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In 1663, It was a great year in the term of magazine which could be called the times publication you, It was launched as a literary and publication edition with some of periodicals issues in Germany.

Here, the word “Magazine” appeared in the year 1731, which comes from, the Arable word which means the warehouse, and was used for describing the place which deposits large Quantity of carious goods, while the analogy used to describe a book that continued many useful information for travelers and later but with a good speed, It entered in Indian magazine segment has been on a steady growth path.

As the magazines are a remarkable source of transforming the information in multiple sections of society, multiple brands of the magazines have been published for the different sections of society.


In some of sections like business, education and fashion, the related magazines have been playing a vital role for the people.The week , the first Indian magazine which has been published in December, 1981. Later, many other magazines has been launched in Indian media market some of the famous magazine  are Filmfare Magazine, Student Magazine, Indian today, Outlook, Woman’s era, Femina  Magazine,Tehaelka Magazine and The CEO Magazine.

As India has a strong competitive market, It has been always a critical task to launch a brand in Indian market. However, some of the magazines entered with a steady growth. The CEO Magazine, one of the leading business magazine in India, has been launched and establish in 2015. Within a year, many leading technology companies have share their strategy and ambitions through Questionnaire with the CEO magazine.

According to the recent report, the driving forces of today that can help this segment grow tomorrow.

The Indian magazine sector has grown the business by INR 14.9 position in 2009. The segment’s revenues increased at 7.2% Y-B-Y in the year 2009.

It is a fact that a magazine is like a dear, old friend who comes to visit you on a regular basis. This friend, perhaps consider a mentor, has travelled extensively since you last saw each other and has lots of new ideas based on the theme of your continued and ongoing dialogue.

It can be also considered that It is the form of product rather than its substance that maintains its hold on the public. A magazine can be a good motivator which may assist you to organize your plan; and let you come on right path.

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