distrust and so much uncertainty. I think the patients love the fact that we are truthful and transparent about their treatment and chance, no matter how uncomfortable that is.

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GRG HEALTH – EXECUTING TRADITIONAL HEALTHCARE MARKET RESEARCH, THE MILLENNIAL WAY Fri, 29 May 2020 10:04:24 +0000 GRG-Health-banner-for-webGRG HEALTH – EXECUTING TRADITIONAL HEALTHCARE MARKET RESEARCH, THE MILLENNIAL WAY When it comes to most consumer goods or services, the customers can decide if it is a luxury or a necessity and if so, whether or not they need to spend on it. However, when it comes to healthcare, the purchase of these services […]]]> GRG-Health-banner-for-web


When it comes to most consumer goods or services, the customers can decide if it is a luxury or a necessity and if so, whether or not they need to spend on it. However, when it comes to healthcare, the purchase of these services or products is never optional. A patient who needs healthcare will have to buy it. But this also does not mean that they will buy anything that the healthcare service providers sell. It has become crucial to understand the dynamics and the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry in India, which will reportedly increase threefold to around $ 133 billion by 2022.

The marketplace has become aggressive and complex because of the escalating cost, intense competition, a larger number of choices, and growing dissatisfaction among patients, which means that the service providers need to operate strategically. Today, healthcare market research is an integral part of the strategy to succeed and GRG Health which is a part of Growman Group is one of the fastest-growing global healthcare market research firm based out of APAC.

They started with a small team of 5 analysts in June 2015 and now they have more than 90 full-time employees who are working from different locations across the US and India. In the initial days, they started with data visualization and analysis service provider, however, over the time they gain specialization in qualitative and quantitative data collection and competitive intelligence as well and their key markets are APAC and EMEA.

GRG Health, Unique Selling Proposition

GRG Health is one of the leading global healthcare market research firms because of their unique hybrid data collection methodology, network and their unmatched and transparent service. Their unique hybrid approach to collect data is known as “The GrowthMix Approach” which is a combination of traditional face to face surveys and telephone or online interviews. Their exclusive concept of booster interviews allows clients to be more comfortable across data quality and flexibility in challenging studies.

Soon GRG Health realized that to achieve more, they need to create in-field capabilities. So by this day, they have a network of over 350 independent field researchers in more than 30 countries. This network of independent researchers gives their clients a lot of regional and local strengths across all key markets as this network has been a major reason for the success of GRG Health.

Constantly Thriving On Growing Competition

There is an obvious growing competition in the market research industry but GRG Health sees this growing competition as the way of constantly learning and improving by studying them. In an ever-changing industry like market research, continuous education is the key to success. The industry is booming as many new offerings are floated in the market every day and to find out new and creative ways to solve both traditional and new business problems is intellectually satisfying.

“It’s a fantastic time to be in market research”

– Ayush Mishra

Learning In An Ever-Changing Market

One way to always stay on your toes in this competitive market is to gain the latest industry information. GRG Health keeps on learning and implementing the best methods that suit their environments. 

For example, patient outreach via ethnography and other mobile application means is an upcoming trend. Companies want to gather feedback from patients directly and in real-time, so GRG Health is working to create that outreach for our client’s within APAC markets

Ayush Mishra further added “Being a market researcher is like being a doctor, new methods of treating the same problem will come daily.”

Market Research In The Age Of Digitalization

Technology has always been an integral part of the market research industry. GRG Health has a team that builds relevant technology to suit their needs. They recently launched a project tracking platform for clients that gives them a single-button access to track and interact on all of their ongoing studies.

Effect Of Changing The Tech Landscape Of The Market Research Industry

Technology and global regulations are two major transformation factors in the past few years. Artificial Intelligence and data science are changing the tech landscape of market research industry like never before. There is going to be a lot of new job opportunities created by this industry and many old job roles will become obsolete.

Just like GDRP in EU, a similar is going to be tabled in India as well which will create an impact. While GDPR did create a lot of panic within companies in the last two years, similar stronger regulations is going to pass in most countries now. This will make the job for people in market research more difficult as agencies will have to keep on finding newer compliant ways to engage with the audience.

Experience With Clients, Outside Agencies And Freelancers

As GRG Health was growing, they had many ups and downs with clients, freelancers and various agencies.

However, they today work with some of the best client teams in the world. Most of the projects that they do for the clients are as their internal team. GRG Health believes in having a special kind of relationship with their clients and they are blessed to have clients whom we are working since inception.

When it comes to outside agencies, GRG Health have some good relations with only 1-2 agencies who are working with them for several years now and they have also grown with them since starting. Working with freelancers can be tricky but once you find good professional then they are the greatest people that you will work with.

Overcoming Challenges Like An Industry Leader

Having the right talent in the organization is always a challenge therefore, GRG Health keeps on trying better ways to reach out to potential employees. Other than this almost every other project is a challenge and this type of challenge is loved by GRG Health.

GRG Health, A People’s Industry

GRG Health believes that people are their resources and every milestone they have achieved is because of the job people do. Today they have almost 93% of clients out of which almost 70% are working with us for over 4 years. GRG Health is a people’s company because a company achieve nothing without having the best people around.

GRG Health is made by Millennial as they are e most optimistic generation in history. GRG focuses on offering a reason to be optimistic about therefore, their ethos is designed to cater to the “Millennial Optimism” in the company like:

  • Organizing unprecedented growth programs for young leaders and thinkers in the company.
  • Offering opportunities to travel and meet likeminded people and share ideas across the world

Key Officials 

  1. Ayush Atul Mishra 

An industry veteran, Ayush has studied Market Management from IE School of Business, Spain and engineering in biomedical technology from Rajasthan University, India and now, he is working as the Managing Partner and Research Director at GRG Health. 

He has an experience of over ten years working across life sciences, pharmacy and big consulting companies on various market research studies ranging from competitive intelligence, strategy, market assessment, market sizing and market access. Ayush’s main responsibility at GRG Health is to manage important client accounts, work with them to enhance their customer experience, boost their internal PnL by offering custom services.

  • Kavish Mishra

Kavish is working as a Partner & Associate Director at GRG Health as he has a vast experience of over six years in market research across healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices, medical diagnostics verticals. 

Kavish has a keen interest in the healthcare industry from a young age therefore he studied Biotechnology from Shoolini University, Himachal Pradesh. He is also one of the founding members at GRG and has successfully established, created & curetted GRG’s propriety healthcare database and manages quality control team to ensure that clients receive top-quality insights from the right stakeholders. Kavish is always keen on taking up challenging client requirements and designing illustrative proposal briefs, methodologies and executing feasibility runs.

  • Manan Sethi

Manan completed engineering in Food Technology from Jaipur National University, India and now serving as a Partner and Associate Director at GRG Health. He has gained a vast experience of six years by working along healthcare market research firms, KPOs & consulting firms across a wide spectrum of market research studies encompassing market forecasting, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, brand assessment & positioning, market access & consumer research.

Primary responsibility of Manan at GRG Health is research practice and manages the client expectations throughout the project lifecycle. He ensures timely and quality deliverables to the clients. Manan has also contributed in successful addition and delivery of million-dollar engagements in the last few years.

Milestones And Achievements Of Grg Health

  • GRG has more than 150% YOY growth in the company in the past 5 years.
  • Today they have more than 93% of repeat clients out of which almost 70% of clients are working with us for the past 4 years or more
  • Their network of 350+ infield researchers is one of their greatest milestone achievements
  • They were able to get past an USD1Mn mark in first 2 years of existence
  • GRG’s average CSAT each quarter is more than 3.7/4.0
  • The biggest achievements of all are the deep relations they have with their clients, that supersedes everything

Road Map Toward The Future Growth

In the coming future, GRG Health is focused on optimizing the traditional market research methods with the use of AI and machine learning as this is one of the key accomplishments they want.

They have adopted healthcare facilities at 9 villages in UP and Uttrakhand through one of its group companies.

“We are a company that’s made up of millennial and are focused on binding technology to optimize our processes. It’s just a company culture thing”

– Ayush Mishra
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MAKO MEDICAL LABORATORIES, COVID19 TESTING LAB ON TRACK TO BECOME MARKET LEADER Thu, 23 Apr 2020 11:45:31 +0000 Mako Medical LaboratoriesBest Laboratory service provider of the Year 2020 MAKO MEDICAL LABORATORIES, COVID19 TESTING LAB ON TRACK TO BECOME MARKET LEADER Mako Medical serves as an industry leader in how laboratories should truly support patients and healthcare professionals. Clinical laboratories are a critical component of health care. Approximately 80% of physicians’ diagnoses are a result of […]]]> Mako Medical Laboratories

Best Laboratory service provider of the Year 2020


Mako Medical serves as an industry leader in how laboratories should truly support patients and healthcare professionals.

Clinical laboratories are a critical component of health care. Approximately 80% of physicians’ diagnoses are a result of laboratory tests, according to Kalorama Information, a healthcare market research firm. Common routine tests include cholesterol level tests, HIV tests, pap tests, pregnancy tests, and substance abuse tests. Clinical lab testing is also used to monitor diseases and drug treatments. Specialty testing, which is often more costly, may include genetics, immunology, oncology, endocrinology, and other segments. The clinical laboratory market is highly competitive with hundreds of providers.

One of the pioneers in this space, Mako Medical thrives as a leader in the US market. With its nationwide presence, the company rests at a unique position for its uncompromised adherence to the best standards of quality; dedication to innovation and technology to change the laboratory and pharmacy industry.

The Mako Medical Laboratories was established in 2014, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Growing significantly with a multi-disciplinary approach, ithas quickly become one of the most desired laboratories and a perfect diagnostic partner for businesses, physicians, urgent care facilities, and many hospitals around the United States.

Mako Medical Laboratories has recruited the top Ph.Ds., chemists, and scientists to provide industry-leading innovation. It has developed many custom and proprietary tests and uses robotics/automation to improve precision and accuracy.


Mako Medical’s niche is service. Because they focus on every detail the team has built a service model that is flexible, customized, and efficient. Technology aids in the delivery of these custom services. The team develops its custom and proprietary methodologies and assays. Mako Medical Laboratories’ methods and assays are validated for reproducibility, precision, and accuracy. They utilize industry-leading next-generation sequencers that have the perfect combination of accuracy and high-throughput sequencing. It uses next level RT-PCR systems for targeted discovery genetic markers.

Mako Medical Laboratories utilizes robotics within each of its laboratory facilities. Once the testing is completed, the data is transferred on a simple and easy to read the customized report. This data is available online or through the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or via the app.

The aim ofincepting Mako Medical was to initiate a company that would create a unique competitor in an industry that lacked options while using the resources to make an impact in the communities they serve. The entire team is focused on volunteering, helping with local nonprofits, giving back, donating, hiring military veterans, and supporting many charities.

The team focuses on every aspect of the patient experience. This helps them develop processes that are unique and allows them to compete. They also leverage emerging technologies to disrupt how services are delivered and consumed.


Mako Medical Laboratories’ work begins within the brick and mortar of its facilities but its impact reaches beyond the laboratory doors and settles into the community.The company’s exclusive and even expanding service portfolio holds groundbreaking solutions that are clinically proven effective in curing the preventing diseases.

  • Award-winning laboratory services with patented technology
  • Next-Generation Sequencing for Clinical Trials and Research
  • Over 1300 different blood tests offered using the latest in robotic technology and automation
  • Customized result reports that are easy to read and understand
  • Fastest Turnaround Times in the industry
  • Access to results on your mobile device

Mako Medical Laboratories’ services are merely a vehicle to change lives locally and globally through healthcare advancement and resource allocation.


  • MAKO’s clinical pathology laboratory utilizes state of the art analyzers that require less blood then most chain laboratories, making MAKO’s testing more patients friendly.
  • It provides customers with the choice of over 1300 individual tests.
  • MAKO gives you access to the experienced and highly trained laboratory scientists to answer questions about results and other testing questions.
  • The company delivers customized result reports for easy to read summaries to providers resulting in clearer clinical interpretation and more concise clinical information.
  • This lab has heavily invested in state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology. It utilizes industry leading next-generation sequencers and next-level RT-PCR systems for targeted discovery of genetic markers.
  • Mako Medical Laboratories can process over 3100 different clinical laboratory tests.  The custom reporting, in-house logistics team, and focus on every detail has created a world-class patient experience.
  • The company is widely-known for its competitive pricing and is in-network with every major insurance company.
  • Mako Medical Laboratories’ facilities are equipped with state of the art robotics to ensure accuracy and precision with each sample. Also, each laboratory is outfitted with the industries leading LC-MS/MS, chemistry analyzer, and enzyme immunoassay technology.


The biggest challenges are the unpredictability of healthcare. No one knows what’s coming next. It is always evolving and new technology is changing the way they interact with patients and customers. Staying ahead of these changes is vital.

The focus is to expand into rural markets that lack access to quality healthcare. The team at MAKO is committed to long term care and helping the aging population with new care models and better access within their home.


Mako has built a loyal customer base because they actively engage them in the process. They get feedback and constantly adjust of the process to meet the specific needs of customers.Flexibility, service, technology, and building a program built exclusively on the feedback of customers have helped the firm a lot in the progress.

The firm has built strategic partnerships with healthcare providers and has leveraged customer feedback to access new customers. Organic growth through the exhausting markets.


The Mako Medical Laboratories team is led by scientists and doctors who specialize in methodology development and pathological services. There is a highly trained team of medicalengineers, who custom methodologies for the specific needs of patients. This process gives Mako Medical’s customers a distinct advantage when searching for specialized care and individualized medicine.

The management team at the companystrive hard to create an excellent work environment that recruits and attracts top talent. They have an entire team focused on building programs that enhance culture and make Mako Medical a great place to work. They have always been focused on “why” they do what they do and not the “what”. Innovation is the key here. Developing and designing new ways customers can consume the service both through Mako Medical and MakoRx. This will be their focus as they expand into new markets.


Mako Medical has experienced rapid growth and has won many awards in this category. They set a record as the only company ever to win the Fast 50 #1 three years in a row. They also placed 284 on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 500 list. Mako Medical has also won awards for quality, community service, and innovations in healthcare.

Watching all the good work Mako Medical has done by supporting local nonprofits, charities, and hiring military veterans has been fuel for the team and the growth. The team stays motivated because as a group they focus on the why not the what. They are all passionate about helping others—this is what motivates themevery day.


Mako Medical Laboratories is passionate about making an impact in people’s lives.  It spends thousands of hours volunteering with local nonprofits and has donated medical services to those that don’t have access.  Mako currently supports over 472 local nonprofits and charities (military service dogs, homes for the blind, disabled, special needs children, horses for those that are paralyzed, veterans, cancer research, etc.).

Mako Medical Laboratories supports children with disabilities, veterans, cancer research, and faith-based ministries. Moreover, the company employs only military veterans for many of its positions, and supports over 80 Christian missionaries around the world.

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ADETYA CHOPRA: REDEFINING THE LINE OF BUSINESS BY HIS SKILLS AND HIS DRIVE TO EXCEL Thu, 26 Dec 2019 10:33:19 +0000 Adetya-ChopraADETYA CHOPRA: REDEFINING THE LINE OF BUSINESS BY HIS SKILLS AND HIS DRIVE TO EXCEL A people’s person at heart and Bafna Group, Adetya has shaped up people’s practice and Strategic HR function of the organization. The HR industry is fast gaining ground. They are no longer a small and slow department but crucial members […]]]> Adetya-Chopra


A people’s person at heart and Bafna Group, Adetya has shaped up people’s practice and Strategic HR function of the organization.

The HR industry is fast gaining ground. They are no longer a small and slow department but crucial members in the major business decision making processes in various companies. Under this spectrum, packed with new opportunities, young energy and innovation, some change makers are unwinding the blockheads.  It needs the audacity to fly high and get beyond the limits of the sky and that’s what we learned from the professional endeavour of Adetya Chopra; presently leading the Human Resources function of the renowned Bafna Group, he is an HR Leader who deeply understands business.

Adetya has over 18 years of extensive experience in human resources; he has led L&D teams of prestigious companies like NIIT, Wipro and Synergy. He Joins Bafna Group as Group Head-Human Resources in August 2019. The Bafna Group established in 1956. Currently, it has a presence in 4 major industries; Automotive, Logistics, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. The group touches the lives of over 100,000 customers annually through 4000 team members.

Till date, Adetya has built businesses and teams ground up and turned them into multi-million dollar profit verticals. In continuation of his success stories and he has consistently upgraded his skills to be an expert at stakeholder management, wielding his brand to build relationships and influence decisions in business. He has been honoured by Harvard Square to be a member of Leaders Excellence.

In academics, Adetya holds Certification in Business Strategy from the University Of Virginia Darden School Of Business, Diploma in L&D from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and did schooling from Hiranandani Foundation School. He is a proven leader, with deep expertise in different industry verticals and passionate about building outstanding teams in organizations. 

To have a fair understanding of his inspiring journey, The CEO Magazine interviewed Adetya Chopra- Group Head-Human Resources, Bafna Group. 

Edited Excerpts

TCM: At the outset, please give us a glimpse of yourself.

Adetya Chopra: At 36, I have worked for 18 years; a part of me is defined by my success and my failures. I think I belong to the club of being an Entrepreneur and then a successful entrepreneur in the HR space.  

Amongst the ton of things I like, what I enjoy the most is Travel, Music, spending time with Dogs, Reading, and my private space to think every day.

TCM: How do you look back at your professional journey traversed this far? What is your major learning?

Adetya Chopra: Life has been kind professionally. Learnings have been many and with each new assignment, major learning comes along however what I learned early on, which I believe has been a game-changer for me – there is no substitute for knowledge, keep learning, keep re-educating. 

TCM: You have over 18 years of experience in various facets of HR. How have you seen the function evolve?

Adetya Chopra: I think what I have witnessed is HR moving from Personnel Management to it being a Semi-Strategic partner. However, evolution rightly has been slow however effective. What has consistently lacked is invention and innovation. HR created disruptive practices however it has not kept pace with the diversified workforce which exists today. 

TCM: What are challenges did you face during the initial phase of your career?

Adetya Chopra: Quite a few, from being able to introspect what I enjoy doing to being able to get noticed in a crowd and most importantly, being able to communicate my value to organizations. Knowing a good start matters, it was important not to press the restart button early in my career. 

TCM: As a global HR leader, company recruitment head, and educator you are an inspiration for many. Who inspires you? 

Adetya Chopra: I have had the privilege to work with the finest very early in my career, inspiration is and has been core to my drive. Abraham Zachariah, Kiran Shesh, Subroto Mukherjee, Ashfaq Ahad, and Padmini Misra have certainly been huge inspirations.

TCM: What do you believe lies in the future of the HR industry?

Adetya Chopra: At this point, there is a blur when I am asked this question. For the foreseeable future, I think reskilling the workforce will keep everyone on their toes. Small innovations and measurable impact should ideally be the future. 

TCM: What is the best career advice you ever got?

Adetya Chopra: I think I received plenty of nuggets as advice but I don’t think there was that one piece of advice that redefined my career; life wouldn’t make sense with just that 1 piece! 

TCM: Highlight your achievements, awards, and accreditation.

Adetya Chopra: Being able to set up my own business and being able to exit it successfully, for now, remains the highlight of my achievements so far. Equally, being able to build practices for my employers ground-up I believe has the same taste. 

As for awards, I stay away. Gaining external validation from bodies which themselves need validation is not my playing field. 

For me accreditation is constant, I engage in multiple learning programs, be it in the areas of Strategy, Business or HR. 

TCM: What are your focus areas for the next year in your role?

Adetya Chopra: 2019 has been exciting whilst setting up Digital HR, embarking on a Culture journey and being a part of a business acquisition. 

2020 will be about Creating Servant Leadership for one. It’s the only way forward. The charter otherwise is clear, integrating our group companies, engaging the workforce better, creating a performance culture. I think my plate should be full and so should my appetite. 

TCM: HR is a preferred career choice for many students and people seeking a professional change. Could you give a few quick tips for people who are newly transitioning into HR?

Adetya Chopra: Have depth in the subject. Keep abreast of the industry as you go through your education. Lastly but most importantly, give importance to understanding every aspect of the business – knowing Finance, Operations, Sales and IT is what makes you get a seat at the table. 

TCM: What is your favourite quote? 

Adetya Chopra: Think twice, cut once. 

When you start at 18, you are slightly oblivious that you are on a journey which is what made me more involved with my work. Purpose to me has been central to everything that I have done. – Adetya Chopra

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VASCULAR CONCEPTS, ONE OF THE MOST TRUSTED BRANDS FOR STRUCTURAL HEART DISEASE DEVICES Fri, 20 Dec 2019 06:24:32 +0000 VASCULAR CONCEPTSVASCULAR CONCEPTS, ONE OF THE MOST TRUSTED BRANDS FOR STRUCTURAL HEART DISEASE DEVICES Living in a world of growing pressures contributing to a risk of hypertension, increased cholesterol levels, excessive smoking and a hassled lifestyle that eventually leads to innumerable cardiovascular diseases, the need for technological advancement has amplified with time. Addressing these risks of […]]]> VASCULAR CONCEPTS


Living in a world of growing pressures contributing to a risk of hypertension, increased cholesterol levels, excessive smoking and a hassled lifestyle that eventually leads to innumerable cardiovascular diseases, the need for technological advancement has amplified with time.

Addressing these risks of effectively, Vascular Concepts Limited, under the wise guidance of Swaminathan Jayaraman-CEO, is providing affordable solutions with an aim to develop technology that largely addresses the root problem with their wide range of products comprising of Balloons for Coronary Artery Diseases, Rheumatic heart diseases and Stents to treat Coronary artery disease and peripheral artery diseases.

The firm sits proudly at an enviable position in the medical device ecosystem, where they offer a complete variety of products for structural heart disease which includes Closure Devices (ASD, PDA, VSD, PFO) with an entire kit of accessories, covered stent for endovascular treatment of co-arctation of aorta, percutaneous Aortic Valve which to treat aortic valve disorders in patients through a minimally invasive approach.

The CEO Magazine grabbed a chance to connect with the team at Vascular Concepts and got to know their perspective on the industry, future, technological advancements, corporate ethos and more;

TCM: Do you believe yourself to be the most trusted medical device company and why?

Vascular Concepts: We prefer calling ourselves as ‘one of the most trusted brands’. We have a long-standing existence in the market with results at par, and at times even better than our multinational counterparts. We are in the healthcare industry for more than two decades now, and our purpose is to provide a superior quality cardiac implantable product at an affordable cost, along with results that add value to the money spent. We host a broad range of stents and other cardiac closure devices, as is the need of the industry. Outdated products keep getting removed or upgraded.

TCM: How do you reach to your end-user, what difference do you provide?

Vascular Concepts: We reach to our end users through their health care providers i.e. the cardiologists. We provide telephonic follow up and counselling with due consent of the doctor; offer them stent insurance in case of reoccurrence of blockage at the same site. We use different techniques of reaching out, and patient awareness programs for welfare and post-procedure care. We bring international experts to train and guide our doctors, we are not just sellers, but partners to our cardiologists, where we bring them reliable and high-quality products for use, keep them informed, and participate in national and international conferences.

TCM: Do you feel the technology and market have transformed over the years?

Vascular Concepts: Yes, doctors have gained access to global information, research, outcomes and impacts. They can now view international live cases or attend seminars from the comfort of their own country. Earlier they would have to wait for attending major international conferences to know the updates. They now train themselves successfully using the latest software & share their success stories with their peers all over the world. With our doctors connected to the western world, they now have access and availability of expertise equally in our country. Hence, the medical device industry grows unilaterally across the globe and the cardiologists are more capable of sharing their learning experience as well as opinions with their mentors or seniors. Also, AiMED currently is organizing the medical device companies and is spearheading the representations that are necessary for policy-making playing a key role in creating a voice for all.

TCM: In a competitive market, what hurdles did you have to battle?

Vascular Concepts: We as an Indian company, procure our raw material internationally from one of the best vendors of the market in Europe. Assembling and packing are done locally at our factory in Bangalore. Still, we sell at significantly lesser costs than other multinationals. However, our Indian competitors have been able to offer at much lower prices. Price War has always been a challenge. A basic minimum cost has to be maintained upon with increasing costs in research & improvement, and fighting competition in this arena was and still is tough.

TCM: How do you chalk out a business model for a successful medical firm?

Vascular Concepts: A successful medical device firm needs to continuously innovate and find disease segments that are either not treated or undertreated. There are several such market opportunities available for the medical device industry. The development of devices for these markets should undergo vigorous testing and should withstand long term success. If a company can do this successfully with the least amount of capital deployed it can then offer the products at competitive pricing to the patients.

TCM: What natures of clients are you associated with, and is there status satisfaction?

Vascular Concepts: We are currently associated with Interventional Cardiologists who do minimally invasive procedures to treat heart blockages or close coronary ducts. We are already enjoying the status satisfaction, as I had previously mentioned about a very comprehensive product array. We are also looking at adding new and upcoming devices, so I am confident that we shall not just maintain the status but also create an identity of a continuously innovative company. This is across several disease segments related to cardiac function.

TCM: Do you believe this is an appropriate time for one to step foot into the industry?

Vascular Concepts: Not really. There is a lot of turbulence in the industry at the moment, similar and varied quality of products have mushroomed, the price war has gone way beyond comprehension and its difficult to maintain exceptional quality quotient at such compromised costs. Research and innovation, which is mandatory for maintaining the quality of the product, are almost impossible to keep up with, at such falling costs.

TCM: What are the achievements and awards earned by you?

Vascular Concepts: We offer the patient an innovative range of medical implantable products to improve their quality of life. We are the recipient of the “2017 Asia-Pacific Coronary Care-Drug Eluting Stent Growth Excellence Leadership Award” presented by the business consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan. Before this, Vascular Concepts has also received the prestigious Alexandria-Frost & Sullivan Award for Excellence in India Healthcare, under the ‘ Indian Medical Devices Company of the Year ‘ in 2010 & 2011.

TCM: What role does ‘Make in India’ play for your industry?

Vascular Concepts: Make in India encourages manufacturers to step into the industry and bring to our citizens, reasonable products and meet the medical needs of patients, as we understand our country’s diseases and symptoms much better than multinationals. Imported products are mostly made as per the western needs and then dumped on the Indian prototype, due to lesser options being made available for us. ‘Make in India’ can only be successfully implemented by sincere market research and quality product development.

TCM: What core values and compliances are followed by you to maintain the value across the industry?

Vascular Concepts: We are clear in our vision to not get bogged down to low-cost demands because we do not compromise on quality. Research/PMS is performed in-house and is an ongoing practice since we have been in the market. It helps us keep a close eye on our product performance and quality. Our other core value is innovation, which has been the backbone of us relentlessly upgrading our existing products. Compliance for us is a part of our day to day activity and every employee is attuned to keep this value at the forefront. Rules and regulations are taken seriously and deviations/malpractices are not accepted and feel competition should be healthy and products provided must not be compromised in quality, due importance should be given to both, cost and quality.

Vascular Concepts are a pioneer in initiating a unique patient welfare program promoting health & wellbeing of patients implanted with stents. It is called the ‘Heart Insure Program’, a one of a kind service in India, which aims at disease management post angioplasty & takes care of the financial burden to undergo a repeat procedure. The patient is covered under special insurance & does not have to pay any premium. If the patient surfaces restenosis at the site of stenting, the company covers up the cost for the second procedure with a free device.

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Insight into Digital Marketing Trends 2020 Wed, 13 Nov 2019 12:02:09 +0000 Insight into Digital Marketing Trends 2020Insight into Digital Marketing Trends 2020 Over the past few years, digital marketing or marketing online is an industry that has tremendously grown and provided support to various people. The industry, however, is based on the internet and technology that is prone to evolve in specific time intervals like each year. The ever-so evolving technology […]]]> Insight into Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Insight into Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Over the past few years, digital marketing or marketing online is an industry that has tremendously grown and provided support to various people. The industry, however, is based on the internet and technology that is prone to evolve in specific time intervals like each year.

The ever-so evolving technology is enhancing the services making it easier to reach the target audience with innovative and new services or products profiles, basically making life easier, there is also a negative side to it as one has to stay updated with the technology to have an edge over the competitors.

Despite the social media platforms and search engines that update their algorithms almost every day, the results of a major update tend to affect the online businesses in a specific period. Going digital enables brands to leverage opportunities from across the world and hence any good digital marketing company should be proactive rather than being reactive in the market.

The search engines tend to bring various trends to leverage user’s buying intent and improve customer experience and engagement by rolling out algorithm updates. The updates that are expected to change the digital marketing space in 2020:

  1. Chat-bots: Chat-bots have been in the industry as a trend over the last couple of years, while many brands have either asked their in-house digital marketing team or the digital marketing company they are associated with i.e. the company managing the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of the company’s official web site to increase organic traffic and user retention on the website to include Chat-bots on their websites, some are yet to adapt to the change.

 The chat-bot is essentially a computerised messaging system to interact on a business page on social media or a website. Many types of chat-bots have been introduced in the industry that helps establish a connection with the users as he/she visits the website and provide them with assistance and searchers what they are looking for enhancing their satisfaction.

  1. VR and AR: Brands are investing in AR and VR i.e. Augmented Reality (AR) that adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a Smartphone and Virtual Reality (VR) that involve a complete immersion experience not in the physical world.

Both of these technologies have already pressed the marketers to develop strategies to provide consumers with better services. This will enhance the process of information collection by business organisation leading to enhanced user experience.

  1. Interactive FB and Instagram Ads: Well, interactive ads is something that the giants in the industry are working on for the years to ensure better engagement with the posts eventually leading to the accomplishment of the core reason of selling products and services and earning profits.

The recent technology has helped the brands market their products with interactive posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The shop-able posts are used by the e-commerce brands to showcase their products to the audience which on being clicked leads to the company’s official website and the target customer can buy it directly from the social media platform.

These ads are designed to help the platforms have interaction within them, reducing the chances of the audience leaving Facebook or Instagram to go to another website. This trend is a must to be known by the e-commerce brands if they are involved in social media marketing of their products and services.

  1. End to End Customer Experience: Artificial intelligence has become a key part of the industry and has evolved. AI has proved that it can revolutionise the businesses with its capacity to understand and evaluate data faster than an average human would do.

An essential part of the technology is that it can learn and can be adjusted to develop certain posts targeting a certain target audience while the creator has the data present. It can be used on limited data as the algorithms need data to learn. The companies who have such amount of data can help digital marketers to provide end to end customer experience.

  1. Vanity Metrics: Social media page views, followers, subscribers and other metrics are known as Vanity metrics. The easy to manipulate metrics may be sound good on paper once manipulated but do not impact the goals of the digital marketing strategy. The brands online have stopped looking for all the metrics and have started looking for specific metrics that showcase a more impactful, measurable marketing campaigns.

While setting up a social media campaign next time, the digital marketers should avoid vanity metrics and instead, select the right metrics that will drive the business growth.


While over the years, the industry has showcased various trends that have revolutionised the operations, we hope this insight into future advancements and trends will be useful for digital marketers to make better future strategies and execute them.

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Benefits of E-commerce Chatbots Wed, 30 Oct 2019 09:49:01 +0000 Benefits of E-commerce ChatbotsBenefits of E-commerce Chatbots Since the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) the world has changed a lot. One of the important products of artificial intelligence is chatbot which is especially used in e-commerce portals to personalize customer’s shopping experience. Chatbots are changing the way brands used to engage with their customers be it helping them […]]]> Benefits of E-commerce Chatbots

Benefits of E-commerce Chatbots

Since the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) the world has changed a lot. One of the important products of artificial intelligence is chatbot which is especially used in e-commerce portals to personalize customer’s shopping experience. Chatbots are changing the way brands used to engage with their customers be it helping them to choose the right product or giving them personalised assistance. A report has shown that e-commerce portals using chatbots has better customer experience and it also increases the chances of customer purchasing by 35 per cent.

When a customer opens an e-commerce portal and short window pop-ups showing what that person wants to purchase then that person will be excited and its experience will amazing. This should be the target of every e-commerce website. Despite this, there are many ways an e-commerce website can get benefit from the chatbots. Here are some benefits of chatbots which can benefit your e-commerce website.

  1. Guided Navigation

One of the benefits of a chatbot is that it searches the product for you. If you want to purchase a pair of shoes and you are not able to find it or you don’t want to waste time in searching it then all you have to do it to ask the chatbot and it will find it for you. With machine learning AI, now chatbots can store a customer’s journey and their buying preference which eventually allows a customer to check out quickly.

  1. Customer Support Chatbots

In an e-commerce business, people have a lot of queries related to their products. Now imagine Amazon hiring a few people to solve the queries of millions. In this, a customer support chatbot is very useful to solve the queries and at the same time, the customer will get personalized support.

  1. Easy Order Status Enquiry

The process to check the status of our order is like this – click on “my orders” then go to that particular order and then click “check status”. But with the introduction of chatbot, all you have to do is ask the chatbot about the status of the given order and that’s it.

  1. Redressal

Ecommerce industry is now focusing on developing chatbots that can also tell a customer how they can return their products with proper return policy and everything about redressal. It will save time and immediate response will lead to better customer experience.

  1. FAQ’s

FAQ’s are really important to know a customer and their preferences. A chatbot will ask you about the problem and will give you some options; after you choose an option then next trail of question with options will arise. With the help of this method, the customer will get a precise answer to its queries without wasting any time.

  1. Conclusion

Chatbots are revolutionary and they are getting better with every minute. Every e-commerce website should have a chatbot to make the customer’s experience more satisfying which will eventually boost their sales. Chatbots are not just tools but they are the need of the hour.

Get to know about best ecommerce chatbots in action

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Know which are the trusted payment gateways for a ecommerce website

Why do you need a Ecommerce website?

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Trusted Payment Gateways for E-commerce Website Sat, 19 Oct 2019 10:23:46 +0000 Trusted Payment Gateways for E-commerce WebsiteTrusted Payment Gateways for E-commerce Website Having a secure payment method in an e-commerce store is very important as it will affect your overall ROI and customer experience. Well, what is a payment gateway? A payment gateway is a secure way from which a customer can purchase any product or service from an e-commerce store. […]]]> Trusted Payment Gateways for E-commerce Website

Trusted Payment Gateways for E-commerce Website

Having a secure payment method in an e-commerce store is very important as it will affect your overall ROI and customer experience. Well, what is a payment gateway? A payment gateway is a secure way from which a customer can purchase any product or service from an e-commerce store. A payment gateway is used by e-commerce website so that they can accept any payment digitally. Every e-commerce store owner needs to have a payment gateway because it allows having a quick transaction process, security of data and it is accepted globally.

There are numerous payment gateways which you can use in your e-commerce store or website but you should always choose a gateway which is more secure and widely used. Here is a list of payment gateways which you can use on your store or website.

  1. PayPal

PayPal is worlds most secured and popular payment gateway therefore; it is the first choice of an e-commerce website owner for accepting online payments. It is accessible in almost every part of the world which makes it more desirable as it is popular in more than 200 countries.

Transaction fees of PayPal varies from country to country

  • For US card swipe its 2.7%
  • Key in cards, it is 3.5%. $0.15
  • 9% + $ 0.30 for an invoice
  • Transferring payment to another country is fixed at 1.5%
  1. net

It also is a popular payment gateway which is based in the US. has a partnership with various secured solution providers, developers, service providers and hardware companies so that they can offer a pool of services from which customers can pick which is best for them. Transaction fees of 10 cents for each transaction and this payment gateway is very popular in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe.

  1. SecurePay

SecurePay is known to as the most secured pay as it is PCI compliant and it is accessible worldwide. PCI compliant means to have a standard of security which is important for all payment gateways providers to take store, process and transmit the credit card information.  It allows e-commerce businesses to take payment from POLi and PayPal. Australian population uses SecurePay the most.

Transaction fees of SecurePay are

  • 45 cents for every transaction + tax + AUD 395
  • For 3000 transactions it is AUD 800 + tax
  • They have a customized pricing plan for more than 5000 transactions.
  1. Paytm

Paytm is the leader in payment gateways in India. It allows an e-commerce business to accept payment from digital wallets, net banking, debit or credit cards, EMI and UPI. You don’t even need a website or a smartphone while purchasing through Paytm as provides a secure link for payment. Transaction fees of Paytm are 1.99% + tax of every transaction and it is most popular in India.

  1. PayUmoney

PayUmoney one of the most sorted payment gateways in the world as it allows you to set up and activate the payment method within a few minutes. Various payment methods under PayUmoney include debit or credit card, net banking, digital wallets and UPI. They always have a two-step verification process to ensure a secured transaction. Transaction fees of PayUmoney is 2% + tax on every transaction and it is widely used in India


This list shows the most trusted payment gateways you can use in your e-commerce store for digital payments and they are accessible all around the world.

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