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My Wish list for Budget 2015: A Salaried Man

Dear Shri Arun Jaitley, Hope my letter would find you in the best of health and spirit. Since I am a law abiding, taxpaying citizen, please do not burden me with heavy taxes. We salaried classes have taken the maximum impact while my wealthy businessman neighbors or the local politician I meet after every five years have been multiplying their wealth exponentially.  I do not fancy Audis and BMWs, but please make sure I can buy a Maruti Swift for my family after working hard for over two decades. I have been told you are a…

Gold is in my watch list but still don’t like it says Biswajit Behera

Gold is in my watch list but still don’t like it: We have seen from last few years gold lost its glitter and gave negative return. Currently, Gold has experienced a bit of a revival, jumped 8% in this month (January) which is its best monthly gain in 3 years. International gold is able to close above $1280 level after 6 month. Does gold entered bullish territory? Gold has gained ground this month due to some major global factors such as: Swiss central bank’s decision to abandon a cap on the value of its currency versus…

TradersCockpit – Your Best Friend in Markets

TradersCockpit - Your Best Friend in Markets Journey started more than 3 years back with the objective to solve the below pain points: Users don’t trust most financial advisors, who primarily push products for commissions. So, users are unable to locate Proven Transparent Tested Strategies for Trading / Investing Existing desktop based Analytical Solutions will require high competence and code writing skills is Cloud based Financial Markets Data Analytics Platform that mines…