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VISA9 Educational Consulting Services, Assisting Students In Living Their Dream of Studying Abroad

A large number of Indian students today prefer to get their education abroad because of new opportunities opening up there. It has become easier for them to bear a high fee structure and high cost of living because of the easy availability of loans. This increased number of students interested in making a global career has contributed greatly to the demand of education consultants by leaps and bounds. Upon realizing the probable importance of overseas education consultants in India Sai Kumar Medi started VISA9, an education consulting services in the year 2009.

VISA9 Educational Consulting Services is an international student educational consulting service that assists students who wish to study in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  They provide services in the private organizations like locating an appropriate university, obtaining substantial financial aid, assisting in obtaining proper required documentation, finding schools with on-campus job opportunities, providing visa interview assistance and orientation to American culture.

VISA9 provides admission services to students who want to pursue their higher education abroad. This is the only service they provide and they do exceptionally well.  VISA9 Educational Consulting Services have over 10 years of experience in providing admission to students in foreign universities. They have built a national reputation for excellence in providing outstanding services for their students and made admission for university both easy and affordable. VISA9 assists students to get admission at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional university. Their products, services, and benefits are tailored to meet the wide variety of students needs.

VISA9, Best Educational Consulting Services In India

Many Indian students want to go to American universities for higher education as most of the universities there are ranked among top education centres around the world. But getting an admission in any US college requires more than being accepted academically as a student because there are many legal and government aspects of travelling to America.

Despite the tough market situation, VISA9 Educational Consulting Services can get a pretty good number of visa acceptance rates when compared to other consultants in the market. They believe in quality not in quantity therefore, they don’t send 200-300 visa applications and get only 10 visa approval like their competitors do. They focus on volume where they provide a good visa success rate. This is what makes them one of the best companies in recruiting students for US universities.

Purpose and Evolution of VISA9 From Day One

Studying abroad offers a unique opportunity to grow academically, professionally, and personally. There are several other benefits to studying abroad; however, there are also numerous challenges and one of the major one is financial issues. VISA9 has been helping students in every problem since their inception as they provide a list of 2000 universities in the US so that students and their parents can choose any according to their budget. They keep everything transparent so that there are no future problems for the students in foreign countries. VISA9 also helps students after they have reached their desired country as they have a network of students studying in the US, UK and Canada. Those students have family type relations with Sai Kumar Medi and VISA9.

At VISA9 educational consulting services, they walk with a student till the very end and make sure they understand the procedure involved regarding admissions to international universities. The counsellors have an excellent understanding of requirements of different universities. They know what these universities are looking for and will suggest universities that seek students with like your profile.

Idea Behind Starting VISA9 Educational Consulting Services

In the year 2005 when Sai Kumar Medi wanted to go to US for further studies, he faced many problems, therefore; he solved his issues all by himself. He further helped his friends as well which made him realize that more people like him want to get a high level of education in foreign countries and this realization leads him to start VISA9 Educational Consulting Services in the year 2009. Another problem is that most of the middle-class Indian family want their ward to focus on education and work side by side therefore; Sai Kumar Medi decided to help people who are facing similar problems.

Increasing Demand for Education Consulting Services in India

Abroad education consultants are a vital resource of information as well as advice for making the decision of going foreign countries to pursue your further studies.It is not an easy decision for both the student and the parents.

Therefore, the need for education consultants has been extremely felt by the students in the last decades. The main aim for VISA9 Educational Consulting Services is to provide specialized information regarding the country where the students would want to examine, the university they’d want to join along with course they would wish to opt to not only to the student living in India but also to those Indians who are living in other countries.

Building Reputation in the Industry Through Words of Mouth

Major marketing strategy followed by VISA9 is digital marketing and (WOM) word of mouth publicity which is the most powerful medium of marketing as only a well-satisfied client will refer to a product or a service to their friends.

“Word of mouth plays the biggest role” Sai Kumar Medi

Future Opportunities in the Consulting Industry

In the last few years, the industry has become more transparent because students, as well as parents, are well informed now so it is important to educate them whatever the norms of university are. Many consulting companies are in the habit of promising extra which they are not able to deliver that eventually results in unsatisfied customers. VISA9 makes sure that they provide a transparent consulting service which helps both them and students in the long run.

“We need to explain them very clearly whatever those universities require to avoid future conflicts” quotes by Sai Kumar Medi

Facing and Overcoming Challenges

A major challenge that VISA9 Educational Consulting Services had to face in the past was the problem of fake documentation. As many students submit their fraud documents which cause a trust issue between VISA9 and universities. Many consultants in the market temper with the documents so that their client gets the admission but this is strictly against the policy of VISA9 Educational Consulting Services as these practices can get you to foreign universities but it can also get you in trouble if they run a verification process.

Business Model for a Successful Name

VISA9 Educational Consulting Services helps a student in the entire Visa process like, filling up applications, preparing financial statements, and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more. They are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules, and have high VISA success rates.

The best policy before the consulate office is to be truthful. There are always misconceptions that a marriage or being the only son or individual relatives and friends in that country could be a ground for either giving or not giving the visa. The most important points that are looked into, at the time of visa are that you have sufficient funds to execute your studies and you are not a prospective immigrant. Good preparation always helps a student to reply promptly and confidently. They are very proud that because of this thorough preparation, VISA9 Educational Consulting Services have been able to help students in achieving their objective.

Massive opportunities for entrepreneur

There is a massive requirement of people in the consulting industry and anyone can venture into it but one thing that every entrepreneur needs to understand is that a consultant’s job is to consult nothing more, nothing less. It’s that simple. There’s no magic formula or secret that makes one consultant more successful than another one.

Educating Consultants is the Most Needed Change

Currently, what most of the consultants do is they recruit fresher from MBA with no experience in the industry, they train them but there is no serious study involved. Therefore, a major change that needs to happen in the consulting industry is that the consultants should be given proper training before handling a client.

What’s Next For VISA9 Educational Consulting Services

Till now they were focusing on the students as they have educated several students and parents as well about the criteria, how to live, programs they need to study according to their budget. But their goal for the future is to educate other consultants in the market as VISA9 wants to build a community of consultants where everyone knows how to lead the process so as many students can get benefit from it.

Key Officials

  1. Sai Kumar Medi – Founder and CEO
  2. Elizabeth Tanaka – Director, International Student Services – University of Mary Hardin Baylor
  3. Megan Gill – Secretary of International Student Service – University of Mary Hardin Baylor
  4. Divya Choudary – Director of Graduate Engineering – Christian Brothers University
  5. Stacey Reeder – Associate Director of International & Graduate Admissions – Florida Institute of Technology.

Sai Kumar Medi quoted “What separates a good consultant from a bad consultant is a passion and drive for excellence. And yes, a good consultant should be knowledgeable about the subject he or she is consulting in.”

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CAREER ABROAD: CERTIFIED CONSULTANTS ASSISTING THOUSANDS OF APPLICANTS TO LEVERAGE GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES Thu, 20 Feb 2020 04:54:21 +0000 CAREER ABROADCAREER ABROAD: CERTIFIED CONSULTANTS ASSISTING THOUSANDS OF APPLICANTS TO LEVERAGE GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES Immigration and education consulting industry, despite being a diverse and fast-paced industry, has only a few qualified players, Career Abroad has been a trusted guidance provider for years. Having laid the foundation of Career Abroad, the visionary and director of the brand, Dharmendra […]]]> CAREER ABROAD


Immigration and education consulting industry, despite being a diverse and fast-paced industry, has only a few qualified players, Career Abroad has been a trusted guidance provider for years. Having laid the foundation of Career Abroad, the visionary and director of the brand, Dharmendra Ramrakhiani coined the idea to initiate the successful endeavour 18 years ago while he struggled to locate a qualified consultant to migrate to Canada and concluded that none of the consultants was competent enough to offer legal guidance in the immigration matter.

The Toronto based consultancy brings its deep insight of the industry, its laws and regulations along with procedures and immigration manuals into action while crafting solutions for thousands of individuals as well as families. The legal matters of visa and immigration are neither the ones to be ignored nor to be taken lightly the brand being a qualified immigration consultant who is a member of the council in good standing puts one who interested in making a visa or immigration application in a secure place.


“Being the “Consultant Of The Year”, I make a huge difference in lives of so many individuals as well as families as I help many people fulfil their dreams by offering the right and genuine guidance. We change the lives of those wishing to settle in Canada. Today, in the industry while every other person is an immigration consultant, they have no clue on how to interpret immigration law, Career Abroad is a key solution provider. Having studied Canadian immigration law, successfully passed the council’s exam and acquired a designation of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), I ensure that no stone is left unturned to provide the best services to our clients,” emphasised the director, Dharmendra


Career Abroad has had pleasure of offering services to a clientele inclusive of newly born, seniors, students, housewives, entrepreneurs, professionals, employed, self-employed, farmers and various others from more than 18 countries mostly from India, Canada, USA, UAE, Vietnam, Philippines, Kenya, Iran, Sir Lanka, Pakistan, and others. Being a qualified, certified immigration consultant approved by the Canadian government, the visionary leader guides the experienced team to deliver customised services to every client based on their unique requirements.


Knowledge is the key to growth, this generation has an opportunity to study in the field of their choice not just in their county, but even abroad and have international exposure. As an educational consultant, the Career Abroad team and educational counsellors work hard to help thousands of students to choose the right pathway that will lead them to their future goals and achieve them.

“In every field we have to gain the in-depth knowledge before we part the knowledge, evolving from learner to experts and advisors, we still learn and update us every day, so that we can provide genuine and most updated advice to our clients and students.” shared the key leader in the organisation Dharmendra


On one side the world is shrinking and boundaries are just the word in a dictionary; there are thousands of people out there who are completely ignorant and have no clue on how to choose the right immigration consultant. While availing services, the people tend to have a certain mindset that influences their choice, the price being one of the prime ones.

“While people tend to ignore quality by focusing on prices of services they will be availing, they also tend to focus on taking decisions according to a friends’ advice. The market today is saturated when one compares the number of immigration companies present in the industry while there are only a few qualified players. We believe awareness is the key to ensure that the applicants are presented with best services,” shared Dharmendra


Having witnessed the evolution of industry for years, the industry leader Dharmendra shares, “The industry in itself does not present any major challenges but the people present in the industry do.”

He further adds, “Every other week you will read about some immigration-related scams. There was and still is, a huge need to create awareness in this industry as to who are the authorized immigration consultants and who are legally allowed to offer such services. Not every consultancy that opens up is an authorized immigration consultancy. Rather, probably less than 1% consultancies throughout India are only actually authorized to offer immigration services. And the consultants who fall under this 1% are those who face most challenges in this industry as they are being compared with any other consultant out there who is not even authorized.”


Technology has amplified its role in the immigration and visa industry over the years. The availability of the information and access to huge online resources has opened unlimited windows to the outside world. Being a leading brand, Career Abroad has leveraged the latest technology to cater to its clientele. Today, 90% of the clients do not come face to face with any of the team members being backed with technology.


“Clients who have retained our services have thoroughly done their homework and research. They have carefully chosen their consultant, understand what they could expect and are satisfied that they are in right hands. I make sure they understand the qualifications I hold have details about my membership at the council and are also aware of my other credentials which are equally important,” highlighted the prominent leader Dharmendra

The brand has a strong approach to ensure results, the key executive spearheading the brand emphasised “I accept clients who are eligible to apply. Every client interested in retaining our immigration services has to go through a detailed assessment process. Only those who successfully meet the eligibility criteria are allowed to retain my services, others are turned down and simply asked not to apply.”


  • Member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC – R506942)
  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)
  • ICEF – Recognized Agency. Screened and vetted, providing quality assurance for educators
  • Commissioner of Oaths, Ontario, Canada
  • Member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC – R12094)
  • CSIC Trained and Certified Immigration Consultant


Having expertise in handling different cases of students and professionals applying to foreign countries and their prescribed procedures, rules and regulations for every category of application, Career Abroad assists many clients with practical pieces of advice yielding positive results even for most complicated cases and for cases that have been refused several times.

“Career Abroad has been and will continue to successfully deliver quality education, visa and immigration services, genuine legal advice and change the lives of thousands, making their dreams come true,” emphasised Dharmendra

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TURNING POINT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, NEW MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVES IN OLD BOTTLE Thu, 26 Dec 2019 05:21:02 +0000 Turning PointTURNING POINT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, NEW MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVES IN OLD BOTTLE Management Consultancy is no longer a retired man’s outreach. It shall be the synthesis out of excellent academics and multi-domain operational and evaluative exposure. The founder and principal consultant Viswanadham Bendapudi of Turning Point, a leading organisation in the consulting industry, evolved along these streamlines […]]]> Turning Point


Management Consultancy is no longer a retired man’s outreach. It shall be the synthesis out of excellent academics and multi-domain operational and evaluative exposure.

The founder and principal consultant Viswanadham Bendapudi of Turning Point, a leading organisation in the consulting industry, evolved along these streamlines wherein the journey that began with excellent academics (IIM Calcutta 1986), evolving into a corporate foundation in auto manufacturing and chemical plant engineering, journeying through the successes and tribulations of a fledgeling entrepreneurial career for over two decades in manufacturing that is punctuated with a six-year stint as adjunct professor.

A consultancy role has its foundation in strong domain knowledge. In recognition of this, he reinforced his credentials through multiple certifications from the erstwhile American Production & Inventory Control Society, Indian Statistical Institute and many luminary organisations. As an associate instructor of APICS, he is authorised to train across multiple geographies.

Intimacy with diverse sectors in cultivated through evaluation of a large number of Quality Circles, Cost Control Teams and Professional Circles. Robust opinions developed through the impeccable thirty plus assessments of large Public and Private sector organisations – on Business Excellence, Human Resources and Sustainability Excellence (sponsored by a National Industry Body). This profile is embellished with being on the Judges Panel for the National Energy Efficiency Award. Viswanadham views every consulting project as a great learning opportunity and an additional icing on the cake.

The Invaluable Solutions  

With the mission to facilitate sustainable solutions to organizational imponderables, the brand’s initiative of People-Centric Management Solutions (PCMS) focuses on employee mindsets to manage operations. Turning Point designed the -Assess, Teach, Train – Improve (AT&T-I) initiative as an engagement tool with its clients.

The engagement tool serves a dual purpose – it reveals the organisation’s practices and simultaneously exposes its employees to contemporary management practices. The scenario is then set for offering integrated solutions.

“Our core strength lies in integrating Supply Chain Management, Lean Management and Sustainability Management”

“We (Indians) perform our best in a locally defined context. Turning Point facilitates in setting this context by working through a synthesis of the western and oriental practices – organisations must understand this.”

“Excellent management practices evolve from first principles. We begin our engagement with clients through these. This plummets our clients into the right trajectory in the competitive milieu.”

Entering the Industry as Consultant  

The Turning Point Team feels that there is a large potential demand for consultants in the Indian economy. But this demand is lying latent and invisible to the common eye. The visible demand is just the tip of the iceberg. But what is inhibiting greater visibility?

Factually, the majority of Indian entrepreneurs have stunted global goals. They are more comfortable and ‘secure’ through an ancillary status for global labels. In deference to the entrepreneurs, the reasons for these entrepreneurial choices are complex and are primarily ecosystem related. In today’s world, opportunities for sustainable businesses primarily rest in the Bottomof Pyramid markets. Having one’s label in these markets ensures sustainable business prospects. The brand aspires to contribute their substantively. True demand emerges when the industry aspires for key global positions with local and private labels for their products.

Building Trustworthy Clientele  

Gaining the trust and belief of prospective clients is one of the primary challenges that any consultancy firm faces. When once the initial hurdles are overcome, the journey transforms into a smooth one in auto-forward gear. Credibility and Trust are the hallmarks of a good consultancy firm. The brand believes in the need to percolate this foundation to the business entities through a process of engagement which begins small and gradually gets built to a larger enlarging engagement.

Thus, it conducts open courses for sharing of knowledge, builds engagement and then aspires to move deeper on mutual appreciation. Turning Point Management Solutions desires to make their approach simple and direct. Most of their management solutions are inspired by the Frameworks procured by its clients including:

  • Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Framework
  • Indian Standards Organisation (ISO)
  • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)

“Our focus on first principles – across multiple domains and through integrated processes- creates the interlinked relationships required for exemplary performance – our Operations Excellence Model (see website) summarises this intent” shares Viswanadham

He further adds “Very often we encounter responses like- Oh! We already are practising Lean Management- to convey an obvious message that we are a trifle too late. Organisations should appreciate that management science is dynamic and that a new consultant like us will bring in a fresh perspective about their activities.”

Corporate Ethos 

Companies should not perceive Supply Chain Management as impacting only the externalities of Raw Material Supply and Product Delivery. The team at Turning Point are experts at linking the inward & outward supply chain with the internal supply chain which encompasses asset management and employee engagement. Their clients who share this value with them motivate them to deliver the best.

“Manufacturing Operations deliver the best when the external and internal supply chains work robustly. Aspects like productivity, maintainability, employee engagement practices also form an integral part of our repertoire to deliver as consultants.” shared Viswanadham

A Diverse Clientele 

Today, Turning Point is associating with clients, as and when there is an opportunity. But eventually, they realise that excellent contributions are needed along the value chain. The team works with some of the major industries in the metals sector. They are looking forward to building large networks in the auto, logistics, retail, pharma, rubber, textile and engineering sectors to name a few.

The outcome of a consultancy project also rests on how a client organisation utilises the delivery mechanism. Given their versatility, the team at Turning Point are not looking for any specific geographies. They are open and are driven by client requirements rather than their preferences.

Adding Value to Society and Industry  

The principal consultant has reviewed, assessed and offered course corrections on several CSR initiatives with the geographical coverage spreading from the drylands of Rajasthan to the fertile verdant South India. Social Impact Assessment & Augmentation are the brand’s forte.

India is struggling to improve its performance on Social Progress Index (SPI) and Turning Point is a key player embarking on an initiative that identifies the bottom of the pyramid opportunities; translate them into well connected rural-urban supply chains and deployment of the same to invoke amelioration in SPI.

 “We endeavour to build integrated supply chains with parties equipped with technology. Being digital-ready is the key to ensure that the future is guided by our management rather than technology controlling the managers. We render our clients and their employees with opportunities to be digital ready” emphasised Viswanadham

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ZAPARE TECHNOLOGIES- EXCELLED IN DELIVERING INNOVATIVE AND INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Sun, 22 Dec 2019 07:25:41 +0000 Zapare TechnologiesZAPARE TECHNOLOGIES- EXCELLED IN DELIVERING INNOVATIVE AND INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS “Our forte has been to successfully tailor our solutions to support customer needs whether it is in the space of Consulting, Product Management or Service Delivery”. – Joe Wu Today, we are on the brink of massive change. AI, design thinking, robotics, and big data […]]]> Zapare Technologies


“Our forte has been to successfully tailor our solutions to support customer needs whether it is in the space of Consulting, Product Management or Service Delivery”. – Joe Wu

Today, we are on the brink of massive change. AI, design thinking, robotics, and big data have made a splash across all industries, but perhaps their greatest impact is in the consulting industry. Digitization opened the floodgates in terms of potential work for consulting firms– clients need help transforming to embrace a digital future, understanding new technologies, and implementing new products to engage their customers. As technology and innovation have grown in the different fields, businesses and start-ups in the industry have found amazing ways to improve their offerings and revolutionize the industry.


Amid the flood of innovation and development in the consulting industry, Zapare Technologies has emerged as a customized and dynamic approach to improving the healthcare payment horizon.  Renowned for its unique solution, Zapare Technologies works with Hospitals, Physician groups, Financial Institutions, Clearing houses and Billing agencies to streamline, scale and improve their healthcare payment processing by efficiently deploying an array of intelligent technologies, staffing, and business process management solutions.

An innovative seed that was sown at the end of 2017 flourished well and became the cornerstone and set a new benchmark in the consulting industry.

“In our experience, we realize that each business and project is diverse in nature. This understanding helps us to devise strategies to systematically analyse, plan, implement and maintain the projects in phases and led to the conception and introduction of Zapare Technologies”, asserts Joe Wu-CEO of the company, and the man behind the brand.

With an innovative approach, Zapare Technologies smoothen the workflow to accelerate the growth of the organization street to their needs by utilizing minimal resources. Currently, they are serving the US Healthcare market with ambitions to expand further to other countries, particularly Canada, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.


Zapare Technologies is backed by a highly specialized management team with over 20 combined years of experience in the healthcare industry with proven ability to optimally combine digital technology, skilled resources, and efficient business processes to implement creative as well as proven market solutions to suit an ever-evolving market.

Joe Wu

Joe Wu holds a Master’s Degree in Health Policy and Management from Emory University. He comes with great expertise in outsourcing overseas with different cultures and people. Born in Taiwan, Joe moved to the US at a young age and grew up there. His first job coming out of grad school was with a start-up company with an overseas office in Thiruvananthapuram. This offered him exposure to an eye-opening journey focused on learning, communicating and engaging with people halfway around the world.

The job impacted Joe a lot and brought him to connect the people in India with the clients in the US and bring them together to offer something valuable.  Since inception, Joe has been instrumental in building up Zapare Technologies, from a start-up idea into a successful venture. Joe is a very detailed-oriented person and customers love details; with his systematic and creative approach to any given situation, he is able to provide a reliable solution to the customers; that is why he is able to convert an idea into a growing company in such a short period.

Merijayana Winston (Vini)

International executive specializing in Management consulting and Business Process Management (BPM), Merijayana Winston is the COO of the company. She holds over 12 years of extensive experience in setting up large scale operations from scratch and operationalizing them within a finite timeline. Due to family responsibilities, she started her career in late 2008 but soon gained expertise in running multi-site operations with 1500+ employees for leading banking, financial and healthcare companies.

Vini is a graduate in economics with a special interest in behavioural economics and EI (Emotional Intelligence). She believes these are crucial drivers in a world that are moving towards Automation and AI. She studied High-Performance Leadership at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. She is a master in employing behavioural economic theory to maximize employee engagement through creative incentive structures and organizational design, therefore achieving the workforce’s potential of performance while providing the client’s unparalleled quality. Her ability to harness goodwill from people helps her to build long-lasting relationships with both customers and employees alike.

Johncy Joseph

Johncy Joseph’s career graph has been pointed north all the way in his professional career. He rose from an independent contributor in Administration to an Operations Manager for a 200+ member team to successfully launching and operationalizing a Private Limited company, all in a career spanning 7 years. Fortified with an innate understanding of human psychology, behavioural drivers and good judgment he has been able to forge relationships with clients and vendors. He commands respect and loyalty from employees that extends beyond the call of duty.

He played a key role in founding the Company. He was instrumental in building successful relationships with the Government authorities and other entrepreneurs which translated to goodwill from the community at large. Having companies, visit him for consults speaks volumes about him and his work. He is very good at government officials, vendors, and also employees.


Timing and opportunity is everything in business. Though the 3 founders of Zapare Technologies had been in this industry for over a decade and always nurtured the dream of starting their own enterprise for a long time, it all came together only in 2017 when they were able to finally lay the foundation for Zapare Technologies. At this point, they had a unique opportunity to consult for a large US-based Healthcare company regarding solutions for the development of a new application using cutting edge technology.

Even though being in the industry for a very long time and having all this experience; the foundation of Zapare Technologies was taken just three years ago by Joe, Vini, and Johncy. While they were looking for different opportunities,  a former client of theirs reached out to them for a consult. Looking for something specific, the client was looking for solutions regarding development not marketing.

The three founders were able to come in and help them not only with the idea, workflow, and design but also were able to deploy highly qualified resources for testing. This was a key point where they identified a niche business opportunity where their talent and experience could be transformed into a service profile too.

Organizations like hospitals and social groups struggle to keep pace with the dynamic market and do not have the expertise to do that at times, here when Joe, Vini, and Johncy come in and bring some experience and knowledge and change technology that helps them make their process and workflow more efficient.

“Since we have worked together in the past, each one of us has brought together our own opinions and ideas on improving things. The business opportunity gave us the idea, drive, and encouragement to get started and introduced Zapare Technologies.”- Merijayana Winston (Vini).


“Zapare Technologies is very high-specialized, we have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and we have proven ourselves in the digital aspects of the technology along with skilled resources and efficient business partnerships that we think to lead to driven solutions for the ever-evolving market. As the market is dynamic, it is always evolving; it’s always coming up with new things so we can take that and create a solution, a customized solution for our customers,” asserts Johncy.

“Since we have a lot of experience, we can see how the market has grown for the last 20 years. Behind the scenes, being new entrants in the simplistic market and over time new technologies have entered the industry. We can harness the power of technology and add it along with the main product we have to create solutions,” Vini further adds.


Currently, Zapare Technologies is 100% focused on exporting the services to the US. With the focus on the healthcare sector and the current market structure, they believe that there are various opportunities for the Indian-based company to go out and be able to provide those services. Domestically, in India, the healthcare sector is still cash credit and technology being at a nascent stage in the domestic market, Joe believes that it is still early and there is a scope for future opportunities where ideas and concepts of the brand can be moved domestically.

They are mainly focused on the US healthcare market and also other potential markets around the world that have similar challenges that they face in the US.


The marketing strategy of Zapare Technologies is based on referrals from past customers they have worked with and the relationships are formed through their network. They have become a known entity by maintaining good relationships with their clients who are aware of their background and refer them to other organisations that they know.


When Joe, Vini, and Johncy began their careers, the market was very basic. There were entries on the very low level but now it has arisen to developing cutting-edge technologies like AI and OCR that have made the process efficient and reduced the operations time. A lot of transformation in the US market and the technologies they use are being outsourced to India including radiology, medical coding, etc. The technology has shrunk the globe in a market where one can utilize resources from all over the world.


Over the years, the industry has emerged and combined the consulting aspect comprising of the ideas and plans with the execution in the service cloud industry. Having those combined into one helps the consultants to showcase to the clients how effective the ideas are in the real world. Having witnessed the transformation in the industry has been one of the key parts of Joe’s career.


Being a comparatively young company, Zapare Technologies is competing against the established names in the industry. Another challenge is the cost, being a hot topic; it comes down to how long they can offer their service at the cheapest possible rate. Unfortunately, the challenge is while doing so one compromises the quality of service.

“We as a brand believe in getting the job done correctly and securely and be efficient to ensure a reduced cost but also increase the value offered”, Johncy further adds.


“Our business model is built on trust, reliability, and communication. Cost and quality are important factors however we believe that the mentioned factors are core to ensure that clients are comfortable associating with us and getting the best services, asserts Joe.


Joe believes that in the contemporary global market, one has the reach to go 24X7 around the world. He says that because of the global market along with efficiency gains and high competition, there is an opportunity for anyone to go out, explore an interest that drives them and make an impact.


At Zapare Technologies, integrity, and trust are core to making sure they constantly serve clients at the highest level and encourage their employees by creating a space for them to be productive, grow and feel that they are a part of the family so that they can create a better social brand and value for the company.

Joe stressed, “We want to inspire leadership, following integrity, become reliable partners, and be at the cutting edge in terms of technology offering that as a scalable service to our customers. Internally, we look forward to being good leaders to our employees as they are a key part of what we do; they are our brand ambassadors, who represent our company to their acquaintances and social media creating social value for us.” 


As all businesses are run by people, relationships matter as much as the technology, the price, service that you offer.

“We have an edge over our peers in terms of how we offer our services with the background that we have, the connection and relationships that we have cultivated with the technology, prices, and efficiency. We generally focus on both our customers and our employees and that no one’s interest is compromised. It is a crucial part of our success,” Vini proudly shares.


Zapare Technologies has been a part of the community since inception. Last year, when the Kerala Floods impacted the area, the measure team went out provided help by providing supplies.

While hiring employees, they have a policy of giving preference to local talent first. They have collaborated with agencies that provide free training under Government schemes so they are able to support such candidates.

Further Johncy shares, “The community around us is an essential part for our business as people know the brand. So we work in a way that creates an impact on the community. ”


Vini stressed, “We will continue at the same pace and keep exceeding people’s expectations. We are making a strategy to bring more technological solutions to stay ahead at the forefront of this dynamic market by supporting clients through high-quality services at an affordable cost to increase their revenue.”

“For us, this is just the beginning and we are just starting to scratch the surface of what we can achieve. Just like an iceberg, one just sees the tip of the iceberg, but there is a whole piece of the iceberg that one does not see. We tend to dig deeper and provide the services to our clients.”- Joe Wu

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MYCOR: THE STRATEGIC HR PARTNER, NURTURING THE COMPANY GROWTH WITH COMPREHENSIVE HUMAN RESOURCES SOLUTIONS Fri, 20 Dec 2019 03:32:44 +0000 MyCorMYCOR: THE STRATEGIC HR PARTNER, NURTURING THE COMPANY GROWTH WITH COMPREHENSIVE HUMAN RESOURCES SOLUTIONS At MyCor, we believe that our success is best reflected through the success of our clients. –Dr.  Umesh Sharma HR companies keep the foundation of human talent in every organization. They work as business partners and act as a bridge between […]]]> MyCor


At MyCor, we believe that our success is best reflected through the success of our clients. –Dr.  Umesh Sharma

HR companies keep the foundation of human talent in every organization. They work as business partners and act as a bridge between the company and candidate; they are agents that identify best talents in the arena of human resources and channelize them to the best and the apt organizations of the corporate world.

MyCor Human Capital Solutions Pvt Ltd is an HR Consulting & Manpower Outsourcing Company specialized in facilitating organizations to acquire temporary and permanent staff, enhancing productivity, quality and reducing employment cost right from ground level enrolment to top-tier recruitment. It is one of the most valuable management and business consulting company delivering end-to-end Human Resources Solutions to the valuable clients.

The firm is a pioneer in delivering solutions for Human Resources Planning, Organization Design and Development, Recruitment (RPO), Staffing Solutions, Salary and Gradation, Performance Management System, Compliance Management, and Capability Building.

Today, MyCor HR employs more than 689 employees in leading MNCs, Corporate Houses, FMCG, Service Industries, KPO, Technologies, Engineering & Manufacturing Companies. It brings the right combination of expertise to deliver Human Resources Solutions in line with the business needs of the organization. They achieve this by aligning the business objectives of the organization with Human Resources objectives and providing customized HR solutions for the business. This proven approach results in enhancement of productivity, quality and customer satisfaction for the organization.


A ‘Senior Business Leader’Dr. Umesh Sharma is the main behind this full-fledged business consulting company with immense success to his credit, having worked in various Indian and Multinational companies for over 28 years. He is highly qualified with an MSW with a Ph.D. in Human Resources Management and LLB as well.

Dr.  Umesh has extensive experience in setting up Human Resources systems, aligning HR function with Business objectives in high growth organizations. He is a visiting faculty at various B Schools and as well a very sought-after speaker with regular contributions at Seminar/Industry Forums. Besides he is a Certified Corporate Director, from the Institute of Directors.


The unique seed of MyCor was sown on January 16, 2012, under the hegemony of Dr. Umesh Sharma; it has grown exponentially in a very short period and has become a reliable and trusted brand in the industry. Professionally managed and based out of Vadodara, the firm delivers end to end Human Resource Management solutions to its clients in India and abroad. It was founded by experts having more than 30 years of experience in the field of Human Resources Management.

Promoters of this company worked in various Indian and multinational companies for more than 28 years. During the tenure with these companies, a need for setting up a reliable consulting company was felt. After gaining enough experience, in the field, a Consulting company was formed.Over some time, it has evolved as a reliable partner for the clients.


“We are providing all kindsof management services and support to start-ups, manufacturing companies, service industry, engineering industry, etc. We help entrepreneur-driven companies to become professionally managed companies by developing all the systems and procedures for them. MyCor helps these companies during the transition, assertsDr. Umesh.


There is a huge demand for reliable partners for consulting assignments. With the focus on Start-ups and growth for the existing organization, consulting companies have increased demand.

“Our target audience is decided by the requirement of the industry. We have business consulting offers for Start-ups, entrepreneur-driven organizations, manufacturing organizations, service organizations, etc. All organizations whether Start-ups, growing companies or establish companies require competent consultants to assist at different stages and levels of the organization,Dr. Umesh shares.


MyCor decides its business model on the basis of client requirements. It has an extensive network of senior, highly experienced, independent consultants. These consultants are utilized to staff projects.

Clients decide which consultants they would like to work with and MyCor ensures that there is the best match between client and consultant. Partners at MyCor do not manage the client projects, but instead, leave this to the consultants. Consultants are not required to sell new projects, as this is the job of the partners, and hence can focus on delivering successful projects. This results in lower overhead costs, which in turn converts into lower fees for the clients, while consultants can still earn a considerable salary from their freelance work, plus they enjoy the flexibility to decide how much they would like to work. There is no pressure to accept the new consulting project. This keeps the consultants interested and motivated. This also helps the partners focus on acquiring new clients.


At present MyCor serves the clients from various sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Engineering, Automobile, Construction, Metal, Paint, FMCG, Mining, Infrastructure, Publishing, Heavy Machinery, Oil & Gas, Office Equipment, Power, Industrial Product, Glass, HVAC, Packaging, Printing, Paper, Textile, Energy, Plastic, Electronics, IT, Education, Entertainment and Many More…

The company is mainly working on references. Their existing clients refer them to other clients who require their services. Theyare also doing digital marketing on different social media platforms.


MyCor core values are Customer Satisfaction:

  • Commitment:Commitment to delivering superior services with integrity, trust, and appreciation to maintain customer loyalty.
  • Speed: Rotate PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Action) cycle with the possible shortest cycle time
  • Challenge: Stretch and achieve one rank up the target
  • Innovation: Seek new ways to do things and challenge to achieve a breakthrough.
  • Synergy: Decision making based on overall (customer, group and company) benefits and efficient deployment of resources.
  • Growth: Continuous learning of new knowledge and skill for self – enhancement and the company’s growth


Customer focus, reliability, timeliness and effective implementation are core values and compliances followed by MyCor.

“Service Quality” and “Customer Focus” are the only parameter which can decide on the status of the most valuable.


Change is the only constant. Technology is bringing a lot of changes in the consulting industry. The influence of Technology has augmented business consulting solutions. It has also emerged as an enabler for Business Consultants. Many new consulting services are being provided through technology platforms and the internet. The consulting industry has to adapt to these changes and embrace the newly available technology to serve the customers.


MyCor is a member of the Confederation of Indian Industries. It has received awards from its clients, the Institute of training and development, the Institute of directors and Educational institutes. In a short span of 6 years, the company has created its name in the industry.

Further Dr. Umesh shares, “With the kind of progress we have made, we think we would have achieved the status we had in our objectives.”

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PREQUATE ADVISORY – CATALYZING BUSINESS FROM CRADLE TO SALE Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:05:44 +0000 Prequate AdvisoryPREQUATE ADVISORY – CATALYZING BUSINESS FROM CRADLE TO SALE  “Good businesses are built with good people. Great businesses are built with good people armed with great systems.” – Pradyumna Nag Prequate Advisory, a boutique management consulting & financial advisory firm, headquartered in Bengaluru, works with businesses to grow faster, make more while spending less and […]]]> Prequate Advisory


 “Good businesses are built with good people. Great businesses are built with good people armed with great systems.” – Pradyumna Nag

Prequate Advisory, a boutique management consulting & financial advisory firm, headquartered in Bengaluru, works with businesses to grow faster, make more while spending less and access quality assets + capital. They tailor-make & deploy modern management tools and high-impact strategic finance methods. This makes their impact-driven model uniquely ground-setting combined with the ‘growth-partner’ positioning under the hegemony of Pradyumna Nag and Rakesh Bordia.

The foundation of the company was set in 2010 and since inception, it has worked with over 350 clients across 20+ industries in 20+ countries.


Pradyumna Nag – Partner

Intending to help mid-sized organizations solve complex growth problems, Pradyumna Nag established Prequate with his co-founders in 2010. The genesis came from his time in KPMG and since then his experience has taken him across the breadth of industry – from NASDAQ listed companies to India’s largest NGOs to seed-funded start-ups – solving complex problems with Global CXOs.

Pradyumna is a Chartered Accountant by qualification with a post-graduation in International Business Strategy from IIFT, Delhi.

Rakesh Bordia – Partner

Rakesh is an experienced professional with decade-plus of experience in corporate finance, risk advisory and assurance. His experience has taken him through key advisory roles – from cost optimization to governance systems – in numerous mid-to-large sized organizations ranging from Real Estate to Heavy Manufacturing to FMCG at SDU & now, at Prequate.

Rakesh is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by qualification and dons the badge of a National Level rank holder in the CA Qualification examinations.


Resultants vs. Consultants: Prequate adopts a unique mindset – as ‘resultants’ than ‘consultants’ which means that they get involved in executing change than just providing advice.

Cross-functional Skills: For initiatives to be successful organizations need the machinery of a multifunctional team, which many SMEs lack. Prequate’s cross-functional experts work together as a team within the company bringing in a wealth of experiences of having worked with 100s of organizations from all over the world.

Non-Pyramid Style Consulting: Management consulting is a very unusual domain. In order to offer advisory with execution, the team that works with you must be flat at the top – in terms of experience levels. In most other consulting firms, the most impactful/ experienced talent is charged only with oversight.


Leadership in organizations are made up of people who lack the bandwidth (time/ talent) to execute initiatives internally. Prequate provides them with this bandwidth in a flexible and result-driven manner.

  1. Time. Most leaders have time to focus only on specific key goals at a given point of time. They often do not get the time to introspect and look inwards on the ‘what & how’ of bringing in change.
  2. Objectivity. An external & independent view gives you only straight answers which are not embroiled in emotion or perceived notions.
  3. Talent gap. The single biggest gap for today’s entrepreneur is to source a high-functioning team to sustainably work towards his/her long-term goals. The skill sets needed are so dynamic and each initiative may need new skill sets, which is hard to equip for Day 1.


Over the last decade, mid-sized businesses have slowly become open to the idea of getting external support and bringing in management advisory. However, they still need education about what value these advisory firms can create for them. For Prequate, these changemakers form the right target market – businesses usually with a top-line between $2M and $30M, where they are eager to start making strides to unlock hidden value.


Technology has optimized operational processes and helps automate several functions performed at a low. Here, Prequate makes it a point to use technology on all engagements as softer value-adds that end up improving their own value delivery.

The consulting industry is also going through a drastic change. The future will mean result-based engagements, where consultants will have to showcase their skin-in-the-game. This is where boutique consulting firms will rule the roost as they are willing to shoulder more responsibility. ‘One-time’ engagement mindset will be replaced with lifetime partnerships.


Education: While SMEs are becoming increasingly open, they still do not know whom to turn to for answers and in a lot of cases even unaware of the right questions to ask the consultants they are prospecting.

Intangible: The value of advisory only begins when engagement happens. This requires participation to visualize the impact on both sides.

The Misconception: Most SMEs do not see the urgency to implement measures till they encounter a problem. Sometimes, when something becomes urgent, it may already be too late.


Pradyumna explains, “Success, today, is both relative and transcendent as the barriers to entry are lower than ever before. Lasting success, in any domain, is only possible when you are adapting to change long before the change occurs. An independent set of ears and eyes is extremely critical if you need to stay relevant.”

Further, he adds, “We look at it as an exercise that begins with knowing the core fundamentals with which the business has been built:

  • Extract the core values of the management and what makes the business successful
  • Link the core values to what makes a business successful (your value propositions)
  • Extrapolate how these core values provide an edge in the medium term
  • Develop how these value propositions can be stimulated for exponential growth in the long term
  • Tweak business models or bring in new business models that can help achieve this growth
  • Develop actionable roadmaps with clear goals (success factors) & a specific ‘why’ for each initiative
  • Design the key metrics that need to be measured to ensure that the business is on-track, always”


Prequate works with start-ups and mid-sized businesses and follows these values – (1) their business is your business (integrity, passion, dedication, and high accountability). (2) You are their growth partner (clarity, communication, honesty, always looking for win-win-wins) and (3) our name begets their trust (mutual respect) but your work (quality) should be the reason they succeed.


  • Prequate, in association with TEGS 2019 published the ‘Indian Education Report 2019’ regarded as one of India’s most comprehensive compendiums
  • Prequate’s views on ‘How to correctly value a running business’ was featured in the Professional Insights literature of the Valuation Standards Board
  • Prequate has also been recognized and featured by several business magazines for its breakthrough approach to result-oriented advisory
  • Prequate’s clients have included Public companies, Academy Award winners, Forbes 30U30 winners, VC-funded companies to award-winning MNCs across the world.


Highly selective hiring – Every new joinee is picked from among 100s of applications they receive each year.

Grooming Period – New joinees, irrespective of prior experience, spend time supporting delivery till they get the hang of being an impactful advisor.

Process-orientation: Standardisation on all non-client-facing activities is key to maintaining a strong level of efficiency for all client-facing time.

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A business consultant is a professional who has both the expertise and the experience to advise you on what to do and how to do it, saving you money, time and energy. Startups as well as any business that wants to grow, many times need outside experts who can guide them on the right path and provide the right resources in executing a plan. A Business consultant should be able to understand your business and its vision, break it down into realistic milestones and goals, and guide you in getting on the path to success. Finding a right consultant, can be a challenge and for startups and small businesses it’s even bigger as hiring a consultant can be quite expensive. One can either go to the big consulting, which is not in reach for small businesses and startups or hire independent consultants whose credibility is difficult to assess. Understating this gap Jay Datta – Founder and CEO of Vervitude ventured in the consulting domain to provide consulting solutions for startups and small businesses as an independent consultant 3 years ago. Over the last three years, while working as an independent consultant Jay realized that “The consulting industry, which works towards structuring the unstructured business processes, itself is an unstructured industry, there is no way to verify independent consultants, neither are there any guarantees for businesses and decision makers when working with independent consultants. The same is the case for consultants, there are no set processes for independent consultants and an independent consultant is a one man army, who has to, not only consult, but also has to manage sales, marketing, payments, basically run their own business along with supporting their clients business; it gets overwhelming”, Jay says.

This realization led Vervitude to what it is today. A structured platform for businesses and decision makers to find the curated/verified consultants at the same time, providing support to consultants with other consultants, accounting, sales, marketing and much more, so that they can focus on the actual projects rather than choosing between their own business and client projects.

Jay calls it “The OLA and Uber of the consulting Industry “

The Man Behind Vervitude 

Jay Datta is the man behind ‘Vervitude’, before starting this venture Jay already had more than 14 years of work experience. He has worked with Fortune 500 brands such as HSBC, Dell, JP Morgan Chase, TCS, Citi as well as market disrupting startups such as & OLA during his corporate stint among others. In the last two startups, he was responsible for building processes from scratch, while working he realised that there are a lot of start-ups and small businesses which can do much better with the right support and guidance which led him to start an independent consulting firm in 2017 and ‘Vervitude’ was born.

Vervitude, Empowering Domain Experts as Consultants

Vervitude is definitely on the path of being the most valuable management and business consulting company because the real value that ‘Vervitude’ brings is empowering consultants to choose their hours and projects, which means they can be their boss. It also brings value to a business owner as now they can hire an expert on a project basis or fewer hours which is within their budget.

A consultant is not someone who has the right answers, it’s someone who has the right questions and the ability to discover the right answers.” – Jay Datta

Purpose and Evolution of Vervitude 

It started as a traditional management consulting firm but while working as an independent consultant ‘Vervitude’ realised that there is a huge market gap in the consulting industry itself. The major challenge that consultants face is that they spend most of their time doing administrative work rather than doing actual work so ‘Vervitude’ is focusing on solving this issue. Therefore, it has evolved from a traditional consulting firm to a platform for independent consultants.

Growing Demand for Business Consultancy 

The demand for consultants is growing but slowly in India as awareness about consulting grows, there is a lot of information on the web but it is very generic. It can be difficult to understand and apply the information for business owners and many a times may need an expert who can guide them for their own set of challenges. “Despite having a lot of useful information on the web, many business owners and decision makers are either not aware of consulting as an option or are uncertain it can help them. The challenge is convincing them value in having a consultant. What we try to do is to help them understand that, when it comes to your business and your passion, one size cannot fit all”, say Jay Datta.

Consulting in the Digital Age 

‘Vervitude’ believes that technology has helped them to reach their audience with much ease. Use of technology should be amplified over the years because small businesses are not using technology to its full potential and that’s where a consultant comes into play. ‘Vervitude’ has helped in digital transformation and process automation for several small businesses which has helped them grow, as now they need less manpower for day to day operational activities and the employees are more focused on pushing the business further rather than just running it.

“Automation of small and unproductive tasks is important for small business as it can save time as well as money” – Jay Datta

Barrier Crossed by ‘Vervitude’

Being an independent consulting firm, one of the biggest challenges that ‘Vervitude’ has faced is that small businesses give more preference to save money by cutting corners and tend to cut the wrong corners which hold them back at times from growing. Business owners and decision makers make the usual mistake, to hire less skillful people to save money which many a times hurts them in the long run.

Another challenge that consultants face is to convince a business owner or a decision maker that she/he might be doing something wrong that will hamper their business. If a consultant can cross this barrier then the rest of the process becomes easier.

‘Vervitude’ – Changing the Future

“Not only in this industry, but it is a great time to get into entrepreneurship in general.” – Jay Datta

To venture into the consulting industry or become a consultant, one needs to be an expert in a particular domain and have industry experience. Vervitude also plans to help individuals become domain experts and in turn become consultants. ‘Vervitude’ aim is to break the rule that one has to work 9 hours a day and 5 days a week because being a consultant allows one to choose their own hours and terms.

In the future, ‘Vervitude’ looks like it is going to be the go-to consultancy for businesses as they would get the right support and consulting from ‘Vervitude – Consulting Redefined’.

Core value that ‘Vervitude’ Stands for 

‘Vervitude’ is derived from three worlds:

  • Verve which means enthusiasm or passion
  • Virtue which is ethics
  • Attitude which is a set way to approach things

These are the core values on which ‘Vervitude’ works, besides this; they also focus on ethics, passion and process.

“It always should be process over people not people over process. People should adjust to processes, process should not adjust to the people, because the process is above everything else in a successful and sustainable business. If you focus on process only then you would be able to build something that will grow.” – Jay Datta

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EconStra, Maintaining ‘Economy’ at par with Custom Business ‘Strategies’ For Growth Tue, 03 Dec 2019 16:25:33 +0000 EconStraEconStra, Maintaining ‘Economy’ at par with Custom Business ‘Strategies’ For Growth Last few decades have been crucial for the Indian economy where it had been modernized with the emergence of globalization and technology. Different industries have been remodelled and revolutionized for the better, while others have entered the business scenarios. Novel products and services, company […]]]> EconStra

EconStra, Maintaining ‘Economy’ at par with Custom Business ‘Strategies’ For Growth

Last few decades have been crucial for the Indian economy where it had been modernized with the emergence of globalization and technology. Different industries have been remodelled and revolutionized for the better, while others have entered the business scenarios. Novel products and services, company and work cultures, economic situations, national and international political policies, and various other aspects have been adopted by these industries and that brings the need for solid business strategies and implementation. Business leaders and management are turning to expert consultants to guide and direct their business with customized strategies for success in short as well as the long run. EconStra, a diversified business consultancy firm has been serving companies including diverse industrial businesses for the past 10 years.

The Indian MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) sector has been the backbone of the national economic structure of the country contributing to the economy as a shock absorber from the global economic conditions and adversities. EconStra, a company that integrates ‘Economic’ and market conditions to build a customized business ‘Strategies’ for MSMEs, NGOs and MNCs across the country in different industries. With around 60+ million units throughout the country, the company has been standing out as a successful brand overcoming the challenges and failures and learning from them is the key.

Under the leadership of the visionary and Managing Director Arunavaa D Bajpayi’s, EconStra performs industry practices to ensure cordial economic and strategic relationships in the long run. CEO Magazine had a conversation with the business leader to know how his brand adds value to businesses.

The CEO Magazine: How would you describe your entrepreneurial journey and initial challenges?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: Entering the world of entrepreneurship at an early age and being in the consultancy industry especially in India, “Acceptance” has been the biggest challenge for me.  The country believes in observing the ‘grey’ colour of the hair, rather the ability and skills of people to add value to their company. Having delivered to clients in New York where one looks forward to understanding the value you can add to their company, Indian business associates asked me with the question “where is your boss?” referring to the doubtfulness of my skills due to my young age.

 I have countered their arguments related to my age with a simple example of visiting a heart specialist that might be younger in the age but understands the anatomy better than them and applying the same theory in business, trained at Harvard with experience of working with top consultancy firms based out of New York, I can help my clients in a professional way. The journey of these 10 years has been a long one as we faced the same challenge finding partners for EconStra as we often witnessed that they had an uncertainty regarding the future of the business.

The CEO Magazine: When did the idea of founding a consultancy firm coin?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: The foundation of this global management consulting firm was laid down in 2010. Having started a venture while studying in Canada before Harvard, I realized the importance of a business strategy that is coherent and integrated into the company’s framework especially the direction it gives to the business with resource utilization. Later, delivering to brands as a Strategic Consultant in New York, I recognized the potential market to serve the businesses with consultancy services and guiding them in operations and other departments assuring success leading to EconStra.

The CEO Magazine: What solutions are you offering as a consulting firm to your clientele?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: EconStra has satisfied 1500+ clients with its strategies that are based on a set of comprehensive research and different factors to deliver services like strategy consultancy, corporate finance consultants, and operations consultants along with various other segments:

  • EconStra delivers Big Data services and uses market segmentation and predictive analytics to help the process by which analytics and data from customer behaviour are used in making key business decisions. The business utilizes this information for various purposes including customer relationship management, direct marketing, and site selection.
  • The company delivers its clients with the Corporate Finance Consultancy with strategic transactional and financial counselling services along with independent judgment and a penetrative industrial and commercial approach. Maintaining the genuine objectivity of the client’s future, we believe in not only focusing on the immediate consequence of the project but also the long term results.
  • EconStra provides businesses with apposite counselling while reconstructing. The reconstruction of any brand via mergers or acquisition strategy should be well thought of and developed enduring the value creation plan. EconStra takes a systematic look at the corporate portfolio to determine which businesses fit or do not the agenda of the company and pursue with selling the company with a rationale of partnership, governance and organizational structure, etc to achieve its goals.
  • Marketing and Sales are two essential components of any business model, ensuring that the product is sold in the market and a decent customer base is created. Marketing is used as a tool to empower the brand is approaching its target audience and generates sales. We have created successful marketing strategies for brands, regulating communication and classify the suitable marketing mix.
  • Playing the role of Operation Consultant, we guide businesses from different industries to work towards better utilization of its resources to achieve the target operations or service delivery, models. We execute the cost reduction programs and business processes to boost the businesses growth.
  • Every business aims at ensuring its best efforts when it comes to risk management. We do a complete risk analysis, observing risks, together with quality industry approach and a planned mindset and an efficient strategy we manage steadily the right risk-return trade-offs.
  • EconStra has successfully established the goals and objectives of various clients via business strategy. Guiding business organization with market analysis, competitor analysis market segmentation, product placement, and market trend identification, EconStra devises business strategies and assists the top management to ensure the business can achieve goals of “increased productivity” and “efficiency” leading to increased “revenue”.
  • Franchising opportunities available with the brands are essential for them to grow into successful businesses. We help these businesses by providing them with the Franchise Consultancy services bridging the gap between the franchisee and franchiser keeping in mind various metrics including financial capabilities, modes of operation, area of interest and expertise, etc.

The CEO Magazine: What nature of clients are you associated with currently?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: EconStra is associated with various industries including transportation, consumer products, infrastructure, metal and mining, retail, telecommunications, digital marketing, logistics, e-commerce, healthcare, travel, automotive, land and property, media and entertainment, energy and utilities, pulp and paper, financial services, private equity including the new ventures and NGO and rural management.

The CEO Magazine: How does one acquire the status of ‘the best consultant’, what gives you an edge over your peers?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: If you visit any other portal, you will see that they are business consultants, project consultants or IT consultants but the problem is that they miss out the alignment of all three. We have a unique trademark product “Approach” which is the COD of business expansion. Expansion of any business is based on six components including BMS and ODS that are covered under “Expand” theory of EconStra.

Every business strategy is different depending on the industry. In the manufacturing plant, the need for marketing and branding would be less and sales and operations will take priority. In case of an FMCG, the focus will be on marketing and branding even before sales and closing. Depending on the industry, each segment is rated from 1 to 10 and a strategy is prepared to collaborate with different segments to guarantee a successful business strategy. Each of the factors stated under the theory used by EconStra answers a few questions that businesses should answer:

  • Business Strategy: The business strategy helps you understand how to set the company vision, your competition and overcoming it, which business strategy that will help you attain more market share, business expansion strategy and various others expect.
  • Marketing and Branding: This aspect answers the questions like: How much you should invest on outdoor marketing? Which marketing is innovative and cost-friendly that creates the most impact? The marketing mix, how to create a memorable brand? How to use digital media strategically?
  • Selling: From questions like who will perform the sales to the attitude you need for selling, basic selling rules, closing strategy, handling a client, repeated sale, follow in the selling process and sell process, all selling related questions are answered by EconStra.

For every a successful business, having the ODS aspect covered along with the BMS helps in ensuring business growth in the long term.

  • Organizational Design and Process: This part of the theory focuses on how the business will look in next 5 years, the motivation it needs and structure of business along with the strategic planning approach for the reporting system in the team, how to attract talented people in team, and how to remain motivated throughout the year.
  • Digitalization of Business: This head covers the whole process of digitalization uplifting a business, challenges you must avoid, low-cost marketing, tracking business performance, next years of digitalization, who can get the most benefit and the optimum utilization of the digital wealth.
  • Succession Plan: If the business is a family or a non-family run business, who will be second in command 10 years down the line? The succession plan includes preparing the leader, engaging leadership in supporting the development of high potential leaders, looking for the leader inside or outside the firm, preparing a database of staff performance for the job and finally a smooth transition of organizational power all comes under the this part of the theory.

The CEO Magazine: How do you contribute to Sustainable Growth of your business?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: With the emergence of the awareness regarding climate change, various companies have started adopting “Sustainable Growth” which simply put, means that the growth is ensured without harming the environment for future generations. The alterations of climate conservations and its gravity as a situation are understood by our clients and we ensure that they are enabled with the knowledge about the “climate” aspect of things in their operations. Dealing with various industries such as travel and logistics, bio-fuels, and financial services, we devise the strategy and help them incorporate opportunities through climate change strategy including carbon-efficient, low-carbon growth markets.

The CEO Magazine: How do you guide the “start-up clients?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: We help start-ups to set up their business and already established business support to grow further. The team prepares a comprehensive company business strategy taking into consideration financial capabilities to advise them about investment optimization, business planning, and funding opportunities marketing and promotions and other aspects of the business operations. At EconStra we provide businesses with the best Business Advisory Services which is specially customized for your specific business needs.

The CEO Magazine: What do you feel about the transformation of the industry?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: Digital Transformation has been taking place in the industry for a time. The traditional consulting firm is changing rapidly, there are not operating the same way they used to be. The companies can now track remotely the client’s progress and how the business has been operating. They have access to the client’s sales data by which they can help the client.

The CEO Magazine: With the current market scenario and falling of GDP to the lowest in the last 6 years, what would your take be on the current situation?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: Indian economy works on the approaching of “consuming its production”, unlike countries like China which is depended on the US. Though the auto sector has taken the hit, overall I believe that we should not be stressed right now. As we saw after demonetization; our real estate also took a bad hit, but it recovered and now everything is moving at its pace. The Indian finance minister has already been coming up with a 2000 crore investment, once that money flows in people will be having more agility in the market. In a nutshell Indian is a stable country, we are not depended on any third party like China, the government spending has started and once that money will hit the market, the economic situation will improve. The next quarter will showcase a bit of stagnancy but it will not contract again.

The CEO Magazine: What would be your advice to young entrepreneurs as you have been one?

Arunavaa Bajpayi: When you look at the start-up percentage in India, it’s almost 97 to 98%, my advice would be not to start-up only for the sake of starting up just because it is hype in India and everybody is starting up something. It is essential to understand that Start-up is not for everybody, the guys in the early ’20s should understand that they don’t “have to be” or “try to be” an entrepreneur just because others are.

The business I pursued was consulting that existed in India for years and not a fancy or hyped about business. It is essential to understand that those who have entrepreneurial qualities may fail and stand up to start again but those are trying to be one will eventually lower their self-equity and self-respect.

Get Help When Your Business Requires

Free Information and guidance available online will not always lead your business to success. EconStra has various clients who have implemented the techniques available on the internet for free to boost their business but ended up in a complete confusion state.

Arunavaa shares “Nowadays, from digital media and platforms like Youtube, people especially business owners are consuming more information as to how they should run their business, but they are unable to apply that in their business and failing miserably. It is essential to understand to take help of a “professional consultant” who can direct the business towards the success with “Guidance” and “Real-Life Mentoring”

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Chandrayaan-2: India Successfully Launches its Second Moon Mission Tue, 23 Jul 2019 11:29:10 +0000 ChandrayaanChandrayaan-2: India Successfully Launches its Second Moon Mission Puja Bhardwaj || The CEO Magazine One of the most significant space missions of India, Chandrayaan-2 finally took flight, and the historical journey of India towards Moon has begun. The GSLV MkIII-M1 launched the 3840 kg Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft into earth orbit at 22 July 2019.  It is […]]]> Chandrayaan

Chandrayaan-2: India Successfully Launches its Second Moon Mission

Puja Bhardwaj || The CEO Magazine

One of the most significant space missions of India, Chandrayaan-2 finally took flight, and the historical journey of India towards Moon has begun. The GSLV MkIII-M1 launched the 3840 kg Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft into earth orbit at 22 July 2019.  It is now revolving around the Earth with a perigee of 169.7 km and an apogee of 45,475 km.

Chandrayaan-2 aims to advance and demonstrate the key technologies for end-to-end lunar mission ability comprising soft-landing and roving on the lunar surface. On the science front, this mission will develop our understanding of the Moon through a comprehensive study of its topography, mineralogy, surface chemical composition, thermo-physical properties and more.

Chandrayaan-2 comes 11 years after ISRO’s successful first lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 that created history by making more than 3,400 orbits around the Moon. It was operational for 312 days till August 29, 2009. This mission conducts a total of 13 payloads, including three from Europe, two from the US and one from Bulgaria, explores to bring improvement in the understanding of Moon that could lead to discoveries, and it will benefit India and humanity as a whole.

Fulfilling the dreams of country’s ambitious low-cost space program, it is the most complex and prestigious mission ever undertaken by the Indian Space Research Organisation, if successful, will also make India the fourth country after Russia, the US and China to take a soft landing on the moon.

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Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India: channelling excellence via technology Wed, 19 Jun 2019 07:04:10 +0000 Vineet Kumar Goyal, MD & CEO, Steinbeis   Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India: channelling excellence via technology Technology transfer, also called transfer of technology is the process of transferring & disseminating technology from the places and ingroups of its origination to wider distribution among more people and places. It occurs along various axes: among universities, from universities to businesses, from large […]]]> Vineet Kumar Goyal, MD & CEO, Steinbeis

   Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India: channelling excellence via technology

Technology transfer, also called transfer of technology is the process of transferring & disseminating technology from the places and ingroups of its origination to wider distribution among more people and places. It occurs along various axes: among universities, from universities to businesses, from large businesses to smaller ones, from governments to businesses, across borders, both formally and informally, and both openly and surreptitiously. Often it occurs by concerted effort to share skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing, and facilities among governments or universities and other institutions to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials, or services. It is closely related to and may arguably be considered a subset of knowledge transfer. Horizontal transfer is the movement of technologies from one area to another. At present, transfer of technology is primarily horizontal. Vertical transfer occurs when technologies are moved from applied research centres to research and development departments. Whereas technology transfer can involve the dissemination of highly complex technology from capital-intensive origins to low-capital recipients and can involve aspects of dependency and fragility of systems, it also can involve appropriate technology, not necessarily high-tech or expensive, that is better disseminated, yielding robustness and independence of systems. Technology transfer offices may work on behalf of research institutions, governments and even large multinationals. Where start-ups and spin-outs are the clients, commercial fees are sometimes waived in lieu of an equity stake in the business. As a result of the potential complexity of the technology transfer process, technology transfer organizations are often multidisciplinary, including economists, engineers, lawyers, marketers and scientists. The dynamics of the technology transfer process has attracted attention in its own right, and there are several dedicated societies and journals.

The Steinbeis brand has stood for the successful transfer and sharing of know-how and technology for over 30 years. Steinbeis builds made-to-last bridges between the source of knowledge and the area of application. This is because Steinbeis employees are at home at both ends of the bridge. At Steinbeis, the focus during all projects lies in the tangible benefit for clients or the business partner. Steinbeis operates independently of state backing, always adhering to market rules with all the services it provides. The organizational foundation of our success is based on entrepreneurial transfer processes for which we assume personal responsibility, underpinned by decentralized operations that are coordinated through a centralized framework.

Steinbeis has developed into an international network spanning roughly 1,000 transfer enterprises. This network encompasses 6,000 experts, each contributing to their network with their specialist knowledge and working on individual challenges in interdisciplinary teams to genuinely add value and thus facilitate the success of Steinbeis. Steinbeis offers technology and management competence from a single source across a unique spectrum of fields, making its services available to partners and clients of all sizes in all kinds of areas. In doing so, it acts as a trouble-shooter or service provider in the fields of consulting, research and development, training and continuing professional development.

Vital Leadership

Vineet Kumar Goyal has over twenty-three years of industry experience. Having a degree in Electrical Engineering and Ex. Masters in International Business from IIFT, he has worked for almost two decades with reputed companies like Rockwell Automation, Crompton Greaves, Prudent Automation, Confederation of Indian Industry and Thermopads. Presently he is the Managing Director and CEO of 2E Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and also heading Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India – a Network Centre of Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG for Technologietransfer, Germany under agreement with 2E Knowledge Ventures. He was also Director of Steinbeis Institute for Advanced Technology Training, Research & Entrepreneurship, Aachen, under Steinbeis University Berlin from 2016-2018. Later Steinbeis Academy for Advanced Technical Training and Entrepreneurship was established in India.

Our editorial team spoke to Vineet Kumar Goyal, the Managing Director and CEO of Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India about his journey, the company, entrepreneurship and much more. Here are the edited excerpts.

Tell us a bit about the company and its services.

With 6000 technology professionals & 1000 Transfer Centres across the globe covering all fields of technology and management, our services are –

Technical Consulting:

  • Setting-up Technology / Innovation Centres with Academic / Research Institutions / Industry Associations
  • Setting-up State Innovation Networks
  • Consulting and Technology Solutions for Waste to Energy Projects
  • Consulting for Smart Urban Mobility Technologies / Urban Transport Planning
  • Outsourced Services for Design & Engineering of Solar PV Power Plant
  • Consulting to access Project Financing from domestic / internationals sources for Renewable Energy and other Clean Technology Projects

Technology Transfer:

Process / Product Technologies – Solar PV, Automotive, Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics, Waste to Energy, Urban Mobility / Transport, Technology & Innovation Management, etc., Process Technology Examples – Plastics and Rubber Processing, Rusting and Painting Solution, Process Automation, Lean Management, etc. Transfer involves Applied Technology Development, Technology Scouting & Transfer, and Technology Evaluation & Expert Reports

Training and Skill Enhancement:

  • Enhancing Engineers Employability (E-Cube) – for fresh engineers to gain expertise in key technical and management areas helping them for employment in some of the best Indian and Multinational Companies
  • Working Professionals Proficiency Program (WP3) – for working Professionals who want to enhance their skills in the given technical and management areas, or who are looking for a lateral shift in their mid-career to get into new technical areas.
  • Technician Training Programs (TTP) – are undertaken by our sister organisation 2E Skills

What inspired you to initiate your career in an entrepreneurial path and establish this firm?

Entrepreneurship, in my view is all about the spirit to Innovate!! I was never comfortable on 9-6 kind of a fixed job and reporting to a senior and working as per his wishes. Although I learnt a lot with all my seniors in various companies I worked for, I always wanted to come out and be on my own. Where I could try new things, where I could work the way I want, where I could experiment, and where I could fly. Finally, in 2009, I decided to quit and start my own company in the area of Technology Consulting, Technology Transfer and Trainings. It all started with a dream, and today, after 10 years it gives me happiness to reach a stage, where we are a well-known organisation in the field of Technology Transfers and Trainings, where we are experimenting with new technologies like Micro Test Beds with Steinbeis Germany – in the area of innovation and Technology Transfer for SMEs, and the German Dual TVET System of Skill Development for young Technicians as well as Engineers. It is an exciting and promising journey ahead, definitely!!!

Who are your clients? How do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients?

Our clients are a large number of students – from 10th Graders to Engineering Graduates on one hand, large number of Companies – mostly SMEs, on the other hand. These students get benefitted in terms of getting industry ready and placements in companies – mostly SME’s. Many of them are earning salaries of 40-50,000 per month with opportunities to work on overseas projects, within 2-3 years of joining as Engineers in Solar Companies. On the other hand, many SME companies have got benefitted in terms of getting ready manpower for deploying in functions like design, manufacturing and projects. Most of these companies remain associated with us in the long run for the obvious mutual advantages. This relationship is being strengthened further with adoption of models like Dual TVET for training.

Many SME companies have also benefitted from the Innovation and Technology Transfer work done by us over past many years. We have transferred various technologies like Hybrid Solar Inverters, Alternative Biomass Fuels, Ultra-Precision Machining Technologies, Automotive Electronics, Water Treatment Technologies, etc. to many companies across the country. We have supported many companies to identify the innovation opportunities and then working with Industry – Institute partnership models to draw an innovation roadmap and then implementing the projects. Surprisingly, the success rates for these projects were more than 50%, which further enhances in our belief to work and promote the German Innovation System.

What are the milestones and awards earned by your company?

We established a Technology Transfer Network of more than 10 Transfer Centres in India involving Professional Academic Institutions, Individual Experts and Industry Associations, where the technology problems from the industry are resolved and / or Technology Transfer is undertaken by academic institutions either individually or utilising the strength of Steinbeis Global network. For example, Steinbeis Solar Research Centre, which has been spun into an independent company now, has supported several Solar Projects in South through providing latest design and engineering. Steinbeis also set-up a centre for Smart Urban Mobility Technologies with NIT Warangal, to support the Smart Cities Project of the Government of India. Steinbeis India was amongst the first organisations in the country training and entrepreneurship models for Solar PV technology, Automation, Robotics, Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing and today it has trained more than 5000 professionals, entrepreneurs and technicians till date, mostly in the market mode without any Government support.

2E Knowledge Ventures is an approved Technician & Entrepreneurs Training Provider by MNRE, under JNNSM, partner of National Institute of Solar Energy – a Centre of excellence set-up by MNRE, Training Partner of Electronics Sector Skill Council of India, Sector Council for Green Jobs, Telangana Academy for Skills and Knowledge, AP State Skills Development Corporation, National Small Industries Corporation, a Centre of Excellence approved by European Energy Centre UK and was also a partner of European Business and Technology Centre – a project of European Commission in India.

One of the unique projects was to establish “Skills on Wheels” – a mobile Solar Training Laboratory, established in partnership with Telangana Academy for Skills and Knowledge, Ministry of IT&C, Government of Telangana. Another project was done under Hyderabad Megacity Project of Government of Germany to enhance energy efficiency of agricultural pump sets and setting-up solar schools to engage society at different levels for technology implementation. These are unique projects to take technology to the masses in rural areas and to provide training and exposure to rural youth.  Other noteworthy projects of Steinbeis were technology transfer of Hybrid Solar Inverters, Specialised Grinding Technologies, Automotive Technologies, etc. directly supporting the SME industry in their pursuit for technology. In addition, Steinbeis India supported various Indian SMEs in manufacturing and automotive sector to provide training and exposure in latest Technologies in Germany.

Recently, Steinbeis India was involved in Cross-Border Clean Technologies promotion under an ADB funded project, Training Programs on Innovation Management for SMEs and Intermediary Organisations in a joint project with Steinbeis Germany and GIZ India, Specialised Solar PV Training Programs for DISCOM and State Nodal Agencies Officials, SECI officials, Trainers from Skills Councils – in partnership with RENAC Germany and GIZ India, and setting-up Technology Transfer Centre in Sri Lanka in partnership with GIZ Germany.

One of the latest achievements are Steinbeis India being selected as a partner of CSIR for Commercialisation of the Knowledge Base existing in CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), Government of India. Three years back, Steinbeis also signed-up with Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India, as their Technology Partner under Make in India Program, during Hannver Messes in Germany.

What are your forthcoming strategies to grow your firm?

As a result of our continued pursuit for Excellence, Steinbeis Germany supported us to have our own Steinbeis India logo and also to establish a Not for Profit organisation – Steinbeis Foundation India. We propose to bring all our Training Programs under this umbrella from the next financial year. This would also provide us the opportunity to work for many CSR Projects supported by the Industry, where we could develop and implement the training models for which we have been striving for. At the same time, it is important for us to move up the value chain and offer high technology trainings as per the requirements of the market, which are not provided hitherto by our competitors.

For technology transfer, we would move towards adopting newer technologies like Micro Test-Beds, we would also like to engage with more and more companies directly and further strengthen the Triple Helix Model in partnership with organisations like CSIR and the topmost Universities and Engineering Institutions. Apart from working closely with Government organisations like SIDBI and NSIC, we would also like to engage with more and more independent consultants and utilise their services to engage with more and more industry clients. All these works shall be continued to be delivered under the banner of Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India, a unit of 2E Knowledge Ventures Private Limited, under agreement with Steinbeis GmbH 7 Co. KG fur Technologietransfer, Germany.

We have also established partnership with CleanTuesday Paris, to establish a Not for Profit Organisation, CleanTuesday India, to promote transfer of Clean Technologies and related financing in the Indian market. We are also planning to enter businesses in entirely new domain of Electronics, where we are at a very nascent stage of planning and early implementation.

What advice can you give entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same domain in the future?

Technology Intermediation is a new field in India and there is a big scope for entrepreneurs who are having passion to enter this field. As already pointed out, Indian Companies do not have a good position in the Global Innovation Index. On the other hand, we have one of the best R&D Infrastructure across the globe. We need more and more passionate entrepreneurs, who shall work in between Institutes and Industry to affect hand-shakes and then manage projects. Countries like Korea are already supporting such initiatives in a big way. Steinbeis India also supports Entrepreneurs who would like to enter into the area of Technology Intermediation.

Similarly, the area of Technical and Vocational Trainings, the Entrepreneurs should not look at these enterprises to earn big money in short time. You should choose your area of specialisation and then try to become an Institute of Excellence and be known for the same. Don’t just do a training or get carried away by a Government Scheme. Government schemes should be used in the short-term to support your Institution and to help it grow faster. In the long-run, it would be your own potential that you should be able to sell in the market.

I remember, never fear from taking risks. Also, no product or service is permanent. It would have its own life-cycle. You would have to keep doing innovations and /or adding new products or services to live in the long run.

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