What If you can groom your career into Real Estate without any experience in the same sector ? A perfect E-learning course which also provides job solutions in Real Estate .


Offering :

What If you can groom your career into Real Estate without any experience in the same sector ? A perfect E-learning course which also provides job solutions in Real Estate .

The Real Estate sector has transformed from 2016 RERA act implemented by the Government of India and now slowly getting into growth zone . India in a place where knowledge of the real estate sector in Marketing, Sales, Legal, Commercial investments and Finance in the sector is with the people who have experienced it professionally . What if there is a better way for those who want to groom or enter in the sector and need the knowledge of the same .

And after  several years India’s first simple language real estate course which enables the learner to understand the complex sector in easy way . Finbix.com was founded for the purpose to increase the knowledge among the youth and the people who are interested in the real estate sector . The course gives direction in Marketing, sales, Legal, Property Investments, Wealth building aspects and the most crucial aspect ‘finance’ in the industry .

The Inspiration :

Cutting my teeth into real estate at the age of 20 was a tough experience as I was a young kid with no knowledge to gain things instantly . I struggled over the years in sales & marketing . Ah, the field of sales and marketing in any sector teaches you so much in life , the harsh face of failure , how to keep patience , most important thing right tactical implementation in any difficult situation throughout your professional career or in the business .

The reason to open such course is to groom others and make them street smart in Real estate bussiness . Through Decision making will be easy for them – they will handle the process with ease in obstacles which will create further opportunities in any organization . Also the knowledge of the sector comes only to those who are in the sector which should be open for all .

What kind of course it would be ?

The course which gives anyone knowledge of the real estate business – Commercial , Residential, Contractual business and it will make ease in operational handling any situation , whether you are a fresher or from any other industries

Challenges I faced :

It was never easy for me to make people realize that they are perfect for the sector . Real estate is a very high paying scale industry and bring many business opportunities of which people are not aware .

Facilities our E- Learners Gets :

E – Reading panel , Videos , Tutor Classes , End to end knowledge of fundamentals by giving internship opportunity to freshers . Job opportunities for professional & freshers both (Work experience in any field)

How We keep up trusts with our learners :

How do we keep up umm that’s interesting . We don’t keep trust . We pursue with them . We make them the champion they want to be . Constructing building – well you need hell of cement concrete and guess what we are the concrete for them . We act as the rightful consultant with power of networking in the real estate sector . In simple language we have constructed a network with real estate builders, real estate Channel partners & Real estate finance companies in entire India .

Milestones Achieved :

We have so far 1800 students and with a turnover of 3.3 million . We have tied up big giants builders and NBFC’s for providing the right candidate the opportunity in our field . Several channel partners got in line to hire aggressive candidates

Plans for future :

We can step up soon in investment banking education .

Are we involved in CSR activity ?

Yes we as a team are , we look after childrens who are in need of education . We provide necessary books and sports equipments .

Any to message to share ?

What I have learned till now is that my failiures were and still the biggest asset .  When I wanted to fly to failiure taught me that it’s a step by step process and win doesn’t comes in a single stroke .





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