Ease your car troubles with Eazer

Ease your car troubles with Eazer

Every car owner knows how difficult it is to properly maintain their beloved ride. There’s a huge trust deficit between car owners and workshops. They feel cheated at local workshops, and consider company-owned workshops to be expensive rip-offs. Eventually, in either case, the customer satisfaction stands nil.

Tired of facing these problems on their own, 5 friends took up this challenge to stream line the entire car care process and launched Eazer in November, 2015.

Eazer is a trusted car care partner for all car owners. With a mobile fleet of expert technicians and a network of trusted garages, they aim at delivering affordable and quality car care solutions at the doorstep. Be it car servicing & repairs, waterless eco-friendly car wash, 24X7 roadside assistance or doorstep car inspections, this dedicated team is assisting the car owners throughout Bangalore.

“In India, the automobile repair industry is largely fragmented and runs without fixed pricing policy. There is a lack of hassle free, fast and affordable quality services in the car repair industry. Last year, the Indian automobile industry witnessed an annual production of 23.37 million vehicles that contributed to 7.1 percent of the country’s GDP,” says the co-founder Kovid Batra on the industry.

In a market which lacks transparency, Eazer provides standardized prices and upfront quotes for all kind of repairs & services. Users can direcly visit the website eazer.in to know the upfront costs and book a service without any hassles. Once done, fully-equipped Eazer fleet comes at the doorstep & caters to the required needs. For all major repairs, they have their certified workshops to deliver the best quality work in the best of prices.

 “We also aim to create a platform where every car owner is informed and educated about his car maintenance. Thus, we have launched an online Diagnostic tool which helps customers understand the exact car problem and provides related recommendations & price quotes for the same,” says Gaurav Batra, an ex-Goldman Sachs employee, who heads technology.

With over 14 million cars running outside the warranty period, Eazer is targeting the right set of audience.

“The number is increasing by around two million every year, and with all the facilities offered at the doorstep, we ensure that the customers don’t have to go through the hassles of finding a reliable service provider. We are focussed on creating an overall seamless experience. Right from setting up the spare-part supply chain to having quality mechanics, we are taking into account every minute detail,” adds Kovid Batra.

To further enhance the customers’ experience, Eazer will soon launch its android app & focus on developing IOT technology to track the usage and maintenance patterns in every car, to suggest the best predictive repairs. The startup has catered to more than 1000 customers so far. Currently bootstrapped, Eazer is in talks with a few angels investors to raise funds. In the next eight months, Eazer plans to expand to 4 new metro cities and aims to be the largest multi-brand service provider in the country.

In 2015, the automotive after-market servicing business in India was pegged at about $2 billion and car spare parts market size was estimated to be $1.02 billion. The total number of registered motor vehicles on Indian roads reached 172 million in March 2013, of which over 21.5 million were cars, taxis and jeeps.

In the last couple of years, a handful of online car repair services startups like MeriCar.com, SparesHubs.com, Cartisan & MyTVS have emerged to crack the business model in this space.

On competition, Kovid says that it’s the service that he counts on. “We are very particular about the kind of service we promise to our customers. It will make us stand out in this category.”

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